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    really sorry to hear this, Badbark - esp missing the 100K and the National vest  . . .   
  • Badbark - ((())) Can't imagine how gutted you must be. When is the 100k Championship? Hope you can get yourself fixed sooner than you think.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Terrible news Badbark.  Are you getting any support from a physio and do you still have time to make a decision on the 100K championship?
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear that Badbark, especially with the NI vest at stake. I'd be at the physio every other day in your position and being off work for 2 weeks!

    Be careful with the narproxen, it is very effective but also very harsh on the stomach and if you react to it, it'll be about 3 days before the stomach ache disappears to allow you to take again.

  • Bad news indeed badbark. Hope you recover soon. It is probably good to write it down in a forum such as this so that if you start to see the symptoms on another occasion you can back off and avoid a recurrence. 
  • Badbark - Really sorry to hear that, hopefully the physio and stretching can get you back to it soon. Is there any cross training you can do? That definitely helped me maintain fitness while I was off running. Hopefully there will be another oppurtunity to earn your vest

    Gul - I love that 5.30 is a lie in! When is your marathon again?

    Continuing the comeback with 8 x 1k of 60s last night. Plan was to start at HMP and progress from there, ended up doing 3 @ HMP, 4 @10k and 1 @5k. First rep was too slow but pleased to hit 4.04,3.55,3.52/3.44,3.47,3.48,3.44/3.37

    Bike session of 30mins of 30s on/30s off to do tonight

  • Badbark sorry to hear about the injury, sounds like a bad time for it to hit too. 1st injury in 10 years isn't bad going though. Rest up and you'll be back at it before you know.

    Stevie - great 1k intervals, 8 off 60 is a tough session! Feeling nore confident for Manchester now?

    Managed a run today after aborting one last night due to weird chest pains. Stuck it out for a slow 8 today and felt better by the end than I did at the start. Still not back to form but at least able to do something. 
  • Evening all.

    That's a real bu88er to say the least Badbark - no wonder you're sounding so down. Any idea how long it'll take to heal?

    Just to reassure us all Gul - what time is "very late to bed" for you such that you weren't able to get out until 5.30am?!

    Over £200 for a pair of shoes G-Dawg? Ouch!

    Good hilly loops there Ian - more pleasant than just going up and down the same hill.

    Talking of hills, I managed to get out for 16 miles round my Box Hill loop on Sunday morning - very pleasant and despite not really getting going on the running until Thursday, gave me 40 for the week.

    "Celebrated" by investing in a pair of Saucony Kinvaras as I wanted to try and get back to a shoe that was similar in feel and weight to the multiple pairs of Mizuno Hitogamis I've had for the last few years. They're not quite as nice, but very nearly there so I'll see how I get on with these. I'll rotate them with On Cloudflows I bought recently but haven't really fallen in love with. I also tried on the Freedom 2s which felt very comfortable but rather expensive - will wait until they're on special offer!

  • Nicko - slightly more confident, I'd like to get a 10m tempo and a 20m long run in then I'll be able to see where I'm at. Couple of weeks to go before that though. Glad you're starting to get back to it.

    Lorenzo - you are certainly getting the hills in! Should stand you in good stead for boston.

    Realised I've double booked myself for the weekend of the road relays so I won't be racing. Disappointed as I was really looking forward to them!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Saw your run on Strava Lorenzo- very impressive! Talking of shoes I got a pair from the new balance factory shop in Keswick zante V3s, £50 in their sale. Road tested them for the first time tonight and was quite impressed, good fit and very responsive. Yes hey may be VLM contenders but I’ll have to try them on a longer run.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    How did the size compare to other shoes, OO? I have some Fresh Foam Beacons and think I may need a half size more as I got 10.5, the same as my Asics.

    Didn’t seem right posting run data after Badbark crap news last night. So, two runs to mention. 6 miles last night which turned into a tempo session after getting back late from London. Came out at 6.37 pace.

    10 miles tonight with a low mojo but it went OK once I got out. Came out at 6.56 pace. Felt strong again. These 10 milers are coming out quicker than any other campaign. Maybe it helps that my LSRs at the weekends are slower than usual. A good mix.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    You are very speedy GDawg!
    The size seemed fine- tried them in the shop and no surprises in the run either- I have a good feeling about them so far ;)
  • Thursday off for me so February is effectively done already. 153.9 miles at an average pace of 9.22 a mile. That is my slowest average month ever but the average is highly impacted by a 6 mile run over Wansfell Pike which averaged 13:23 a mile (so 85 minutes instead of maybe 50 so that run alone added 15 seconds average to the month). Total down a bit due to a low week when I gave blood and also the phasing of the month (I squeezed some runs in at the end of January when we had snow forecast for early Feb and my weeks are always end loaded so the 4 days this week are a low contribution).

    Overall, seem to still be heading in the right direction but need to get some speed work done so if I don't report track runs in the next few weeks please give me a metaphorical kick up the arse. 

