P&D Autumn Marathon 2019



  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    HA77...that is a mad race, fair play to anyone that even attempts that.

    Jools...you are right, could be any number of things, better getting the tests done... hope its just the humidity and that.

    Spoons...Fridays MLR certainly bodes well.

    SQ...Certainly, when in Rome, and that sounds like class facilities, Very good week, and quality session in Bath to put the icing on it.

    TR...well done on the 20 miler, bouncing back well.

    Steve...nice MLR.

    11m GA with uphill strides, and 8x100m on Saturday, followed by a 16 miler on Sunday morning. 7 recovery miles on Sunday evening brought the weekly total to 85, so cant complain about that week at all.
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    Big week with some nice quality there, Hamo. 

    Well done on another 20, TR. 

    I finished the week by plucking a BAC session: 3 x 15mins at MP effort. All about 6:30 pace so good enough. For some reason particularly enjoyed the second - probably a downhill tailwind 😆 

    Will try another run commute on Wednesday - with another headwind forecast! I guess it serves me right for not running home as well. 

    Frampton 10k a week today (Monday is odd for a race night). Jools, NE are you guys doing it?
  • Would love to assist if I can Steve. Fingers crossed both our training plans go well! :) Missed that you might be doing Kenilworth too HA, hopefully see you there.

    Your consistency this year is very impressive SQ, particularly post-marathon. Great stuff. Nice you got to take advantage of the facilities at Bath, looked great. You’re now earning money at races and being paid to train, so officially a pro runner :D 

    Nice long run TR, it’s always nice when you’re not expecting much and they go well.

    Solid week Hamo, great work. 

    Really pleasing weekend for me. When I woke up on Saturday my legs felt pretty tired, so wasn’t sure what to expect for an easy 10 along the canal. However, once I got going the legs felt pretty good, and pace was decent for the effort too. I was really pleased I made the effort to get out early, as it avoided the heat later in the day, and was a beautiful morning. Lots of wildlife about, and very peaceful.

    Yesterday also went really well, 20 miles averaging 6:53/mi, my best long run in a while, and reassurance that Friday’s quicker pace wasn’t a one off! It was also the best I’ve felt on a long run for a while, so overall very positive. First 100 mile week since my glute injury too. Touch wood everything is feeling fine, just the usual tired legs you’d expect. Will aim to stay around that volume now for the next two weeks. 

    I broke out a fresh pair of Adidas Boston shoes for the long run, as my current pairs have quite a few miles on them now. According to Strava it’s my twelfth pair! Fair to say it’s my favourite shoe ever.

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    Sorry been a bit quiet the last week - just detoxing a bit from t'internet and running for a few days.

    Steve: recovery is going fine as I've taken it really easy with another 100 in August. My knee was a bit sore last week but it was fine yesterday.

    Spoons: interesting re weights and weight gain. I don't get tempted with food when I'm doing it, it just seems to tighten and tone things up. There's also no danger of muscle weight gain with my 5kg DBs and 8kg kettlebell :D

    Macca: hope that gets sorted soon with L100 coming up - fingers crossed
    Hamo: great week at this stage of proceedings!
    Just taking things easy at the minute to give my head and body time to recover. Don't think there's much to be gained in hard training now with the NDW100 on 3rd August. I'll do a few higher mileage weeks and some hill training but really I think its just about keeping things ticking over now.
  • Morning team. I've been reading along regularly but not posting as much, so apologies for that.

    Great to see Spoons back with the bit between his teeth, stay healthy mate and you'll be in for a cracking autumn. 

    I'm predicting Hamo to continue his steep upward trend and be running sub 2:30 in the next 2 years. You heard it here first..

    SQ putting in some nice mileage and racing also, nice one mate.

    I've finally found a bit of consistency in the last 2/3 weeks, and rounded off a rather large weeks worth of training this weekend with a 105 mile bike ride and a little run on saturday followed by 2.4 mile swim and 20 mile run on Sunday. 

