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  • OK, sulking is now done.

    Macca - Well done on the 18:07, I’m sure you’ll smash through sub 18 comfortably post marathon.

    Jooligan - Big weekend there and well done on the TM intervals

    Joe - Big week and good stuff on the pacing. You seem to be in great shape and logging lots of miles. You’d definitely be wasting some good fitness by just taking London as a training run.

    SQ - That 24 miler is definitely a better fitness indicator than the poor 7 @ LT. Good TM intervals as well

    NE - Good work on the LR. Nothing weird about getting running motivation from football! I’m a Leeds fan and spend 90% of my runs replaying goals in my mind and dreaming about promotion

    Steve - The sceptic in me says they split it in P&L to justify a separate book and more sales. Good weekend of running and cycling. Although I’m not sure if I could bring myself to use £240 shoes for a recovery run!

    AWC - Well done on the 24 miler, good luck at Weymouth

    Hamo - Well done on getting through the 24 miler in horrendous weather. I’d run the half all out and do the 10k as a LT in the middle of a long run

    FBT - Glad to hear you’re running again, don’t overdo it trying to make up lost time 

    HA - Good luck for Reading

    TR - Good midweek 16 miles

    After further reading up, I think it’s actually a left glute problem. I’ve spent a lot of the last few days foam rolling, sitting on a tennis ball and twisting myself into weird and wonderful positions to stretch it. 6m on Monday I took very steady and could feel it all the way around, but I wouldn’t say it was painful. 9m yesterday it felt completely fine for the first 7m and started to ache a little bit in the last 2. Today should be intervals, but I’m going to skip them until I’m happier with the glute. I may chuck in some MP running later in the week if I keep improving.
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    Well done on the mlrs hamo and SQ, very windy out there sgain today. Got to be good strentgh work physicslly and mentally.

    HydeP - good to hear of the improvement, and end of the sulk.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Glad the sulking is no longer necessary HPR. Wise move skipping the intervals: no point icing the cake til you're sure it's good & ready. 
    Seven with strides is my plan for tomorrow Steve - looking forward to a relatively easy session. Well done getting the MLRs in first thing Hamo SQ. Just back from my 15M & conditions had improved a lot. Bit blowy when I set off but it had calmed right down by the end. Still found it tough going after yesterday's interval session but it was the hilly FoD trail option rather than the flat canal route. Also the quickest pace in 7 times so Strava tells me, only marginally but still progress given that HR was comparable.
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    Really pleased the glute is improving HPR. Definitely get back to full fitness before worrying about pace.

    Well done on a nice sounding MLR, Jooligan.


    Unfortunately for me, I seemed to have tweaked my back. It happened whilst at the bottom of a squat in the gym yesterday. Very annoying to be put out of running whilst doing something to keep myself injury free… It wasn’t anything I don’t do once a week, so not quite sure what caused it. Maybe got sloppy on technique. Absolute agony bending forward. And whilst there are plenty of ranges of motion that are ok, some are ridiculously painful. Hopefully will get it seen to this afternoon. I made the mistake of googling it – not a good idea. Looks like my first day off since October  :o

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    Good MLRs going around.

    Hope your back clears quickly SQ. If it does settle soon, a short enforced rest might be a good thing. I might be off the mark but it sounds like you haven't quite been hitting your straps since Wokingham. Coming back refreshed and motivated might work well.

    Motivation an issue here. I've purposely had an easy week because I felt I needed it and to taper a bit for Reading but it's been even lighter than intended, partially with the tooth issue but also just don't really feel the drive to get out there. I've been getting more sleep which has been great but it's made me question why I put myself through the early mornings. Hopefully Sunday's race will knock some sense back into me (or out of me, depending who you ask).
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    SQ - Hope the back clears up quickly.
    HPR - Good to see the glute behaving.
    Jools - Nice MLR and good to see progress on the pace, that's always good to see.
    HA - I'm sure you'll get the motivation back at Reading.
    9 miles with 18 & 14 minutes at LT pace today, wasn't looking forward to it with the weather the way it is (windy and rain!). However, got it done. 18 mins was at 6:22 average pace and 14 mins was at 6:34 average pace.
  • SQ - DR Google is my best friend as well...If you must squat 400llbs these things will happen!!! I used to tweak my back often with squats with sloppy technique or overdoing weight. used to bounce back quite quick normally though - hope you get back to normal soon.

