Sore Shins

Hi guys, I started the couch to 5k about 2 weeks ago. The first week I was fine but by 2nd run on the 2nd week I had to stop after a mile because my shins were killing me and had to hobble home. I've since been for a sports massage and limited my activity plus got a foam roller but they are still aching. I assumed it was my weight putting strain on my legs (Nearly 19st when I started now just under 18). I've purchased a pair of Ghost 11 to help but was wondering if anyone has any tips to help speed up recovery?


  • I've had shin splints in the past. From the advice I was given back then it's largely because you are over doing it.

    Maybe you need to repeat week 1 a couple of times to get into the swing of things? No shame in dropping back as it'll make it easier to keep going once you get passed this stage??

    As for recovery, rest I think? Hope it eases soon, it's a bugger!
    Shin pain is common in newer runners.   Slow your pace and try taking shorter strides and run as lightly as you can, slapping your feet down puts extra pressure on those shins.  Don't run on consecutive days.  

    I wouldn't bother with sports massage but a gentle regular stretching routine for the legs will help.   

    It's a shock to the body when we start running so some aches and pains are normal, but as long as you don't overdo it then your body will adapt and get stronger but it does take time.
  • Cheers folks.

    I only run on Mon, Wed and Fri. I've already shorted my stride and slowed my pace to try and help. Just got my new trainers today and the pain is easing up a little today so hopefully I can get back out come Monday.

    Thanks for the advice :)
    That's good news. It will get better, honest :)
  • Firstly, congrats on the weight loss - as a fairly overweight person myself, I find it inspiring when others lose weight because I know how hard it is - well done!

    I used to get shin splints too (and super tight calves) for many years because of my weight. I used to fully rest and then go for a run but the shin splints and tight calves always came back. It was really painful. That was until I decided to go for a 13-mile walk in the countryside once a week for 4 weeks with some hills. Yes, my calves were tight and my shins were killing me but I just carried on walking! And now I don't get shin splints anymore (I still get tight calves occasionally but it's bearable now). The 13-mile walk was the only exercise I did because I needed time to recover properly.

    I think by walking 13-miles with some hills, it strengthened my calves and my shins so now my legs can carry my weight.

    Hope that helped!
  • I really struggled with shin splints when I started running. Could only manage one 2k run a week. Didn't think I would ever get past them. I was recommended support/stability trainers which worked very well for me. I used Mizuno Wave Paradox. The soles are very stiff/inflexible. They were not a full cure but helped tremendously. I was then able to move on to wearings normal shoes and don't get shin splints anymore. Good luck.
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