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    @clairejones -  You can change pen at the expo. There is a desk in the bib collection area to do that. They don't ask for proof of times, unless you are want to enter the preferential pen (the really speedy folk).
    I know someone on the forum did that a few years ago, as they were concerned with the cut-off time. They moved up from pink to either blue or purple. I would say if you do that to be very mindful of other runners and keep to the side of the road, as there will be plenty of people aiming for specific times and they'll be pushing for a significantly faster pace.
    I've never known anyone on the forum not to get a medal after finishing. I do remember a few years ago one person finished well after the cut-off time. They got their medal, but no finishers picture as the photographers had all gone and they were starting to dismantle the finish gantry. I'd say if you're 15/30 minutes after the cut-off time you'd be fine. I think anyone an hour or more after the cut-off would be running the risk of not getting a medal or recorded as a DNF. Paris isn't like London, which as a race is very open ended regarding people coming in having walked the course, but it's not as strict as the likes of Budapest where they strictly enforce their rules. I know one poor person there that got pulled off the course at mile 20 in Budapest, despite being in sight of the back of race pacer.
  • Thanks @Eggyh73 I did not know you could change pens. I will check it out at the Expo. :)
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    @clairejones I've been trying to find the footage this morning as I hate to site a source without evidence but I can't for the life of me find the video again - I was starting to question if I dreamed it but my husband remembers me showing him as its quite dramatic of people trying to climb crowd control type fences to pass through the finish line!! I'll keep looking!
    If you can change pen at the expo, you'll manage to buy yourself some extra time - I think the pens supposedly set off 10 minutes apart (I'm sure someone can confirm or correct this?), but I was in the pink pen last year and it was delayed and was more than 10 mins so if you go up 2 or 3 pens, you'll get an earlier start and more time!

    @Bex89 can you edit the dodgy bit out of your form? Or just try uploading as is today and if its not accepted, you've got time to get an appointment?
  • @StephA thank you, I appreciate that. :) From memory there's over an hour between the first and last starters so there's got to be at least 10 mins between each pen. If we can't change pens then we'll get to the front of the one we're in (the last one) so at least we'll have a bit of leeway and just hope for the best!
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    Thank you @clairejones, @OuchOuch, @Rudi and @StephA - I have managed to get myself another appointment just to be on the safe side. Hope all of your preparations are going along as planned - May see any of you if you are at the back of the green pen (I am nowhere near Green pace as I had hoped) so may look to move back and out of the way!
  • At last after a nervous 3 week wait for an appointment........ I met the most sensible doctor in the world today who explained to me these forms are needed to compete in France! She tested my blood pressure, listen to my heart and signed the form! It’s so ridiculous all GP’s are not like her!!
  • Hi All,

    My training has been okay but not brilliant... I was out of action most of January with lingering flu. Last weekend managed 20 miles - but the last 3 were snail pace.. I'm hoping the gels and tapering will get me through to the end. This will be my 3rd marathon, and I'm hoping the 1st I can run all the way round. Still, looking forward to it.
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    I hope everyone's injuries and niggles are getting better, and not too much maranoia creeping in. I've updated the start list, with the starting times for the pens. If you are worried about making the cut off it's probably worth moving up, perhaps going off the back of the Blue pen, if you don't mind getting into the start pen by 8:25 that is. Apart from the elites you are supposed to be in your pen at least 15 minutes before your start time. If you move from pink to blue it'll give you an extra hour and a half:
    Red pen (speed of light) starts at 08:27
    478 - andyc
    576 - ouchouch
    Yellow pen (3:15) starts at 08:32
    tbc - Miles 87
    11586 - baldstan
    Blue pen (3:30) starts at 08:40
    tbc - RFoster + 1
    18117 - Webby
    Violet/Purple pen (3:45) starts at 09:05
    29096 - Carol
    31970 - Rammpants
    33683 - Khanivore
    37024 - StephenLT
    37337 - rachaeltoon
    Green pen (4:00) starts at 09:30
    52146 - phronesis
    tbc - Bex89
    Grey pen (4:15) starts at 10:00
    59889 - Steph
    60566 - Suzanne
    62201 - David
    63610 - mentes
    Pink pen (4:30 plus) starts at 10:10
    70609 - k83nd0n
    71956 - Rudi
    75031 - Andy
    tbc - clairejones
    Did the Kingston 16 this morning as my last long run. Nice little race, friendly marshals, very flat course along the Thames, good medal, let down only by a shortage of toilets at the start. I didn't see any portaloos so joined the queue for the only toilet in one of only two coffee shops that were open at 7:30 on Sunday morning. Luckily the Costa staff were amazing and didn't complain at all about runners packing out their shop just to use the toilet. 
  • Hi all! Late to the party but better late than never :) It's been really useful reading through the thread so far so I can start to focus on the fact that the Paris Marathon is just two weeks away! This'll be my third marathon, and first in Paris. I'll be in the blue pen with #2163.

