I am only 3 months into regular running. I ran years ago and battled through sore feet and knees. I've since had bunion surgery and knee pain cured......until my long run!! I did 13k this Sunday and had a slight left knee niggle during the run, but burning knees for the hours after and stiffness (I do have arthritis). Today I have absolutely no knee pain at all. I do other exercise, i.e spinning, weight workouts. Is this sort of pain just because of the distance (I have slowly built up to 13k) and the newness of it all? As I said 24hrs later zero pain.
Any suggestions/advice gratefully received.


  • I think a little bit of pain is normal when pushing the distance. Mostly it can be avoided by building up slowly plus plenty of stretching and good running form.
    Debs - are your shoes cushioned enough?  I think with the pain that you get post run you should be looking for a very plush cushioned shoe to give you as much protection as possible.
  • Thank you for your advice. I have brooks adrenaline as I really over pronate. They stop me rolling in. I had my hair assessed and these were recommended?
    I do try and look at my form as it really is a plod style lol. I'm forever pulling myself up straight. I definitely need to keep working on this. 
    Debs - Adrenalines are very good shoes, I ran my marathons in them for years.   But I find the cushioning particularly in the forefoot area doesn't last too long and I was having to ditch them after 400 miles.   Next time you buy shoes I would suggest that you go for a more cushioned shoes that will give your knees a bit more protection.   I'm now using Saucony Guides and the cushioning is much better and they are for mild over pronators too.  

    You could also look at getting insoles to put in your current shoes, there are some especially for giving more protection/comfort.
  • Oh thanks for that Shades, my adrenalines are new (2nd pair), so they'll have to stay for a while. Do you know what make of cushioning insoles are best at all?
    Deb's - no, I don't as I don't use them myself. I think you'd have to do some research. But I have heard they can make a significant difference. 
  • Thank you, I'll have a look around 😀
    Let us know how you get on finding some and if they help you.
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