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  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Glad I didn't disappoint you Joe. Glad your'e feeling better. Nice to know you're human though.

    Good luck to those racing on the weekend.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Easy does it from now on in jools. Any racing this weekend?

    Good boozing Hamo !

    FBT - i had mine last week, but i had a bit of a haystack going on, and the local turkish barbers are pretty severe.

    Steve mac - i remember running along the seafront on a long run once looking at fishermen stood on the beach in the pissing rain early one winter morning, and thinking "look at those nutters".

    Spoons - hope you keep improving.

    Hyde - i just eat some more carbs on the friday. Worth knowing that it takes a few days to properly hydrate. Use salts/electrolytes too or if you just have extra water you will dilute levels. I have used dioralyte in the past.

    Chick - well done on the cpr then, real life skills. No stomach means no inside body larder, so regular high calorie snacks which get absorbed immediately. Will take some trial and error no doubt. The medical advice was to have the surgery, as less intrusive surgery wasnt enough, and some dodgy tissue remained.

    Well done on the mlr SQ, the hour hits me too.

    Good that you are ok Joe.

    I had my back freed up by the phys today as its been achy for a while, and he gave my hammys a quick mot too as they were what prevented vlm and yeovil for me last year, and led to a compromised abo. He cleared me for take off !

    Hope the manchester runners have a great day out.
  • Joe - that’s reassuring and good news who knows, a few days off may pay back later.

    Thanks for the best wishes Chicksta and Reg.

    Hamo - after the last week I think you’ve earnt a taper, you too SQ, it’s just around the corner now.

    Hope the colds clear AWC and George.

    Good to read of the continued progress RSR. I’ll see if I can set off 7s before the gun !

    Steve - 4:20 and felt good in the same sentence ?😂

    HPR - hope the calf behaves.  Re carbs, in the past I’ve tried to reach the target per body weight which I can’t remember but it’s just about unobtainable.  For cals I’m on about 3,200 total less 500(6m run) which is around daily target but dinner yet to added in.  I’ve been stuffing my face aiming for stuff greater than 50% carb by weight, around 600g scoffed so far in total which is around 70%.  I’m relaxed about the extra cals for a couple of days and will probably eat fairly normally Sat.  I should add I’m not at all anal about it 😂

    Hang in there Brighton three, not long to go.  

    As above, more eating than running going on here.  My stomachs been in knots all week but I’m taking that as a positive.  5+4 to go.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Macca  - agreed, for most build up races i couldnt care less on the day and get the result that deserves. But big races like marathons that have had months of mental investment get the butterflies going, its a good thing, your body is getting ready to go to the well........the corridor of uncertainty between quiet confidence and bricking it is the right place to be.
  • HA - No punching of for sale signs, just a big increase in passive aggressive work emails. There hasn’t been a ‘kind regards’ for 2.5 days now.

    Joe - Good to see you’re resting up and that A&E confirmed nothing more serious. Brian Clough had a similar rule, when players said they’re fit to play again add another week.

    George - I’ll look out for chasers vest, although if there are a few of you running on Sunday then I may have some awkward moments.

    Reg - I have to say, I was thinking it as well.

    TR - Sounds like you’re ready to go.

    SQ - I enjoy the big weeks as well, feels like you’re really making progress. Much preferable to taper where you’re just praying to keep what you have and not get ill or injured.

    I’m currently on a train back to Yorkshire. I’ll attempt a few ‘Macca late’ miles when I get there, to put my mind at rest as much as anything.

    Thanks for the carb loading advice. Last time I planned out all meals and snacks to make sure I was hitting grams of carbs and that went well, but annoyingly I must have deleted the phone note I had it in. I’ll track via MFP just to make sure I’m not over eating.

    Race number is 1536 and I’ll be wearing a blue under armour vest, the same as Wokingham. Weather forecast is looking good, so the calf just needs to behave and we’re set.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Felt lousy all day so took another rest day. I'll do parkrun Saturday TR but nothing else.
    Glad you're OK Joe. Probably just wiped after trying to keep up with the other JS at Diss :D
    Good luck Mancs Lads.
  • NorthEnderNorthEnder ✭✭✭
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    I've been keeping up with everyone but not found time to post for a few days.  So well done everyone!  And stay healthy... Joe... hope you're taking a few days off...  your race performance won't be affected by a little break... but could be destroyed if you overdo it.  