    After my first two marathons, I've tried to do this one a little different. I'm trying to do this one on the down-low......for some reason I decided I'd feel a little less pressure if i just tried to work toward this one without other people knowing. Of course, most of the pressure just comes from myself, and of course some friends and family can tell that i'm training for something, they just don't know what!

    Half the reason i'm keeping it secret is that i'm aiming to run under 3:30 for the first time. Even if i don't make that i'll be happy with a PB but training has gone relatively well so i'm secretly hopeful!

    I'll be in Paris from Friday morning, and as part of the whole 'keeping it secret' thing i'm flying solo. So if anyone is looking to eat mounds of pasta on Saturday, i'd be more than happy to join! I'm also on Instagram as secret_marathon.

    Hope all of your last two weeks of prep goes smoothly!

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    Welcome Dave. Your secret's safe with us. I'm not telling my family what time I'm hoping for so as not to jinx it, but as my kids are coming with me I couldn't keep the whole thing a secret.
    In the past the forum has met up at Pasta Papa just off the Champs Elysee, but sadly that seems to have closed down. I won't be able to make it as I'm staying outside the city, but perhaps other people know of places they'd recommend.
  • SpeedyGonzales- Well done for getting back on track. I too lost 4 weeks, but from injury, end Jan/ Mid Feb, but I am almost back on track now, although I think a PB will be touch and go as a result.

    Well done Baldstan with the Kingston, I heard it is a really good race. I did a more random one/ fun run called 'Bolt in the Holt' at Alice Holt Forestry commission near Farnham, Surrey. 13.2 miles of hills on path and off path, in 17 degrees on sat morning. I am hoping that will make the first half of Paris seem like a doddle! I did it for the very good reason that I could walk to the start from my home!

    Medical certificate now uploaded and I feel ready to go!

    I am up for a Sat night pasta, if someone knows where we can go!

    I hope everyone's training all went well this weekend.
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    I’m on an all inclusive holiday in Egypt. Didn’t feel too bad about stuffing my face yesterday as I ran 15 miles along windy desert roads this morning. Now I’m in taper though I don’t know how I’ll avoid putting on weight :)

    i also didnt get my medical done in time to upload it :( Will get it done week before marathon and queue up to hand it in at expo - I’m hoping this is ok!

    im also up for Saturday night pasta!
  • I'm always up for Pasta!

    My training has been going pretty well and I'd aimed for 9 minute miles to get in under 4 hours but...I'm thinking I could push myself hard on the day and do 8:30 to get in under 3:45. Am I being stupid if my long runs have all been at 9 minute miles or is it 'normal' to push for more on race day?

  • @baldstan 09417, Yellow pen please :smile:

    I'm just about recovered from Tokyo a month ago, but probably not in the shape needed for the 2min PB that would avoid my self-imposed financial penalty (long story, details here if interested:

    Have decided to start out running 7:50 minute miles and see where I get to. Any slower and I surrender even the possibility of hitting my target. I think, on balance, I'd rather bonk & haul myself in 20 minutes slower than hoped than come within 3-4 minutes of hitting it and wondering 'what if?'

    BTW, I think today is the official start of the period in which we compulsively check the long-range weather forecast and worry about it being too hot. Over the years I've learned not to worry - it will always be too hot :wink:
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    @dom Norrish haha, I started checking the weather for Paris yesterday!!

    Hope everyone is feeling good and any niggles are getting better.

    Training has goon pretty well for me, only one week where I had to cut back on planned runs due to illness. Aiming for 3:40 on the day.

    A goal is anything under 3:40, will be very pleased with that
    B goal is a PB (under 3:52)
    C goal is to finish!
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    @DavidRuns - I'd be looking at a recent race time, like a half marathon time, to give an indication of form. I can't say I've seen any training plan that recommends doing all your long runs at target marathon pace. I normally aim for 60/90 per mile slower than target pace on my long runs.
    As for race day it's a fine balancing act. You'll be pushing harder than on a long training run, but you should be feeling comfortable and in control for the majority of the race. Going out too fast is the worst thing you can do, as what ever you gained at the start you'll lose that and then some towards the end. There's nothing worse than death marching those final miles.
    Webby has the right idea. Set out different goals. If one goes wrong adjust to the next one.
    On that note I have Vienna this Sunday:
    A goal - New PB ( current pb 3:44:17)
    B goal - Sub 3:50
    C goal - Finish and eat a big slice of sachertorte
  • I uploaded my medical certificate several days ago 27th March, it's still saying 'pending' - is that normal?
  • I did a great run yesterday, 18 miles at 1min per mile faster than what I aim to do on the day, couldn't help myself, everything felt so good. I just hope I haven't peaked too soon!!
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    I would like to join you for the post M pasta meal. 
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    DavidRuns - You always get a push on race day as your refreshed, your put the training in and that number pinned on creates a magic of its own.  As Eggy73h says much will depend on ho much of your training has been quicker than 8.30 mm, recent race background and how 9mm felt. I am of the school, that says give it a go, you never know just make you pace it well, it will hurt at times -  but it will for all of us.  At the moment, temperature and conditions look pretty good. 
    Looks like most of us are nearly ready for the B-A-N-G just the last few runs and sessions now.  Had a good 15m on Saturday 10m wup/cd and 5m mp or 10 secs faster so just shorter and faster stuff left for me.  
    I would have loved to join you for the post race meal but 3 children in tow (9-23 years) and Disneyland beckons. 
  • Ignore my earlier message, just had an email approving my medical certificate. I guess they must have had a bit of a backlog to work through. On a separate note, is anyone doing the breakfast run on the Saturday? I can highly recommend it. I am doing it, absolutely love it. :)
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    Bex89 said:
    Thank you @clairejones, @OuchOuch, @Rudi and @StephA - I have managed to get myself another appointment just to be on the safe side. Hope all of your preparations are going along as planned - May see any of you if you are at the back of the green pen (I am nowhere near Green pace as I had hoped) so may look to move back and out of the way!
    I emailed them about the medical certificate regarding ECG etc and they responded very quickly - maybe email them with what your GP said