    Just 13 days now until Challenge Roth - it's not going to be the sub-9 I was dreaming of when I signed up last year, but I'll give it a good crack and see what happens. Thankfully, the race isn't this weekend, with temps of 38 degrees forecast. At the moment next sunday is a more 'mild' 25. 
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Been down in Kernow for the weekend & therefore offline. Drove back straight in to work this morning then ran at lunch so only just caught up. Those posting are certainly in fine fettle other than Macca. Hope you get that knee sorted asap. You've certainly shifted up a gear there Spoons, good to see.
    I'm still struggling to see much progress. Did a treble Friday with a faster 5M at lunch which was similar to the morning in BpM then jogged a K to my car which I'd parked away from school for a swifter getaway B) Lanhydrock parkrun on Saturday which brought the week's mileage tally up to 47 from 5 days.
    A swiftish Canal 5M at lunch was incredibly hot & humid which combined with tiredness meant I wasn't surprised to see the HR elevated again. BpM = 1216. HR peaked higher than it was at Saturday's parkrun!!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Steve - fair dos then.

    HAmo - more consistent work there.

    Well done SQ, BAC sessions are tough!

    Spoons - more good progress

    Joe - good thatvits coming togerher a bit more for Roth.

    I was in Blackheath from before 11 til after 7 yday for a county 50 over game with my younger lad. So did approx 8m round greenwich and blackheath, made sure i crossed the gfa startline. 12m today.
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    Joe - Sounds like a cracking weekend of training.
    Jools - Good mileage considering you are not back "at it" fully yet.
    Spoons - Cracking 20 miler!
    AWC - Good to hear the recovery is going well.
    Wet and humid 10 miler this morning....it needs to storm here to clear the air!!
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭

    Outstanding long run, spoons. Don’t’ think I have ever managed that in a steady state run (without sections at MP etc). Very impressive. And in Bostons not magic shoes as well!

    I think some recovery time post 100M is fair enough AWC

    You seem to be coming into form at the right time, Joe. My god I hope it cools down for you. What is the famous hill in Roth on the bike called – where the crowds are like at the TdF? That looks awesome.

    Good to see a return to triple days, Jools.

    Easy 8M yesterday morning before a standard blood test. For the first time ever, they couldn’t get any blood from me. Must have been dehydrated, which is a bit of a wake up call. 3M recover in the afternoon. 10 easy this morning on the canal. Missed the most of the rain. Don’t know if I can face up to a headwind commute tomorrow, so might drive then do a long loop from work.

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    Was a nice sweaty morning for it today Steve and SQ

    Back to it today with 9 inc 6 ~mp which came in approx 6.40 av. Didnt go too mad as i thought i might  struggle 1st session back. The aim this campaign will be to extend this up to 10m most weeks.
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
    Blimey, TR, you don't mess around post marathon. 

    Good to see the unbelievably early starts continue, Steve!
  • SQ - it's the Solarer Berg hill - full on tour de france style massive crowds, should be great fun. Make sure you keep drinking that water!

    Nice session TR.

    Sluggish recovery this morning, not much zip in the legs. Bike session tonight, hopefully the tables turn..
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    Howdy strangers? Sorry been AWOL, just couldn’t keep up with the forums.

    I reckon congrats are in order to Millsy and AWC for their respective epic Centurion ultra performances. Loved the reports. Somehow I’m still not sold to this ultra business … despite AWC’s transcendental expierence. I do love the prospect of hot pasta for race fuel though. Beats a gel any day!

    Also congrats to TR for slaying those Brighton demons with a superb sub 3 on a tough course in Yeovil. And you certainly don’t rest on those laurels looking at your sessions. Good luck for your autumn campaign.

    Sorry to read you had to drop out, Macca. Hate the no power in leg feeling :( Hope you get some answers soon so that those race entries don’t go to waste.

