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  • Those older runners are rather tenacious aren't they, Hazelnut? My Dad regularly beats some of my friends who are in their thirties at Parkrun. He's a wiry old whippet!

    How are your feet, Cal? You've done well to get out for a recovery already. I may pop for a jog tonight.

    4:20 a km ain't so slow, JD1! Good effort.

    Well, my DOMS are dissipating quickly now and I'm actually still on a marathon high. I will stop going on about it eventually :) So, I've entered the Brecon Beacons Trail Marathon in November. It's going to be an altogether different challenge and will take in my love of the mountains and wilderness. A lot of specialised training will be needed and I've got to go out and find some hills in Norfolk to belt up and down! Can't wait.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Will that sounds awesome. A fresh take on the marathon challenge. 

    I managed to get out for my first run since Manchester tonight. The intention was 2 very steady paced miles but I ended up doing 8:30 pace. I really struggle to go out slow these days. It feels good to have that first one done though and the legs are feeling surprisingly ok. 
  • Sounds like a good plan with the HM Alipat.  Cal is right about the heat though.  Definitely give youself a couple of weeks of gentle low mileage training to recover from your marathon before you leap into anything faster / longer. 

    Good luck for Sunday JD. 4 min / km is seemingly beyond me in training and I think I've managed it only twice in a race (downhill with a tailwind probably).   

    Your legs are recovering fast Will.  Feel free to go on about your marathon as much as you like on here.  Nice you have a new goal, will try to look at that one when I have time - sounds very interesting already.   Hills and trails are a completely different beast to a road marathon.

    Hope the feet are returning to normal Cal.  What do you have on the agenda next?

    Another 2 runs to report, a bit more than 8.5 miles on Wednesday @ 8:48/mile concentrating on doing even pacing which worked quite well.  Yesterday 10 miles including 40 mins @ Threshold pace - managed to cover 5.6 miles in that time and was pretty much spot on pace @ 7:08 / mile.  I did cheat a bit as I got the bus out to the start of my run and ran with a constant tailwind.  This wasn't anything like as strong as I was expecting though, probably about 10 miles and hour at the beginning and more or less gone by the end.  I felt pretty strong throughout the 40 mins - it was hard work but not a struggle.  Very pleased with that.   Short recovery later today.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Feet are still a bit tender but the rest of me isn't bad. I did yoga yesterday (and a little walk) and then 5 miles today. Legs aren't sore feel a little heavy, and my lungs feel tired if that makes sense (in so far as I feel a bit more winded than usual even at what is normally a very comfortable pace).
    Next is Liverpool Rock 'n' Roll on the 26th May, but fell to temptation and booked Gatwick half two weeks before. Liverpool's not really a target race so I'm not too worried about having a half two weeks out.
  • Nice post-mara run, alipat. It's hard to stop/rest for long, eh?!

    An awesome threshold effort, Hazelnut!  That's really good going, even with a back wind. Looks like you're in fine shape.

    I see you're straight back on it, Cal! Glad the feet are improving. Just you be careful not to overtrain ;) How many miles this year now?

    I got out for my first post-mara run this avo. 3 steady round the cemetery, which was awash with Primroses,  Forget-me-not and the first Bluebells. Everything felt fine, bar a little tenderness in my knees, and it was good to get the legs moving again. I had been on a 4 hour walk this morning, guiding birdwatchers on the nature reserve at work, so maybe that helped. A Green Woodpecker was yaffling away and the surprise of the run was 6 Jays all sat in a line on the same branch of a tree. Curious and amusing. Next job is to suss some new hilly training routes - not so easy in Norfolk .
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  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    567, but those are all rounded down. If I added up the fractions it'd be a bit more.
    I heard a bird that sounded a bit like a guinea pig when I was running - a sort of "wheep wheep wheep" sound. Any idea what that was? (Well done for getting out, too).
  • Pretty sure that was a Nuthatch from your description. V noisy at this time of year. 
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  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Oh cool. I just listened to the call on the RSPB site and that's it. I didn't even realise we had those here!
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Fantastic threshold effort,Hazelnut .You're making it look effortlessly .

