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    Glad the calf is ok ,SBD. Couple of big sessions there. 

    nice 17 g -dawg. 

    Nicko, thats a big day. Sounds very positive.

    My 10 at tempo friday didnt really get going. Wind was everywhere and ive really struggled this week generally. Ended up coming in at 6.45 for 159bpm so essentially 10 at mp. Yesterday was just spin then an easy 20 plodded out this pm at 8.05mm. probably my best run of the week. 

    Hoping for a dose of mojo very soon. I feel like that wrexham half was my target and im just going through motions now. 

    I have a dilema in that i have Ashby 20 sunday morning, however my club currently only have 10 runners of their 12 for rd relays. Feel like i should stand forward for it, though its a full afternoon out and my wife might not appreciate it given im out much of sunday. 
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    Well done SBD and many Congrats Nicko for a well paced race.
    I was feeling ropey and settled for 14 and 61 for the week. Then a call from my eldest at lunchtime. She was on her bike on her way to volunteer at junior parkrun in London, when a hit and run driver hit her from behind, left her unconscious and drove off. She had a lucky escape but multiple cuts and bruises and a fractured cheek bone. On the train down to London to look after her. 
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    Good efforts all round.

    Nicko not sure if you have run Manchester before but I have done so the last 3 years and things do tend to fall into place. It's been cool but not windy, definitely 'faster' weather than London, very good conditions, and the last few miles are a pancake. Be optimistic.

    SBD that's also looking very promising.

    The most frustrating things about the bench are (1) its very hard to fully rest a knackered knee when you have a life to live (2) there are 2 expensive bikes sitting downstairs doing nothing...desperate to get out there.

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    that's appalling, OO - what an awful incident. Thoughts with you and your daughter.  
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    That's awful OO - hope Junior is OK.
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    X-Post - OO hadn't seen that but fingers crossed for OOjnr's speedy recovery.  Best thoughts to her and the rest of the family at this time.
  • I've done a couple of track 10,000m at 25 laps, which is the most laps I've done. The Maramile was my longest distance of multiple laps at 12 x 3.3 ish miles. 

    Notts 20 today was horrible. I tried to do 5 slow, 5 @ MP, 5 slow, 5 @MP but the hills, wind and deep muddy puddles meant I only managed 7.00 and 7.01 pace for the MP sections. I'd like to think I could have run faster on a flat, all road course with no wind. 80 miles for the week.
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    I was about to paste in a post I'd began earlier, but after refreshing read about OO's daughter. OO, that's awful and I really feel for you and your family. I hope she is ok and recovers quickly. 
  • Impressive stuff Nicko - 22 miles with 13 at MP is a tough ask. 

    Equally impressive from SBD - I think I once managed a fast(ish) 5K on a treadmill but a sub-40 10K is beyond comprehension. Was this in the gym or do you have a treadmill at home?

    Poacher - get yourself sorted for London. No excuses. Nuff said.

    I had a bit of a cutback week in preparation for today's half but managed to fit in a couple of faster sessions to keep the legs honest.

    Today was the second time I've run today's race (Fleet Half) having managed 1:28:26 a couple of years ago. It's a good course - not too congested with a few undulations to keep you honest but nothing too taxing, and it's run by the local running club so plenty of marshalls and good support all round. 

    I was hoping for something close to 1:28 so set off in front of the 1:30 pacers with the aim of trying to keep reasonably even splits all the way round. Pleased with the fact that all bar 3 miles (miles 7, 10 and 13, all of which had net increases in elevation) were in the 6:30-6:40 range and the final tenth of a mile was 5:52 pace for a finishing time of 1:27:49 and my second highest WAVA score ever at any distance.

    Half marathon PB on the day for MrsL so she was pretty chuffed too, while I was very relieved as I'd bought her the entry as a Christmas present!!
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    I'm in London now and pleased to say she (actually my oldest daughter) is in ok shape. The driver was revving his engine to get past her then she felt an impact from behind, then blacked out. Fortunately she was thrown sideways out of the path of the car and her cycle helmet took most of the impact-  it's completely destroyed.
    Thanks for the messages!
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    OO - glad to hear she is OK; what an awful world we live in where someone would do that and just drive away, really makes you lose faith in humanity. All the best to oo jnr to get back on her feet (or wheels) soon, sounds like another life saved by wearing a cycle helmet. 
  • nicko1981nicko1981 ✭✭✭
    OO - glad to hear she is OK; what an awful world we live in where someone would do that and just drive away, really makes you lose faith in humanity. All the best to oo jnr to get back on her feet (or wheels) soon, sounds like another life saved by wearing a cycle helmet. 
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    oo, that's crap. i used to cycle to work and it was largely x country winding roads. some of the moves drivers used to pull to save 30 seconds begged belief over the 5 years or so i did it. i wont ctcle now as A roads all the way and constantly edgy. 

