50/Menopause/marathon training going badly, help

My extreme apologies for posting this prob in the wrong place as i couldnt find where my last post went to. Nothing here thats TMI but lack of hormone (estrogen ) has effect on testosterone. Symptoms can include , aching muscles, no strength, easier to injure , pains everywhere. I posted this on a commomly used sight Menopause Matters- its been viewed 24(!) times and no reply - ( very hard to find women who run outside sites like this! ) Im stuck for expert help as doctor doesnt excersize said just satisfy yourself with 6 miles. Sorry no. So im on here as pals are all couple years younger , not in this situation and no one else to ask.............

(Urgently searching for long time runners - anyone doing 40-50m a week?)
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My approx mileage is 45 miles a week, was mostly a hobby, few half marathons . I live in Perthshire , lot of hills which always managed to varying degrees- no fell runner but i enjoy trail. If doing more mileage with partner had gotten to 9.5 min miles - i know not fast. Latterly feel like no muscle strength at times. Longest distance was 1/2 ,then decided to do local marathon so started on training plan which was slowly working, got to 22 and legs tired but was on course , had 2 months to go, then strained abductors made me realise not cross training . My leg would tire and could hardly lift it. I went back to swimming which i still do and has helped , with some cycling. Fine , did less running so knew id have to play catch up, a month later friend encouraged me to do local marathon- i had a month and that included taper week. All was fine but during that i changed HRT and now i find muscles knotted, tired as if made of wood at 20 , i used to need the odd rest day but now its as if not recovering. I was meant to do 22 sun but 20 was enough- legs like bricks , didnt run mon but swam to loosen muscles, ran 6 tues , bit hard but ok, 4 on wed night could barely get up hills and lift my feet . Today was 10 ...same with hills, yet again barely lift feet, no strength , muscles tired as if dragging cannonballs. I had protien shake Sun after run . Dont know what else to do. Doctor has mentioned adding testosterone gel (although i dont talk running with her as her advice was just stick to 6 miles so i dint see her giving much sympathy for struggling with marathon training!) I have barely 2 weeks left to even add that 2 miles but its getting harder , i just dont know why ?
Anyone with any similar experience? My strategy is 11min mile til 22 (hopefully ) and i used to be able to cope with jog/walk the last 4 . After Sundays carry on im panicking . Id hoped 4.45 but at this rate itl be 6 which i dread. Help anyone?


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    I really feel for you. I have no advice I am not in your position and not a medic. However I would go back to my GPs, is there anyone there who exercises at all? Some nurse practitioners have excellent knowledge and understanding of the menopause would it be better to see one of them? I am sorry I have nothing else to offer. 
  • Unfortunately not , hence resorting to online help. Im sure someone with experience will pick up the post , but thank you for the reply nevertheless.
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    Would it be worth asking your GP for a referral to one of these?
    Some are NHS, some private. 
  • Thanks but already had referral and they do try to get most women sorted . That said some of us just seem to sail through and some go through a version of hell until were are through it and out the other side , even on HRT.
    You don't say what pace you're doing your training runs at.   You may be training too fast and as you've progressed through your marathon training you've just exhausted yourself and effectively been putting too much effort into your running especially your long runs.   I wouldn't worry about doing a 22 miler, most runners will train to 20 miles and find that's enough especially if it's your first marathon.  If you're planning to do a 4:45 marathon then your long run pace in training should be roughly 12 to 13 min/miles.  It's probably better to base your training paces on your most recent half marathon race.

    Ensure you're well hydrated at all times and eat well.   No need for protein shakes, good wholesome food and lots of it.

    As your marathon is imminent, back right off training and do a good taper with plenty of rest and a few short training runs at long run/easy run pace, no more. 
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    I see several additional details that must be uploaded here as the result of work. And, surely, you are welcome to work on it.
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    Soy beans (yuk, soak them and add to Chilli con carne type recipes) helped all my menopause symptoms. They make you f*rt to begin with though :-) . They are a oestrogen mimicker which is how they help.
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