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    Bloody weirdo.
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    Is that a cry for help Ric? 
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    This has to be the oddest page in this thread's lifetime!  No need to ask what o'clock it is for you Ric ;)

    Nice hanky, wink and hint of sweaty chiselled torso there Bus.

    I dare say your PMs are awash with a number of housewives wanting the full version :D

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    report tomorrow...will try and jog out something at max in the 8-10 region tomorrow. Been a busy week, so nothing too much to gain from too long a run!
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    They are SG, but funnily enough I never hear back from them when the see the rest :-)
  • Saw this on facebook, any meaning to it?

    Could be my mate from Swansea!
  • So you find me reclining trying to lie off my massive hotel breakfast in Majorca. You know, 3 courses 1. Cereal 2. Sausages, chips, onion rings, beans, scrambled egg. 3. Melon, pancakes, chiros . Actually my stomach is just starting to moan after 6 of them. 

    I’ll gloss over the 5000 at MK. Didn’t feel 100%, and the same dinner I had before that 1500m at Worthing which doesn’t seem to work. Went off too fast, 1st K 3.02, then kept to about 15.30 pace until 6 laps to go, then the wheels started coming off, onto 15.45 pace with 3 laps to go, then that horrible feeling trying to finish a race when you just want to stop. Stumbled over line in 15.55, not a great experience. Great event though. 

    Over here, been doing some tough 30 mins runs in the morning, picture to follow! And it’s nice that it’s under the flightpath like training at Luton LOL. Done three rep sessions, just 10 x 30 secs off 60, 20 x 30 secs off 60 and yesterday 20 x 20 secs. It’s so hot you have to do it after dinner. Just getting some speed in for the 1500 masters race on Saturday morning 

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    Not envious at all of your breakfasts, Simon! Hope you're enjoying the break.

    Gonna get a quick report in before SGs triple-pager.

    Indian Queens HM for me today, the flattest opportunity for a half in Cornwall, but this year they decided to change the route and add another 100ft of elevation. On the plus side, the route is now a loop, rather than an out, loop, back.
    I'll spare you the details of the route - it was winding around the lanes surround Goss Moor, with a long section on the old A30. Not a lot around apart from gorse bushes and cottages - quite picturesque, mind!
    So, given I'm not in HM shape, coach said to go out easy/steady and pick it up in the last 5 or 6 miles. Naturally, first mile is too fast, and isn't helped by being downhill. Settle into ~7:20s for the next 3 miles, before picking up the pace with a downhill and upping the effort up the main climb, putting in ~7:10s for the next 3 miles. Reach the top of the route at the 7 mile mark, followed by a decent downhill over a few miles. 6:40s for the next 3 miles, making the most of this, before the climbing starts again. It had started getting hot and at this point, so the next mile came out at just sub-7. Mile 12 was single-track, and so it made it difficult to pass a group that I had been gaining on, having to slow a bit and coming in at 7:20. Final mile is uphill, and conveniently I feel the onset of a stitch, coming in at 7:40. Manage to muster a sprint finish though, so all is good! Took a good number of scalps throughout.

    Finishing time is likely 1:32:5x, about 40s slower than last year. Granted, this year was hillier, but pretty sure last year was warmer. Although, this year's approach was much better - average HR was 6bpm lower than last year. I would have liked to have held 6:45s for the last 3 miles, but it wasn't to be. Good training effect without rinsing myself though, so that's a plus!
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    Wow Simon - that's up close and personal! Makes Bus' pic look in the distance!

    I think 95% of the thread would be delighted to be disappointed by a sub 16 5k, even on the magical running surface of the track ;)

    It says it all that as experienced a runner as you went so hard early doors. I dare say some of us non track racers would have been in the bushes by 2 laps!

    Matt - never spare the details son!

    I'm not sure what I like more, your coach allowing you to do a half marathon at the peak of summer, or you actually wanting to do one!

    Well tuckered out! Sooner you than me to say the least!

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    C'mon number 1, your race reports are overdue. Only the second one of course wasn't a race.
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
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    Right, Murder Mile 2019 then.

    After years of bottling going, even when Wycombe played away at Newport, 20mins away (!) the day after one year - a game I went to (!), this was now my 3rd consecutive visit.

    2017 had been well timed to be my 200th race, so 2 years on, up beyond 250 now.

    Having had a ridiculous drive last year, leaving at 3pm, and just about getting there for 7pm, I decided I'd get going at 2pm "latest" - as surely it couldn't possibly be as bad as last year anyway, and with an extra hour to play even less chance of silliness.

    No messing about with half days at work this year either, with mad 30mins home and messing about at the Marlow running shop on route.