    FBT  - You must not have your haircut in the last week before a marathon - preferably two.  It's in the bible. Ask Samson.  

    George... unlucky with the cold.  I've had that a few times during taper.  Should be fine though.

    TR... you questioned if my 7:26 paced MP training run indicates that I can target a bit faster in my marathon.  Interesting question. I even thought that last year - hoping that maybe I could target the 7.32 that I'd achieved in the 18 w. 14...  but in the race, I couldn't hold it and ended up averaging 7.44... and I've a long history of doing something like that.

    Two reasons, I think.  One is that I genuinely do seem to have fewer problems than most in maintaining long fast (by my standards) LT or MP training sessions.  Indeed I could turn the question around to you and ask why you (and it seems the majority of runners) are so pushed to achieve a 14 mile MP run when you can clearly knock out a half marathon race at a much faster pace.

    Secondly... and probably more importantly...  I think I'm by far the lowest mileage regular on this thread.  So holding 7:26 pace, as I did for 14.3 miles on Sunday, is a very big problem once I get up to 20 miles or beyond.  I just don't have the aerobic base that you guys have built up.  This year, my mileage should probably equal or exceed my 2016 and 2018 programmes when I achieved 3:24 and 3:22 - but on the downside, I started from a much lower base this year and also this current programme's good mileage is characterised by a lot of 7-10m runs...  and I'm lighter than I'd like on LRs and especially MLRs.  So really need to get a good finish in this last 4.5 weeks of training.

    Think it was SQ asked why I'd had a sudden turnaround.  I do indeed think it's simply related to my fitness plunging over an extended period (average mileage 9.5mpw from Jun 24 - Dec 31) including 8 of the last 10 weeks of the year being completely blank due to flu/chest inspections.  Deep down the fitness must have been latent, and it just took longer than usual to be unlocked. (below graph... the spike is a 39m ultra done off very little training!)

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Jools - good man. We'll soon be having an ice cream (or beer) after brighton.

    NE - probably your 2nd point then, are you new to running. With more miles youd surely be able to hold those paces you can hit in training for longer in races. Its usually newbie runners that run faster in training than mp. FWIW i reckon i could do a few miles of hmp in training, not sure re mp but no where near 14m, possibly 10 ish. I hope you have a strong race anyway, none meant, just interested.
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    NE - Interesting mileage, I think your right the fitness was always there, just needed some mileage week on week to show itself.
    Joe - Good to hear all is good.
    HPR / George / Macca - Good luck in Manchester.
    AWC - Good luck with the 50 (this weekend I think?)
    TR - :D Takes a nutter to spot another!!
    Macca - Ha ha, rather 4am than 11pm for me!
  • Getting excited for the Manchester guys now. 

    10 miles this morning. Definitely feeling much better, but probably won't go ahead with the planned 24 miles tomorrow, might push it back to Monday to allow more recovery. Feel fine, just a bit knackered. 
  • Interesting points there NE - I'm similar to you in that I'm only averaging 40 miles per week, and struggle with aerobic base , but also I weigh quite a bit more than most on here (for their height).

    However I really struggle to hit LT or MP paces in training - 6:45 pace for half marathon is comfortably hard, but cant manage sub 7:00 in LT runs for 4-5 miles - no idea why....Always wondered why - must be adrenaline or something.

    Might be haircut day today...

  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    Good news Joe. No significant harm done I'd say.

    FBT - I think haircuts should be as close to race day as possible to maximise aerodynamic and weight saving effects.

    Good luck to Manchester racers. Looking forward to the first results coming in. Weather forecast looks good.

    Long tempo this morning. Almost 20 miles, averaged 6:17/mile with a slow start and fast finish. A bit slower than a few weeks ago, but not too bad. Felt in control. Probably just 17-18 mile long run next week, so really just an MLR by thread standards.

  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    Just nipping in to say very best of luck to all at Manchester on Sunday.

    Cant wait to see Macca smash 2.45. Good luck everyone.

    Glad to see you back running and seemingly ok Joe.