    Love your style Will.Brecon Beacons in November,fingers crossed for good weather!! I've spent plenty of time down there,lovely part of the country.Where will you go for training?

    You're packing the races in Cal,I've ran the the Liverpool HM,it's fairly hilly going out of the city centre and always a good atmosphere around the course.

    I'd definitely pencil in a HM,alipat,sure you'll PB .

    5 very easy miles yesterday,heard a few woodpeckers but didn't see them.Still waiting to see this years ducklings on the canal.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    JD, this'll be the third year I've done Liverpool mara. That hill at the 12 mile point (I think it's early on in the half) is a real bugger. I wasn't even going to do it this year but a mate I'd not seen in years signed up for it so I decided to keep him company. Then he went and got PF so he's not even doing it now!
  • Ah I thought you are doing Liverpool again Cal. 

    Enjoying the thread birdwatching, very noisy here at the moment also.  Should have a go at the RSPB site as well, I recognize a few common birds but that is about it.

    Will, good training for your autumn mara could be hiking swiftly over rough ground and hills building up to several hours non-stop.   I obviously have access to a different caliber of hills here but the hiking did a lot to prepare me for the two alpine maras I've done.

    Have a good race tomorrow JD. Do you have a target if you read this beforehand?

    Around 4.5 miles recovery with OH yesterday evening, we trotted to the local farmshop in the hopes of fresh bread but they had sold out.  Got some slices of cake instead which fortunately survived the trot home. Rest day today or rather cross training in the veggie garden.

    Sorry for the ramblings.
  • Veggie garden cross-training sounds good, Hazelnut. I must get down my much neglected allotment soon as Dad's been looking after it during my mara prep.

    Glad it was a Nuthatch , Cal! Fiercely territorial at this time of year. Great birds to watch too.

    Good luck for your 10K, JD1. At least it won't be too warm for you.

    As for mountain mara training, I live in the flattest county in the UK! There are some 'killer' hills dotted around Norwich so I will have to use those and do lots of reps. I am need of some new training routes though as have run the other ones into the ground,  so I shall set to working my way round town via the bumps. Also, Mrs Will is from Merthyr, which is overlooked by the Brecon Beacons , so I'll hopefully get some practice on the real deal too.

    Another mara recovery run for me today. 5K in a shade over 29 mins - fancied a bit more pace today. Possibly a touch of the post mara blues today so the run was a good mindful experience and sorted my head out a bit.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Good luck for the 10k JD. Hope the weather holds out for it!

    Hazel, running towards food sounds like a great motivator to me! I can't imagine running whilst carrying bags or anything though.

    So a week on from Manchester I have settled on my next challenge. I have signed up for the Derby half marathon on 9th June. It's far enough away that I have enough time to properly recover from the marathon but is close enough to get me pushing and working again in the coming weeks. I know the weather could be considerably warmer come June, but I am looking to smash my PB by a considerable amount. I would love to do a sub 1:45 (which would be a 17 min PB) and I think I have it in me  assuming things go well in the next couple of months and on the day.

  • Wow long time no see

    Well this year has been eventual for me so far! In mid December last year I developed a rotator cuff tear in my right shoulder. Let me tell you... I have given birth to two children naturally (gas &air) and this was 10 x as painful!

    Anyway, with physio, a chiropractor, yoga and a LOT of ibuprofen I am slowly getting there. This was supposed to my year of 1000 miles and lots of pb’s, that isn’t going to happen, but i’m just thankful to be running again. I’m 40 next July so all that can wait until then.

    Today I did parkrun in my fastest time since November, 24:15.

