Pick between Amsterdam or Frankfurt?

Christine5Christine5 ✭✭✭
with a week between these two, i think they might be a good choice for the autumn. Has anyone got any input on which to choose? 
  • Amsterdam Advantages - more stuff to do in the city after
  • Amsterdam disAdvantages - chaotic start (?) 
  • Frankfurt Advantages -easier start? 
both seem like fast, flat courses. or any other recommendations for autumn fast courses - could be anywhere in the UK? 


  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭
    ran both and i prefer Amsterdam - found Frankfurt a little twisty in places and although the route was more in the city than Amsterdam (which had a large stretch along the river) the run in Amsterdam was more memorable with windmills, racing the rowers along the river and the change in scenery from city to rural and back.  Frankfurt was just another city race - could have been anywhere - nothing memorable.

    both have good finishes with Amsterdam in the old Olympic stadium and Frankfurt inside an exhibition hall. 

    More to do/see in Amsterdam - Frankfurt is just a business district city from what i saw - Amsterdam (do i need to list the sights :) )

    Access from airports is easy for both. Organisation is spot on at both.
  • Christine5Christine5 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Andy. Did you have any issues at the start with congestion in amsterdam? I hear complaints that it was total mayhem (from someone who ran 3.08 and said they were stressed out trying to get to a reasonable start position?)
  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭
    i think that only comes from the start being a lap of the running track - can be quite narrow for thousands of runners - then you turn out of the stadium and into parts of the city. Yes the first mile can be quite tight but it soon opens up. i think even if gong for a fast time you can be patient over this first half mile. 

    If going for a quick time;

    Amsterdam :  very flat and potentially fast course - see other runners on other side of road or river a lot which i always find helps you push - potential issues could be if its windy along the river (which I've never had - always been calm and sunny) and watch for the tram lines in the roads on a couple of sections but these are not a hindrance to speed just watch where you put your foot :)

    Frankfurt - flat course and has shown fast times can be done there - more sheltered - however there are some tight sections that could slow you and i blistered my feet along this bit as it found out my trainers had not been broken in properly and twisting caused issues. It was just a bit too soulless for me - just another city race but without the huge crowds. There was support - i just finished the race and could only describe it as 'meh!' or whatever the kids say :)
    Christine - I've only done Frankfurt.

    I did Frankfurt last year, only 2 waves at the start, I went with my club, 6 of us.  I was in the slower wave and there was no congestion at all.  My clubmates were in the faster wave also had no congestion and were able to get straight into race pace, they ran some cracking times.  Easy to follow the blue line around the course.   The finish inside the hall is amazing, see pic below.   I'm going to go back next year.   Faultless organisation. It was a chilly morning but we were still able to wait inside in the warm until the last minute to go to the start as the race venue is huge.  My hotel was 2 mins walk to the start/finish,  I could see the venue from my hotel room.

    Re autumn races in the UK, Chester and Abingdon, both PB courses, my preference of the two is Chester. 
  • Hi Christine5

    I am also searching for October marathon in Europe or UK. Considering Yorkshire/Bournemouth/Leicester or Amsterdam/Frankfurt. Unfortunately my running friends cant sign up for any of them and I do not want to travel on my own and would love to celebrate a bit after too. Please let me know if you would be up for any of them and maybe we can arrange something together? :)
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