    8 with strides for me this morning. Easy recovery tomorrow then final 22 on Sunday and its taper time.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
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    Good luck to the Manchester crew [Macca/HPR/George]! Weather is looking favourable so fingers crossed you all smash it :)
    I'm still full of the cold - not too stressed though as the 50 miler is 'only' a training run for the 100. Its nice going into a race without any pressure. Haven't run since Monday so not sure how the legs are going to feel tomorrow!
    First things first I've got the Liverpool match tonight in Southampton, but safe to say I'll be avoiding any alcohol which I haven't touched in a month.
    Will try a brisk walk home afterwards as my run for today!
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭

    Great you’ve had all the proper testing, Joe. That flat cap won’t run itself. Pleased you were back out this morning – and wise re the 24 miler. I’d second chicksta’s (I think) comment regarding salt and blood pressure – I notice a real difference. Enjoyed the blog, as ever.

    Hope the cold buggers off, george. Sure it will. Same for you, AWC.

    Sounds like the physio has helped loosen things off, TR. It’s definitely the training as well as the racing that can lead to all kinds of tightness and niggles.

    Good analysis, NE. And great to see the hard work resulting in progress. HMP for me is 5:59. I struggle to run MP (6:25) for 10M in training. Adrenaline definitely plays a part.

    Great long run, HA. I’m planning 17 for next weekend as well. Hope to squeeze in a fast parkrun the day before.

    Envious of all the Manchester runners and the current weather. If the wind stays low these are lovely temperatures for marathon running!

    2 x 5M recoveries for me – one at 5:40 and one at 10:40am. So not an ideal gap, but needs must. Gives me flexibility to do little tomorrow, perhaps just a buggy parkrun. Strangely, feeling a lot better post second run having felt a bit rough last night. Will delay Sunday’s mega long run if necessary, but would rather not.

  • GOOD LUCK Manchester Crew...

    Don't be Shit.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Joe - good to see you up and about. No need to do the full 24, you are well in credit.

    Good long run that HA

    FBT - are you withdean or preston start?

    SQ - the back was becoming more of a problem sitting and driving rather than running. But i thought id get it freed up a bit close to brighton. Hope the lurgy is nothing.

    4m easy for me, 12 tomorrow to end the week on 46. No sign of any racing legs yet, but thats probably the way it should be.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Felt a lot better today so did the 10K w [email protected]:00 off 2 minutes I'd planned to do yesterday. Had to abort the first attempt after just 450m of the wu as my right hip flexor & glute were painfully tight. Had a roll around on a ball & did a few stretches then got back on. Was much improved but could still feel it was tight. Gradually improved during the session but back has been tweaky all day as hip flexors have tightened up again. Might treat myself to a sports massage next week. Any thoughts on which day would be best for maximum benefit come Brighton?
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭

    Jooligan if you don’t have them semi regularly I would give a good few days before the race. Tuesday perhaps?

  • Good luck Manchester.  I've done the last 4 but deferred this year's entry... or I'd have been there with you!  And hope you enjoy the relaxing ultra, AWC.

    Only ever had one sports massage Jools.  I'm sure the advice was that it is only race-day effective if you have it in the last 48hrs - if you take SQ's advice, then perhaps the 'stimulation' effect won't be there, but I'd have a word with the masseure. If SQ is right and it's risky, then maybe the masseure would tailor the massage to something specific for freeing up your tight areas.

    TR... I really like the challenge you put to me. Makes me think... and I like thinking about running!  I'm not a newbie to distance running... but I typically work hard for either one or two big races per year with mileages dropping off a lot in between.  More recently I've been getting my average programme mileages up into the mid- to upper-thirties... very nearly 40 last year.  But interesting comments from FBT and SQ about adrenaline.   For sure I do see a race-day boost but many threadsters might recall that my race-day heart rates act oddly... typically declining steadily for most of a race - right from mile 2 or 3 (an effect which I don't see when training over similar distances at similar paces). Odd.   I wonder if I don't produce adrenaline or some other substance when the pressure is on.  Maybe that explains the odd heart rate and the effect of not quite hitting the heights on race day, that I do in training.  Hmmm?

    Anyway... 13 w [email protected]"LT" today.  Only had my Fenix, so no HR monitor, so I set out to do the LT miles a bit faster than normal - to try to achieve under 7 for an LT run for the first time in ages (mainly because I do LT runs to HR normally). On this occasion, I didn't have HR to hold me back. I'd averaged 7.03 for the first 4 miles and I really pushed the last 2 miles in a successful attempt to achieve my goal...  avg 6.58. But for sure, I was shot!  I'll take confidence from it though.   Happy running everyone.
  • TR - "the corridor of uncertainty" - I like that.

