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    Thanks for all the good wishes again.

    Macca - very kind, as a young oirish man once sang "loife is a rollercoaster, you just have to roide it".

    Macca (again)  - cracking run and read, very inspiring, way more than 19secs to come yet, as amateurs arnt supposed to -ve split as an optimum race. Hope to see you knock a lot more off next time.

    SQ - great news that you are happy with your Libre already.

    FBT - Yeovil and Abo. I made 1/2 of the first lap at yeovil last yr before my hammy gave up, and i ran a hammy cramp affected 3.01 at Abo. I aim to set the record straight at both.

    My dad has improved some, so much so that he was alert today and asked me when my big race was. I didnt dare tell him i was too shattered to run, so said "Sunday", and he said make sure you let me know how you get on. So i have to run now. I can go back to worrying about my hammys on Sunday.

    So, the SPO is being treated to a lunchtime trip to Brighton tomorrow.
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    That's great news TR. Hope you manage to get a couple of decent nights' kip between now & Sunday. Your training has been so consistently strong since Abo that you should be able to post a 2:5x again. Just keep recent circumstances in mind when gauging your pacing strategy.
    Sounds great SQ. Part man - part machine :)
    Really great report Macca. Personally I'd probably pretend I was going to take VLM easy but then go for it, blow up & regret it so my advice would be to run a nice controlled 1:30/1:25 & really soak up the VLM buzz without the time pressure. Particularly with an Ultra so soon after.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Jools - ill see you at the start. We might need some layers to discard. No idea on pacing now, will ease into it and see how it goes. What do you plan to get to 1/2 way in ? Obviously the last 4m will be into the wind and might break a few sub3 hearts.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    TR I was thinking between 1:28:30 & 1:29:00 so 6:45-6:48 pace. Should give me a couple of minutes cushion for those final few windy miles.
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    Jools - not sure id be able to run it that close, in case i get cramps or need a pit stop.  I'll start with you and see how it goes, as d be aiming 6.40s normally anyway, but a more cautious approach is probably wise, given the mental energy matches ive been burning.
  • Yes will be pretty chilly TR / Jools in the morning Im taking my duvet!

    Ill be at the back with the wheezy boys and those with a sick note from matron... Let you young guns go for glory...

    Macca, great writeup and great performance

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    Great report Macca. Definitely sounds like you've got those few seconds in you. Funnily if you just looked at how you ran it, without considering you just missed a benchmark time, you could almost say you ran a perfect race. Amazing improvement over the last couple of years. I like the maths struggles. Common issue with me too and I always think my maths ability during a race is a pretty accurate indication of how I'm travelling and if I'm on the limit. I know you recover pretty well so I'll be interested to see how you go in London. I can't give any recommendations, I'm afraid. Last time I took a full 5 weeks to recover, so trying for a new PB in 3 weeks is far, far beyond me.

    SQ - Sound's like you'll get lots of benefit from your gadget. Talking to my mate on Monday about his, he said it seemed very accurate when in range but struggled somewhat when he was high or low. But it was conservative (giving lower than actually values when his BSL was low) so he didn't have any safety concerns. The only issue he had was keeping it stuck on through the humid Brisbane summer days.

    TR - Glad your dad has improved.

    Looking forward to seeing the results come in on Sunday. 

    Planned a longish run this morning (thanks for asking Jools). Cold and clear out there, very pleasant. Was thinking around 17 miles but only did 15, so just an MLR. To be honest, if I'd had the option I would've pulled the pin earlier. Legs very heavy with the occasional niggle and I think I would've benefited more from something a bit shorter. Not to worry, plugged along ok at under 7/mile, so didn't end as a death march. That's it for long runs now. Might consider a low double digit run next weekend. Also the end of early mornings for a while too.
  • george_george_ ✭✭✭
    Macca-Great report, hugely enjoyable read. personally, I would do London at sub 3 pace and just enjoy it, but that's just me. Your body might be telling you something with that cold 

    Just quickly checking in to wish the Brighton 3 (?) the best of luck this weekend. Don't be shit

    I am still a little full of cold but more manageable and even managed 5 miles yesterday. I might give parkrun a whirl tomorrow even if just to scratch that itch      
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    Very sensible AWC. Glad you’re feeling better.

    Great reps Steve.

    Nice double session HA

    Great report Macca. I definitely relate to your feelings regarding those 19 seconds. While I was overwhelmingly pleased with my result last year, those few seconds did niggle a little. I think it’s perfectly natural, and not ungrateful at all. Ultimately though it’s an entirely arbitrary time barrier, and regardless the performance is a fantastic one you should be very proud of.

    Regarding London, I would be cautious about doing too much too soon. I found London straight after Manchester very tough, even when trying to run it relatively “easy” at sub-3 pace (which I had been doing happily in long runs). I do wonder if trying to push on too soon after Manchester is what began the stream of injuries I’ve had since then. With that said, you do have amazing recovery powers (there is no way I could have ran the day after Manchester), and you have an extra week compared to last year.

