Pain in all right-leg joints

Hello everyone. I've been running for fun for about 4 years, and over last Winter and Spring slowly and comfortably worked myself up to my first half-marathon in April. After that, however, without really pushing myself any harder, everything seems to have gone to pot in my right-leg...

It started with hip pain, mostly on the outside, but sometimes back at the piriformis-y area. But it has also been bad at my knee (both the outside and inside), my ankle (again, outside and inside), and across the top of my foot (particularly bad when walking up stairs). It's been nearly three months, and the focus of the pains have moved around all over the place. I've backed off and rested, but also based on some physio I had last year, I've tried to strengthen and adapt my training (eg. one-legged squats and higher-frequency shorter runs). My left leg has continued to feel strong.

Where I'm at now is that it's feeling mostly bearable with the exception of my knee. It's painful on the outside, in an IT band burny kind of way, but also just below my kneecap on the inside - and occasionally after running, towards the middle below the kneecap area. To a lesser extent I'm also getting the hip and ankle discomfort.

My main running time is first thing in the morning - the last week or so, I've sometimes done a couple of km first thing and immediately find myself more uncomfortable than expected and limping; as I progress I am able to lose the limp, but feel very ready to stop after 2-3k. At this point I generally feel that I've made myself much worse and am worried that I've exacerbated things; however within an hour or two I'm feeling much better and wondering if the running has actually done me some good and improved things. I generally end the day feeling comparatively positive, until the next morning.

A fortnight or so ago, I would've said the sensation in my knee was of looseness and lack of support, but now it's feeling stronger, but still painful. A couple of times I've done some evening runs and felt slightly better and pushed myself a bit harder. The following morning it's been either slightly better or quite a bit worse.

The fact that it's worst in the morning is making me wonder if it's arthritis - particularly given that a few years ago I had a couple of gout episodes (I'm 39 now). I I am aiming to get to my GP, but with work haven't had a chance yet and know from experience that any next-step from that will be a few months. Running has been a massive benefit to both my asthma and mental health, so don't want to stop unnecessarily in the meantime. Any ideas?


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