Ideal dog breed as a walking/running partner.

Hi all,
Just completed my initiation ceremony of 10 posts and now to get to my question.

I need help trying to find a running companion dog breed that would work for me.
About me: I am a short woman (148cm tall) and I am a slow runner. 6kmph and maybe I may eventually reach 7kmph but I don't see myself going faster than that. I do long slow runs... sometimes walk and run and trying to train for a 50K by the end of this year. I run on trails and my 50k is a trail run.
I live in a city that has a pleasant cool climate most year (high 28 degree C and low 20 degree C) . March - June is pleasant and cool in the morning but gets really hot by noon (highs of 35 degrees C and lows of 22 degree C). Humidity is very low in summer and non-existent the rest of the year.
Live in an apartment with a terrace garden and a large dog sized cooling pool.
AND being a woman runner, a bit of protective instinct in the dog would be a nice plus :)

(Also, I know if I get a pup within the next few months, it will be at least 2 years before I can start slowly introducing him/her to long runs... provided he/she enjoys it *fingers crossed*) and hopefully by then I would be a really seasoned long distance runner too.

So with these info, could some one give me some recommendations and advice based on your experiences? At the moment I am trying to consider between:
1. Border collie
2. Dalmatian
3. Labrador
4. Golden Retriever
5. Standard poodle
6. Jack Russell Terrier
7. Parson Russell Terrier (Though I doubt this breed is available here)

oh and we I have a 4 yr old female Maltese at home. :)


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