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    If i do even light weights we're talking feeling it for 3-4 days.

    And other core stuff i find i either do zero or way much.
    May have to do the odd plank here and there which i expect id have to build from about 30secs!
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    Chrome also has the benefit of it's psychic ominbox that knows what you're going to type before you do.
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    Yeah - it blows my mind, so have removed it :wink:

    Planks are good SG, but as you say - build up! You wouldn't start from zero miles to 50 per week, so why do that with weights or core? A mix of front and side planks, some body resistance stuff like press-ups and dips and a few carefully executed sit-ups is all you need really.
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    People brag about doing a 10 minute plank when they'd get the same physiological benefit from doing 4 x 1 min. Like Bus says, mix up the variations. 
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    I was always good at this circuit training lark.

    Down at the track a few years back I could better any number the sprint group could come up with. Great! But I can't sprint. Not even a semblance of a sprint. 

    Worst event for me were the relays held at my clubs Summer League series. I'd finish the main event (5mile or 10k) well up. Top ten, top handful, even first. But, in the relay (250-400m) I'd be left for dead by all and sundry.

    Not only could I not move fast enough to keep up with anyone. I could only do that for 30 seconds before blowing up as well.

    All I could do was to finish the loop in a more painful rendition of how I ran the longer event.

    I have strength endurance, but power is different.

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    The Bus said:
    Yeah - it blows my mind, so have removed it :wink: 
    I love it. Just have to type an "a" for Amazon, "o" for Outlook, "t" for Tesco, "s" for Skybet, "g" for Guardian and "j" for explicit photos of Jennifer Lawrence.

    It's very intuitive.
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    I use Chrome on work laptop & home PC, Safari on the iPad. No issues at all: Click Notifications & go to the last unseen post on that thread. RW is tired of you SG ;) 
    Had to look-up Jennifer Lawrence Ynnec - can't say I'm much wiser though I didn't search photos, explicit or otherwise :D
    Better than my woeful parkrun Bus. I did 6:30 for the first mile & slowed from there in spite of a day off yesterday :/ 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    It probably applies rules to hijack you when you're up past 17,000 posts :D 

    It's the change from about 3 days back that annoys!

    Jools - your body obviously craves an insane 20mile run the day before!

    Talking about insane, well, ok, maybe more "ill advised", guy in our relay team tells me he's done a 10miler today, "easy" though, his alibi!

    Hope tomorrow will be good. At the moment from some it all seems bargaining to go earlier to disappear quicker like it's all a hassle!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    At least I'm in good company then Jools!

    Good luck tomorrow SG!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Jools has somehow influenced my lot.

    One of our team pointed out that as well as the 10miler guy (finishing at 730ish tonight!), another guy did a 10miler with a raced 5k in there, and another did a 22miler!

    Arguably not optimal day before stuff :D :o

  • Will sneak in before SG gets his 10 page report in.

    Decent weekend of running, ran Bushy parkrun tempo effort (18:08) but legs felt pretty heavy, couldn’t get HR above HM effort. 3 hours on the bike around lunchtime and the rest of the day was spent on the sofa. 

    Completly different today, felt good, 24 miles @ 6:45mm with a couple of guys from the club, clipping along nicely, upped it for the last 5 miles or so, beautiful day for a run to be fair.

    96 miles for the week + 5 hours biking and 4 swims. Going along nicely now. 

    Is Simon running today?! I’ve probably missed it but good luck if not. 
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    That's a big week Joe, and an impressive long run today! How do you find time to do life as well?!! :smiley:

    Yes, Simon ran today - looking forward to the report in due course :smile:

