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  • Well, I see someone is living life to it's fullest. My morning mostly involve sleeping up until 12.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Well done Will and alipat! Great photos!
    Vienna....well it was a good trip (aside from my friend losing his wallet which lead to all sorts of stress and unhappiness) but I'm not sure combining racing with a sightseeing trip works that well. For me at least. I did far too much walking around Vienna and the warm weather on Sunday lead to a less than optimal performance.
    I was going well until about 16 miles but then started to struggle, and the wheels well and truly fell off after mile 18. Up until that point I'd be on track to beat my Chester PB, but in the end I came in at 4:14:17 - nearly 4 minutes outside. It is my second best marathon, so I'm not completely disappointed (any marathon finished is an achievement) but I do have concerns about my goal to beat 4 hours now.
    My injuries mostly behaved (achilles niggles for a bit but then gave up) but my feet were killing me for the last third of the race and still hurt now. Other than that, I don't feel too bad.
    The medal is nice, anyway!

  • Lovely pic Alipat.

    Well done of course to Cal too! Your 2nd fastest marathon is a result to be proud of, 4 mins isn't much over 26 miles. I tracked you on Sunday and thought you were finding it tough over the last miles. Which shoes were you wearing? Have you done a mara in them before? (that model at least?). That's bad for your friend losing his wallet. I agree on sightseeing and marathoning, had to be careful in Berlin last autumn.  A good option is a bus trip or if relevant to the location a boat trip.

    Two runs to report for me: a progressive 10 miler yesterday afternoon having finished my ahem armchair marathoning.

    Today just short of 7.5 miles @ 8:35/m with some strides. More humid than of late, can do without that.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Well done Cal,you should be really pleased with your second best time.The temptation to walk round sightseeing must be great if you haven't been there before,I couldn't be disciplined and not see the sights.

    Will and alipat,lovely photos,I couldn't see them at home but I can in work.Your pint looked like it was going down well.

    Just a 7 mile run this morning,rather misty and cool.Canal was busy with boaters though.

  • Will ClennellWill Clennell ✭✭✭
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    Great pic, Alipat! Lots of families making a day of it on Sunday. Lovely to see. Have exchanged knowing looks with lots of tender looking people hobbling around various parts of Manchester today! I really get the marathon 'thing' now. Which one to book next???

    Good consistent miles, Hazelnut , as always. What's your next big event?

    Nice 7 miles, JD. The pint went down well - an alcohol free one, that tasted like real beer (from what I can remember). 

    Cal, that's a time to be proud of, especially in the warmer than expected weather. Races rarely go exactly as planned and I'm sure you'll look on it as a damned well earned medal in a day or two. A marathon is a huge thing - I know now! So well bloody done!

    Just pigged out on a massive burger and ice cream at Almost Famous (highly recommended if you're in Manchester). Back to being good again tomorrow.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Hazelnut - Zoom Fly flyknits. I did Chester in my old Zoom Flys, but these had less than 50 miles on (although I'd done one 18 miler in them and three half marathons so I thought they'd be broken in enough). The fat pads on the balls of my feet are very thin (unlike the fat pads on my arse, alas) so they tend to get battered easily, and I think the combination of warm weather and too much walking around Vienna did for me. But I did speak to a couple of runners on the flight home and they said they also suffered. Maybe Austria's roads are harder? I don't know!
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Great race reports Ali and Will, it sounds like you both had a ball. I hope your recovery goes well. Cal, well done on a 2nd best Marathon time. I don't think you should give up on your 4h goal based on that. Heat and not being as rested as you could have been would have taken a toll, but you still ran within 4 mins of your best.

    What in race fuelling did you do Ali, Will and Cal?

    Could runs Hazel and JD.

    A first real run since my half, a slow starting, but quick finishing 5k. I've run the same Strava segment 32 times now (it's about 800m) and have hit my PB on it three times on different runs. Slightly annoying that I didn't go at least 1 second quicker! I can feel a twinge in my left knee after. Given the week of rest I had, that's a bit of a concern.
  • Shame about missing out on the PB Cal but that's still a great time! Well done. 