    The Freestyle Libre sounds brilliant SQ.

    Good luck again Jools, FBT, and TR. Really pleased to hear your dad has improved TR. Hope you can get some rest and have a good one at Brighton.

    I’m ticking along ok, I still have the occasional vague ache at the top of my ITB after a run, but it’s improving each day. The sore throat didn't come to anything thankfully, and my HR was much better yesterday which was pleasing. I’m going to give parkrun a bash tomorrow as my first bit of faster running since Bath. My main goal is to avoid being lapped by SQ as he storms his way to first finisher :D 

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    SQ - Going to have a crack at Parkrun in a few weeks time as a tune up I think. Good news you have the device now, should be good for you to monitor BSL.
    Macca - That's a great report. Like the others have said I know I couldn't race a marathon that soon, but see how you feel as you recovery quickly. I'd be tempted to enjoy the atmosphere and use as a training for the ultra.
    Good luck to the Brighton 3!!
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    FBT - ill pack a few layers to discard.

    HA - good to get to the end of the longer stuff. I like the maths too, as before i like the 3m every 20mins and work out where i am in relation.

    Spoons - are you still in for vlm?

    Im on the later painfully slow choo choo to brighton at the mo, after the intended one was cancelled. Good job im not relying on the train sunday.

    See you on the start Jools and FBT. I started this journey dec 1st with a 21m run, 2 days to go til the B of the Bang.
  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    Macca...that is a brilliant write up, and a super paced marathon, excellent. Definitely think you have that extra 19 secs in you no bother, and to that end i would be tempted to give London a proper crack if i was you (assuming you have recovered quickly and well of course)...admittedly i'm just thinking of drafting and using you as my 2.45 pacer, so that may be an altogether selfish opinion on your London race  :D:D 

    Spoons...hope the cold clears off quickly, but good to see your runs getting less and less niggly.

    HPR....my uncle is Leeds, and has the same thoughts as you re the playoffs and how they'd fare out if yous don't make 2nd.

    Steve...very speedy reps, well done.

    SQ...glad that getting the libre fitted caused no issues at all. Sounds like a proper class bit of kit that will be invaluable to you.

    TR...Delighted to hear that your Daddy is improving. Brighton might be a bit of a God send for you to let all the stresses out.

    HA77...plugging along at under 7s is some shifting over 15 mile, esp when you weren't feeling it.

    FBT, Jools, TR...all the absolute best for Brighton, cant wait to hear how yous smash. 

    I had an easy 7 with strides yesterday morning myself, got the legs moving if nothing else. And today, for only the 2nd time this campaign (1st was hangover related  :D  i haven't ran in the morning before work. The wife is away on a jolly to Barcelona for the weekend with her sister, so babysitting duties took precedence this morning. Will be doing 6 easy this evening after work, and cant wait if i'm honest, because i'm bouncing about with energy, which i suppose is a good thing  :D Bit of a disrupted weekend in store with trying to fit runs and a race around the kids, but my number 1 woman, my Mummy, to her absolute credit is helping out big style. Pressure is on big style for London now, with the hassle i've been causing everyone round me this last lock of months  :D:D
  • Howdy team. Been away for a week in the Lake District - I’ve been reading along all week but haven’t posted, apologies. Managed some good miles (64 already this week), won’t quite make 100, but it doesn’t matter. We’ve also hiked a good 50 miles - great fun. 

    Loved being out to support Manchester, and brilliant to see Macca in action. Thanks for the great report mate, you’re journey has been one of the most inspiring I’ve followed since posting on here and it was an awesome run you had, fully deserved. Sorry it didn’t work out for the others, onwards to the next one.

    TR - really glad to hear things improving with your dad, I’m sure you will do him proud.

    SQ/Spoons - you nearly had me at Pitchcroft tomorrow, we were looking for a faster course somewhere on the journey home but we’ve ended up in the Peak District and doing Bakewell parkrun.

    Will be down in Brighton supporting again on Sunday! TR/FBT/Jools - tell me what to look out for! 
  • Good luck the Brighton 3 - dont be shy with those race numbers 😀 No hard park runs tomorrow 😉

    Thanks for all the comments, really appreciated and at risk of sounding like a broken record, thanks for the support and encouragement this last training  block (and before that).  

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    The SPO wanted to tag along for the expo, we brought some items for lunch, and she was looking at the Brighton T shirt whilst we had lunch. She says she'll put the T shirt and race number in her shopping bag to keep it safe...when we walk home from train station, she announces she has left tbe shopping on tbe train (with my race number). Just spent 90 mins chasing a train in the car whilst they phone ahead from station to station trying to intercept the train and get the bag before it passes through, eventually they get the guard on the train to find it and leave it at the next station.......if i make the start and finish line sunday I'll be amazed.