    Speedy, I'd also factor in that your mara wont be in a week when you've already run 60 miles before you toe the line. 
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    Glad Jnr is OK, OO. The actions of the driver make me absolutely livid!

    Well done Lorenzo. Fleet is my first HM (1993) and possibly my favourite. The race that honed my endurance running experience. Not done it for years but will do it again sometime. 
  • OO - just seen your post about your eldest. Sorry for not noticing it earlier. Glad she's OK but it must have been very worrying for you and the family. Best wishes to you all. 
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    Ian – Enjoy the holiday!

    Gul – Impressive weekly mileage

    OO – I’m glad your daughter is ok. Horrible stuff. Sorry your LSR didn’t go to plan.  That’s a decent Parkrun with a cold.

    GD – Great internal session and 8:10 pace for a LSR is far from a plod in my books. Well done

    Poacher – Sorry to read that you are benched. I hope you recover soon.

    Nicko – That’s a very impressive HM after 9 miles. I think you should be confident about Manchester.

    SBD – Great speed session and LSR completed over the weekend.

    DT – 10 at MP is still a good session in the wind. Nice 20 miles completed too

    Speedy – I think your 20 miles was pretty impressive in hills and wind. Great weekly mileage too.

    Lorenzo –Excellent HM result for you and the Mrs!

    Badbarks badback update  - It’s now 24 days without being able to run. My back pain has lessened over the last week so I decided to try and walk my local Parkrun. It would have been my 200 Parkrun but unfortunately after a mile I was in a lot of pain. I could have gritted my teeth and carried on but didn’t want to make things worse, so I limped off with tears in my eyes. I’m so f-ing frustrated.

    On the plus side I managed a plank for 4:31 and 501 air squats this morning. I could have done more squats but got bored! :)

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    Badbark it would have been miserable for your 200th to be a walk, at least you can come back on a better occasion. Definitely the right call to pull out. As someone who suffers regularly with back issues, they generally come good in the end.
    Congrats Lorenzo to you and Mrs L- PB's are not to be sniffed at and you really delivered there. Has she been running long or a newbie?
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    OO - what a terrible shock; glad your daughter is relatively okay. 
    Badbark - really feel for you. I know you will be incredibly diligent with your recovery plan (that's some plank and squat!) and 24 days will seem like a lifetime. Hang on in there.
    Sending healing vibes to Poacher too.
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    G-Dawg - Excellent mile reps, certainly faster then I've ever done! Also my LSRs rarely come out faster then 8.10 so I wouldn't call that a plod either!
    Nicko - Excellent result at the weekend I think you could be on for a good result at Manchester, especially if you get the pacing right.
    SBD - Glad the calf niggle seems to have sorted it out, a couple of excellent sessions there so it doesn't seem to be bothering you too much!
    OO - Really sorry to hear about your daughter, sounds really nasty. I can never understand when I see people cycling without helmets on, especially families with kids! My helmet split when I came off my bike so it would have been a lot worse then a broken shoulder for me. Hope she heals quickly
    DT - That's still a decent tempo in the wind. I'd turn out for the relays if you can get clearance, probably work out as a decent speed session
    Badbark - Sorry to hear about the parkrun, glad the back is getting better though!
    Speedy - That doesn't sound ideal for running any miles at pace! I wouldn't worry about it.

    I've had a really good weeks of training that has given me a big confidence boost. Fartlek on Tuesday of 5,4,3,2,3,4,5 mins with 90s recovery at Marathon Pace. The 5s & 4s were at HMP and came out at 6.21, 6.18, 6.20, 6.18. 3s and 2s were at 10k pace and came out 6.01, 5.52, 6.01 so pretty sharp. Recoveries were all 6.45-6.55, overall the session felt really in control. Followed it with 5k with the club as I had finished just as the club night was about to start. Nice to run with people for a change!

    Did 18m yesterday with 2 x5m at MP. Really happy to see it come out and around 6.40 at slightly lower HR then pre Abingdon even including the second section being into wind.

    Definitely given me the confidence to aim for sub 2.55 in Manchester!

  • Stevie - sounds like confidence is high. Good stuff. 

    Badbark - sorry to hear that you're still unable to run. Very frustrating. A plank for 4:30 is pretty darned impressive. I struggle to get close to 2 mins. And what's an air squat?!

    OO - thanks. Will pass on your congrats to MrsL - she's been running for a few years and has a number HMs + a marathon (Stockholm 2014) under a belt. She's not as much of an obsessive about running as me but she's been persuaded to try XC in the last year or so and found she actually enjoys it!

    4.5 nice easy miles this morning - very relaxing.
  • OO - sorry I missed your post, I musn't have refreshed the page. Did anyone else get the driver's plate? 