    LSR for me today. NIce day for it, but felt nauseous all the way round for some reason. Slower than last week, but not disastrously so after parkrun yesterday. 51M for the week
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    Local half-marathon for me today: Forest of Dean Spring Trails. This was my first ever race back in 2006 & today was my 12th visit. Missed 2009 for a mate's 40th & 2018 as it was postponed due to snow then I couldn't make the new date.
    A 15 minute drive, free parking in the field right by the start & finish areas. Picked up my number after parkrun so logistically simple other than the fact they still seem to believe that 30 odd portaloos is sufficient for 2,000+ runners & their accompanying supporters :s I'd arrived over an hour before the start but still didn't get to use & re-use the facilities which unfortunately came back to bite me later on.
    Still really fatigued so wasn't expecting too much but figured I'd still be able to dip under 1:30.  I set off OK but felt like I was working really hard. Pace was OK but slower than usual even on the steep downhill 2nd mile. Course basically drops gradually for just over a mile, then plummets to 2.5M before climbing from there to 7M, undulates for a couple of miles, drops for another 1.5M then an undulating 2.5M climb to the finish. Only 3 short climbs feel really sharp but lots of long, energy sapping drags. 5K in 19:25 but the climbing is only just starting to kick in then. Went through half-way in 44:xx so still on track & clawed a few more seconds grace over the next 4M. Went through 10M in 68:30 but then the guts scuppered my chances of a sub 90. Nothing like last weekend just the one tactical stop at 11.5M. Figured it was stop, slow down or embarrassing finish   Crossed the line in 1:30:42 chip time & 91st place so top 5%. Actual run time was 1:29:56 so, although my slowest time on the course since 2012, a decent effort considering the less than ideal start to my week: knocked off my bike Monday morning. Result badly bruised shoulder, so I couldn't swing my left arm, & minor concussion. Shoulder had improved considerably but still painful.
    Couldn't even be bothered to do a cool down after so a relatively light week with just 57M on the clock.
    Definitely fatigued - HR never went above 164 & averaged just 160bpm throughout.
    Refuelled with a large steak 
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    Blimey Jools - surprised you even made it to the start line, so fair play for even getting through it in a  perfectly respectable time on what sounds like a beast of a course!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Jools - good news you got through what could have been really bad so casually! And another long race seen off well!

    Joe - insane training plan there! Incredible. A near marathon sub 3 so easily as a training run? I think whatever your "Joe Blaggs" prediction is for London, we should take a good 5mins off minimum!

    Right, i best get cracking on the race report before I forget the essential deets ;)
    And also get it in before Simon posts his 10...word report ;)
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Southern 12 Stage Relays - MK 

    Right then, always a bit of highlight of the racing year - one of these top quality events. 2017 was my first experience of this event, and it was basically my first event with the Dashers having joined them just before.
    It springboarded a great run of events - southerns, nationals, and then we were so hyped, we went and did the Vets relay too - that I just scraped into age wise then.

    2018 was a bit of a downer, as the southerns got snowed off, and although we were afforded a qualification to the finals, we didn't have the enthuiasm/numbers, so sacked it. Similarly with the vets. So a big gap in 2018.

    Our 2019 campaign was looking a bit borderline.
    Various reasons kept a few of our big boys out of the mix.
    Lee - wife didn't allow it
    McHarg - our super vet, competing in the World indoor champs (!)
    Bradfield - no idea why not
    Foster - injured.

    So between those 4, you have some of the best runners on the local scene out - and if we'd had those 4 I could have blagged a short leg - darn them!

    Add to this a few other very tidy guys, including our own Mr Wool having to say no, and the "romantic" notion that we'd have some epic qualification duel off, was again put on hold, as getting 12 available blokes became the mission!
    There was even a last min bit of confusion about a guy who'd said he was "probably" injured, but not in the end, not coming back into the mix, as we'd declared the 12.
    A couple of our very decent short leg guys were also coming back into fitness, while as stated yesterday, some of our lads seemed to be having their own competition of who can do the stupidest day before training.

    A 10miler wasn't wise, then someone upped it to 10miles with a raced 5k, before the now infamous 22miler!

    So then, we had our 12, just about, and made our way to MK to see how we'd fare. Some slightly ridiculous planning meant we ended up taking 11 separate cars, despite most of this lot living within a few miles of each other. I'll stay out of this blame game, as at least i'm 30mins away!