    HA - I find if motivation is an issue you might need an easy week - body telling you something maybe..

    Did 11 miles yesterday and foot discomfort was back after a few miles but never really got paintful....couple of days off for me again. so not too bad a news.

    Stevemac - same here - weather is rubbish! - Nice pace though

    HPR - cant beat a good sulk!

  • HPR - Very sensible to ease back in, the worst thing you can do is try to rush straight back. Slow and steady wins the race and all that.

    SQ - nightmare with the back, hope it's nothing too serious. Impressed you've not had a day off since October, but don't force yourself to run through pain, bigger battles to be had. 

    HA - sympathise with that. It can sometimes be that way in a race week or when you've told yourself you're going to take it easy. It's like your body automatically goes into low power mode as you've told it there's less work to be done. Don't worry about it though - I always think it's a good sign and it means you're saving all mental & physical energy for race day. Hopefully bump into you, we should be in the same pen I think.

    Nice LT Steve, well done for getting it done in the current conditions. 

    FBT - glad you're back out there, nice work being sensible, at least you're able to do some running. 

    Not much quality from me this week but still a fair amount of miles - 47 so far including this morning. The only hard thing I've done was a pretty brutal bike session on Tuesday night which left me very heavy legged yesterday. 

    Probably going to go easy tomorrow and saturday and see what's in the legs come Sunday morning and Reading. Weather looks ok but still pretty windy. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Jools - another long mlr bagged, good man. Nice to see the fitness coming up too.

    SQ - hope its a minor issue. Im on 1 rest day since (end of ) Oct, i took mine Christmas day. Had plenty of 5m easy run days though, so lots of rest been had.

    HA - hope the extra rest helps. Racing Sunday will defo give you a boost going fwd one way or another, even if i have a crap race day it galvanises me to get better. Not that i expect you to have anything but a stellar day.

    Good session there  stevemac.

    Joe - agreed, fleet weather looks like enough wind to be noticable but not enough to be silly.

    4 easy miles in wind and rain earlier. My feet were telling me its time to break out a new pair of scooby doos pre Sunday. I'll do that tomorrow so they get a few miles on them before sunday.
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    Not feeling great at the minute - been on a few recovery runs and did [email protected] yesterday (albeit in a storm with 50mph winds) but just feel really sluggish and weak. Not great timing with Weymouth on Sunday!
    Plus the weather is awful - forecast is for 40mph winds during the race.
    Needless to say all my pre-race optimism has evaporated over the past few days.
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    HPR-Glad you're back up and running. You've done so much good work over the past few months so an easy week or so may do you some good

    Jools-Nice MLR. I think Strava is trying to tell you you're in good shape

    SQ-Hope the back clears up-5 months with no day off is impressive so take it easy from here

    Joe-Looking nervously at the weather for this weekend too. Hoping the storm passes so Bath Half is a good one

    TR-Hope the new shoes are good.

    Speaking of new shoes, I went out in mine for a 10 miler last night. Lots of foot cramps, pain and discomfort which I concluded now went beyond the breaking in period given I'd done 50 miles in them by now. I took them back to my local running shop at lunch and to their eternal credit they let me return them and swap for a different pair-some Nike Pegasus' I've had before. Absolute legends.

    Building up to Bath half on Sunday. Given last week's easy week I can't afford a taper so back to tempo again tonight, followed by easier days Friday and Saturday
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    AWC....  hopefully "It'll be all right on the night"... it usually works out that way.

    george... great customer service from your running shop.  Wouldn't get that from Amazon I guess!

    Hamo... hadn't noticed gfc at the end of you name.  The Gills?

    FBT...  good progress, but take it easy.

    HPR...  I've been imagining you as being a London runner but I've a feeling I'd just forgotten that you're in Leeds. Spent most of my twenties there and know it well.  Hope that glute behaves itself.