    SQ: I hope I remembered your name correctly and it was you who made into the Marathontalk Kit around the World hall of Fame with your short shorts :)
    Great half marathon result even if there were no pom-pom waving cheerleaders at the finish. And to follow that up with an excellent 10k on a tough course plus the hilly (and wet) half is commendable.
    I don’t do high heels but I swear by Compeed blister plasters.

    Hamo: you are making me feel really lazy if you’re doing a 100 mpw plan for a half! I thought the up to 85 marathon plan was plenty :D I took those split LT sessions by feel. Some days I would do the jog break on others I just wanted it over and done with and ran through. Mentally I find it hard to get going again after the jog break …

    Spoons: your recovery looks promising, especially your recent 20 miler and the sub 38 10k in nasty conditions.

    Steve: Good to see you back at the sessions.

    Jools: Hope there's nothing wrong with you. It looked like you had recovered OK. Maybe just a low-level virus. Whatever it is, I do hope it's short lived.

    HA77: May be worth to have your iron and B12 checked, especially if you had issues in the past.

    Joe: Good to see you. I hope Roth goes well for you and that things just fall into place on the day. Promise to stay away from rogue car drivers and tractors, will you?

    NE: How did the SW50 go?

    Can’t believe that I’m already in week 5 of my Berlin campaign. I’m struggling with the heat over here. Joe’s already mentioned the 38 degree forecast. Even though I do get up around 4am to avoid the worst of the heat it’s well over 20 most mornings even at this ungodly hour. I’m not complaining though and got most sessions in as per the plan. Weekly mileage so far: 60, 60, 65, 65 and if things go to plan this week will be 70 which is plenty for an arthritic old bird.

    Did a 10 miler with 5 @ LT today and was pleased to see 7:18 pace without feeling like I’m about to die.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    SQ - ha ha, in the old days after vlm i wouldnt run anotber long run or mlr until the following January. Im repeating what i did after Brighton, but have races the next 2 weekends so will ease up again. I was aldo interested in how recovered i am before sundays 10k, which could end up as a struggle.

    Chick - cheers, LMH and myself both had good days after an earler dissappointment, so it was nice to hang out together for a while afterwards. You are going well in readiness for Berlin.
  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    SQ...that is a good BAC session, sounds tough. You'r right, take it as a warning call and make sure you stay hydrated in this weather, its easy to let it slip without realising in the humidity.

    Spoons...super LR, that is quick going over 20 miles, your confidence must be soaring with the gains lately.

    AWC...if anyone deserves a bit of a break and detox, its you. Just keep it ticking over, the fitness and endurance is definitely there for August, no point in pushing too hard and ruining yourself before then.

    Joe...not too sure about your prediction, think you must still be sick  :D Glad to see your back at it, and hitting a bit of form just in time for Roth, i think you might surprise yourself there. 'Mild' 25oC gave me a chuckle, rather you than me.

    Jools...triple days is some going, and you'r not even fully back at it.

    TR...Fair play to you getting straight back into MP running so soon. 10k might be a struggle, but i reckon you'll cash in on a double marathon prep and smash it on fresher legs.

    Steve...nice 10miler.

    Chicksta...Yea i'm finding it hard to get going again after the jog, more a mental thing too i think. 4am starts is some commitment. You are building well for Berlin, excellent LT pace too.

    Monday was a double recovery day for me, 6 and 5.

    I ran a GA 11m yesterday morning then had our Running clubs summer games last night. I was team captain, of the...ahem...winning team  :DB) I ran in the 8x50m relay, 8x100m relay, 2x800s and the mile as the last event. Went 5.01 for the mile, could have and should have dipped under 5, but finished 20 odd seconds ahead of the field, and had no one to push me, so didn't want to flog myself and took my foot off the gas a bit, with being in the middle of a heavy plan firmly in my mind. Best part of the whole night, was my 3 year old running her 1st 2k and getting a medal for it...she just couldn't wait until she turned 4 to do the junior park run. She was delighted, and apparently the trophy my team won is hers for winning, and is getting pride of place in her bedroom  :D 

    Fridays planned double recoveries of 4 and 4 was brought forward til this morning, as i was feeling a bit tired, sore and heavy legged, and just couldn't face the LT run, it'll do tomorrow. Upon inspection, my watch tells me I've ran 107 miles for this rolling week, by far the highest weekly total I've ever ran, so no surprise i'm feeling it a bit. 
  • Enjoy the recovery AWC, you’ve earned it.