    In the car at... 2.10 then, and basically 20mins to the M4, then most of the rest on the M4.

    Whereas last year I had the sinking feeling of the road to the M4 being slow itself - it was easy going to the M4, before a dreadful 15-20miles of 50 zones.

    Not the fastest going after that, with at least 2 randoms breaking down in the middle and fast lanes! I can only imagine the stress of that. And how the middle laners had got to the hard shoulder, yet left their car in the middle lane I can only guess! Sheash.

    Plenty of time to mess with, and even a luxurious 5min service station break at Magor.

    Rolled into the close proximity of the event at about 5.40 - the drive still amazingly taking about 3hr 30! (better than last year's 4 hours though!)

    In 2017 I drove up the murder mile - almost rupturing my clutch in the process, a genuinely scary drive.

    In 2018 I didn't even have the option - having turned up on the start - meaning ditching the car at the bottom, and racing without a number, off zero warmup.

    THIS year, I went for the smart option - driving an extra 8-10miles or so, but going the "Long way" round.

    Laughing at the organiser's "follow xxx road, and take 1st left at roundabout", as I followed said road, and must have passed a number of junctions that surely were roundabouts - before being delighted to see a handwritten "MURDER MILE" sign.

    Phew - half the battle is getting to this one!

    Postcode took me to the church - and then it's a mile or so down the thinnest roads you've ever seen - praying that no one comes the other direction. Phew - they didn't!

    To the parking field - and a jabber at the marshal about how this way round was just a little ever so massively easier a route in!!

    Strutted around in my obviously "outsider" running vest, taking in a load of local vests, and accents.

    Took in the views - this one below being from the top of the Murder Mile course. Glad I'm not racing  up that - offroad!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    alehouse said:
    C'mon number 1, your race reports are overdue. Only the second one of course wasn't a race.
    Getting there son!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Strolled down the little hill to the set up site, taking in the sights and hubbub of activity.
    Loved the little dj set here - with proud welsh flag.

    To the sign in, wondering if the organiser has remembered his little promise to me on the Islywn facebook group that I've been a member on since the first race.

    Top guy that he is - he HAD remembered - giving me my first ever race wearing a Number 1 :)

    Right up there with wearing the number 4 at the Wycombe half one year, and the Reading half elite place I'd blagged in 2015.

    The atmosphere was brewing , with a general mood of excitement and a little bit of fear.

    I was feeling slightly sheepish with the Number 1 on, but still enjoying it :disappointed:

    We did have time to take this little comedy pic - although stopping at finding any other consecutive numbers!

    I should probably point out it was already pretty sweaty at this point - just standing about. Gonna be a humid slog up that hill today!

    Got chatting to a local geezer, and swapped recent mile times. He seemed concerned that I was a 4.55 miler, and talking about sub 10 :) His was more 5.30, so he reset it - but told him see how it goes! All bets are off on this one!
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    From a miniscule cult classic race that had 12 nutters in the first year, this race has swelled up.
    This year apparently numbers were pushing 300 this year. On checking, last year was 169! That's close to doubling!.
    Therefore, they decided to have separate men and women's races.

    Men were still up at 7pm, so I trotted down the hill as my warm up, getting looks of "who's this nutter" for even trying to jog down. The steep half is pretty difficult to even jog down at about 10min miling. It gets easier down the hill, so I put a little bit of pace in, and a couple of "strides".

    Chatted to the farmer and family who treat this like a real event every year, all with seats and ting out! Just checked that they were at about the 1/3rd way stage - trust me, every little benchmark on the route is pounced upon here!

    To get down the hill about 5th, with 20mins to the start! Eyeballed by a couple of locals, thinking who is this guy. 
    One guy was adamant that it was "just a mile" and would be comfortable. Made a mental note to look out for him later!
    Different chaps from the front runners last year, but still a few handy looking AC kid types.
    Noticed a stream to the side that I totally didn't notice the last years - probably because the bushes were my only concern at that stage :D

    Cannot pretend I fancied this to any level at this stage. Felt a little lacking energy, but at least not a bit "heady" and stressy like last year!
    I think the one thing last year did have over this year, was not having the trudge of doom down the hill. That really puts you off mentally, knowing you'll be hauling back up there in a bit!!

    Usual pre race banter floating around, and clocking a guy wearing a headcam! He said it'll go on youtube, so will look out for that in due course. Not that I'll be in it, he went off decently!

    Car emerges down the hill - it's just some guy!!

    The organiser comes strolling down - not the 4x4 he almost drove into us all with last year :D  

    Watch and phone at the ready, and GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Set off steadily, for the first 100m climb or so.
    Then up under a tunnel - this is already pant fare.

