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    That makes more sense SG, you made it sound like they were hiding you away!

    First of my little series of short 'races' tomorrow with Parkrun. Sort of a warm up to get used to 5k pace again before the track champs in two weeks. I'd still like a PB though!

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    SW - haha, yeah, not just me! Everyone - which you can imagine was pounced on by certain people... they love a WFH.

    Ynnec -Between the Baker & Lineker and Crouch ones I've fuelled many a long run over the last few months- they're excellent. I've moved away from music for a couple of reasons - one being that my ipod nano button that inches songs on one has stopped working - so it helps having a continuous 45-50min play!

    Will have to just re-listen to the lot I guess... I also have Hawkesby and Jacobs daily 30min ones, but they cover other sports as well, so can be hit n miss.

    But back on Lineker, I dare say if any of us were paid £1m a year for the main gig, and also did a piss about fun show once a week for barely anything - i doubt we'd risk the main gig!!

    Maybe it'll blow over - as old school as Danny Baker is, I don't take him racist as all, just a non thinking idiot, but the BBC after the whole Savile stuff under their nose have to be seen to be redhot on any whisper of issues. (except when it's the host of one of their main programmes - Alan Sugar and the Apprentice anyone?) 

    I do wonder why any famous person even bothers with twitter though.

    We've seen the ruckus nonsense posted on here can cause :D
  • StevieWh said:

    Simon -I don't get the ultra obsession either, especially when people try and sell it to me as 'its just run-walk-eat' I don't want to walk in a race!

    I put ultras and triathlons into the same bucket. There are clearly a small number of extremely talented and hardworking individuals who deserve credit (if you can run a 2:3x hour marathon when your landing gear has been soaked for 45 minutes during the swim and then ground for 4 hours on the bike you deserve that) but there are also a lot of people who complete rather than compete and do not understand the difference so they tell you "Oh yes, 3rd in my age category." FFS, when the field is less than 50 you are unlikely to get more than 3 in any age category.
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    Agree with Phil totally on this  while keeping respect for anyone who works hard in their chosen sport, I do wonder about stuff like triathlons, where you have age ranges of a mere 5 years.

    GB representation often looks a bit odd as well. Not for someone like Reg who is a good runner, as well as being red hot on the bike, but for some who most on here would shatter running wise.

    Anyway, bit of coverage for my lot on the Marlow local paper this week. Nice pic.
  • Cheers SW - Should be a good blast. It's a bugger of a course, much harder than a normal 5k and more pressure as it's a masters event and you are more visible. Good fun though.

    Ultra's - Not convinced. It's a uncomfortable truth that there's a lot of folk who aren't that great taking on the normal distances that turn to ultras. Often they don't bother training hard enough to compete over 5/10k, half marathon etc, so they try to scrabble around trying to find something that they're good at.

    The usual excuse is the scenery etc etc..I get that, but we all run in nice places on our Sunday runs - racing should be all about concentrating, rather than sight seeing.

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    I was relaxed about it before that first line Simon :D

    I guess your boys might well be contenders though in the V45, especially if someone like you wasn't your top boy?

    They're just such a lotto though aren't they relays? Depends if you have an actual race, or end up in no man's land.

    It'll be a great feeling at the highest point of the course though, a mile done, and then it's waiting for that glorious downhill stretch :) 
    See the river, and you're within touching distance of the run in.

    Will just feel weird racing in the afternoon on a saturday personally.
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    STILL awaiting Marlow to PO10 their results, and noticed a chap i'd raced years back at the Aylesbury 5k. He's gone sub 75 for a half, but obvs not quite that level right now, as he wasn't far ahead, and is more a sub 77 half guy now.

    Anyway, noticed he's got a 9miler on his PO10.
    Solihull 9 in June.
    That's a weird distance.
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    My club organise that race SG and it's in the Warwickshire road race league so a decent standard. 16th June this year, I agree it's a strange distance though!
  • Stevie G said:

    That's a weird distance.
    But one worth adding to your resumé? Insta-PB!

    Good work on the 10km Joe, definitely worth the mention! Same for Pete, and PMJ & #2. Good work at the Marlow 5 SG - definitely one of my preferred distances.

    All the best for the upcoming relays.

    Ticking over here. Developed coldy symptoms and some congestion after travelling back, so the recent runs have felt a bit tough, and hard to motivate to get out on some occasions.
    Skipped the race last weekend, as I had a pretty rough night's sleep, and the symptoms seemed to reach a peak.

