How important is strength training

I’ve only been running for 5 months so I am very new to all this, I’m running the GNR for the 1st time. I’ve done quite a bit of research and see lots on strength training, is this really important for running, I already go to the gym (although this has been cut to once a week these days) just wanted to know what non professional view on this.


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    It's important to strengthen calves, hams, glutes and core - the rest, less so. I used to be into lifting big weights - benching, deadlifting, military press etc - but for distance running it's better to concentrate on more functional fitness since you're aiming for endruance rather than power and speed. Doing a circuit class, pilates or core classes will likely benefit you more than trying to max out your deadlift. It'd be worth your while to visit a spots physio (preferably one who is a runner or treats a lot of runners) who can assess you and find any weaknesses that you will want to address.
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    I think deadlifts and squats have a place as they work the posterior-chain: 3 x 10 reps of each using a moderate weight w'30s recovery between sets is a good workout (my glutes are still complaining from Weds) and it's over in under 10 mins. Just keep your back straight is all.
  • I think its probably a nice to have and the pro athletes will be doing it - but they have a lot more time for it than we do.

    Unless you've some weakness you know of - I'd just run. How is the GNR training going ? 
    hev34 - if you go to the gym once a week and used to do more then that's fine and no need to do any more for your first half marathon.   

    Focus on the running for now so when you go to the gym apart from a warm up skip the aerobic stuff, your running will take care of that and just do some light weights in the gym.

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    Thank you everyone for the advice, as I plan on carrying on running after the GNR I just want to make sure I’m going in the right direction.
    I’ve just been on holiday so this week I’ll be stepping up the training, but everything is going not too bad, just need to work on time rather than pace and I’m sure I’ll be just fine.
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