    Levels very slightly for the least gradient of the course, and it's already not easy, despite hardly feeling like putting beans into this.

    Am down from my 5th and 6th of previous years.

    Suddenly up to the farm, I'm less chatty with them this way round funnily enough!

    I've perhaps unwisely got it in my head that it's "smart" to walk from half a mile, so I'm literally staring at the watch to see where that is.

    Round a bend and this is a long steep stretch. HECK.

    Get to half mile, and put a walk in.
    The problem of course is when you allow a walk, it's a huge effort to get going again and it won't be much quicker if at all!
    I'm using everything I can, point 5s on the watch, random people on the sidelines, but it's hard work!

    Gonna struggle to match last year I can feel.

    Pal from earlier passes me with a pat on the shoulder - the slowest pass ever seen in a race :)

    Try and give it a response, and a bit of back and forwarding but not much there.

    This pic probably says it all
    Although I have to admit I put the tongue out to milk it for the camerman :D

    The pic certainly doesn't show how steep that hill is trust me. But the guy number 78 for certain does, plus my dainty little steps even at walk pace!

    Green vest, mr "it's only a mile" comes past, but I hold just that tiny last bit of competitive spirit to not allow it, and just about get back ahead by the top...
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    And bizarrely, can find a pretty fast sprint on the flat.

    10mins is close, and I'll have to push it.....but despite almost rear-ending the guy in front, and stacking it on some stony ground, and over the best finish line in the racing scene



     :o  :'(

    Never mind. 10 is an arbitrary round number they say is a good effort, but hey, can't always hit it.
    9.44 and 9.28 last two years, for 5th and 6th

    10.02 this year for...13th!

    Yes the numbers were higher this year, but my time last year would have got 6th again this year.
    Probably walked a little too soon this year, but maybe being higher up the field was more of a mental boost the last two years. Or maybe it was simply more humid this year - which I'm obviously no fan of.

    1min 20 or so off the winner this year, he must be a quality runner as even James Thie, ex International didn't do hugely faster 2 years ago.

    I was surprised at the guy who came 3rd - 9mins, looked quite a tall bulky guy, but again - it's simply different rules for this sort of event. People you can smash on the flat can take you to school on this sort of race.

    Chap i'd met earlier, got in for 9.59 which was well timed :)

    A good amount of time lying down after - that sprint does not help after such a climb!

    Then took my free beer - asked for the top to stay on, so I can take it home and give to someone!

    Watched the ladies race finishers - from the 11.02 (1min behind me) winner, to those who'd really struggled to get up (final time 32+ )

    Some chat, some revelry and hung about for the presentation which was done at the event this year.
    Last years it's been taken to the Church Inn a mile back.

    Having seen how tight the roads were - and how little parking there was, I certainly wasn't going to be going to that! 

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    What I "should" have done now, was do a couple of laps of the carpark field and get off to the hotel...

    What I did do - in my infinite wisdom, was head off here

    It was only a couple of miles away in fairness - after a drive down the Mile hill, and out.

    I'll "Just run 0.5miles, or maybe 0.75miles out, and then back" I told myself.
    Hoping to see some of the random statues that are in the park for the snaps :)

    What very obviously, without anyone not getting it - was I discovered, it's not always that easy to follow your steps!!

    I got to this random place - which is a dark woody trail - and didn't dare mess about in there.

    On turning round, I thought, i'll take the lower road. 
    That will definitely lead to where I've just come from - rather than the upper road I'd used.


    1.2miles down the road, when I'd only come 0.75m on the other one, I knew I had a problem!!
    One of these ridiculous roads that curves and doesn't show you anything round it.

    Eventually I had to give it up - come back the way I'd come, with some tight ankles due to some stoney bits, and ended up back at the TWRCH trail, already with double the max mileage I'd wanted!

    Should have known I'd not be able to follow the original route, as it went offroad, into woods, round bends, up and down and looks a lot different in reverse!

    Found some random bike geezers, and they laughed when I told them the scenario..,.but they reckoned the carpark was "all down hill" and "about two miles away".

    There's just 1 carpark right chaps? Yes, they were adamant :open_mouth:

    Down this very dodgy trail, tiptoing - as doing an ankle here would be most uncool, especially as it was on the verge of getting dark - and although I had my phone on me there was no signal :)
    I also hadn't actually checked what time the park gates shut. What a carry on.

    Somehow found a random gate, and "followed yellow", which I'd vaguely remembered from the start of my run - despite not seeing any colours before!

    Past a curve - and there's a map! YES!

    THREE CARPARKS!!  Only a couple of miles to the furthest one though, and couldn't actually be sure which I was in. Doh.
    But what's this - it's the little river I'd run past earlier - YESS!!!