    So, Sunday is the Plymouth "relegation special" HM, definitely treating it as a hard effort long run (he says, who can resist when the klaxon goes?). On top of that, I'm also thinking of doing a local 5km tomorrow morning, that I haven't done since December - hitting 19:07, prior to this base-building phase. Not convinced I'll actually do any better.
    Thinking that the 5km should help to limit my enthusiasm somewhat on Sunday, as I'm not race-fit for a HM anyway. Then I will umm and ahh about the 5000m next Thursday eve.

    After not racing for nearly 8 weeks, there's nought wrong with 3 races in a week, right? Perhaps a bit of the "race yourself fit" mentality.
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    looks like some good reports to look forward to Sunday afternoon then :smile:

    I just view ultras etc as just a different type of competition, requiring a different skill-set and physiology to do well in. You could argue that there are runners at the top level in ultras who were just mediocre at traditional distances, but by the same token, they would just say the fast 10k bods had no staying power :smile:
    Either way, it's not for me - I get both bored and tired too easily! I'm probably going to do some longer fell stuff, both races and on my tod if I get the chance, but that's a bit different. Running in the fells to me is more about the feeling you get of being able to cover lots of ground quickly in beautiful and challenging environments. Racing in the fells is the same, but with added camaraderie and purpose. Its very different to racing on the road, and each has there attraction. 

    Anyway - double today. One of the fields I ran across this morning had just been covered in fresh, unavoidable,slurry that got splattered over my legs and shoes - I smelled lovely on the train :blush: 
  • That's my 5km done and dusted.

    Not the fastest courses, and not because it's hilly, but because it involves many sharp corners! There's nine 90° or tighter corners, one of which is a 180°!
    Started a wee bit fast - first half mile or so was sub-6, which definitely would not last! First mile was 6:16, second mile contains most of the tight corners and was a 6:35, and the final mile was the fastest with a 6:04. Watch measured a smidge over 3mi, but that's due to tree canopies and the corners.

    Pretty chuffed with ~19:10 as a marker going forward, not any worse than December... but not really any better! Guess I should just pull my finger out and get training...
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    Great running Matt, good marker to build from!

    18.04 for me this morning, new PB but not quite sub 18. First mile in 5.48 which felt like the right effort, got to half way and could feel I was slowing for the same effort. Bit disappointing as Ifelt like I'd be able to push on from the first mile. 5.50, 5.56 then 4.52 pace for the final 0.1. Try again in two weeks on the track!
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    Nice parkrunning chaps :smile: Stevie - I got my parkrun PB to a rather frustrating 18:01! You've got time to take 5 secs off, and it should be quicker on the track anyway....
  • Strong parkrun there SW - sometimes it does feel like you're treading treacle in a 5km, and then you realise it's still not the shortest of races!

    So, generous timing actually makes today 19:02 - definitely could have snapped up some extra time in my middle mile.
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    Good turnouts chaps, and lines in the sand for going forward.

    Get your internet shorts on, as I've a British Masters relay job to write up

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    British Masters relays then. Birmingham.

    Long old hoon for just over 5k a piece, but the relay days are a great team day, and unlike the 12 stage don't burn most of the day away!

    Slightly awkward scheduling meant we couldn't really go up and support our other team, the W55s, as their leg started at 10.30am. With a 90min drive (for me), 2hours for the rest of the team, to set off 8.30ish when you're not going until 2-3 was just too awk.

    These Windsor boys are flash with their dough, so a completely unnecessary £4.10 toll charge to drive slightly freer for 5miles helped us there just after 1pm and with loads of time spare.

    I'd spent half the drive thinking I was going to nod off, making no sense having not run since morning on Thursday!

    I was due up 5th, so loads of time to mill around. Found the big man Simon for our usual friendly chat. Couldn't see Dean, to establish whether i'd get a warm greeting or a dressing down :D

    Myself and Wool had a jog round the whole route. I'm sure we overheard a geezer say how I looked fit for 40 :) I'm sure he meant for being in the V35 category!

    Unlike the 2017 version, the route takes you on a horrible little extra section further down, round and up, so you reach the main hill a bit flapping. However, by a mile you're pretty much back on the flat, with the lovely downhill to soak up, before a final mile burn in.

    Our top two boys Samson & Lee had taken us to 6th, then 5th, with Wool up 3rd, and our on paper least fast guy on 4th.

    This eased us down to 9th by the time my leg was due.

