What tweaks should I make for a sub-80 half

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Hi folks  

I recently ran 1:20:38 for the Sleaford HM on the below weekly training(peak) and wondered what tweaks others would suggest to get under 80mins?

My peak weeks consist of 60mpw doing this

- 16 mile fast finish long run ( last 4 miles)
- 12 mile easy run
- 6 mile tempo at 6:10 - 6:20
- 8 mile alternating tempo at 6:20 and 6:40 followed by a 2hr rest then a hilly slow 8 mile run.
Another slow run of 8-10 miles

I was thinking of adding a 40min long hill repeat session the day before the long run to improve things. If I go much faster on the tempos with the mileage/ fatigue in my legs I feel like I stop running at my LT pace and start running anerobically and sometimes get stitches etc.


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    If anything I'd say that any miles you add to that lot should be very easy/recovery. There's plenty of quality work in there. A 10% increase in mileage at say 8mm pace might be enough. 
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    Thanks Stevie 

    Yes I'm 40, been running for fitness and chasing PBs for about 8yrs now. At the end of the week I'm tired yes but not as tired as I have felt during marathon training.

    I agree that it sounds on the borderline of pushing a tad too hard but this has so far gotten me a 42sec improvement on last year. I'm aware that there are many with a lot more natural talent who'd do similar times on a lot fewer miles so to compete I try to train harder.

    5k -17:50
    10k - 36:48
    HM - 1:20:38
    M - 2:54:50

    Your suggestions are food for thought so thanks. No more workout sessions then.. I need hill work as my next HM is very hilly(No PB there but hopefully a place as it's a local/small one) but I'll swap that in for the 6 mile tempo perhaps. During the week the shortest my runs can be is 8.2 miles as they're to/from work with s long run Mon night.

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    Plus for a rep session were you thinking of something like this?

    3x2mile at 5:57mm pace with 2mins recovery.
  • SteWood78SteWood78 ✭✭✭
    If I can that is...
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