  • Stevie - great set of 1k reps. Shame about the relays. I'm racing on 14th April (Boston UK Marathon), so just over 6 weeks to go.
    nicko - hope the chest pains were nothing and just a one-off.
    Lorenzo - 16 hilly miles including Box Hill has got to be a tough session. I think it was about half past midnight when I got to bed on Monday night. Got up at 5:30 (rather than the more usual 4:30) and out running just after 6am.
    GD - two fast back to back runs - very impressive - you certainly are on top form.
    PMJ - good base building before starting your speed work. Don't be tempted to rush it and over do it at the track.
    A moderately progressive run for me yesterday of 15 miles averaging 8:28/m (1st mile 9:14 and last mile 7:36). 1st week of race prep phase in P&D (not that I'm particularly sticking to it) which includes 8-15k race. No chance of one of those, so did a time-trial today on the local 10k course in 39:03 which is 27 seconds faster than my PB (same course), which was rather pleasing. 11 miles in total to bring up 296 for February averaging 8:01/m.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    So my week hasn't panned out as planned. I have been suffering wit my middle back since January with physio not doing much to assist it. Went to gp Friday for tablets to relax muscles which he obliged so had a 5 day course of diazepam.

    Sadly they have also done little for my back but ruined my running. Sundays and Mondays runs felt really tough, but I put this down to Saturdays 20, even though I wasn't feeling particularly tired from it. Then Tuesday I went to do a session. Warm up I was struggling to run faster than 8.45s. Started session aiming for 6.20s but after 400m was blowing and struggling at 6.50s. Completed the first mile in 7.04 but I was wrecked so jogged back to office. Yesterday was an easy 5, however again, I couldn't run faster than 9mm. My hr was as i'd expect, I just had nothing in me.

    I spoke to the Dr again, and they were like 'well of course it'll do that it's a sedative'! I wish I knew that when I was prescribed them. Anyway, with only 2 doses left after yesterday mornings I binned them as they were hardly going to suddenly fix my back. The Dr wanted me to keep going with them for a few more days so I had completed a full week, but I refused as it was also making work very difficult and the first dr had told me i'd see a huge difference after pro9bably 2 days and wouldn't need any more.

    Instead, they have now referred me to a physio which I am much happier with than pumping weird drugs into my body.

    I'm hoping they will have cleared my system for tonight's 13 now. As a consequence of aborting Tuesdays run and assuming i'm fine tonight i'll end up on 195 for Feb, which is 5 less than last Feb, however I have tapered and recovered for a half this year and had this issue, plus last feb was the first time I had ever hit 200 so it's all relative I suppose.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Sounds positive pmj- do you enjoy the speed work phase?
    Gul your 10k was 6 mins quicker than mine yesterday- which I thought was fast.
    DT that sounds troubling- backs are tricky so do be careful.
    Not sure I mentioned but I have the Haweswater half in the Lakes this weekend, then the big half in London next weekend. Feeling quite chilled for both and taking this week quite easy. More swimming planned today.

  • OO - see you at the Big Half, I'm looking forward to that race now, hoping I can put in a good performance after last weekend's dropout - are you treating that as a full-effort race?
    DT - great mileage for the month, hope the physio helps clear up your back issues.
    Gul - fantastic time for that 10k time trial - very impressive.
    G-Dawg - couple of very speedy runs there, obviously you're in good form.
    Stevie - shame you won't be at the relays; hopefully we'll still catch each other at Manchester though.

    PT and track session booked in for today, feeling like I am back to it after yesterday's run. Really need to make March my bitch to have any chance of this sub 3 in Manc. 1 x fast half; and 3 x 20+ milers to fit in; hopefully with no more setbacks.

    Off to Sweden tomorrow to watch that ski race I dropped out of; so will be putting in some Scandinavian miles and have a cheeky "proper" ski while I'm there.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Gul, that's a great 10k!! Not sure I could manage that on my own in training!

    Enjoy Sweden, Nicko.

    Stevie, reps look positive.

    oo- enjoy the weekend half.

    I'm off to Edinburgh next weekend for the rugby. My aim is to tick over until then (that wasn't the plan until these meds caused me grief) and then when I get back have 6 big weeks of pure focus. I had a big January and February was good until this week so and is still not really any worse than last Feb because whilst the mileage was a touch down I've logged some far better sessions and raced a half.

  • OO54 said:
    Sounds positive pmj- do you enjoy the speed work phase?
    I enjoy the variations so it is good to change the emphasis from time to time, so it is good to do some track and get the speed up and distances down but then it is also good to drop the speed and get the distances back up.