    After about 73 zooms to the nearest bush and back, and hoping I was warm, after doing the 5k warm up over an hour before being due up (!), I could eat up that glorious stress feeling pre the off.

    Despite the rain on the way up, the day was now dry, but that sort of imperceptible bit humid feeling.

    The pen was packed, and the worst case is always seeing your guy coming in just ahead of a pack of geezers.

    There were a few behind, but not too bad.

    A guy on my leg started off just ahead, but I knew i'd be taking a place early knockings - a good feeling.

    However, despite a downhill first 200m, I knew to set off cautiously, as the down lulls you in, before a nasty little climb through the woody surroundings and fussy little section, before you've got about 0.7m on the clock, and THEN you approach the "actual" hill.

    This is a trickier hill than it looks - not that steep, but you can't see the top, it's one of those. It does have these little plateaus though.

    I'd gone past someone on here, but as is the awks with these sort of relays, there were both the V45 category and people in our race, but the leg behind. This geezer was one of the above!

    I reach the peak, after being slightly surprised to see the first mile come up at 6.25, but there's always the risk that the watch is under recording distance and thus pace. We'll see later.

    The pace doesn't seem to be increasing massively on the flat. Luckily having recced the route, I know that the down is still about 0.6miles away.

    Past another couple of geezers, both on another leg/race, but better than being passed!

    Check the watch, it's suddenly reckoning 5.40 pace. Stop checking the pace , only distance now.

    Down past the ice lolly van, and it's a nice 1/3m downhill or so. Past someone here for an actual overtake (that's two :) ), and it's going fine. It certainly won't be any sort of pace to compare with a flat 5k, but I'm certainly thankful it isn't that woeful long leg of the 12 stage finals! Big Rob is cheering, he's telling me the guy ahead isn't even on my leg, but have a go anyway!

    To the bottom and it's less than 1mile to go. Past the lake, past the cheering Dashers crew. Ease past the geezer on a different leg, up and down a bit, and round the corner.

    Last half mile pic here

    I knew Wool had done around 18.25, and for a second I thought I wouldn't get near that, but in the end 18.10  - 18.11 on the final results.

    Watch showed 3.04 miles, but I believe it's a 5.08km, so 3.16miles job, so that'll explain the pace showing slower than it felt!

    A tough route for sure though, stalling you in mile 1 when you're normally feeling all bold, and unlike most courses, being heavily stacked to finish stronger.

    So 7th in, but clearly some of the teams had held back some dons for the last leg, as we finished very narrowly in 10th in a sprint for 9th.

    So 10th place out of 33 finishing teams, 41 all in (some fielded incomplete teams), and our ladies had come 6th in the V55 earlier.

    To sum up the sort of clubs we were against one of our team noted that we were first non AC / non harriers team.

    The commentary team made a special little visit to ask where we were from, having never seen Datchet Dashers before.

    I said we're from an area where they love these sort of second names!

    Sheen Shufflers, Marlow Striders, Handy Cross Runners, Sandhurst Joggers, Finch Coasters etc

    A cracking team day out, team photo as per below - ignore the non matching bottom halves!

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    A rather short report SG! 

    A worrying pair of shorts! And it is neither a lake nor a river (mentioned yesterday)but Keeper's Pool. The course used to go round it and past a crowd that would be bigger than many a non-league football match. And talking of crowds, the crowd in the first photo didn't seem that impressed with your running!

    Little mention of parking in the report, nor of exiting the park. Perhaps there is a page to come yet? 

    And well done to you, Wool, and the Dashers! 
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
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    I should point out I didn't run in that pair! That'd cost me a min!

    One of the few races of the year I get a lift to, so no parking or exiting worries for me!!

    That's turnout number 8 of the year, and 246 on the "career" races log.

    Hopefully 250 is something special.

    If I can squeeze 3 in before Endure 24, which is 4 weeks today, that'd work magnificently!

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    If ever a photo needed cropping...... :smile:
    Good work though - sounds like a grand day out :smile:
    How can I be on more races than you SG? Are you including parkruns? With those, I'm on 274, so with 26 to go, at the present rate I'll celebrate my 300th alongside turning V60! 

    Gonna try an LSR today. Might be messy, as I didn't get to bed until 1am, had far too much to drink and have a whole lot of dad dancing in the legs :smiley:
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    Yeah parkruns are in my total. Ive done very few compared to you though so straight away that lifts you up.