    Look forward to catching up with familiar & new faces 😀
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Welcome back, Andrea! I've messed my shoulders up enough to appreciate what a miserable experience that is. I used to do a lot of heavy benching and then go and sit at a desk, which was not a good combo. Never full torn my RC but I've damaged both (left one is still gnarly) and it makes sleeping very difficult.
    Good parkrunning!

    Hazelnut - seems like a "let them eat cake" moment, eh?

    Will - I've never had post-mara blues, but that's because I always have a nother race (or several) in the pipeline! I don't like recovery weeks though, I'll admit that.

    alipat - may as well aim high! The Autumn after my first marathon I ran my first sub-2, then beat it a week later. The mara training does seem to help.

    Didn't run yesterday although I did do hot inferno pilates. Got through it OK except I couldn't lunge because my toes objected to being bent back like that. I'm now wondering if I should be wearing the Zoom Flys for Liverpool or if I should go for the slower but comfier Epic Reacts. Hmm. Problem is that even the "new" Epics have 350 miles on them and will be at least 500 by Liverpool. They're good for 700+ miles but I'd rather have a fresher shoe for a marathon.

    Anyway, 6 miles done this morning. Chilly but pleasant out. Lots of woodpeckers hammering away. There's one that lives in the gardens behind my flat and he's a busy little guy.
    Legs not bad. Achilles had a grumble during the first and last miles and left hammy is a bit grouchy but otherwise I'm pretty much OK.

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Cake and running go hand in hand Hazelnut.

    You would have to do countless hill reps to replicate the Beacons Will !!

    alipat,that's very sensible waiting until June for a HM,also gives you plenty of time to prepare for a crack at your PB.

    A torn RC ten times more painful than childbirth is bringing tears to my eyes,Andrea.Great parkrun as well.

    You get good mileage out of your Epics,Cal.Anything more than 400 in my Sauconys and I can feel the difference.

    Bit of a mixed bag today in the 10k.Great weather apart from the damned wind.
    Hoped to go sub 41 today but I'll have to wait another day to go under.
    First 4 - 5k I was on target but as we reached the lake we got blasted by the wind and my pace slowed considerably. The final 2k I managed to get back on target pace which pleased me.
    My finish time was 41:56,I finished 23 and 5 in the V45,so I'm happy with my position but not my time.

  • Good plan Ali.  Friday's cake was transported home in one of my running backpacks.  I sometimes do longer training runs wearing one and hardly notice it. 

    Welcome back Andrea! Sorry to hear about the shoulder issues.  Well done on your parkrun.

    Cal - 500 miles seems quite a bit for a marathon shoe - I would tend to go for the fresher one.  

    Bad luck on the conditions JD - wind is so energy sapping.  A tasty time and a great position nonetheless.  Well done.

    15 and a bit miles for me this afternoon - another tough progressive run which I was supposed to be finishing at LT pace.  I ran out of steam at 20k unfortunately  despite more or less sensible pacing and following a decent few miles at around MP.  I think that LT run on Thursday took a lot out of me and yet again I hadn't had enough to eat for such a run.  Not a disaster though.  
  • Welcome back Andrea. That does not sound like a fun injury to say the least! 

    Great effort JD. Must be frustrating being so close to 41 but that is a fantastic time nonetheless.

    Hazel do you have a particular backpack that you would recommend? I considered trying one in my marathon training but I never did bite the bullet. If I do end up doing an Autumn marathon I may look into getting one again.

    No run for me today. I was planning on going out this morning but my right hamstring was feeling a little tight so didn't want to risk it. 
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Hi all. Very impressive 10k and finish JD, especially with a head wind at that stage.

    Welcome back Andrea, although I've joined since you were last on. I've also had much milder RC injuries, but I can imagine just how bad they can get. I hope you get to hit some new goals. I just turned 50 and still have a few left.

    Will, you definitely have the bug, Derby sounds quite reasonable compared to the Brecon Beacons. I think that allotment is going to need your Dad's support for some time!

