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  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all, 10k intervals on the treddy today as I got soaked on my 15 miles yesterday! Resisted the urge to go to a marathon today and opted for some weights and abs work instead :smiley:
  • Evening all,

    Red, well done for running 15 miles yesterday in that torrential rain. A good decision not to run a marathon today.

    I set off this morning at 8.30 into torrential rain and into the forest. It was really waterlogged in places following two days of heavy rain, so I was glad that I was wearing my trail shoes. The rain did eventually ease off, but by than, of course, I was soaked to the skin. I had intended to run 13 miles, but I was feeling so wretched, that I cut it short at 9 miles.

    WtnMel, there were several "Almost an Athlete" runners at Sundays 54321 Trail Race, and I spotted two ladies running together whilst scanning the race photos. I could only read the name of one of them and it was "Mariel." I don't know if you know her?
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone

    I can’t help but notice that the weather is the recurring theme on here at the moment. It’s been shocking lately hasn’t it?  :/

    It’s been raining here quite heavily again today, but when I went for a 7 mile run this morning it was still fine, although rather chilly. I deliberately set out early in the hopes of missing the dog walkers, but no such luck, I got attacked again by yet another dog that wasn’t on a lead. Fortunately the owner managed to get it under control after a few attempts before any real harm was done, except to my confidence. It’s a shame because the Derwent Walk is such a lovely route, I usually see lots of birds, sometimes deer if I’m lucky, and this morning there were lots of rabbits and squirrels scampering about on the path ahead of me. But it’s also very popular with dog walkers as I’ve mentioned before, and the majority of them think it’s ok to let their dogs run free, which wouldn’t be a problem if they were trained to obey commands, however most of them are not. Still, no real harm done today but it is putting me off running there.

    As usual I see both Red and HS are putting in some incredible mileage and performances. It’s very encouraging to see that if you are prepared to put in consistent and structured training there is always the possibility of improvement. Some of our older club runners attended the Masters event in Birmingham recently and came away with wins and national age group records. I wish there could be more coverage of these events in the media, particularly on the television. I think if people were made aware that age is no barrier to achieving your goals, whether modest or ambitious, it would encourage them to get a pair of trainers, get out in their local park and reap the rewards both mentally and physically of regular exercise. 

  • Afternoon all,

    Aquarius, yes the weather has been dreadful, fine one day and heavy rain and wind the next etc. Well done getting your run in before the rain this morning. It's very unfortunate that you keep getting attacked by dogs. The owners really are inconsiderate and as you say have very little control over them. I find the same in the forest, although I have only twice been made to bleed by dogs. They do seem to run up to me though, and my friends have nicknamed me "The dog whisperer!" What annoys me is that they let the dogs loose in the fields where they chase the ponies and cows. It's a wonder they haven't turned on them and trampled them to death. I tend to try and avoid fields that have the white cows with horns grazing. I don't trust them at all. Galloping ponies are another hazard and they are quite frightening "following the leader!"
    Good to hear that some of your older club members have come away from the Birmingham Masters with wins and national age group records. I agree that Masters get very little media coverage, which is a great shame. I'm sure some of their records are superior to the seniors, age related.

    My trail shoes were still damp this morning after yesterdays run in the waterlogged forest, so I did a 6 mile fartlek run on roads.
  • ColumbaColumba ✭✭✭
    Hello all. I've been absent so long from RW, I'm not attempting to catch up, just jumping in on the most recent page. Good to see TE, Red and Aquarius still posting.

    Have not done any recent races, quite possibly never will, but as we now have a parkrun ("The Groe") a mere 6 miles from home, I am doing that regularly, and have so far always finished first in category, even on the one or two occasions when there has been another person in the same category! My arthritic knee is encased in a support for running, and seems to be holding up well.

    Agreed, the weather has been awful, but is supposed to be a little better for the rest of the week.

    TE, only twice have dogs made you bleed - ONLY twice???
    I once saw a dog running loose in a field of sheep. Then I heard a loud crack, and the dog yelped and fled from the scene at high speed. Presumably it had been seen and shot. Though not fatally.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Welcome back Columba, so lovely to hear from you again.
    Good to find that your arthritic knee is behaving itself sufficiently for you to take part in parkruns. It’s very satisfying to come first in your age group, even if on occasion you are the only one in it. My local parkrun rarely manages to get more than 70 or 80 runners, and I’m usually the only V65 lady, so I tend to come first in my age group too. :)
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Lovely day here so I'll be playing in the garden soon! No running today but done gym stuff with battleropes and  weights so that'll do.

