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    Marty, how is the cake diet going?

    Stan, I haven't tried it, and I was only repeating an anecdote on it above, not trying to imply it didn't have some kind of merit and weight loss potential, but I am assuming a high fat diet would be easy to rustle up? Although it would seem a tad inconvenient, the world is geared up to wrap your fat in carbs? Chips go with fish - what is batter - that has flour doesn't it - so do you cut through that and leave it? Sandwiches - you just eat the insides? Soup and a roll, roll goes in the bin, is the soup allowed? Pizza, you just eat the topping? Rice pudding, you use a straw to drink the sauce? I suppose I am not thinking about it the right way? Do you just go down the deli counter and order meat and cheese?

  • I tried "the Greek Doctor's Diet" years ago to see what it was like before recommending it to a diabetic relative. Wiped me out and though to be fair I did a lot more exercise than them it made me keep my mouth shut. 

    Looks like I might be signing up to ?? Walk/run ?? Munich to keep the OH company stop him chickening out
    We have friends there and it is a bigger race with a generous cutoff.
    I have got a big tub of glucosamine and the stretching and dunking the foot in ice water (as I type) seem to be helping with the PF.
  • It makes sense that different diets work for different people as we vary in genetics and microbiome.
    For me, low carb/high fat is off the table anyway, as a strict vegetarian and near-vegan. I prefer the basic advice of Michael Pollan: "Eat food*, not too much, mostly plants."
    *['real' food, not over-processed stuff]

  • Mr SS has just been entered into next years London Marathon via good for age. The very second I hit the submit button I realised I'd put the wrong time down but I phoned up and a very nice lady found the application and changed it immediately :)
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    I have fond memories of watching the track and field events of the München Olympics in 1972, we'd got a colour TV; Kip Keino won the steeplechase after his stunning win (in black and white - ha ha) at the 1500m in Mexico four years earlier. Confusion in the marathon when a masquerader managed to enter the stadium prior to the actual leader. The USA getting mixed up about the timing of when the 100m heats were and some of their runners not turning up... At the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014 Keino was introduced as medal bestower for an event I can't remember and I jumped out of my seat and whooped it up big time waving at him, I don't think he heard or saw me, I was half a stadium away, and, I don't think any of the people sat around me "got" what my huge celebration was about :D

    Munich looks like a nice flat course F2D, I am putting it on my to-do list :)

  • Good afternoon all.

    First rookie mistake, back from holiday and thought I must get the Hilton booked. Went on to Hilton Honors and fully booked.

    Just booked Protea hotel by Marriott 11-16 June, anyone staying here or stayed here? I've booked a Seaview room. Also took the option of pay on arrival, I'll not know till next March if I can definitely get the leave. Started looking at flights as well.

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    I have not stayed at the Protea, but I do know it.  Lots of runners stay there, and it is a nice hotel.
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    Dubai, if you are still keen on the Hilton it is worth spinning a general search every fortnight or so. I have been in the same fix as you before and haven't yet failed to stay at the Hilton. It will probably remain booked out on their own site, but they must spin out cancellations to the likes of etc from time to time.
  • Cool, thanks Dannirr 
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    lowrez - loved your recount of Comrades this year. I think all your musings would go down very nicely in a book.... :)

    And as for my cake diet, can thoroughly recommend it. Currently have a nice chocolate cake on the go. My qualifier is planned for about 6 weeks time. If it goes well, perhaps my approach is the future  :D:D

    JAR - really sorry to hear that diagnosis but fingers crossed for you on your recovery. Stay strong and you come back better than ever.
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    lowrez, my main memory of the athletics at the Munich Olympics is John Akii-Bua beating David Hemery in the 400 metre hurdles. For some reason I fancied myself as a hurdler back then. I can't remember being any good at it even though I used to practise jumping over bamboo canes in the back garden.
    Debra, I try to follow Michael Pollan's advice when it's just me I'm cooking for, harder when I get home from work and have two hungry boys to feed. Most keto diets seem to rely on lots of meat and fish, cheese, yoghurt, butter, cream and eggs, for all the protein and fat, so a near-vegan diet makes them impossible.
    Fido2Dogs hope everything you're doing starts to show results and good luck for Munich. I see you actually get to finish in the Olympic Stadium, looks a great choice.
  • Unlike Lowrez we only had a B&W telly  :(, but Munich was my first Olympics and it's what made me fall in love with sport/The Olympics/running. I think the most excited I have ever been in my life was when I was allowed to go to my friends house and stay up basically all night to watch the boxing Finals on his colour TV (in those days the Olympic boxing finals were all on one night, one after the other, culminating in the Heavyweight Final. I did the HM there 2 or 3 years ago and when we went to the expo through the rolling Olympic park it gave me goosebumps at first sight of the stadium and that 'futuristic' canopy. The finish into the stadium was really special, I was Frank Shorter coming down the tunnel, Lasse Viren round the bend, and Borzov down the straight! The only thing that shocked me was how small it looked from inside the track!
  • btw, should have said, it was a nice race, pretty flat if I remember, and well organised
  • Sounds good Max, am hoping for something v special for OH's first marathon.
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    Fido2Dogs - I've done the Munich marathon 5 times and it is a nice flat course which takes you past the points of interest including some kms through the Englischer Garten with the finish in the Olympic stadium.  You are at 500m above sea level but I've not found that to have any effect. My PB is from here. Unfortunately, the stands are not packed to welcome you home but it is an impressive stadium. As it's not such an enormous field you can get into your stride early on. I quite like the alcohol free Weissbier and Brez'n as they call it at the finish.  You normally get a nice heart shaped medal too!  It can be quite cool at the start but generally warms up.  The locals always seem far too overdressed to me.  It gets my recommendation and I'll be back again at some point.
    SS -  Good that Mr SS has a GfA place.  Maybe you can convince him  to try Comrades one time?!

