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  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Out relatively early (6am) for 10 miles. Had thought about doing 12 but I made the mistake of eating too many sugar free sweets yesterday and my stomach was churning a bit. To be honest I was also fading slightly and achilles was starting to grumble. I have bounced back pretty well from Vienna so far, but previous marathons have taught me that I can't push too much initially if I want to get to Liverpool in one piece.
    In other news, I completely failed to control myself and bought some Vaporflys. Haven't worn them yet. I held back for ages because I didn't think I was fast enough to benefit from them, but I've talked to a few people who have them (they're much easier to get now so a lot more people seem to have them) and they all say they recover much quicker from races after wearing them, so that sold me.
    I got the red ones and they're very nice. I'll wear them for Liverpool, although I am not expecting a PB there due to it being warm.
  • Early indeed Cal. I thought I was doing well getting out before 8am, but I don't often run before breakfast.  At least one pair of vaporflys whizzed past me yesterday, the orange ones.  Very flashy.  I haven't got my fingers on some yet.  Just to look first.. :)

    Rare pre breakfast recovery, 3 and a bit miles.  Staying in a hotel not far from PIL, but I managed not to get lost.  Very quiet, all dog walkers said good morning.  Cooler today so far.

    Have a nice Easter Sunday!
  • Hi everyone! Just thought I'd check in!

    Firstly massive well done to everyone who ran a marathon, amazing job. I'm glad it went well! It must be an incredible feeling and is inspiring to me.
    I will be doing one next year but it seems overwhelming at the moment!

    I have been running 3 months now and am starting to notice subtle changes. My legs are getting stronger and larger, I've lost a good stone and a half.(although I've cut back massively on drink, my main reason to take up running) and it is taking me longer and longer to run out of breath as my cardio gets better.

    I still struggle with very sore ankles if I run far which is frustrating; my take on this is after many years playing football my body is already fairly suited to shorter distances, but distance running causes me problems.
    It's well documented the average player runs around 7 miles in a 90 minutes game. It's when I start getting over this the pain starts. I guess I will just take it steady and wait for everything to strengthen.

    Run wise, I have got my Pegwell bay Parkrun in down to 21:49 and normally around 4th male 40. I hope to be sub 20 by Christmas but this may be optimistic.

    I did a 48:34 10k at Canterbury a while back, that I was pleased with. There is another 6 or 7 local 10ks coming up. It would be great to get 45min in one of these but again, that may take a little while.

    On Friday I did the Folkstone 10 mile race. An 800 person event from Hythe to folkstone and back along the promenade. It was my first big (ish) event and was a fantastic experience, with great crowd support an awesome marshalls. It is run by folkstone running club. It was my first experience at running in heat due to it being such a hot day and starting at 11. I planned to take it easy as this is the upper level of distance for me. On the way out there would be a brisk easterly headwind. So planned 9.5 min miles on the way out, and 9 min miles on the way back. I finished 302nd with 1:32. Not great but a really enjoyable day and good work towards my 1at half marathon in june. There were some incredible runners there getting sub 1 hour!

    I'm still at the 20 mile per week stage, which seems to be the most I can do at the moment without hobbling permanently, so I'm just going to stay at that until I feel my ankles are getting used to th is new regime.

    Have a great Easter ! And well done all.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Fantastic racing,Hazelnut,very good time and position in testing conditions.

    Cal, bet you're itching to give your Vaporflys a twirl .Let me know what you think of them,please.

    Great running,Linton,you're coming on really well and you seem to be enjoying yourself.

    Up early courtesy of my girls wanting to go on their Easter egg hunt.Once that was out of the way I got myself out for 9 miles,fairly warm for 7 in the morning.
    Got my first scent of wild garlic as well,which I particularly like.
  • thanks for all the comments and advice, have been doing the calf raises on steps and does seem to help. It definitely eases once I'm into a run but I really want it to go away completely. Resting at the moment having not run for a whole week!
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    James,think most runners just live with Achilles problems and just try and keep on top of them,I know I do.