    The best thing about the speed is that it marks the start of summer and that means throw away racing, so we have something like an 8 race 5k series which costs peanuts to enter and you can race them all hard and provided there is one where you don't burn and die and you get one decent time then it is all worthwhile. With the stuff like marathons where there is so much invested in one race, you cannot afford to be so cavalier.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Yes I agree pmj, although the more maras you do the less investment. I'm thinking of Seville in my case. I have lost a lot of speed. Looking forward to getting London out of the way and back to shorter stuff and track.
    Nicko I'll probably go for it in London although my eldest daughter is doing her first half in around 2 hours, so part of me feels like I should pace her round. If I go for it anything above 1:25 would feel disappointing. What's your target?
  • I'll be aiming sub 1:25 - I think going out at 6:25 per mile will be a good target which should net closer to 1:24. Not sure I'll get it but will give it a go.

    That would be nice to pace your daughter round for sure - though the temptation with the crowds to pick up the pace will probably be pretty tough!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Both aiming for sub 1:25 Nicko- this thread does love a smack down ;)
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a race OO and nicko!

    Shame about the lost sessions DT although it is a little amusing!

    Excellent time on the solo 10K Gul - with both speed and endurance you're looking good for Boston.

    I've got a few P&D tune-up races planned, starting with a 10K at the Olympic Park on Saturday. 

    7 miles recovery mid-afternoon followed by the sports massage.  Brings me up to 300 miles for February at an average pace of 7:50 m/m.

  • OO54 said:
    Both aiming for sub 1:25 Nicko- this thread does love a smack down ;)
    I think I can predict the winner already judging by my track performance today!

    Fantastic Feb mileage SBD - especially for a short month!
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Bloody amazing Feb totals submitted. I’m shocked!

    Only 183 here, just 5 miles short of my Feb record. Work commitments denied me of beating it, average pace was 7.38.

    Tonight was a track session. Legs could feel the past two nights of quality work, Session was 6 x 1 miles at 06.00 mins per mile with 90 secs recoveries.
    Nailed each one but the last couple needed extra push.

    Slow running planned for the weekend and then a big recovery week going into the Surrey HM next week.
  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭

    Nicko - Hopefully will see you at Manchester, do I look out for a big squirrel? Enjoy Sweden!

    DT - I hope the tablets have worn off and you get get back to it.

    Gul - Excellent 10k time on your own! Fantastic mileage as well

    SBD - Good luck in the 10k tomorrow

    G-Dawg - You are running some very quick runs, excellent mile reps. Whats the target for Surrey Half?

    Just the 75m for me in February but pleased that the calf feels fine and I'm getting back to it. 6m tempo this afternoon so starting March off on the right foot. 4 weeks training after this one and then a one week taper

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    edited March 2019

    SBD- Nice mileage, bang on 75 mpw! Yes, I can see the funny side now, I just wish the gp had made that clear at the outset!! The amount of people in this country walking around like zombies from these sort of pills must be ridiculous!

    Stevie, do you feel that Manchester is still something you can do justice to? My concern would be the investment and recovery from a mara if not quite there, but then you are twentysomething so recovery will come quicker.

    GD- Nice reps.

    Sounds like a solid smackdown in the making as well for Nicko and OO.

    I went out for my mlr last night. Definitely not perfect but much better. 12 miles at a rather sedate 8.40 for a very low 126bpm. Strava suffer score was a mere 25 so i've left plenty in the tank for sundays big session. Weather looks wet for sunday mind!

    195 for Feb, which was slightly disappointing as I wanted to post 200 plus miles each month Jan-March.

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    DT - sounds like a few days rest might be in order. Have a good weekend and hope the back is much better next week.
    OO - have a chilled half in the Lakes this weekend.
    nicko - have a great time in Sweden.
    PMJ - yes, that's definitely a problem with marathon racing.
    SBD - 300 is some going for February. Have a great 10k tomorrow.
    GD - that's a good track session to hit on tired legs.
    Stevie - glad things are getting back on track.
    20 miles for me this morning - 12 @ 8:46 and 8 @ 7:33. Brings up 68 for the week. This time I really will get a rest at the weekend.

  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭
    Badbark sorry to hear about your injury but 10 years without injury is some running streak and I'm sure you will come back strong again. Rest is probably the best medicine now, something we know we need when injury strikes but hate to admit .
    Nicko sure the chest pain is nothing serious but just take it easy a few days anyway.
    Dt hope the back settles soon so you can get back at it.
    SBD rocking the big miles fair play somebody has to !
    Gul you were 4 mile short you slacker , cracking total for a short month.

    Done 28m this week so far and 10 mile race tomorrow and on for a massive pw but will be good to get a race in anyway.

  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭

    DT - At the moment I'm fairly confident I can still go under 3hrs at Manchester, with another 4 good weeks under my belt I may be able to dip under my PB. The plan was always for Berlin to be the big target this year so no pressure really. I tend to recover fairly well, normally back to usual in a couple of weeks.
    Gul - Cracking long run and weekly total, rest should do you good.
    Leslie - Best of luck for tomorrow

    5m at 8.34 last night, legs were heavy after Tuesdays intervals and Wednesdays bike session. Off out for a 6m tempo shortly then 12 at the weekend.

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