    NE - interesting analysis.  I think the mileage logged in here is exceptional and with lifes demands, 40-50mpw is commendable.  Hopefully you can continue banking for the next few weeks.

    Hope you enjoyed the footy AWC and the cold clears.

    Good luck with the LRs and MLRs this weekend.  Well done for getting yours in early HA.

    I've never had a sports massage Jools but hope it does the trick.

    Great blog Joe, just one observation, in one para you are dishing out sartorial advice and in the next you're wearing that cap 😂

    5 with strides for me today. More excitingly I got my haircut.  It was exceptional value but looks very.......erm.....homemade.  On the plus side, any question of pre-buying the official race photos has been answered in the negative.🤕

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Jools - dont leave it too late, ive had a massage on a weds at the vlm expo before though.

    NE - maybe more miles more consistently would help then, good news on the LT yday though. So 6m av 6.58 how does that compare with your 10k and 1/2 pbs?

    Macca - hope the haircut  helps.

    12m inc last 3 av 6.40 today. Legs felt terrible in the first 9m even at over 8mm, so i guess thats  good sign that im on my way towards Maccas corridor. Made sure i did the 3 faster miles with the wind so i got some decent numbers from the watch. Physio freed my back up and said my hammys were in good nick on thursday, so i was surprised by a bit of a hammy spasm early in the 3m, but it settled so i carried on. Hopefully just a bit of tightness from the massge, brought back horrible memories of Abo as it felt like cramp. I will do plenty of the back freeing up stretches this week as he says that my back causes hammy issues.

    One week til the B of the Bang.
  • george_george_ ✭✭✭
    I come bearing bad news I’m afraid. Manchester is a no go. That cold didn’t go away, and in fact regressed into a full chest infection. 

    I dosed up from Thursday evening and tried lying to myself but threw in the towel this afternoon. Tried to run just one mile this morning and it wasn’t happening. I’m in Manchester though so will get up and cheer everyone on from the sidelines

    Having to take the positives (10k and half PBs) from this cycle and go again in the autumn. Gutted 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    George - crap news. Sorry to hear that. What about another mara in May or June?
  • Really bad news george.  I'm doing Newport marathon 5th May.  I think it's even flatter than Manchester (if it's possible!) and still taking entries.

    TR...  not sure where my 10K and HM  stands at the moment.  I was 1:40 in Newport half 5 weeks ago...  6 mins off my pb.  I've not done a measured 10K for a couple of years. My 10K pb is a lot faster than 6:58 pace - but that was in the mid-eighties, so I'm not sure that's really relevant ;)   Last cycle, I did a park run in 20:13...  and I'll be having a crack at that in 2weeks and might be something similar...  so that's about 6:30 pace.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    George - really sorry to hear that. Total pants. Plenty of smaller marathons around with spaces left in the spring
    Testway Ultra today - finished 4th male (5th overall) in 8:01.

    Really pleased with that as I’ve had a stinking cold and haven’t run since Monday.

    Planned as a training run but when they told me I was 4th with 10mi to go I buried myself a bit to hang on the 4th.

    Dude who finished 3rd 10mins in front of me is a 2:30 marathoner so no way I was catching him!

    52.5mi - 2.5 bonus miles at the end! Gonna pay for that this week. 
  • George, that sucks, really sorry to hear it.  As others say, have a think about another marathon when you’ve gotten over it.

    AWC - fantastic result for a...cough....training run.😀. Focus on recovery now.

    Good luck HPR.  

    1285 for dot watching entertainment.
  • Sorry to hear that George, maybe consider a later spring marathon? I know it would eat away at me too much to wait until Autumn.

    Macca, good luck to you as well.

    Congrats on the 50 miler AWC.

    Calf felt fine this morning, so Manchester is full steam ahead. I’ve already mentioned it, but 1536 if anyone wants to track.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    NE - so 6.58 could be around current hmp then?

    Well done AWC - thats a decent weeks mileage in a run!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Macca - 1285

    HydeP - 1536

    I'll be following after my not so long run tomorrow.
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