    Good to see things are coming around just in time Joe. Crazy temperatures over on the continent at the moment, at least it’s getting warmer here so you’ll have a bit of time to acclimatise. 

    Stick with it Jools, I was in the same position but eventually things will click.

    Greenwich looks so different without the marathon paraphernalia doesn’t it TR! Nice MP session.

    I try to only use the VFs for bigger sessions SQ, using them for all long runs would become an expensive habit! Great canal long run this morning.

    Well done getting the plan done despite the heat chicksta. They say training in the heat gives similar boosts to altitude training (albeit via slightly different mechanisms I think) so come September all that hard work should show.

    Confidence is definitely building Hamo, although still a long way to go so trying not to get too carried away! Nice work at the summer games, great your daughter enjoyed it too. 

    I got absolutely soaked on my easy ten yesterday, and unfortunately my waterlogged vest resulted in a shredded nipple. Had to tape them up for the afternoon recovery :D

    Change-of-pace tempo this morning from the Faster Road Racing plans. 4 mins sub-LT, 4 mins just above LT, then 5 x (2 mins sub-LT, 4 mins just above LT). Conditions were reasonable, bit of a breeze and a bit humid, but nothing terrible. Worst thing was the stench left from the floods! I was a bit nervous about the session as it’s quite tough and non-stop. Pretty happy with how it went though, I averaged 6:05/mi for the faster sections, 6:33/mi for the “recoveries”. This compares pretty well to when I did this session just before I set my 10K PB, when I averaged 5:58/6:29. So to get close towards the start of a training block bodes well.

    It was hard to judge at times as the pace on my watch was all over the place, jumping 20-30s/mi presumably due to the tree cover around the racecourse at this time of year. But I know not to read too much in to my LT paces in training, as they're never very impressive. The main thing is it was 38 minutes of non-stop effort. With the warm-up and warm-down it worked out to a sub-90 half too, always a positive sign when the midweek sessions start coming in under that barrier.

  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
    Haha, Chickskta, I'm pleased someone picked up on it  :D  I packed my MT t shirt and shortest shorts just in case. Good LTing from you. 

    What a fantastic evening that sounds, Hamo. Great stuff! And a huge 107M 7 days as well.

    Ouch, spoons! More importantly, I hope the tracksmith vest isn't ruined. Great LT session. 6:30 pace recoveries can't be easy! Really impressive. 

    Couldn't quite face the thought of a one way run commute into a headwind this morning, so managed to squeeze one in starting and finishing at work. I ran the two canal loop I tried this time last year - for some reason it is a really satisfying 20M route. Loads of wildlifeL a crane (or stork, can never quite remember which is which) following me for a few miles, rabbits, cygnets and ducklings. Mostly it is really nice crushed gravel paths, although given the recent rain, there were some slippery and muddy sections. Given that, I was really happy with an average pace of 7:04. It wasn't at MP effort levels, but I decided to push it a bit more than usual - more of a spoons/HA harder effort long run. A full cafetiere of coffee was required upon my return. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Hamo - great stuff.

    Spoons - nice, you've seen a few improvements lately. Great feeling.

    SQ - cracking long run there.

    Interesring re training in the VFs. Ive always worn heavy duty trainers, but thought my current Nimbus were a bit too heavy for marathoning, so i went down to Rides snd saved 50g a step at Yeovil. Im a bit heavy in weight and heavy on shoes, so think id destroy VFs but ive bought a pair of fly flynits (as they were LT £100) which are the heavier training version, ill wear them in my 10k sunday and see how they go.
  • Some impressive training going on, it’s starting to feel a bit like spring. 

