My advice for your health

Hey all! Been reading a lot in "Health + Injury" and not enough in my opinion topis about a proper diet. What food to eat? We all know or rather I hope we all know how important nutrition is for our body. Yeah everyone will be talking about apples and oranges. But we miss a lot of, let's say "rarely mentioned products". For example, I am living in the U.K and decided to look into a healthier way to eat. I started by trying black Caviar and I fell in love with the taste. I did try some in the past but it was hard to compare to Caviars. Just a mouthful of joy. This is me being all this happy over the product without even mentioning the vitamins and minerals it brings with itself. The Caviar has phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, selenium, as well as zinc, iron and iodine, omega-3, fatty acids and much more. What I find the most comfortable is the delivery system. Once you get the product in a matter of hours (Depending on where you live ) It's extracted from a freezer. It's so fresh it amazes me. So, in the end, I would ask that you spice up your food and try something like I did. Hope you will consider my advice and I wish a healthy diet to all.


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