    All of a sudden i'm back on track, another half mile and I'm in - and actually had to run an extra 100m out and back to get it to 5miles ;)

    Relief to get out of there with a mere 5miles on the clock!

    In the car - and now a 30min drive to the hotel - the only Premier Inn Zip - on the verge of Cardiff - £20!

    Noticed a sign on the gate - closed at 10pm apparently. I'm out at 9 - loads of time - but just before dark. That would have been fun in the dark!!
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    ED - are you taking 3 posts, or 30 for this son?
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Glad to be in the car and on way to see what this minimised type of hotel would be like.

    Phone is too memory poor, and I had the trips pics and vids on it, so couldn't take any pics.
    But basically 2 camper beds, that can push together, tiny toilet/shower, and no frills - ie no drink making ability etc.

    No air con either, so a very sweaty sleep at 11pm  and setting the alarm for 7am to go and do a parkrun the next day...
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    edited August 2019
    Penallta parkrun then.

    Woke up feeling a bit knackered to say the least - and that sudden realisation I was attempting another turnout.
    Banana and 3 weetabix thrown down, and out the door 750 or so, and surprised to see a 30min drive ahead.

    I think the hotel location last year was a bit more handy - even if this was only £20 :)

    Good little setting Penallta. Council offices give tonnes of free parking about 100metres off the start, and course is in a scenic park - but the fast bits of it!

    If you're fresh I think you could bust juice round this course - last year I'd done a 17.57 setting off steady for 3km then ramping it up for the win (allow it)

    This year, after a 1mile warmup, I was in the woods, losing half my body weight in sweat it was so humid!

    This may have to be a steady job the whole way I think!!

    The organiser is the same guy from last night, knows me by now, so we have a little chat. Think he's pleased someone makes this effort to turn out at his races now.

    Good little atmosphere with dj music blaring out.

    I am NOT feeling it, and not just in the usual most races not feeling it way!

    Told some old geezer that I'd sit behind the leaders and see how it goes...

    Start line then - and I'm bemused to see some geezer with a buggy and kid bundle onto the front. Who the heck is this I wonder.

    We're off - and I realise I've slightly underestimated him!

    He and another guy go off like absolute MENTALS.

    Miles down the road.
    I've gone off decently, but I see about 6min miling, or just over on there, and that may well be my limit today I think.

    The first km is fast too - nice smooth path, but without any doubt at all the previous night's shenanigans have not helped.

    I'm not even in the top 4 for the first km, that comes up 3.40.

    Effort panting sounds fine, but legs aren't at the races. That's ok - you run as it comes on the day don't you.

    Round a bend, and there's a dead turn around a cone. Buggy boy has had to stop completely to manoeuvre! I'm past him.
    Once he sorts himself, he monsters by, with someone else.

    I clock everyone behind, and wonder how far down I'm slipping today.

    I'm in 7th at about 3km - this is most unusual - but it's not the most usual weekend!

    Under a little man made tunnel - very quaint - and decide I have to at least get past this geezer who might well be 50s. Get ahead of him and await the fast last km.

    Kind marshal tells me i'm close to the guy ahead, but in truth he's well down the road, and I'm happy just to finish it sub 19 today, at 18.51 for 6th!

    Tempo effort!!

    Made sure I told a few people I'd done a 17.15 a week ago at the finish, plus disclaimers about Murder Mile/evening lost rampage too :D 

    Noticed later the winner had "Only" done about 17.25 and buggy man hadn't even broken 18. So both must have made insane start kms versus the rest!

    I think we learnt without any sort of doubt that while you can just about get away sub 18 with the Murder Mile the night before, you can't be adding extra after.
    Probably didn't help that Monday was the 5k race, and Tuesday was a Dashers session.
    4 efforts in a week is too much really and something has to give in the end.

    Still a nice little trip all in.  Results not as good as last year - but other aspects were a bit more polished along the way - it's been a slightly different experience each of the 3 years.

    Couple of new strava buddies added too - can never know enough runners!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Squeezed a 10 today to make it a 53.5mile week, with 4 efforts.

    Will obviously not do the last BP of the series - that would be overkill.

    Dashers relays on Thur - pairs doing 5x1km each - will in effect be a chance to do Aley's advice on the faster kms with long recoveries.

    That's race 19 of my year (yes I count parkruns - even Saturday's one!) and I may look for one last 5k - to make it 20  (Scott- Wycombe have a game the day of the Gosport 5k which might wreck that - will see!)

    After that it's probs time to get some blocks of training in to have proper goes at maximising times - time to kiss goodbye to the mass of fun shorties :)
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