    Great consistency with a decent LT Chicksta.

    SQ - well done on taking in all the wildlife at that pace, and the midweek 20m.

    RSR - that’s great progress, 6:33 “recoveries”, reward for all the S&C.

    Hamo - Joe has a bit of form for accurate predictions😉.  Good to see Team Hamo squeezing in some fun amongst the impressive sessions.

    Joe - logging some great sessions on Strava, I almost gave you some kudos for
    the IM swim then remembered myself.

    TR - impressive recent LR and MP runs.

    AWC - sounds like a good plan for NDW, between recovery / tapering I don’t think there’s too many gains to be had.

    Building the mileage back up nicely Jools, as RSR says it will come, I think it was Monday that was incredibly humid which probably didn’t help the bpm.

    I saw a fizz yesterday who thinks it’s patella tendinopathy.  Always nice to get a name to these things but the best bit is it should respond to careful running rather than complete rest, Dr Google had prepared me for far worse.  So a bit more cycling for a while (which is growing
    on me) and some flat, short easy runs.

  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Sounds like relatively good news then Macca. I'd clocked your 2 mile jog (yesterday?) on Strava.
    Cracking runs from SpoonsSQ. Nice racing and huge mileage from Hamo.
    Good to have you pop in Chicksta - that's a good block of training you've strung together in the interim, bodes well for Berlin.
    Took my resting HR this morning: 41 bpm, so nothing amiss there.
    So far this week I've done 5.1, 8+3.3, 6.6 all a touch above 1200 beats/mile, legs feel shot afterwards too like I've done a session so still puzzled/frustrated. 
  • NorthEnderNorthEnder ✭✭✭
    Sorry...life's been frantic. Just to report that I am suffering DOMS like never before.  The first couple of days after my first marathon might have been worse, but I am sure that they dissipated quicker.  It's now 4 days on and my quads are very sensitive to the touch.  No way could I run yet.   Anyway, this is the brief report I put on my facebook last Sunday evening.

    I set off on the SW50 ultra yesterday at 9.30am hoping I might finish in daylight. Good news - I succeeded. Bad news - that's because it was 4.20am Sunday morning!

    Brecon-Cardiff. 52.5miles, Over 10,000ft of climb - some of which was really brutal . Memories of going up the steep side of Tor y Foel having already done Pen y Fan and Crybyn will hopefully live longer in my head than in my legs - which are currently killing me.

    Simply didn't train enough for this, and went in sleep deprived and this course certainly found me out. Took an hour's rest at Checkpoint 2 and was so knackered by the time I got to the Caerphilly checkpoint, 10m from end, I thought I might have to pull out. But 90 minutes fast asleep on a lino floor - some hot soup and I actually ran the last leg quite well.

  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
    TR - I notice a huge difference for effort/speed regarding which type of trainers I wear. I definitely stick on lighter trainers for races and workouts - a big benefit to be had, I reckon. 

    If you can run that is great news, Macca. The Magness and Marcus On Running podcast this week might be of interest - all about when to run when injured. Very interesting to hear about doing strength work in one (healthy) leg still activates the other non-working (injured) leg by 12%. 

    I was going to suggest it was time for a new watch/HR, Jools. But if you are feeling that knackered after runs the it would seem something is definitely up. Hope you get to the bottom of it soon. 

    That sounds an epic race, NE. Anything that necessitates a 90 minute nap mid run is brutal! Hope you enjoyed it on the whole and the legs ease a bit. A gentle walk or cycle might help?