    Enrvuk....I took 4 gels on my way round. The first one around 6 miles in and then around every 35 minutes or so after that. I also had a jelly baby every couple of miles when I wasn't having a gel. For the last 10k I didn't touch anything. My stomach had started to feel a little temperamental so I wasn't risking needing an emergency stop in the bushes!

    I'm definitely feeling the post marathon blues a bit today!
  • I haven't got the blues today, but in bloody agony with the DOMS!!! Took a relaxed drive home, stopping at an amazing place in the Peak District for a picnic and some rock-climbing - Curbar Edge. A stretch of the legs seemed to do me good, but then 4 more hours driving with the legs in fixed positions messed that up. 

    I was more of a pig fuel-wise, enrvuk. 3 caffeine bullets, 6/7 gels, loads of jelly beans + babies and 1.5 litres of SIS juice. Maybe it's because I'm a bit older/large build :) probably it's because I'm a greedy sod!

    Planning my next marathons now! Bring it.
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  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Will, it gets better (as in, the more marathons you do, the less disabling it is). Took me three days before I could walk down stairs normally after my first. After Vienna, I was walking down the underground escalators no problem. That's not to say I'm not a bit sore, because I definitely am, but I can move without difficulty. The virus thing seems to be back though - just the scratchy throat and mildly crappy feeling. Not really surprised after two dreadful night's sleep and being on a plane (those things are germ cans). I just need to make sure I catch up on my rest.
  • DaisydooDaisydoo ✭✭✭
    Well done Cal.....hope the bug stays away. 

    Hope your legs loosen up soon Will. Which marathon are you thinking of?

    Alipat....hope the blues pass. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Another rubbish sleep but I actually felt more or less OK by morning so I've been for a gentle 3 mile bimble around the common. Hammies are a bit tight but I feel surprisingly OK, considering. I stuck to softer paths where I could as the feet are still rather tender.
  • Seems like an explanation of the sore feet Cal.  Hope you can get some decent sleep soon.

    Maybe it is because of the week's rest that your knee twinged enrvuk.  Maybe your legs need to get moving again after the break.  I do the odd bit of segment chasing as well. 

    alipat I think the mara blues are normal though looking at Will they don't get to everybody - all that effort and focus on the one goal and once it is done - what now?  For me it felt like someone had taken away my favourite toy.  Maybe have a look around for an autumn race you can target on (not necessarily another mara!) but give yourself a good few weeks to recover before you dive back into focussed training.  It is good to have a phase in which you can go out and run how and when you feel like it rather than be dictated to by a plan.

    Ouch Will - driving or sitting at a desk for hours is terrible for DOMS.  First mara I had trouble with stairs for something like 5 days and my first shuffle jog of around 2 miles was agony (Friday after Sunday mara).  A good feast you had there but if it stopped you from hitting the wall and your stomach could cope with it why not.  I love your motivation.

    10 miles yesterday evening with my Tuesday group - a few on my own then met up with the others.  Nice chat to our M65 - he is really fired up for racing having come fourth in his age group in the same hill race I ran in on Friday.  He used to be a 54 minute 10 mile racer.  Twenty years older than me and I can just about beat him in races.
  • alipat1990alipat1990 ✭✭✭
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    Hazel you're spot on. Everything all seems a little pointless now (which I know sounds extremely dramatic) but I also know the feeling will pass before long.

    I'm considering signing up for a half marathon around late May/June time. I want to capitalise on my current fitness and go and smash my PB. My official PB currently stands at 2:02, but I've ran 1:54s whilst training for Manchester and even managed a 1:54 during the marathon itself on Sunday. So I know I've still got a lot to give over that distance. After that, who knows, maybe I'll sign up for an Autumn marathon but I don't know if I have the drive to jump straight back into that distance again this year.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    alipat,I'd look at 5,10k and HM races,they don't need the hard training like a mara but they give you something to focus on.