    Ali, hope your hamstring eases off soon. Running definitely makes injuries hard to stomach.

    Three weeks from my half and finally managed more than a 5k, 9k today at a sensible pace and a decent finish up from Regents Park to home, without slowing down. No wildlife reports, just random weaving sapiens. Knee and achilles seem reasonably good, but I intend to run more next week, so that will be the real test. I'm planning to beat my parkrun time and then do a few 10ks as part of prep for my next half in Bournemouth in October.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    And Hazel, some very impressive running, hardly surprising there was a little bit of a struggle in the last one. Must have been the cake ;-)
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Morning all

    Another good run Hazelnut,you're putting in some miles lately.

    enrvuk,weaving sapiens must be a big problem living in London,especially when eyes are glued to their phones.

    I've been looking at my times over the past two years and they seemed to have plateaued and I'm thinking does my training need tweaking or do I go back to how used to train.

    Prior to 2007 I'd run no more 24 - 36 miles per week,usually about 6 miles per run,but my runs were always fast,never did slow.Thinking back I had more rest days,sometimes I would go 3 days without a run.My race times were much faster than now.

    In 2007 I stopped running completely,started back in 2014,so that might be one of the reasons why my times have stalled and I know I'm slightly older but that shouldn't be a major factor yet.

    I have the Chester HM next month,aiming for about 1:30 - 1:31,so I'm not changing training plans until after the race.

    Any thoughts would be great!

    5.2 miles yesterday afternoon and then circuits in the evening,so going to rest today.

  • alipat, regarding rucksacks - you really need to try some out to see what might fit you and it depends on what you need one for (unsupported long runs, commuting, racing with mandatory kit etc etc.)  I have collected 3 over time - one a finisher goody from a race from Mizuno (model: K3EY7A0295), a Hoka One One F-Light  and a camelbak I picked up in a sale.  All take a water bladder and have a certain amount of space for clothing, food, keys and wallet etc. but not much more.  All have their advantages and disadvantages for example regarding weight, adjustability, fit, materials (waterproof or not), pockets etc.

    Good you are beginning to get back into it enrvuk.

    Difficult to say on how to change the training JD, but I would wait until after the race before doing any major changes.  If you are stuck on a level then you probably should make changes.  If you have a goal race in the autumn then maybe have a look around for a number of plans that would fit to that race and to your usual training volume (or less or slightly higher) but with a different structure to what you are doing now. 

    Yesterday's run: recovery 5 miles.  Heard some larks over the fields.
  • Alipat, I rate my camelbak highly. It's an octane dart and I use it for Halfs and Mara(s). I also use it for runs over about 7 miles. I like drinking little and often and not out of a bottle. It's very comfy.

    JD1 -  I've no idea about speed training. I really don't concentrate on times much; it's more about each challenge for me. That probably sounds strange to lots of runners.

    Good arrows, Hazelnut and nice Larks. Great songbirds.

    I've managed to break two cars this week - mine and my mum's - so had to run to the allotment for watering duties. A couple of miles each way felt pretty good. The return leg involved a decent bit of pace. A Sparrowhawk perched in a lookout post at the allotment looked splendid in the sun.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    JD - agree with Hazelnut. Tinker after the race, not before.

    Had a rest yesterday. I'd wanted to run (although I normally don't on Monday as Sunday is usually a long run) but I felt rubbish again. Marathon really battered my immune system. But I did go for a walk. I came across an older chap with binoculars so asked if he was bird watching and he told me he was the official bird recorder for the common! He was up there because he'd got a report about a wood warbler, which is apparently rare (I'm not that knowledgable when it comes to the birds normally seen outside London). I mentioned the nuthatches and he said there were nesting pairs around. I heard one again this morning.
    Also heard a green woodpecker yaffle as I was walking up a side street and stopped to look for it and saw the little chap preening himself on a branch. Pretty cool.