    Hi Columba, nice to hear from you and great that you've now got a parkrun so close to home and that yoour knee is holding up OK too xxx

    Aquarius, sorry to hear you've had dog trouble again. We had an incident on one of our fields a couple of weeks ago where some tourists trespassed and also let their dog off the lead which then chased the sheep. They won't do that again!

    TE, nice fartlek session!

    Off to play in the garden :smiley:
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all - lots of good running been going on while I've been away I see.

    Red - I'm back from Blackpool but not in any rush to go back there :)

    Damien - I travelled light at the weekend so there was no room for any running kit in my bag and I used the train, so had no transport either.

    HS - I see in the latest Almosts news bulletin, Mariel Chretien & Jackie Slaughter did the Salisbury half-marathon in 3hrs but I don't know either of them personally.

    Aquarius - sorry to hear about you being attacked by a dog again.

    Columba - lovely to see you back here and glad to hear you're still running regularly and winning your age category even when there's someone else there too :) Can't help thinking having their dogs shot at more often might concentrate the minds of those thoughtless dog-owners.

    I ran with the club last Thu morning - the usual 5mls with loop-backs to the slower runners and 2-for-1 coffees afterwards in the pub garden.

    Been out for a run this morning. I only did 4mls but my avg pace (10:30mm) was a bit better than usual and Strava told me I had a new fastest mile time of 10:05 which was good news.

  • Afternoon all,

    Welcome back Columba! Good news that you have a parkrun not too far away. Well done getting first in your age category, even if you are the only one at times. 

    Red, an ideal day for playing in the garden.

    WtnMel, I wasn't very impressed with Blackpool either, even though it was many years ago.
    I thought that you would be interested to know that some runners from your club had run at Salisbury. 
    Good to hear that your running pace is getting quicker. 

    It's a lovely day today, so I decided to go for a run, instead of spinning. I ran 8 miles in the forest and took a photo of where a white cow with horns was lurking a couple of weeks ago, photo below, hopefully. 

  • Afternoon all,

    Another lovely morning and ran 8.3 miles in the forest with Sarah F and Mike.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
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    HS - well done re your 8ml run with Sarah & Mike.

    I'll miss tomorrow's club run as I'm playing golf tomorrow at Bowood Country Club - my friend Alan gets a free round there a couple of times a year via his Mercedes dealership. I could have run tonight instead but have decided to save my energy for tomorrow. As I hadn't picked up my clubs for a couple of weeks I went to the driving range this morning for some practise. Happy to report the vast majority of my shots were straight and true so feeling more confident about playing well tomorrow.

    Updated to mention to HS that my laptop is currently installing the Windows 10 version 1903 feature update .. it's been chugging away doing it for several hours now and it's still only 61% complete :(
  • WtnMel, I got the May update 1903 a couple of months or more ago. It didn't take all that long. 
    Good that your golf practice went well
    so hopefully you will play well tomorrow. 
    I've run 5 days in a row, so will take two rest days now. 
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    Hot, hot, hot! Out running really early, jusy 5ish miles, then have been strimming and scything the orchard so rather tired now!

    I haven't been to Blackpool since the mid 1980s so have no idea what it's like nowadays.

    TE, enjoy your well-earned rest. No cow in the photo though :-(

    WtnMel, hope the golf went well.

    Marathon for me this Sunday as my friend is doing her 300th marathon!
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Red, I’ve said this before I’m sure, but I don’t know where you get your energy from. A 5 mile run, then all that work in the orchard, and in the heat too! Where is your marathon on Sunday? I believe the forecast is for a hot weekend so I hope it isn't too hot for you and your friend.

    HS good photo, that looks like a nice route. I hope you've enjoyed your rest days.

    WtnMel, how did your golf go today? Red and HS both seem to be enjoying some sunny weather at the moment, so I hope you have been equally lucky where you are. I imagine playing golf in the rain and wind can’t be much fun. 