  • Mac - the GFA place isn't a definite. They changed the system last year and he was very close to the time so I'm not sure he will. I have tried to get him to run Comrades with me many times but he doesn't think he's capable and I don't think he really wants to run that far.
  • JAR - all the best for the op tomorrow. Let us know how it goes
  • JAR: GOOD LUCK for the op tomorrow.
  • Mc HillyMc Hilly ✭✭✭
    Hope it goes well JAR
  • Mac3Mac3 ✭✭✭
    Fingers crossed for you JAR.
  • Terry48Terry48 ✭✭✭
    Go well Jon. We look forward to a good result.
  • marty74marty74 ✭✭✭
    Good luck JAR.
  • Managed 16 miles walk/run today which is the longest distance I've covered on foot since Comrades 2015... was wonderful though to be out on my old route (see all the boats out on the river). 
  • I have a 50 mile event place going spare to anyone who wants it. It is the Conquest of Avalon on 31 Aug (can't post a link as I'm new to the forum).

    Due to health reasons I'm unable to take part (or in any other endurance event from now on, for that matter).

    If you want it, contact me then donate 20 quid to either: National Kidney Federation or Kidney Research UK, and send me some kind of evidence and I'll let the organisers know you're taking my place.

    I'm going to paste this several times around the forum as I am unable to start my own thread without the required number of posts.
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    Couldn't resist checking back in to see how people were getting on. Great write up lowrez, brought back my own experience of the bus a few years back. Congrats on that Ll50 result Debra, fantastic performance.

    Took in a local marathon myself last weekend, first long run since Comrades as being honest I wanted a bit of a break. A friend of mine asked was that my first training run for Comrades :) 
  • F2D: well done!
    jkissane: thanks. It was a rather special result for me.
    I've been taking it easy the last few days, since I pulled a hamstrig trying to do a speed session two days after running the Vanguard Way Marathon a week after LL50 (yes, that makes it my own stupid fault). I was in Manchester visiting family this weekend, so I jogged round Heaton parkrun with my husband and with one of my nieces - her first parkrun, my 99th! They both sped up for the last 200m and I was sensible for once and didn't. I need to be fit with no injuries for Ridgeway 86.
    Phil N: Tempting, but not one week after Ridgeway 86!
  • BTW Debra & anyone else, my club does the aid station at sparsholt firs /mile ~63 so any requests considered (esp easy ones you can grab off a supermarket shelf)
  • F2D: that's a kind offer. Mini pretzels (the little ones you get in a bag, not the large bread-type ones). And orange quarters with salt available to put on them. And green-ear (vegetarian) Percy Pigs? And being nice to vegetarians and vegans by having vegan sandwiches (e.g. jam, peanut butter (with no marg/butter or vegan marg) separate from vegetarian sandwiches (e.g. cheese) separate from meat/fish sandwiches is always much appreciated!
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    Wishing some good news would come in from JAR but I suppose he'll be a bit immobile for a while. Hope your ham is better too Debra.

    I took some time to think about staying in SA for a while next time out, safari isn't really my thing, but the stuff below is, thought you might like a read, I am definitely up for touring this region and looking at the artefacts of a 2 billion year old impact from an asteroid that was probably the size of Mt Everest travelling at 20 km per second when it hit; that was a planet changing moment!

    So it was quite a bang and there is still a bit of a hole there today 

    There is very little of the original crater structure left, the outer rim and central peak have mostly eroded away during the last 2 billion years

    Here is the impact area 2 billion years later

    Here's a similar lookin' crater on the far side of the moon that isn't eroded away

    I know of at least one other hole in the ground, possibly only 200,000 years old, which is within reach of this area too, so an impact crater tour is definitely on!

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