    Usual deal with such a long day, some early knockings guys would have to leave midway through, while some late doors guys would arrive later.

    I was leg 7, but I was going to milk the full day - Arrived before 11, and was still there at 6!
    (ED - get on with it son, or Joe's "10" page comment won't even be a hilarious pastiche)

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    Onto the motorway, tonnes of gear packed - enough for a weekend away - not just a day.
    Sat nav reckoned the 3 motorway route was the best bet - not the 73 roundabout trawl through Aylesbury.
    Speed camera van on a motorway bridge unsettled me for 20mins after - speedo overestimated versus sat nav, what range do they have etc - was I at 68 or 69miles per hour type thinking....

    Hour later arrived, Stantonbury International School - monumental set up! Their own church, humongous playing fields, own dental practice, tonnes of carparks - incredible scenes.

    No parking issues whatsoever - but i was a little alarmed when about 7 guys piled out of a car next to me, all looking about 15 years old. An early sign that this would be a right old speed session of a day.

    Had to take a pic of this quality mural

    A few of the guys slowly turned up and we got to the field, to find we had no tent, no flag, and not even a cover for the floor!
    Utterly small time :)   You can tell how big time some of these other clubs were by their almost marquee like, 30min assembly time job efforts!
    Luckily, it was sunny looking, and gently windy, as rain would have knocked us!

    12 o clock the start then - and big boy Samson who destroys all of us is our leg 1 boy. He puts in a ridiculous effort, something in the 25s for what is longer than billed, something around 4.77-4.85miles to not even bring us back top 30!

    The first guy came back in the 22s!  I had a look on strava later, and the fastest long leg was a guy who is pictured in an Ireland international vest. 4.46 average for that distance is ridiculous. I am very much thinking about just about breaking 5mins for a mile!!

    We remember 2017 where our first leg came back 30/31, so it doesn't meant you're out of top 25 contention, as you do get a number of teams drop out/not have 12 etc, but we had firmer back up in 2017 including an actually faster guy on leg 3, and some very sharp short leggers.

    It's quickly clear that 30ish will be our peak today, and we start dropping down the places despite everyone running as well as they can.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    A good day is underway, but with the growing realisation the actual hard work is coming up quickly for me. Around 2.15 for me, a mere 3hr 15 after I'd arrived!
    Bananas smashed, a few bits and pieces of warm up probably totallin 2.5miles or so, and it's time.

    Supposed super shoes on, hanging around the toilets/start area, and awaiting my short leg guy's arrival!
    Polished set up at MK. They get radioed when your guy is about to enter the 300m track run in, and you get called over.

    Scanning those around me, to see if I'll get involved in some early battles, I can't tell, as there's a lot of women, and a couple of older fellas. Never judge by look I remember!

    Couple of ladies go off a while before me, and then I'm off. Storm down the track, trying to justify wearing the vapors! See something like 5.15s on the clock, but no idea if that's a "Track" reading or legitimate.

    Round the gates, and out into the wilds.
    To quickly be greeted with a bit of a rise straight away. Have passed one lady though, and despite them obvs being in another race, I'm counting it!

    Can see another lady in the distance, over what feels like another fair climb and passed her.

    The route is 100m track, a bit of scrabbling around, 2 laps of a "Park", down a bit where you can see the track from behind a gate with about 1200-1400 to go, past the track, and then 300m on the track to finish.

    The laps of the park aren't what I was expecting. I was expecting you would see a park - but you're basically outside it, so could be anywhere!

    Rhythm is awkward, as it's up and down, through the odd tunnel, over little roads, and despite occasionally thrashing past a lady, it's basically a solo run.

    There's a couple of bits where you're thinking, should I have turned, but you remember the, run straight unless told otherwise rule! A few Long leg - short leg signs, but another key, is that you need to ignore the "long leg" bit later on when you've done your 2 laps (something that became a big thing later on :)

    I actually thought i was going to pass an actual bloke on my leg at one stage, but got up to him, and he stopped. It was just some clown out jogging the course, in full kit. Grrrrrrrr

    Indecipherable shouted some drivel to a marshal along those lines.
    "You're doing well" she screamed loudly, in a tone that you'd use to a kid, or jibbering moron to get them to shut up.