    Squeezed in a 4M recovery yesterday afternoon before gym class, giving a punchy 50 miles in three days. Might have to enter an ultra! 7M miles recovery this morning at 8:45s. Felt relaxed during it, but a bit stiff and weary legged now. Will try some kind of short and sharp interval session tomorrow before easing off in advance of Monday's 10k. 
  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    Spoons...a sub 90 half on your own in training is always impressive, well done on the change of pace LT session. I'm strangely looking forward to giving one a go in the next few weeks, if not a bit apprehensive. I'll have to reread the chapter on them though, as i'm still not 100% on what i'm actually meant to be doing  :D 

    SQ... class LR and an excellent pace, certainly run at a good effort. 20 miles on a Wednesday morning is some  commitment to the cause.

    TR...i'm training in the standard flys (not the flyknit) at the minute (complete bargain in the Nike outlet 2 pairs for not much over £70 with the way it worked out) and they are a good job i think, certainly for the faster stuff, and the are wearing well. Hope yours fare well for you on Sunday.

    Macca...At least you have a name for it now, is right, and you Know what your faced with and how to improve it. Really glad that its not near as bad as Dr Google would have you believe.

    NE...that sounds brutal, congrats on toughing it out and finishing it. And daylight is daylight, you achieved your goal  ;):D 

    I was meant to do a LT session (22mins, 4mins jog, 18mins) but when i woke i was tired, and more annoyingly the hamstrings where/are sore so decided to skip it and replace it with an 11mile GA instead. Glad i did in the end, because my legs nagged at me the whole way round, not awful, but enough to realise that pushing them to LT pace wouldn't have been a good idea. I'll fit the LT session in next week, so should be fine. Absolutely lovely morning for it over here too.
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    NE - You don't pick the easy ultras do you!! 10k ft of climbing :o Brilliant result though and well toughed out.
    Macca - Some good news then!
    Hamo - Top running from you and daughter.
    SQ - I had forgot to mention your MT shout out! Nice long run and wildlife spotting!
    Spoons - Nice session. I had a look at the more advanced plans in P&L, but not sure I'm ready for those just yet! I'll stick to the standard 40 minutes at LT as the max!
    TR - I do most of my runs in the Zoom Fly, really nice, you'll notice the difference over the Nimbus which I now just use for shorter stuff and recoveries.
    Chicksta - Great training in the heat! Please to hear someone else is out before 5am!! That's big mileage so far, with good LT pace, bodes well for Berlin.
    Joe - Good luck at Roth!
    Jools - You'll get back there, as resting is OK, clearly just need time.
    10 miles with 20 and 16 mintues at LT today. 20 minutes at 6:17 average and 16 minutes at 6:22 average. Happy with that, considering the first 20 minutes included a way too fast 3rd mile in 6:09!!
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
    Wise idea to bin the session, Hamo. You've had a huge week and I remember that being the toughest session on the plan. 

    Very strong session, Steve

    I get half price trainers once a year (including sale discount) at Runners Need through my Vitality insurance. My adios (fast workout/harder long run) need replacing, so I might go for these. Although willing to hear of alternatives. Which Nikes would most closely match them and is it worth swapping? I have always got on very well with the Adios. 
  • Luckily the vest was so wet the blood didn’t get any chance to dry in SQ, it washed away under a tap straight away. Doubling on long run day :o Very impressive!

    Definite gains to be had from lighter footwear TR. I got a free pair of Nimbuses for a magazine thing I was part of last year, they’re like bricks compared to something like the Zoom Fly so I’m sure you’ll notice a big difference.

    Sounds positive about the knee Macca. Although cycling growing on you does sound worrying… ;)

    Sorry you’re still struggling Jools

    Sounds like a tough one NE, well done for completing.

    Hamo I find judging the varying tempo really hard, and always slow too much on the “steady” sections. However, it does make things more interesting than a non-stop tempo. And two years ago I was flying after doing a couple of them, so they certainly seem to work. Sensible to listen to your body, consistency is much more important than slavishly sticking to a plan.

    Great pace on that LT run Steve. You really seem to be flying at the moment.