    Cal hope your feet are getting better.See your sport scientist,Helen Hall was mentioned in the latest issue of RW,she got a good review.

    Hope your DOMS is easing up Will.That's some troughing as well,you could march a small army on that!I know my stomach couldn't handle that sometimes I struggle with sipping water.

    That's a good 10 miles Hazelnut.There's some really good M60 - 65 runners at my running club,one even has a national vest goes all over Europe competing.

    8 miles this afternoon,4 x 1k sandwiched in the middle,hoped to do each km in 4 minutes but they were coming in about 4.20,legs didn't have any go in them.Going to take the rest of the week easy as I have my 10k Sunday.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    alipat, where abouts are you based? I'd be tempted to do a half, but also remember it'll be warmer so that will affect speed.
    JD - yes noticed that.
  • Cal, I'm in Leicestershire. I've got my eyes on the Milton Keynes and Draycote water halfs at the minute but they may be a tad too soon.
  • Those older runners are rather tenacious aren't they, Hazelnut? My Dad regularly beats some of my friends who are in their thirties at Parkrun. He's a wiry old whippet!

    How are your feet, Cal? You've done well to get out for a recovery already. I may pop for a jog tonight.

    4:20 a km ain't so slow, JD1! Good effort.

    Well, my DOMS are dissipating quickly now and I'm actually still on a marathon high. I will stop going on about it eventually :) So, I've entered the Brecon Beacons Trail Marathon in November. It's going to be an altogether different challenge and will take in my love of the mountains and wilderness. A lot of specialised training will be needed and I've got to go out and find some hills in Norfolk to belt up and down! Can't wait.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Will that sounds awesome. A fresh take on the marathon challenge. 

    I managed to get out for my first run since Manchester tonight. The intention was 2 very steady paced miles but I ended up doing 8:30 pace. I really struggle to go out slow these days. It feels good to have that first one done though and the legs are feeling surprisingly ok. 
  • Sounds like a good plan with the HM Alipat.  Cal is right about the heat though.  Definitely give youself a couple of weeks of gentle low mileage training to recover from your marathon before you leap into anything faster / longer. 

    Good luck for Sunday JD. 4 min / km is seemingly beyond me in training and I think I've managed it only twice in a race (downhill with a tailwind probably).   

    Your legs are recovering fast Will.  Feel free to go on about your marathon as much as you like on here.  Nice you have a new goal, will try to look at that one when I have time - sounds very interesting already.   Hills and trails are a completely different beast to a road marathon.

    Hope the feet are returning to normal Cal.  What do you have on the agenda next?

    Another 2 runs to report, a bit more than 8.5 miles on Wednesday @ 8:48/mile concentrating on doing even pacing which worked quite well.  Yesterday 10 miles including 40 mins @ Threshold pace - managed to cover 5.6 miles in that time and was pretty much spot on pace @ 7:08 / mile.  I did cheat a bit as I got the bus out to the start of my run and ran with a constant tailwind.  This wasn't anything like as strong as I was expecting though, probably about 10 miles and hour at the beginning and more or less gone by the end.  I felt pretty strong throughout the 40 mins - it was hard work but not a struggle.  Very pleased with that.   Short recovery later today.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Feet are still a bit tender but the rest of me isn't bad. I did yoga yesterday (and a little walk) and then 5 miles today. Legs aren't sore feel a little heavy, and my lungs feel tired if that makes sense (in so far as I feel a bit more winded than usual even at what is normally a very comfortable pace).
    Next is Liverpool Rock 'n' Roll on the 26th May, but fell to temptation and booked Gatwick half two weeks before. Liverpool's not really a target race so I'm not too worried about having a half two weeks out.
  • Nice post-mara run, alipat. It's hard to stop/rest for long, eh?!

    An awesome threshold effort, Hazelnut!  That's really good going, even with a back wind. Looks like you're in fine shape.

    I see you're straight back on it, Cal! Glad the feet are improving. Just you be careful not to overtrain ;) How many miles this year now?