    Out the house by 5.30 this morning,having decided to do a mountain run.
    From my house I joined the Offa Dyke trail (named after Offa,King of Mercia in the 8th century,he built an earthwork that divided his kingdom from Wales and the trail follows it).
    I came off the trail after two miles and went up Ruabon mountain across the top which is all moorland .I then eventually came to a place known as Worlds End,looped round to come home via Eglwysey mountain,I contoured the side of it on a sheep track,I then rejoined Offa's Dyke trail.
    Then I had a mishap 1 mile from home,I tripped over smashed my head against a rock sticking out of ground,managed to get back up and dust myself down,gingerly ran home with blood streaming down my face.
    I was very happy to get home eventually !
    Ran 14.2 miles in about 2 and a half hours.Spotted a fox scrambling up the mountain scree trying to get away from me,a few rabbits,heard a few tawny owls and woodpeckers and I think a red grouse,plus I saw and heard plenty  of skylarks on the moorland,happily chirping away.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Bloody hell, JD! How's your head now?
    I didn't run today. Considered it what with it being a holiday, but body said no. Too many sore bits and I didn't want to risk it at this stage of my recovery. I went for a walk to Streatham Common instead. Lots of litter everywhere, which was awful (even picked some up myself). People are pigs.
    I did see a couple of interesting bird-related thing. One was what looked like a small pigeon by the side of the path. Stock dove, maybe, Will?
    And the other was I heard a weird call - a bit like a rusty hinge but rather sad sounding. Then I saw the bird - looked like a jay but I've never heard a jay make a sound like that. I am a bit short sighted so I could have been mistaken about it being a jay but not sure what else it could be?
  • Well done Linton, you are doing great.  Nice mix of distances you are trying out.  Well done on the weight loss and cutting down the drinking also.

    Ouch JD - hope the head is ok other than the cut.  Wild garlic makes me hungry - its starting to grow here too.

    Grrr regarding the litter Cal (and kudos for doing some cleaning up yourself).  

    Will is quiet - hopefully ok and just busy over the holiday weekend.

    Hope the achilles will let you out again soon James.

    6 miles this evening post return from the PIL.  Still very warm and muggy.  Legs were far too fresh for 2 days post 10 mile race so I definitely didn't run as hard as I could have done in that.  Gave my new finisher T-shirt an outing - a nice bright blue one.  
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Have a deep cut an inch above my right eye,plus two more on the side of my head.Have a nice graze on my jaw,which is also badly swollen and finding it hard to open my mouth,which is a shame as I have the dentist tomorrow afternoon!
    My daughters were hysterical when they saw me,so I had a look in the mirror and it looked quite impressive with all the blood.My silly fault for not lifting my feet higher anyway.

    I'm with you regarding litter,makes my blood boil.My local town survives on tourism but the amount of litter left is shocking.Don't understand people who visit somewhere nice and then leave all their crap.Rant over!

  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Good to hear you’re back Alipat, now it looks like JD1 is trying to steal the sympathy vote in a fairly spectacular way. Hope you’re both okay. I googled your route JD, what a spectacular place to run. Probably less fumes than Central London as well! Cal, we are expecting some impressive times with the flat footwear.

    Hazel, best not to look too much like David Bellamy. I always thought he had wildlife in that beard. Well done on the age category win, especially considering the heat and hydration challenges.

    Two easy runs for me a 12k round the park,I accidentally turned off my gps, which threw me on pacing, but was pleased that I kept it easy. A 30 mins run today with nothing of note. Had a nice walk over the Heath on Saturday with the OH and ended up in a nice pub in Highgate Village. Robert Powell was with two mates, looking much better than he usually does at Easter.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Hazelnut - blue is a nice colour for a shirt (my Olympic Park half shirt is a nice bright blue - wore it this morning). Don't like white shirts - they go grey eventually.
    JD, good luck at the denist. When's your appointment, 2:30?
    enrvuk - I should imagine he's quite elderly now, no?
    Out of interest, is Hampstead your local parkrun?

    6 miles at 6 this morning - hoping for a sunrise but got cloud. However, it was warm enough for me to get my legs out (well, my knees - the gap between the bottom of my shorts and the top of my calf sleeves isn't very big). Went OK - only minor niggling today. Saw a heron in flight.
  • Will ClennellWill Clennell ✭✭✭
    edited April 2019
    Hello again everyone! I was working all bank holiday weekend and fairly frazzled by the sun so continued my mara recovery. Great running by everyone, so I'll just say well done to all and hope all the sore bits and head gashes get better soon.

    I really fancied getting back to Business today so strapped on the camelbak and tried to cover some trails and a few bumps. I went out across the Marsh, which had completely dried up and only had a couple of feral ponies on. Some Sedge Warblers were very vocal and it was nice to run along the river and be off-load. I then looped up the hill to the Colney Parkrun course and covered some of that, including two efforts up the infamous 'dog-shit' hill. Pleasantly free of faecal matter today. Then it was down to the UEA lake for a couple of laps. Cetti's Warblers and Blackcaps all over the place here + pairs of Great Crested Grebes and Common Terns on the water. Lots of Nightingales and Cuckoos have been reported  and I listened hard but to no avail. Back through the woods and along the river, then up the big park hill and home to make about 10 miles - a proper run. Loved it and feel fully ready for action again now. Wore my Manchester finisher's T with pride :) Happy running all!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Will, I thought I heard a cuckoo the other day, but told myself that can't have been the case. But you never know I guess!
  • It is still early traditionally but we had 3 on the reserve from Sunday, so they are here! Lots of Nightingales being reported too so ears open :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    I'm very envious of your finishers T Will (and your ornithological knowledge, more Bill Oddie than David Bellamy). I'd have liked one for my half. Less envious of dog shit hill. Sounds like your recovery is done!