    I did do a lot of shorter fare last year. Miles to 5ks.

    What on earth were you doing last night? My long run was tired legs after just a 5k, although 3hrs in a car adds up.
    12.5 job. Still 7.17 average but usually comes out quicker. 56.5mile week.
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    Nice work at the relays SG! It's a really strange concept that they don't keep the same route year on year - I get if the venue changes, but otherwise, what's the point in adding 0.1 km or whatever?

    Hope the LSR goes well Bus!

    Plymouth Half for me today. Naturally, I'm sure you guys knew that after a good race yesterday, that today wouldn't follow suit.
    Legs felt pretty good for the first 5 or so miles, ticking off just sub-7s, and then we got to the main hill - up Billacombe Road before the descent through Saltram, for those that may know the area - and that's when my legs started to feel empty. Unsurprising after yesterday's efforts! Had to slow down to make sure I didn't run myself into the ground, and I was also blighted by an intermittent stitch. Basically a trudge from then on, with some run-walking from mile 10. The sun had been beating down since the start, and there wasn't much opportunity for shade, and didn't seem to be much wind! I'm now just chucking all the excuses in.

    To be fair, I went out with the intention of a tough effort long run, and that's what it was. Finished in 1:42:39 - not my finest day, but hopefully some gains to be made from not going to the well.
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Very respectable time after racing yesterday Matt and in warm conditions!

    It was a 50th birthday party SG. We actually tried to leave around 11.30, but the taxi took ages to get there.  And yes, it was a bit messy just now! Longest run for 5 weeks, and pretty warm. It was horrible from the start, through the middle and all the way to the end :smile: Mentally quite good though, as I wanted to stop after 3 miles, but was determined to hit 13 as the baseline for a proper "long" run. Had the added bonus of taking me to 50 for the week as well.  
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Nicely done on the Parkruns. Enjoyed the relay report SG but not as much as that terrible photo :D. Those shorts!

    I have a little report to do....

  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Lots of quality running going on; well done to Wool and SG as part of a very strong performance from Datchet amongst the big clubs. You guys show what can be achieved and pity more of the local clubs (like mine!) don't have a go too. 

    Good parkun Stevie Wh and pretty sure sub 18 all come soon. Like Bus my best parrkun is also just over 18 though I have a 17'50 5k elsewhere to my name. Sure you are already a better runner than I was then and your marathon time is way better so expect comfortably sub 18 from you once fully recovered from the long stuff. 

    Good 5k Matt H and don't worry abutt he half. Just too much racing too soon after a long absence. 

    well done Bus on getting through a LSR in the circs; sounds like your injuries are abating which is great news. 

    Well my planned race report may well have duplicated a lot of Reg's so I'll keep it quite short. Royal Berks 10k this morning and a decent day for it; bit too hot for my liking but no real wind. Parking quite straightforward once I had been ticked off by a local for not knowing the 'thoroughfare no parking' sign (must get that Highway Code out :)) and decamped to the spot recommended by Reg. Met a lot of people I knew on or near the start line and didn't seem that stacked a field, though of course high in numbers at about 1500. Off on time and 1st k seemed a bit downhill so through that in 3'25. Then there is a 180 degree turn which isn't great given the VF's have almost zero grip, but negotiated that and nice to see so many runners a long way behind so early! Pretty much all the rest of the race was steady k's about 3'48 except number 6 at 3'57 due to a motorway bridge I think. Got into a 3 way sprint for the line and of course came 3rd in that so 1 and zero seconds behind the 2 in front but about 25 seconds to the next guy. Still very pleased with 37'48, 1st v50 (nice trophy for that) and 32nd overall. 