    Am I doing well? No idea. It's windy, it's solo, it's up and down that my standard of runner struggles to keep effort up on. And the watch is 5.50 in the main, with occasionals to 5.40, but also one slip to 6.10.

    Am I even on the course still? Is the event still going on? Is there anyone out there?

    The 3rd km took ages to come, so much so I was wondering if I'd needed to use the 1km as it. But it eventually came, and checking later it was 0.7m! No wonder it took so long.

    A bit later, 2 guys quickly monster past. Farrrkkk, I notice they're both on the same leg as me! I've lost us 2 places.
    This thought evaporates when I still have them in sight come the end of the lap, and both go off towards the finish!

    Phew - they're already ahead!

    Second lap is more of the same - few more women taken, and a couple of short leggers whizz by - light weights ;)

    I did see one guy on my leg come past, but I presume that was a lost place this time.

    6k up and I'm eagerly waiting the run in. A few gates to get round, and yes, it's the glorious bit down past the track seeing in. Storm down here, overtaking another woman, and turn at the 7k sign.

    Can smell the finish, just 150metres to get to the track, and then on it for the last 300m

    Captured in signature leg at weird kick out angle here.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Up the track I see a lady at least 150metres ahead, too far off, that's fine I think.
    Then I realise the whole team are watching, and one guy is screaming, Foster Style to ensure a big effort!
    Therefore, I had to close the gap, and when within 50metres, I knew I was committed, and had to pretty pointlessly storm past her and hand over.

    No need for a lie down this time - all probably felt a bit under-raced, tempo-y, and probably 5.50 average all in. Think i didn't stop my watch very quickly after, so in between 5.49 and 5.52 for certain.

    The shoes took a battering!
    You can certainly see i supinate! Plus the rutted nature of a lot of the paths!

    So leg 7 done, and glorious relaxation!

    Enjoyed chatting to Phil Wicks' wife - am sure she's run for Britain herself - those kids are going to have all the genes to be good themselves!
    Even caught up with an old work pal who lived in MK who came down for a bit.

    After that it was all a case of enjoying some running chat and being there to support the rest of the gang.

    A few had long disappeared,  but we got 8 of the 12 in a pic for the memory locker

    The most memorable moment was our 9th legger. Time was creeping on from our rough estimates, and he's in good form, so we knew something had happened.
    Turned out he'd done a THIRD loop!!
    Couldn't make it up!

    Reckoned the marshal showed him that way, but it's weird as the marshals can't remember 100s of runners and notice when a guy on the long leg has done 1 lap or 2! So it can only have been him shouting which way, them seeing long leg letter on his vest and them thinking he was asking as it was his first time at that junction!

    The perils of trying to get directions at pace :)

    In truth that 8-10mins won't have impacted us getting top 25 I expect, but it'll give us an unrealistically low position!
    It did mean we had our 12th guy in the dreaded "mass start", in what was quite a lot of older vet runners.

    Still awaiting the results, but if 57 teams started and at a guess, 45-50 or so finished with 12, we're probably looking at 35-40 mixer.
    What will be interesting is where we'd have been without the extra time penalty!

    Three of us milked the day even more by having a cool down/mileage increaser later. We managed to screw our intended loop up twice, but ended up with a nice 4.5miler to give me personally a tidy 11.5 for the day :)
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Had a quick look at the splits on our team's long legs, and one of our recent 1.18 half guys took 30secs out of me.

    Different scenarios on different legs of course, may have had more of a "race", but chances are his marathon training has boosted him above me right now. 22s on Monday mornings type stuff lowish 7s.

    But probably as big a chance it's that "race" intensity that you can't replicate without repeated turnouts. First race for 2 1/2months over 1mile after all. And first road race over 5k since October!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Results out, quite impressively, with the intricacies of over taking etc

    Guy i mentioned above was 17secs ahead, so not as bad as above.