    Anyway, a day off and a train ride to  collect a t shirt, number and baggage bag. Why cant tbey give the T shirt out at the finish and put the number (inc chip) and the bag in the post ? Id even pay £5 more for that.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Macca - havnt run as Parkrun as of yet, cant see it changing tomorrow.

    Joe - black cap, black shorts (proper shorts), navy T shirt, beardy face, huffing and puffing, swearing at the wind.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Blimey TR that was less than ideal. Imagine there were a few choice words for the SPO there 😂
    50 miles of walking on top of the running is great base fitness. Looked grand from what I saw on Strava Joe. Looking forward to the flat cap coaching from the sidelines. Either side of Mile 19 was always a lonely stretch in previous years.
    l made it to Brighton safely today. Long journey but no incidents fortunately- not a given as my car is still overheating from time to time including yesterday! Picked up my number 11122 and handed myself over for medical research. Bloods taken, cardiac echocardiogram done & body composition measured. He kept telling me I was too thin & so it was hard to get the ultrasound images. Personally I’d say I’ve piled a few more lbs on as I’ve eaten normally but run about 80 miles less in the last fortnight. Apparently my heart’s healthy, resting pulse was 40bpm, I’m well hydrated & body fat is 11%
    It’s bloody freezing down here so great running temperature but that ‘breeze’ is going to hurt from 21 back to the finish. Whatever happens Sunday I’ll have raised £800 for MIND so all good.

  • TR - the swerve a hard park run was more aimed at one of the other 3 amigos 😀 Hope you have a more restful day tomorrow.

    Speaking of which - Jools, what were they looking for with the ultrasound ? Twins ? And no dancing through the small hours.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    They’re interested in what makes people collapse after marathons. They’re looking at blood markers before & after + ECG
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Glad you arrived safely, jools. Glad you passed yr MOT too. I still have a car and bus ride Sunday to 'not fck up'. My toys were out the pram at one point, she was very worried bless her. Not sure what you do if you lose yr number? Tough luck i guess.

    Macca - i know, just saying theres zero chance of me getting involved.
  • Bloody hell TR.  It never rains but it pours.

    How did you get to have that medical Jooligan?  Interesting.  Easy number for anyone tracking... but I'm marshaling all morning so you'll be long finished before I'm home.

    You're getting about a bit Joe!

    Nice to get that last run out of the way HA

    Not run since Tuesday's long run. Work  :(  Hopefully find some good miles this weekend.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
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    NE volunteered to be a lab rat. They’re doing tests before & after. They’re looking at effect of exercise on renal function & another study to see if biomarkers/heart scan can help to see if athletes who collapse after endurance events go on to become seriously unwell. Hope you find some run time this weekend.
    Reasonably restrained parkrun done at Peacehaven this morning. Lovely running temperature just a shame the breeze is forecast to stiffen tomorrow peaking between 12 & 2 :/
    Unlike Friday pre-Abo I avoided alcohol & dancing in favour of couscous salad & a good read :)
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    Well im certainly nearer the bricking it end of the corridor of uncertainty than the quiet confidence end, but maybe thats not a bad thing and its been on my radar for a long time. Whatever happens, ive never had such a decent mileage bank balance. So hopefully the running gods will smile on me.

    See you on the other side.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    Macca: great report and even better performance. No doubt you have 19s in you. Although these arbitrary times do confuse me. Why is 2:45 any more significant than 2:46 or 2:47? Always puzzled me. Anyway whether you do it at London or not it’ll happen sometime!

    Good luck to the Brighton 3 - hope you all have a great day. TR you’ve had some stressful experiences over the past while so you’ve done amazing to get to the start line!

    I’m on holiday for 10 days in Northern Ireland now visiting family - hoping to get out for a few nice runs along the North Atlantic Coast although it looks a tad windy to be enjoyable 😀
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    2:45 is the British championship qualifying time. It’s the benchmark time irrespective of age so basically a GFA+
    Windswept coastal runs are the stuff of dreams AWC, so long as it’s not so turbulent you’re at risk of being blown off a cliff of course or racing for a time.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Jules - 11122
    TR - 11034

    Dont worry if the progress is a bit slow in the last 5m, it'll be a combination of the fridge turning up and the headwind.
  • Almost time to bring home the bacon fellas, all the best.
  • Jools, TR and FBT - best of luck tomorrow. You’ve all had your difficulties in the build up, I hope the result makes it worth it. I’ll be tracking you.
  • muddyfunstermuddyfunster ✭✭✭
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    I’ve semi caught up (apologies skimmed through).

    Awesome run at Manchester Macca. Congratulations!  If you just station yourself after Tower Bridge ready to hit 6.18s that will be perfect, ta!

    Really sorry to read of those that couldn’t do Manchester after all the work put in. It won’t go to waste though, use it as a base period for the summer.

    Good luck tomorrow for the Brighton folks, fingers crossed.
  • Good luck tomorrow.
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