    No sign of any sun here in the frozen north, just alternating drizzle and rain, with strong winds thrown in for good measure. I went for a 5 mile run after lunch, and decided to go to the Derwent Reservoir for a change in the hopes of there being less dogs about. Luckily I only encountered six, and all on proper leads (i.e. not those ridiculous extending leads). I think because the reservoir is surrounded by farming land with lots of sheep and cattle, and therefore there are lots of signs reminding people to keep their dogs on a lead, no-one is silly enough to let their dogs run free. When I got home I decided to do a Pilates session rather than my usual stretches. Hopefully the various Pilates exercises will be as effective as stretching.

    Apart from Red has anyone any bank holiday races lined up for this weekend?  
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    edited August 2019
    Afternoon all,

    HS - don't blame you for having a rest day .. I struggle to run 2 days in a row, let alone 5! I had to leave my laptop installing the update overnight and then did a restart yesterday morning and left it doing that part of the update while I was out playing golf. It HAD finished by the time I got home! ;) 

    Red - we let our back lawn grow long this year apart from mowing a couple of paths through it. However, I've got to go out and buy a strimmer to get it back to normal before it stops growing. We think next year we'll do the same but sow a few wildflower seeds in amongst the grass. Good luck with your marathon on Sunday and kudos to your friend who is doing her 300th :o

    Aquarius - as I mention below, the golf didn't go as planned but we had an enjoyable time nonetheless. Good to hear the dogs you met were on leads. On my run today, I met several dog-walkers but they were all well-behaved and most owners moved over to the side to let me pass safely which was nice.

    Unfortunately the golf yesterday didn't go as well as the practise the day before. I kept 'topping' the ball despite going through the same routine as usual that I've been taught. And my driving left a lot to be desired. However, it was a lovely place to play golf but I hate to think how much membership must cost.

    Been for a run this morning. Just 3.5mls but I was impressed with my pace control - the first mile is uphill so 11:08 but miles 2,3 and the last half-mile were all a few seconds around 10:23mm pace.

    I only discovered its a bank holiday weekend a few days ago! We've got nothing planned and there'll be too many people around anyway if we go anywhere. My only 'definite' plan for the weekend is my swim club on Sunday evening as I'm on door duty. 

  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
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    Afternoon all,

    Red, thanks, it hasn't really been a restful two days as I've been catching up on chores etc.
    I wouldn't have the nerve to photo a white cow with horns. On the same subject, one of the runners on Strava said that there seemed to be cows everywhere and she tried to find a cow free route.
    Good luck with Sundays marathon with your friend doing her 300th marathon.

    Aquarius, I've been very busy during my two "rest days," so am looking forward to running again tomorrow. 
    Good that the dogs you encountered were on leads, and under control. I've found recently that dog owners have been more considerate and kept hold of their dogs if they weren't on leads.
    Hope you find the Pilates to be beneficial.
    My next race is the New Forest half marathon on 8th September.

    WtnMel, glad to hear that the Windows update eventually completed. Good that you also had no problems with dog walkers. Most are considerate, but there all always the few that wouldn't give a toss if their dogs attacked us.
    Sorry to hear that your golf didn't go as well as expected, after your good practice session.
    Well done for this mornings run, your pace is consistently improving.
    I would never travel on a Bank Holiday unless it was absolutely essential.

    It was fortunate that I had a dental appointment booked for this morning, as yesterday my gum in the top right hand corner had swelled up, and was very painful. I was quite worried, but the dentist said that it was due to an infected tooth, and he pierced the lump and drew out all the puss. He's put me on 5 days antibiotics and the swelling has gone down already. My cheek is still swollen though, but should go back to normal soon.
    I'm looking forward to running again tomorrow. :)
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Wow but it's hot already. I'll be staying indoors as much as possible today but just waiting for the wasp man to arrive to rid of us of several very active colonies! Methinks tomorrow will be a rather slow marathon for me  :)

    TE, poor you re the tooth and hope the antibiotics kick in quickly. Hope you got out for your run nice and early today.

    WtnMel, good running from you. If you decided to sow some wildflowers in the grass make sure you scratch over the patch to expose some soil in places which helps stop the grass smothering them. It's well worth the extra effort. Have fun at swim club.

    Aquarius, thanks, the marathon tomorrow is at Gravesend whch has a reputation for getting the top temperatures due to it's microclimate! Hope the pilates helped stretch you out.

    Have a lovely wekend everyone.