    Cal, Yes, my local Parkrun is Hampstead. I've only run it twice and volunteered once though. It's about 10 mins from me. Mr. Bellamy is definitely quite senior now! I envy your morningness. Today is my jealousy post.

    I ran 10x400m this morning with 60 seconds standing recovery. Goal was 1:54 and they ranged from 1:55-1:48, with most around the 1:50 mark. Quite consistent if nothing else. No wildlife, but I had a weird episode. I ran past a guy in a Range Rover using a ticket machine, kept going and turned a corner. There was the same guy at a ticket machine. For a minute I thought I was hallucinating, but I can only assume the first machine didn't work and he drove past me without me noticing.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Love my finisher T-shirts,Hazelnut,more so than the medals.

    envruk,nice intervals and celeb spotting.Have to admit I did stop a couple times yesterday to take in the views.

    Great running and bird spotting,Will.Dog shit hill sounds ominous,glad you survived it! Keep wearing your Manchester t shirt with pride.

    Herons look so big and cumbersome when it flight,Cal,but great watching them hunt for fish.Need a crown as well won't be cheap!

    No running today.Had a good nights sleep,feel OK otherwise.Try and make club intervals tomorrow.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    JD, my dental mishap in November set me back nearly a grand! (Broke one took and fractured another on a popcorn kernal). A filling and a full gold crown. (It's worth paying the extra for gold - they last a lot longer and the dentist doesn't need to remove as much of the tooth as they would for a porcelain).

    Of course I don't have this year's Manchester T - got the last three though. I have a bright yellow Vienna T instead. It's very undestated - Adidas with a small Vienna logo. Which is nice, but looks a lot like the Sweatshop club shirts.
    Will, there's a bridge in Blackpool my friend has christened dog shit bridge. It's a small footbridge over the railway behind the Pleasure Beach. And yes, it usually has a few poos on it.

    Nice intervals, enrvuk.
  • Sounds like a nasty fall JD. How's the head healing? 

    I'm feeling really good about tonight's run. I'm not 100% physically at the minute, but I was feeling ok tonight so I decided to lace up the shoes and go for a run. I used the first mile as a warm up and then decided to go for it on mile 2 to see if I could beat my mile PB. Came it at 6:59, shaving 10 seconds off! Really happy to go sub 7 for the first time. I also managed an average pace bang on 8:00 min/mile which is exactly where I need to be for Derby. It's not often everything comes together on a run like that!

    Off to the hospital tomorrow for my ECG and should hopefully get my blood test results back too so will hopefully be a step closer to figuring out what is triggering my issues.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Nice going, alipat! You're obviously feeling better. Good luck with the ECG.

    An early 8 miler this morning and was feeling strong so did 5 of those at (or just below) MP. Achilles waited until the cool-down mile to start griping. It had been pretty good until that point. Stupid thing.

  • Ouch to the crown and agree on the litter rant JD.  Enjoy the club intervals if you go.

    Nice 10 miler Will.  You deserve to wear the t-shirt with pride.  I have a big stack of finisher T-shirts from diverse races - the 3-4 mara ones only get occasional outings so they stay in good condition.  Race T-shirts are useful things - haven't purchased a tech T in quite a while.  Don't get one at every race though and I won't buy one, only take the free ones. 
    I haven't heard a cuckoo here yet but did so when visiting the PIL in southern Germany.

    Nice reps enrvuk. 

    Yellow is a good T-shirt colour Cal. 

    Good mile effort Alipat!  Hope the hospital appointment goes well today and you get answers soon.

    Just short of 13 miles yesterday evening.  Did the standard group trot of 6.5 miles but also jogged to the meeting point and back.  Lovely evening for it.  Legs were a lot more tired so I kept the effort down.  Will do that for the next days anyway - recovery from the 10 mile race on Saturday and I have a hill race on Friday.  Pretty packed schedule at the moment with a race each week.  The hill races are not long though and don't take it out of you as much as fast flat pounding.
  • And just short of 9 lunchtime miles.  Bit much on top of yesterday evening's run in particular as it was very warm and sunny which I did not appreciate.

    Road kill of the day: a small (red?) deer.  Ran laps and by the third it had been collected.  The dandelions are everywhere in the fields and I had to take care not to swallow any insects.  Saw one stork, heard one cuckoo and some frogs.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Great mile time,alipat.Good luck with your hospital results.