    This morning I felt a bit better so I did an easy 4 miler and enjoyed it. Moving too quickly to spot any interesting birds, but I did see a lovely goldfinch when I was walking to the tube station a bit later.
  • Thanks for the input on the backpacks. I will try a few out. I mainly want it for carrying water and then just the essentials like phone, keys and a couple of gels. 

    That's good going with the cars Will. Nothing serious I hope?!

    No running for me again today. I have been struggling in recent days with feeling extremely faint and a bit spaced out as well as suffering from some extreme tremors in my left arm. It has been something that I have suffered with for a few years, but only to a very minor level. Things have been a lot worse in recent days though so I decided to get myself booked into the doctors today. Blood pressure and heart rate were both fine but the doctor was a little concerned after listening to my heart. I've now been booked in for an ECG and some blood tests.

    The doctor said to continue with my exercise routine as normal for now, but that of course relies on me actually feeling well enough to go out in the first place. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Sorry hear you've been feeling unwell alipat,hope you feeling better today and can get out for a gentle run.

    I've just bought myself a bum bag to carry gels and salt tablets and will hold my water bottle for when I step up my mara training.Just need to see if that works for me.

    Out with my dogs last night I came across a Wren which was struggling to fly.Managed to get to it before Polly my puppy Lab got to it.I put it back in the hedgerow,hope the little fella is ok.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    That sounds a bit scary, alipat - I hope it's nothing bad!
    Wow, JD - maybe it was a young one, or very tired.
    Had a lovely 8 mile run this morning. Goregous out - the common was slightly misty at first and the light was wonderful. Heard lots of birds, saw another goldfinch and heard another green woodpecker. Also saw a black and white tomcat on one of the side streets who had a very large set of black furry testicles.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    That's a concern Alipat, I really hope the doctor gets to the bottom of it quickly and that it's easily fixed. Best of luck.

    Good that you're enjoying your runs Cal, I know for me it's not always the case, but your runs do sometimes sound idyllic.
    JD1, top nature conservancy.
    Will, definitely award of the week for breaking two cars. You must be popular.

    Nothing to comment on the nature front, just the usual squirrel v pigeon fight on the garage tops when I WFH. Oh and a very dirty looking mouse at the tube station.

    I had an easy 30 mins run on Monday and last night my first interval effort in an attempt to run a better 5k in around 4 weeks. Target was [email protected]:50 with 90 seconds jogging in between. It went more like 4:51,4:49,4:55 with some walking rather than jogging. Still quite pleased with it.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    One of the joys of being in SW London, enrvuk - lots of commons to run around. There are a lot of streets in between, but most look rather nice with the blossom out.
  • Good Wren rescuing, JD1 and hope the fanny pack is to your liking :)

    Really hope you're feeling better soon, Alipat. Hope it sorts itself out asap.

    Cal, you're fast becoming a bird expert! I've seen a Wood Warbler in Scotland but nowhere else. They are cracking birds. I think the bird recorders organise bird walks. My outlaws used to go on them on Tooting Common.

    A good session there, enrvuk - nice bit of pace hitting! I have been spectacularly disastrous with cars this week. To cut a car started getting a flat battery constantly, so borrowed my Mum's car while I waited to put my one in the garage. I ended up blowing the head gasket on Mum's car while on the way back from work and wrote it off. Whoops! I was on the way to jump start my car, which I had left at Mum's, to take it into the garage when disaster struck. Result - 2 dead cars. Not brilliant.

    Anyway, I had to run 7 miles to my Mum's house this morning to call the AA to my car, which was stuck there. Fortunately,  they put a new battery in and all is well with it again. Hooray! Shame about mum's car. Thankfully, a)she's away dog-sitting for my sister, b)she's been super nice about it. Run-wise, it was my first decent one since Manchester, and was quite hard work after 3 miles. Legs heavy, knees creaky - to be expected I suppose. I was carrying a rucksack with emergency car recovery kit and clothes in though, so that may explain it!
    I run, therefore I am.
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