    The results have me as the only one in the team to take a place though. Which is confusing. It must be that all the guys who came past were already ahead of us,a and the one I mentioned that i "thought" i was going to overtake, but he was warming up, WAS actually ahead, but stopped for some reason. Barnet guy who looks to have lost them 6 places.

    Our unfortunate extra loop cost us 5 places, so our 40/44 finishing teams should perhaps have been as high as 35
  • Bus - bit of a struggle sometimes, but make sure I've always got my kit with me! Helps having minimal commitments apart from a partner who also loves running.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the report SG, sounds like a great outing. The guy that did 3 laps cracked me up. Wouldn't worry too much about your paces - like you said first race for quite a while, just take it as good training and keeping moving forwards. 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    (Before Phil turns up - i massively incorrectly said i was the only one in the team to take a place - our last leg guy took 2, and another late doors took 1 too) 

    ps Joe - you should have seen 3 laps guy ranting! He was shouting about it behind the gates still 1k from home! And then finished massively, and straight into ranting at all the staff!

    I was going to video it for giggles :D :D 
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Great stuff SG. 

    How can anyone get it wrong at MK's? I've run there (long legs - using my short legs) a couple of times and never once had any urge to go around again.

    In fact, it's so obvious my advice is that your ninth leg runner needs directing to Spec Savers.

  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Sounds like the relays could be your best chance of finding a girlfriend SG.
    Nice turn out but what are those shoes made of, marshmallow?
    Just shy of 40 miles for me last week, finished the sunday run with a few quicker miles, was doing about 5:45 pace in one direction and another running coming in the other direction and we passed each other before I knew it, turned out it was Dach's mate doing a 20 mile training run in 1:51! He had his magic shoes on though :) From what I've seen he could have a chance at sub 2:20. I find following runners like that on Strava quite motivating, to see what progress can be made with hard work.

    8 miles today was an absolute plod, no life inthe legs.
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    Stevie G said:
    (Before Phil turns up - i massively incorrectly said i was the only one in the team to take a place - our last leg guy took 2, and another late doors took 1 too) 
    Relays are really all about two things:

    1) If you are first leg then it is a race and position matters.
    2) Any other leg it is only time that matters, so you were 236 out of 295 long legs, about 6 minutes down on the fast boys. At least you beat 3 lapper who was 294/295.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    I'm pretty sure positions do matter beyond the first leg Phil!

    The legs certainly spread out quickly after the first few though, and with a lot of turns, you'd have to be within 20-30secs of someone to even see them! Unlike Gravesend, where with a 1.3mile loop, you were guaranteed plenty of company, at least visually!
  • Blimey Stevie - that's some damage to the Vaporfly. Here's mine with approx 200 miles on them:

    Good going at the relays Stevie. Hull Marathon finishes with around half a circuit of the KC Stadium before you nip through a door to complete the circuit inside. Afterwards I was wandering round the other side of the stadium and someone came running round, obviously desperate for the finish, looking properly annoyed, screaming how do I get into the stadium ! Imagine 26.2 and running round a circular service road a stone's throw from the finish but unable to get there!

    Rubbish running last week for me. Matt, I recovered fine from the 20.Felt great on Tuesday, so popped in an entry for Wilmslow half. On Wednesday woke up with a sore throat and things got worse from there on. Full of cold for the last 6 days so training has been very easy but snotty and ultra tired feeling like Reg's. No sessions.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    SG, this'd be supination if these were the toes of your shoes. This is evidence of heavy heel striking.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    edited March 26
    The heel is so high on these compared to others its hard not to clatter the ground 😄

    Hopefully im still feeling them in as it didnt feel like i was smashing the pace. I do wonder if the rough paths cycle ways route Sunday was a bit too harsh compared to roads..who knows

    But if its not supination why is it only the outside edges damaged? Would expect it more distributed?

    Good marathon story muds! That would be damm annoying.
    Hope the coldy type stuff goes.

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