    I got out for my first post-mara run this avo. 3 steady round the cemetery, which was awash with Primroses,  Forget-me-not and the first Bluebells. Everything felt fine, bar a little tenderness in my knees, and it was good to get the legs moving again. I had been on a 4 hour walk this morning, guiding birdwatchers on the nature reserve at work, so maybe that helped. A Green Woodpecker was yaffling away and the surprise of the run was 6 Jays all sat in a line on the same branch of a tree. Curious and amusing. Next job is to suss some new hilly training routes - not so easy in Norfolk .
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  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    567, but those are all rounded down. If I added up the fractions it'd be a bit more.
    I heard a bird that sounded a bit like a guinea pig when I was running - a sort of "wheep wheep wheep" sound. Any idea what that was? (Well done for getting out, too).
  • Pretty sure that was a Nuthatch from your description. V noisy at this time of year. 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Oh cool. I just listened to the call on the RSPB site and that's it. I didn't even realise we had those here!
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Fantastic threshold effort,Hazelnut .You're making it look effortlessly .

    Love your style Will.Brecon Beacons in November,fingers crossed for good weather!! I've spent plenty of time down there,lovely part of the country.Where will you go for training?

    You're packing the races in Cal,I've ran the the Liverpool HM,it's fairly hilly going out of the city centre and always a good atmosphere around the course.

    I'd definitely pencil in a HM,alipat,sure you'll PB .

    5 very easy miles yesterday,heard a few woodpeckers but didn't see them.Still waiting to see this years ducklings on the canal.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    JD, this'll be the third year I've done Liverpool mara. That hill at the 12 mile point (I think it's early on in the half) is a real bugger. I wasn't even going to do it this year but a mate I'd not seen in years signed up for it so I decided to keep him company. Then he went and got PF so he's not even doing it now!
  • Ah I thought you are doing Liverpool again Cal. 

    Enjoying the thread birdwatching, very noisy here at the moment also.  Should have a go at the RSPB site as well, I recognize a few common birds but that is about it.

    Will, good training for your autumn mara could be hiking swiftly over rough ground and hills building up to several hours non-stop.   I obviously have access to a different caliber of hills here but the hiking did a lot to prepare me for the two alpine maras I've done.

    Have a good race tomorrow JD. Do you have a target if you read this beforehand?

    Around 4.5 miles recovery with OH yesterday evening, we trotted to the local farmshop in the hopes of fresh bread but they had sold out.  Got some slices of cake instead which fortunately survived the trot home. Rest day today or rather cross training in the veggie garden.

    Sorry for the ramblings.
  • Veggie garden cross-training sounds good, Hazelnut. I must get down my much neglected allotment soon as Dad's been looking after it during my mara prep.

    Glad it was a Nuthatch , Cal! Fiercely territorial at this time of year. Great birds to watch too.

    Good luck for your 10K, JD1. At least it won't be too warm for you.

    As for mountain mara training, I live in the flattest county in the UK! There are some 'killer' hills dotted around Norwich so I will have to use those and do lots of reps. I am need of some new training routes though as have run the other ones into the ground,  so I shall set to working my way round town via the bumps. Also, Mrs Will is from Merthyr, which is overlooked by the Brecon Beacons , so I'll hopefully get some practice on the real deal too.

    Another mara recovery run for me today. 5K in a shade over 29 mins - fancied a bit more pace today. Possibly a touch of the post mara blues today so the run was a good mindful experience and sorted my head out a bit.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Good luck for the 10k JD. Hope the weather holds out for it!

    Hazel, running towards food sounds like a great motivator to me! I can't imagine running whilst carrying bags or anything though.

    So a week on from Manchester I have settled on my next challenge. I have signed up for the Derby half marathon on 9th June. It's far enough away that I have enough time to properly recover from the marathon but is close enough to get me pushing and working again in the coming weeks. I know the weather could be considerably warmer come June, but I am looking to smash my PB by a considerable amount. I would love to do a sub 1:45 (which would be a 17 min PB) and I think I have it in me  assuming things go well in the next couple of months and on the day.

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