    Talking of fast shoes, the new Nike Vaporfly Next% has been released today if you’re a member of their “Nike Run Club” app. They don’t seem to have instantly sold out like the 4%s used to, I think they go on general release tomorrow. One of the listed features made me laugh: “The translucent grid pattern looks fast.” :D Although given all the research on placebo effects in endurance sport, looking fast could well help!

    Much more pleasant ten miles along the canal this morning. Although I did see a seagull swoop down and catch a little duckling that was swimming along, which was a bit of a surprise. The harsh realities of nature! Although I do love some crispy duck, so can't really judge... ;)
  • Chick - must be really tough in those conditions, sounds like you're going really well though. Nice work on getting it done early!

    Spoons - things coming together nicely, great pace there.

    Macca - glad you're back on two feet, ease back into it, you don't want to sideline yourself for any longer than necessary. 

    NE - fair play for gutting it out, huge effort. Sounds proper hard.

    Hamo - sensible decision re; the session, still logging some serious miles, nice work with the relays as well, sound like great fun.

    Steve - nice session mate. 

    SQ - just buy a few pairs of next %'s, they won't set you back too much..

    Hit the track this morning for some 'endurance' 800's (x12), a session I used to do quite a lot last year but with being ill and not running much, I've not done any running sessions since London.

    Idea is to run these at around half marathon effort - I decided under 3 minutes would be reasonable. Ended up averaging 2:54 which felt hard but manageable. The disappointing thing was that looking back, I did exactly the same session this time last year (10 days out before the race) and my HR was a full 10 beats lower back then! I suppose I need to accept that I'm just not in the run shape I'd want to be in and adjust speed accordingly. 

    The rather pleasing news was that, Katie ran 10 reps with me at 2:54 pace! By far the fastest she's ever done them, and was great to have some company. Things looking promising for Frankfurt in 4 months time. 
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    NE: Congrats for sticking this one out. Sounds absolutely brutal and certainly not something I'd fancy having a go at :D 

    Hamo: Smart move to back off. You've done mega miles lately and increasing intensity AND volume often leads to injury. That speedy stuff at the club summer games is a good replacement for the LT run methinks.

    Spoons: Interesting stuff about training in the heat boosting performance. I had no idea. Really good change of pace run from you. I find those super hard to do and would probably opt for the treadmill or just go by effort.

    Nice miles, SQ. Can't help with Nike shoes, never worn any. And I'm too slow to justify those expensive Vaporflies...

    BTW: How do people get on with the 10mm drop in the Vaporflies? I get injured if I go over 6mm :(

    Macca: That's the diagnosis runners want to hear ;)

    Jools: most bizarre … at least the HR seems to behave itself again. Let's hope the legs follow.

    Steve: Excellent LT run :+1:

    Joe: Speedy stuff! A bit sobering when training data make it so clear that you are not as fit as you hoped you'd be by now but we are not machines and sometimes a training cycle just doesn't go as well as planned. There's a lot more to come from you and Katie by the sounds of it. That girl can run! Amazing.

    A rather heavy legged 15 miler for me this morning. Can't use the heat as an excuse today as it was only 16. Very nearly cut it short but I'm not injured or ill so it was just my inner Homer trying to stop me. Wasn't pretty but now glad it's done.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Macca - good to have a diagnosis and path back.

    NE - wow, sounds brutal.

    SQ - hope yr 10k goes well, you have been going well recently.

    Hamo - very wise, good to avoid settung yrself back when you are going do well.

    Steve - that was some sharp running.

    Spoons - i get attacked by nesting seagulls this time of year by my work when i run. They get pretty angry.

    Joe - good to see the 800 reps. Great that Katie is going well again too.

    Chick - well done for hanging tough, you remember those days on race day not the easy days.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the shoe comments. I used to use Saucony Triumphs but when i got back to it a couple of years ago they'd been changed, do i got some Nimbus from the Asics outlet. Recemt use of the Rides makes the Nimbus now seem heavy as you all say. I used them for racing before Yeovil too.
    The Rides are still training shoes but are a lot lighter. We'll see how the flynits go sunday.
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