Getting a running vest - bladder or bottles?

espenhbespenhb ✭✭✭
Been looking at getting a hydration vest, but I'm not quite sure what would be better: One with bottles on the front or one with a bladder in the back?

Intuitively I'd go for the bladder. Makes more sense to have some spare room up front so one can have some food and stash arm warmers, hat and gloves during a run without having to take the vest off. But I figure there must be a reason why so many of the top trail runners use vests with two bottles on the front instead. What am I missing? Why do so many seem to prefer bottles over bladder? And why do you prefer what you prefer?


  • Bladder will go warm with the heat of your body unless its insulated. 
    Bottles on the front are very easy to refill and can have different fluids in. 
  • I have a brand new Columbia Caldorado 7L backpack for sale if interested £50 including postage (uk)
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