A few issues after 3 weeks of jogging...advice, please!

I started jogging a few weeks ago. My friend and I are doing the Couch to 5K programme because I've never really jogged before. My diet is very healthy (no processed foods, lots of fruit, veg and wholegrains, etc), but I seem to get very bloated after every jog! I have no idea why. Anyone know?

Also, I'm suffering with some aching in my left ankle. To give a little background, I hurt it last January pretty badly. I could walk on it but inverting my foot at all was excruciating. I went to the doctor, who didn't even bother to look at it, and told me to just ice it and rest it and strap it up. I did that but after a couple of months it was no better. I went back and saw a different doctor who did look at it but said to carry on icing and resting it. In the end, I gave up on them and went to a chiropractor who confirmed I'd put something out, did an adjustment (OMG the pain) and told me to keep elevating and icing it. Well, after several months the aching calmed down but never fully went away. Since I started jogging it's definitely hurting more but not so badly as to keep me from doing anything.

So I'm wondering, I guess, whether there's anything I should or shouldn't be doing with my ankle? It doesn't really hurt when I jog. It hurts when I wear heels or if I sit cross-legged. It hurts a little if I raise up my toes, but mostly just when I turn my fit inwards.

Would it be a good idea to just start doing some physio exercises I've found online? Or should I rest it? Any advice welcome!


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    Get a referral to see a physio so they can assess and treat your ankle properly.

    As for your guts, it could just be that jogging is shaking something loose in there. If I haven't run for a while I will need the toilet after every run. Usually settles in a week or two for me. I wouldn't worry too much. 
  • I'd agree with HA77, see a physio.

    GPs are not specialists in this area and will effectively tell you to take a couple of aspirin. I've never really had a good feeling about chiropractors and have heard stories of them making things worse. So a physio would always be my first port of call in relation to any muscular issue. They'll properly assess it and give you decent exercises to follow that are specific to your issue.

    It might also be worthwhile visiting a decent running shop and having your gait analysed. It may be your current pair of runners aren't helping in relation to providing your ankle with the appropriate level of support.
  • decent trainers are a must, you dont have to spend a fortune but somewhere like Decathlon can advise you what would work best.
  • Physio for sure. I am currently dealing with ligament damage in my ankle (which sounds from your description SIMILAR to what you've done).
  • Hey I also run 15-20k weekly (3-4 5K sessions) and my knees have started to hurt. Any good running shoes recommendations? I run on the treadmill.
  • These replies helped me a lot. I didn’t realise how important decent trainers were either.
    obviously i’m new to this. lol
  • Started back 4 weeks ago, was using old trainers and had horrendous shinsplints and couldn't run more than a mile. Went and got my feet tested and was told I had flat feet and a lot of roll in my feet, after buying new shoes I'm comfortably running 16k a week over 4 sessions, this will be increasing next week
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