Sore hip that won't go away despite not running.

I am so frustrated and in need of some experience and advice.
I've always ran and while I'm not fast and I don't run exceptional distances, I've found myself with an injury I cannot shake. It's been ongoing since last September and what started off as a slightly sore hip after running has grown until even stairs are difficult, not to mention sitting. I've been to see a physio and he says it isn't bursitis as it's too high up. He says it's a muscle that has been overloaded but didn't say which. Just that it needs to be built back up. It's just below the jutting hip bone and is tender to touch. I've not ran for five weeks and last week I stopped walking on his advice. It got a little better but still persists. I've tried anti-inflammatories, stopped ALL exercising except some yoga and the side plank lifts he advised. Weirdly, I can do this easier on the good hip than on the other.
What I don't understand is why, even though I am following all the expert advice and not running or walking, I'm nine days on and the pain can still be as intense. Some days it isn't and some days it isn't. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I find that walking hurts when I stop and sitting hurts.
I know it's not exactly the end of the world but I do feel like I'm going out of my mind. GP wanted to inject my bursa... said I could refer to NHS physio (waiting time of four months) OR ask myself whether running was the appropriate sport for my body. I was devastated by that and nobody seems to get why. So I'm coming back to you guys. Surely someone out there knows what's going on?


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