    Good to see AG, sorry Reg, again at the finish and our clubs' top guy who had finished very close to him. Both seemed very happy but won't say any more. Overall a great event, don't think it was quite the quickest of courses and the best of weather so maybe a lower 37'xx possible some other time. 
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    Royal Berks 10k. Bagged a free place on their 'good for age' scheme, evidentally they are trying to improve the standard of the field. They advertise themselves as Berkshire's premier 10k but it attracts more of a fun runner field. It's a pretty fast course though with just a couple of lumps and dead turn in the business park.
    Although I'd mainly done easy runs my heart rate was looking pretty low for the pace. Also, I felt pretty comfortable when I had done a few bits of quality. Target wise I knew I'd be disappointed not to go under 35 minutes but I had no recent races to back that up.
    Conditions looked good if a little warm and met up with Pete on the start line where targets and weather were briefly discussed. I revealed my plan to go out with a 5:20 mile and then see how long I could keep it in the 5:30s for the subsequent miles. Hopefully keep 5:4x off the scorecard.
    A quick survey of the field indicated there were no 31/32 minute looking runners present but a smattering of what looked like 34:xx runners. I started off quick, keen to commit to the race but not as quickly as Dachs' team mate who makes the famous HX Dom seem like a slow starter. The first mile is pretty quick and I am fairly quickly isolated in 5th place, I 'd thought about going with the leading group but decided on a fairly still day it was best to stay comfy. First mile up in 5:24 and it felt pretty easy, soon after there's a dead turn and then we leave the business park to cross the M4, this is the only real hill and mile 2 is 5:36 still feeling good. The next mile is fairly straight forward with long sweeping roads and I go through 5k in 17:11. The young guy in fourth place has started to drop off the leading group whilst Dachs' team mate loses the lead. My thoughts at this point are that I don't feel like I am going too fast and that most of the guys ahead look like v40 so if I want a prize then I am going to have to get in the top 3.
    About 7k in I pass the young chap, putting in a little burst to deter any possible revival and that brings me a bit closer to the fast-starting Reading Road Runner. I am still feeling good and I catch up to him with about a mile to go and work a bit harder to get a good gap. I am not really thinking about time at all and I am more concerned with staying in the third. I'd held the pace nicely in mile 4 & 5; 5:32 & 5:34 respectively and still had time to try and empty what was left in the last mile. I picked up the pace a bit to cover mile 6 in 5:29 and the last 0.2 at 5:06 pace to finish in 34:20. I had a few seconds quicker on my watch but I am still delighted to not just go sub 35 but to position myself nicely to get to 33:xx over the next couple of months.
    I finished 3rd overall and 3rd V40! Unusually they gave the the V40 prizes to the top three despite them already having the overall trophies. This meant that Pete's clubmate who came 4th overall and was also V40 didn't even get a prize!
    Think I fancy a quick 5k over the next few weeks whilst I am still going well and then hopefully another 10k to have a crack at sub 34.

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    That's one hell of a shift there Reg - as I said on strava, more like it versus the xc form (and the 5k you banked).

    Now, speed that up a little, and hold for over double the disto and there's that 72 HM :)

    Looks a Staines esque elevation profile, although take Pete's note on turns on board, but it could be the growing local race when word gets round now that Staines clashes with Marlow, AND sells out to the parkrun gang a week in.

    The shorts are solid by the way, maybe the pic doesn't do them justice ;)

    Pete - another good turnout for you, obviously a V50 pic. You must hoover those badboys up! You need to add the pics of getting monster trophies in.

    Matthead - completely, why not keep it 1- the same, 2- an actual sensible distance. Two years ago it was 3miles, but 5k is a proper comparison versus the useless 5.08km. Disguises the direct comparison at least...

    16.57 for 3miles 2 years ago, 18.11 for 3.16m this year. It shows completely, how tough that extra loop is at the start, as that wasn't in the 2017 version - and it's clear!

    Well done on both fancying a half marathon as we move towards summer, and the day after a race! Taking it as a long run with a bit of effort is definitely not a bad way to think.

    Bus - nice one, I got out by allowing myself a "could just do 5miles out and back" option, but in the end held it together for what would have been 12, but then realised I had a few mins extra of a podcast, so did a slight loop extra for 12.5

    Plenty! Which I always think about versus doing marathons. I don't think I've ever finished a 12-15 and thought, oooh I fancied more today

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Blimey chaps - good work both, and Reg, that's a PB as well as isn't it? Cracking time and, as you say, puts you within striking distance of a 33:xx!

  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    pic posted to keep you happy SG. Was really quite embarrassing; was stood there with Reg and the guy who came 4th {and 4th v40} ready to take a pic for him on his camera as he got his prize. Knew there was olnly 1 v50 prize so assumed I wouldn't get it. However they announce and it ends up he gets nothing for his 34'2x as a v45 and has to take a pic of me instead for a time over 3 mins slower. Life's not fair sometimes ;)
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Have to chuckle!

    But no need to be embarrassed by anything... apart from those socks!

    Wycombe 10k bungled the prizes once. The first 2 were juniors -so the winner got the trophy, but the guy in second got nothing :)
    I managed to steal off with a 3rd senior man though, for 5th. Ruv-ree :D

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