    TR... good box-ticking.  Did the same myself yesterday.

    Jools... good MLR and pace.

    Spoons...  fully confident you'll find the right balance and will soon be back in tip-top shape.

    SQ...  really hope it's one of those spinal things that goes almost as quickly as it came.  Sorry you lost your streak.

    Stevemac...  160LT against a 175HRmax is quite a high percentage isn't it?  Exactly the same HR max as me and I do my LTs at 157 - which is the absolute top of the suggested %range - but generally feel I could do 159 ok.   Maybe I should try it.

    World... looking forward to the clocks going forward in 17 days time.

    Decent week so far for me. 12.7 Tuesday including a 20min 'controlled fartlek' session with my club  and 5.3 yesterday. Hopefully do something similar tonight. Target a high-forties... maybe even a 50m week.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    AWC - weather is an uncontrollable, dont waste any mental energy on if for a build up race. Just try to have a strong run, and then convince yourself youd have been loads quicker on s still day.......thats my plan for sunday.

    George - thats good shoe service. I have a pair stashed away ive been saving (i buy older versions and stash them away, so i gwt shoes a lot cheaper, im still on nimbus 18), so they dont have too many miles on them by brighton.

    Well done NE, a good week building there.
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    Morning all

    HA  I often feel weird and surprisingly demotivated when I rest up a little. Sure the race day adrenaline will get your firing. Best of luck on Sunday. 

    Good LT pace in this weather, Steve

    Reassuring to hear you used to bounce back quickly, FBT. Hope the foot is improving. 

    Joe I'd definitely be taking the wind into account when thinking about how to approach Reading. 

    Fantastic from your running shop, george. That really is great service. They were obviously not the shoes for you!

    A 50M week would be a great return, NE. Building nicely. 

    Absolute agony with my back yesterday. Definitely worse after any period of sitting. Optimistically brought my running kit to work, but that was a definite no. Unable to push my hips forward at all and it took me about five minutes to get up from lying flat on the floor. Got a last minute 30 min appointment with the sports masseuse who was, as usual, tremendous. Went through a big checklist to check it was nothing genuinely serious. Then lightly massaged the back, and put loads of gel and tape on. I've started taking ibuprofen (short term only). She explained that the quadtratus lumborum (muscles surrounding the spine) lock up when there is a (minor) trauma with the spine - this makes sense given it getting worse over the 12-24 hours post injury. Trying to stay active with walking and light core work. Also doing some hot/cold treatment as recommended. No idea when I can return to running, but staying optimistic and some small improvement this morning. Any tips gratefully received. 
  • SQ - Ive become a bit of a back expert and done much research since having a ruptured disc in my back (15 years ago) and severe pain for about a year (could not stand for more than 5 mins at worst)...

    Complicated area, compounded by the spinal cord which means any slight inflammation from slight muscle tears impinges on nerves causing pain, hence ibuprofen works so well for back pain.

    So basically about getting swelling down and healing back muscles (and long term strengthening them)

    Volteral gel I found excellent as well. - All my experience of course... Here's to a speedy recovery

    AWC - Think of the wind as an extra bit of resistance training !

    Thanks everyone for words of encouragement.

  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    NE - Yes, the LT is a large % of max HR. I think my max could have been slightly higher, after my test I felt I could have lasted a bit longer on the treadmill, but who knows.
  • Really sorry to hear that SQ.  Good post from FBT, from my experience, no point in grinning and bearing it, use the painkillers to allow movement to accelerate recovery and thereafter lots of core work. I have a little routine of 5mins per day, no weights, just a gentle mid rift work out.

    FBT - better news and HPR too.

