Nike vaporfly - what size to get....

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I wear 7.5 Hokas and probably am better off with 2 pairs of socks with them.  Bought 7.0 Hokas once and were far too tight, had to send them back.  Basically I think my ideal would b 7.25!!  Am getting conflicting reports about them.  Workmate bought 3 pairs and decided on 0.5 under his normal running shoe size(which is 1 size above normal trainers anyway).

So that is all clear as mud.  My instinct is to buy 7.5 and where 2 pairs of socks if necessary.


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    I wouldn't depend on your Hoka experience as Nike sizes are probably different. If you can't try on a pair of 4% Vaporfly's (understandable as most are available mail-order), try on a pair of Zoom Fly's or any of the Flynit's for a reference point.

    Not sure about the whole 2 sock thing though. Summer's coming and you'll be [insert 'sweating like a' joke here] if you do. 
  • def try on Zoom Fly/Pegasus Turbo even to get a feel for sizing. i'm an EU 40 in all of them...
    are you using them as a race shoe for the marathon or?? i think it would be a pity to wear 2 pairs of socks with such a light and fast shoe! 
  • Rob1978Rob1978 ✭✭✭
    I got the 7.5s in the end, wore 1 sock on one foot and two on the other....don't ask.  Wanted to do Brighton in 3:30-3:40....did 3:28.  Felt comfortable all the way those trainers are absolutely brilliant.  Given I am about 8kg overweight and a smoker and my training was intermittent it has actually given me the resolve to try and make more of myself.  Gonna lose that weight, pack up the smokes and train like buggery for sub 3 next year.  Thanks for advice all.
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