    You're putting some miles in,Hazelnut.Is the hill race a straight up and down course.

    Cal,you have a love hate thing with your achilles!Nice 8 as well,you should be in good shape for Liverpool mara.

    No running today unfortunately,feel very sore and bruised all down my right side.See what tomorrow brings.
  • Good luck with your tooth JD1 and your hospital visit alipat.
    Well done everyone else on their running.

    A little sore in the ankles from upping the mileage this week. Only highlight was a near miss having to hurdle a dog lead to avoid an accident!

    I did a coastal run and saw some squat, black and white birds with orange beaks, looked them up when I got home and found out they were oystercatchers.

    Have lowered my "getting easy miles in the legs" run pace from 10 to 9 now, and I do think it's pushing me in the right direction a little quicker, training wise.

    Now trying to work on my running form to mirror the grace of a Kenyan distance runner. I look a broken plodder who has spent too much time getting kicked in the air by heavy-set defenders. It will take time!
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    JD - it's more like my achilles hates me. It's like having a disgruntled employee who does the job but grumbles about it constantly.

    Linton, not many of us look like Kenyans when we run. I shuffle - my leg lift is woeful. But I shuffle quicker than I used to.
  • JD hope you are feeling a bit better today.  My hill race starts with a 4 km loop with a bit of up and down taking in the local village, then the fun starts with another 4 km running up through a river gorge to the finish on the hill.  Very picturesque but includes some evil steps.  There is drop bag transport and a shuttle bus for getting back down to the start but as it is not too far I generally jog back gently. 

    Easy miles are good things Linton.

    I am a bit of a shuffler too, I do try to pick my heels up a bit which speeds me up automatically but I have to concentrate and if I am tired then it is back to the shuffle.   

    5 miles recovery this evening - much fresher than yesterday and it was a run which felt just right somehow, I was nice and relaxed the whole way round.  A few seconds per mile faster than planned, but just a few.  Saw a swallow or similar - the first one this year.  
  • You seem to have rather a fast shuffle going on, Hazelnut!  I hope your race goes well.

    And Cal, with some of your times the shuffle seems to be a decent Methodist. 

    I was actually born in Kenya. There the link ends I'm afraid.

    Just a 5K for me tonight, in 27 mins+. I enjoyed the relative effort as I needed to run a bit of frustration /stress out of my system. I have suddenly started listening to lots of heavy metal. God knows why, but I'm enjoying it. I'm out on the reserve guiding in the morning so hoping for some good spots. If no birds show up I will just put Metallica on. 

    I run, therefore I am.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I can also recommend Megadeth, along with Disturbed and Rammstein. I don't use music when I run but it's good for warming up to.
    Six miles plus some strides today. Egyptian goslings are almost full grown!
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Linton,not many hobby runners run like Keynans,especially me.l'm trying to make an effort to pick my knees up,but when you're tired though you do revert to type.

    Good luck in your race,Hazelnut,sounds like a decent race.Bet the scenery is breathtaking.Keep getting thoughts of Julie Andrews bursting into song.

    Will/Cal,don't think I've listened to music when I've been running,like your choice of music though.

    Felt a better today,managed just over six miles,out in HMP back in MP.Noticed two ducklings separated from their mothers,happens every year,very sad to see.

  • Will ClennellWill Clennell ✭✭✭
    edited April 2019
    Apparently, Cal, the Egyptian Geese (remember they're actually a Shelduck) still haven't got over being brought to England from Africa. Their genes still tell them to lay eggs in January,  as they would in Africa, and so that's why their goslings/shelducklings are so big so early. Glad they're doing well.

    I never listen to music while actually running, JD1, but have been so pissed off by Brexit (let's not get into it) that Radio 4 has been replaced by Metallica and Motley Crue on my drive to and from work. It was the Netflix rockumentaries that started it all! Will have a listen to your recommendations,  Cal.

    My first Parkrun for a while this morning and chose Colney,  which is all trail and includes 2 ascents of dog shit hill. Legs felt stiff on the jog there, but I went pretty hard from the start and ended up with my 2nd best course time - 25:17. I was very happy with that as it was really windy. Also, I passed about 10-12 people on each ascent of the hill and so am definitely rocking a good uphill style. Spot of the day was a Carrion Crow living up to its name by munching on what looked like a baby Blackbird. It's a tough world out there. 

    Happy running all!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    That makes sense, Will - none of the other birds have young yet.

    Visited Banstead Woods parkrun today - it is famous for its bluebells this time of year and they are indeed spectacular. A lot of tourists were visiting for the same reason, including a group from my local parkrun, so I was able to get a lift home. The park also  has some lovely wooden Narnia sculptures.
    Quite a steep hill on the course, which is all trail, so not my fastest time, but happy enough with 26:04.
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