    Re the weather, I’m reminded of my old footy boss.  We turned up a man short against a top of the table side and I was all for conceding and giving them the points and going home. He said, you can still play well and he was right.  We still lost though😂
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    FBT: ha yeah resistance training! Seeing how I feel/how windy it is but it'll be at least a 13mi MP effort if nothing else with a few miles WU/CD so all is not lost :)
    I just seem to have ridiculous bad luck with HMs:
    2016: Surrey HM is my PB of 1:30 but was running with bad ITB syndrome that put me out of Manchester Marathon a few weeks later
    2017: Reading HM I had to pull out at halfway as was feeling awful with a virus
    2017: Solent HM I got food poisoning the night before the race
    2018: Reading HM snowed off
    So I can probably be forgiven for being slighlty paranoid about my recent HM experiences!
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Do you only ever do 1 HM a year then AWC? Certainly seem to be jinxed.
    SQ: I too have had some issues with a bulging disc in my back. It went in similar circumstances to you 10 days before IronMan Wales - my first shot at the distance! 3 days later I got round the local parkrun in 23:48. Starting off was painful & I could only go easy but it was OK once I was moving. I had to cycle the whole way to work the Friday & Monday too as I had car issues!! Couldn't swim but managed another jog round parkrun on the Tuesday then 3 days rest before jogging round Colby parkrun just inside 25 minutes. I was still taking some pretty heavy duty painkillers: cocadamol & a few voltarol tablets from a friend up to that Saturday. The next day I went out & completed my first (& only branded) IronMan. I was certainly tapered as I only ran 17 miles & cycled 145 in the fortnight prior. I was OK in the swim considering the weather meant we had turbulent conditions resulting in over 90 people ending their race during that first discipline, had a storming (for me) bike & then died on the run. Looking back I was hardly running from April til September 20-35 mpw as I thought my spring marathon training & experience would carry me through so had focused on the bike & swimming for almost 6 months.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Sounds like a proper week of marathon training there NE. A half dozen of those & you'll be in decent shape to tackle Newport in May.
    Only had time for a lunch 4M with 16x100m strides yesterday & a steady 5M at lunch today. Doing Fission 20:20 tomorrow but the weather is certainly going to scupper my chances of a PB given the 40mph forecast so it'll just be another LR but with some MP miles in there (hopefully). Weather looks considerably better for Gloucester 20 on Sunday though still a stiff breeze.
    Best of luck to all the racers this w/e.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SQ - hope you are back to it soon.

    AWC - the perfect race doesnt exist, thats why you have to turn yourself inside out when the better days come round.

    Jools - are ypu doing 20k (or 20m) today and then gloucester 20 tomorrow too?

    Had a very light week, partly as tues and weds were low due to work and then i didnt want to play catch up with fleet 1/2 Tomorrow.
    Weather isnt ideal, but it'll be 13m harder than i could run it alone with a few miles before and after. Worthings 1.24.11 to beat, although that was a windsy day too and a different course, so like comparing sn spple with sn orange.

    Hope the other racers have a good day, remember its just a build up race to the bigger picture  so dont let the wind mess with you mentally......having said that I'll no doubt be on here tomorrow cursing it.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    I did the Fission 20M today TR. Not doing Gloucester I was just making an observation about the weather & rueing my choice of race
    My race was shocking. I started out OK & 6:40-6:50 felt fine but by 4M my guts started grumbling & I was feeling queasy too. Really hard working in to the wind from 1-6M too. Much needed pit stop & a change of direction at 6M gave me hope of salvaging a reasonable effort but within a mile I was feeling uncomfortable again & had to stop at 9M. The 2nd lap starts about 9.5M so we were soon back into the wind which was even worse than the first and I almost came to a complete standstill at points. Had to stop again at about 12 & yet again at 14.5. I was now just jogging round according to my HR but it was still feeling like hard work. Finished just inside 2:40 but ran for 2:32 which is still ridiculously slow. I did 2:14 last year at the back end of a 90M week whereas this year I'd only done 34M before today. Tis done now so nothing to be gained from crying about it but I still feel awful & a bit broken :s 
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    TR/Jools: thanks guys - I’ve banished all negative thoughts and am ready to go! I don’t tend to run many halves so might have better luck if I did more!!
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
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    Great result at Weymouth 1:27:58 I think official time. So in spite of the gale force winds I ran almost a 3 minute PB. 