    As a last resort i used Cyclo Sports Medical Certificates as recommended by Sports Tours - it cost me £65 but was done in 48 hours - just filled out an online form and a doctor from Blackburn way who was a quantified doctor signed the form off. Try

    This was accepted within 2 days by the Paris website once uploaded
  • Hi all, I'll be running my first marathon in Paris in 2 weeks time, looking forward to it! I have done some pretty decent prep, but will just have to see how it goes on the day. I'll be in the green pen but have kids in tow for the duration of my Paris stay so won't be making pre or post parties sadly, maybe another time. If there is another time.....
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    Dom, I'd been trying to resist checking the weather forecast until I saw your message. I'm going to be doing it every day from now on! I did check Vienna too and at the moment it doesn't look bad for Sunday so good luck Eggy, hope you get A, B and C.
    DavidRuns, it's good to have an A goal to aim for if everything comes right on the morning, as long as it doesn't make you go off too fast and blow up. I've found the Slate calculator pretty accurate in the past if you've got some recent race times to go by:
    It was within a few seconds when I did Berlin, and it's giving me a time for Paris of 3:33:18 which would be well within my B goal.
    I've also used heart rate a lot more recently to pace myself, and make myself hold back a bit if it climbs too fast. For me I reckon if I can stay below 150 bpm for the first half I'll be pacing it about right.
    A goal: 3:?? Not what it was as I haven't done the mileage
    B goal: Sub 3:35 (new PB and a BQ time for my age)
    C goal: To enjoy it, and actually see the Eiffel Tower this time.

  • > @clairejones said:
    > I uploaded my medical certificate several days ago 27th March, it's still saying 'pending' - is that normal?

    Yeah - same here - it's been pending a day now...
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    <div class="QuoteText">> <a href="" rel="nofollow">@clairejones<;/a> said:

    > I uploaded my medical certificate several days ago 27th March, it's still saying 'pending' - is that normal?

    Yeah - same here - it's been pending a day now...</div>
    I made another post a bit’s been approved. Hopefully yours will be soon too. 
  • I am taking a different tactic after running the New York in November at a record breaking first 20 miles before hitting the wall in the last 6 and sneaking in in 3 hrs 57min!

    this time I am going to run the first half marathon at a much slower 8 mins 45 sec pace, before picking it up after that, hoping that I do not hit the wall again!! It’s worked in training and it may well bring me a time of 
    plan A - 3 hrs :50 mins.

    otherwise sub 4 hours will do me nicely and if that does not happen, a finish, a medal and a bloody good weekend away is just perfect!  

    My only advice is enjoy it, but don’t ruin the trip if you don’t hit the A target time! This marathon is going to be an amazing experience and I can’t wait!
  • FRG2FRG2 ✭✭✭
    In Vienna, about an hour behind Eggy, I hope!
    Weather’s looking encouraging so far... Hoping for ideal conditions for runners and fans alike...
    Whatever happens, one thing’s sure - there will be Sachertorte!
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    It sounds like everyone is getting excited for the marathon - I can't believe its less than 2 weeks. So far, the weather man doesn't seem to suggest it will be too hot - obviously, they can't reliably predict more than a day ahead, but its fun to obsess over anyway!!

    I had a twinge in my foot of Friday, assumed the usual maranoia - then on my long run Sunday, about 8 miles in and I had pain in the outside of my foot with occasional shooting pains down my foot and up past my ankle - and now its sore to walk on. I'm so worried what this means! I'm RICE-ing like mad and hoping for a miracle. Reluctant to see the GP for fear of what they'll say - I know that sounds ridiculous but they aren't necessarily experts in sports injury and I'd expect a stock "rest for X weeks". I could try and get a referral for my private medical but that will probably take a week at least - I'm going to try and book in with my sports therapist and keep my fingers crossed!
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    FRG2 - Good luck in Vienna! It;ll be my first visit to the city, so I'm looking forward to it.
    StephA - Oh no. I hope it's nothing serious. I'd rest that as much as possible over the next two weeks. If you need a boost I broke a toe two weeks before running Paris for the first time. I not only managed to get around but also PB'd that day!
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