    Congrats on the half Lorenzo, you must both be very pleased with yourselves :)

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    Didn't realise Lorenzo- a true running dynasty.
    A slow plod round Greenwich park for me. Still loaded with cold.
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    Sorry Lorenzo I forgot about your half marathon exploits at the weekend, congrats to both of you!

    6m recovery tonight, 8.19mm/136BPM so coming down nicely. Big 10m tempo to do tomorrow.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    No Speedy looks like the B/sted got away with it.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Not good on the driver identification OO54 - were the police not involved?

    Good recovery and a solid week's training Stevie.  It's coming together nicely for Manchester.  Are you still planning a 2 week taper?

    Twenty four days without a run is tough Badbark.  Definitely leave PR #200 until you're back running.  Is there some other exercise you can do (cycling, swimming, ...) to preserve your sanity?

    Excellent run at Fleet HM Lorenzo - that's a quick time - and well done to your wife.  I use the gym treadmill. Only the rowing machine at home and my eldest son has commandeered this!

    10 recovery miles today split as a 6 and a 4.  Calf still not 100% but have the sports massage booked for Thursday.  On a more positive note, I'm almost back down to racing weight having let this drift up to 83Kg whilst injured.  So now back down to 74Kg which is only 1Kg heavier than my Brighton 2018 weight. Should be able to lose that in the next few weeks!

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    Stevie - great couple of sessions - looks promising.
    Lorenzo - well done to your and Mrs L on the HM.
    SBD - hope the massage will send the calf niggle packing. Well done shifting the extra weight - should be just perfect in time for Boston.
    Carded a zero yesterday - went out for a run but decided to give it a miss after getting pain in one thigh which then spread to the glutes. Seemed fine later, so headed out again this morning. Did 22 miles - 1 mile w/u, 12 miles around 8:00/m, 4 miles around 7:3x/m, and 5 miles progressive to finish with a 6:38. After my last marathon, a few people wondered if my fuelling strategy was letting me down, so I've decided to take on some gels at Boston. I tried double-wrapping a bandanna round my arm and wearing an arm-band over the top and it held okay until somewhere around 17/18 miles when it fell off. Long enough to take in a couple of gels with no adverse effect. Need to find a way to tighten up the arm-band a bit more. Tried a belt before, but had to tighten it so much to stop it slipping that it ended up drawing blood - I shouldn't be such a skinny wimp! Anyway that's the last 20+ miler done dusted.
  • OO - that is bad. Hope your daughter recovers. I'd hope it was ignorance of the incident (still no excuse) rather than blatant hit and run. 

    Gul, looking good. I reckon if you have a race that reflects your training you should be in a shot for an age group prize.

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    Cracking 22 there, Gul. On the gel stowage, I pin them to the inside waistband of my shorts, two each side (for a full mara) around the hip flexor area, towards the hip. I don't even notice they're there.

    It helps that I wear Lycra shorts under my running shorts, so the gels don't rub at all. Gels are then easily removed from the pins while still running. Have done this for years, works a treat.
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    Well done to you and Mrs L on the Fleet halt times, Lorenzo.

    SBD, decent weight loss. I need to get my weight down now to proper racing weight. I've sat about 3-4lb over since Feb.

    Shaping up nicely, Stevie. By the time I looked at it properly they had more than filled the team. I think it was a matter of people just not responding to initial e-mail and no one previously chasing it.

    Sorry to hear of your continued injury, Badbark. Definitely save your 200th for when you can run well and enjoy it.

    Gul, nice 22. I strongly recommend a flip belt, which I have mentioned before. It's a bit expensive at £22 on amazon but frankly for the time etc we all invest and the durability of it, it's well worth it. You can load it with a good 8-10 gels and completely forget it's on you.

    Managed 62 miles last week which was decent in the circs. This week will be a bit lighter (low 50s) as Ashby sunday is a big session. Weather actually looks decent so it's a shame it's not a proper race!

    Recovery 4 yesterday lunchtime then spin last night.

    10 x 3 mins today off 1 min at circa threshold to 10k pace over lunchtime planned. Will see how I feel, might get a spin or pump class in on way home then.

    At that point now where aching seems to be the norm!

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    PMJ - Last year's MV50-59 podium:-
    16 1220 IAN GILES CHELTENHAM HARRIERS 1 M50-59 1 02:58:55 02:58:54
    32 1559 Fulvio Taddeo Bungay Black Dog RC 1 M50-59 2 03:08:49 03:08:48
    34 1246 Charles Hann Sudbury Joggers 1 M50-59 3 03:08:53 03:08:50

    Prize only for 1st place in the age category though. 4th place was around 3:15 which I think is more realistic for me, but you never know who will turn up or how it will go on the day, I guess.
    GD / DT - thanks. I think I'm getting close with the arm-band/pocket, so will persevere with that for now.
    DT - yes, a very decent week. Typical that the weather is looking better now you're not racing! Have a good lunchtime session.
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