    Delighted :)
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
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    Fantastic result AWC & well deserved after a consistent period of strong training. 
    Still not feeling great this morning so just a recovery 7 miler along the river for me. Emergency pit stop after just 2 miles then a wave of stomach cramps every 10-15 minutes or so thereafter but made it to the end OK.
  • AWC - brilliant result mate, well done! Fantastic time in those conditions. 

    Hope the back is improving SQ - keep us posted. 

    Jools - sorry to hear it didn't go to plan yesterday. Sounds like you might have some sort of virus or similar so take it easy for a couple of days if needs be. 

    Seen some decent half times on Strava, look forward to others reporting back.

    So, Reading went pretty well for me today. Got there nice and early and managed to catch up with HA beforehand (won't spoil his result, but what a legend). Conditions weren't ideal with a decent wind blowing but at least it was dry. 

    Got off to an absolute flyer, knocking out a silly 5:26 first mile, running with a female club mate who ended up 3rd overall. The hill after 2.5 miles slowed me down, before getting back into a rhythm and going through 10km in 35:10 (unofficial), which would have been a 30 second PB.

    I've all in now, might as well make it count. Slogged up the hill just before mile 8 and then into the wind which saw the pace drop. Was still running well though, buoyed by shouts from Katie on the sideline.

    Picked off runners 1 by 1 from mile 11-13, hurting like hell but knowing if I carry on I can sneak under 1:16. Final sprint through the stadium and I'm over the line in 1:15:42, a PB of just over a minute - bloody thrilled with that.

    Saw HA and Reg at the end, good to catch up, managed a token 1 mile warm down but I was very much on struggle street. I don't think the course is the fastest, so I reckon theres a sub 1:15 in there somewhere. Onwards to London! Might as well give it a go now, hey :wink:
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Sounds like youve had a bit of a tummy bug then Jools.

    Good to see you smashed it AWC.

    I did 4, 13, 3 at fleet and had a stinker- after an easy 4 or 5 days too. Was aiming 1.22ish after 1.24.11 at a windy worthing, but couldnt get going on very achy quads and struggled to 1.25.4X. Was a bit windy and undulating, but still goes down as a bad day. Keep calm and carry on. 4 weeks til the B of the Bang at brighton. Sub3 might be more of a challenge than id hoped.
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Good to see you again Joe, 1:19:26 for me, considering the injury I am satisfied with that and it's not too far away from PB territory. Great results for you and HA. I think Reading is reasonably quick but you can get slightly faster. You'll go sub 75 somewhere for sure. Maybe I can too but I'lll need a good injury free run of training.
  • A quick check in,
    Jools - still a solid 20 if not the race you wanted, maybe an underlying stomach bug ?
    AWC - well done on the PB in what sounds like tough conditions.

    JB - a minute PB at that level is fantastic, I think we all knew you had it in you, really pleased for you after Woky.

    TR - sorry it wasn’t quite the day you were looking for, Worthing and your training says there is better in you in so move on.

    Reg - I think we would all like to see what an injury free training block would yield for you, great time regardless.

    Welwyn Half for me today.  Although a relatively fast course (less elevation than Woky), as a low key race it was more about placing than time. Unfortunately with the rain of the last few days the grass and trailish sections were muddy with standing water but the same for everyone.  Starting 12th on the grid I soon settled into 7th and over the course of a fairly lonely race, 6th and 5th gradually came back to me, letting me finish in 5th, 1:20:32 so probably more pleased with the placing than the time but it felt like an honest effort.  It looks like a couple of people have been removed from the results so I might make the podium yet.
  • Fat Boy TrimFat Boy Trim ✭✭✭
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     AWC - 3 min pb is bloody amazing - you cant have been trying in previous races then! :) :D

    Another great time from Reg.. (although only satisfied LOL)

    Macca Slacked off to cruise in at 1:20:32 - disappointing Macca - make an effort man!

    Long run in the wind for me Saturday and shorter one sunday - felt like I was going backwards on times in the wind.....Day off today.

    Sorry to hear the race you had Jools - sounds grim but hats off for toughing it out  top effort.
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