  • I am a mature runner new to the site and am booked on to run the Blenheim palace half marathon at the end of September. I haven’t done this before and just wondering if anyone has and what the course is like? Any advice would be appreciated
  • Evening all,

    Red, good luck once again for tomorrows marathon. Please take it easy in the heat.
    The antibiotics seem to be working and the abscess has gone down. My right cheek is still a bit swollen though. I set off at 8.30 this morning with Helen and we ran a slow 8 miles in the forest.

    tracy0904, I'm afraid that I've never run that particular half marathon, so can't help you with any details of the course etc. Are you a regular runner, or is this your first half? Have you been training specifically for the Blenheim Palace half marathon? 
  • ColumbaColumba ✭✭✭
    Elder Daughter did a triathlon at Blenheim Palace several years ago, and I went to watch, but of course a triathlon is not a half marathon! - It was impressively well organised, though. If that's any help.
    I had that experience with the Windows 10 update a week or so ago. It was taking so long that I gave up and went to bed and left it to update overnight. Then in the morning of course it had to configure the updates. Whatever that means. 
    Good thing the dentist got to you quickly with the antibiotics, HS.
    I never run two days in succession now. I seem to need a lot of recovery time.
    parkrun this morning; as previously, first in category - and there was one other in the same category!
    Enjoy that marathon, Red. How many does that make? - In your life?
  • I ran a 10k run earlier and oh my fahooking god it was hot and I was covered in them shitty beach flies.
    My ankle now feels like I have a trapped nerve in it.

     I think considering my weight of 14st 6lbs and my 5k is 23:38 ...not too shabby.
  • Evening all,

    Thanks Columba, the pain was awful, so it was such a relief when the Dentist pierced and drained the abscess.
    Well done coming first again in the parkrun in your age category, especially where there was another running.

    Damien, that is a very impressive 5k time, especially considering your weight, and having a suspected trapped nerve in your ankle.

    I ran 11.25 miles in the forest this morning with 4 club mates. It was very hot, so we took it very easy. Only 2 weeks now until the half and full New Forest Marathons. 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    HS - I'm hoping my golf will have improved a bit for our re-match this coming Thursday. Hope your infected tooth is soon back to normal. Well done re yesterday's 11ml run with your clubmates.

    Red - hope the wasp man sorted out your nests. Margaret has been reading up on what to do re sowing wild flowers - I'll just do the donkey work that's required! :)

    Columba - I see you also took the "head for bed and let it get on with it" approach to that Windows update :) 

    Damien - I'd hate to have been running in yesterday's heat (the 5ml round trip walking to the coffee shop was bad enough). I was 14st 7lb at the start of the year - have managed to get down to 14st but my best 5k time is still around 29mins so definitely not too shabby.

    I've been reasonably active the last couple of days. A 5ml round trip walk for coffee with Margaret yesterday morning - then at my naturist swim, I managed two lots of 400m (16 lengths) and as it was quieter than usual, had the pool to myself for the 2nd session. 

    I've been out this morning and run 5mls while it was still cool-ish .. but I was still sweating buckets afterwards! My club has an organised 15/11/6ml run along the Cotswold Way today but I decided to run around town instead before it got too warm.
  • Afternoon all,

    WtnMel, good luck with your golf on Thursday. 
    Thanks, the abscess has cleared up now, and my swollen cheek has thankfully returned to normal. The dentist will remove the tooth that has caused all the trouble on Friday.
    The swimming is a good way to help with fitness. I used to swim twice a week, but unfortunately I let it lapse, and it is now many years since I last went.
    I think that you made the right choice to run round the town before it got too warm.

    I set off for my run at 8.15 this morning and think that it was even hotter than yesterday. I ran 7.5 miles in the forest but found it hard going. At times I could hardly see because of the sweat running into my eyes. 
    I've noticed the facebook symbol has appeared beneath every post. I'm hoping that this isn't the first step towards closing the forums and forcing them onto facebook. 

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Ditto Columba - I was also 1st (of two) in my age category at parkrun on Saturday. I can’t run two days in a row either, I find I don’t have enough energy.
    Red - how did your marathon go? I hope the heat didn’t cause you any problems. There seems to have been an awful lot of wasps around this year, must be the weather. I trust the wasp man has now rid you of the little blighters.
    WtnMel I’m glad you still enjoyed your golf match even though you were a little disappointed in your performance. Good luck for Thursday. You’ve been having a very busy time lately, walking swimming and running. I wish I was a good swimmer, I’m very envious of anyone who can swim that far. It’s excellent exercise for improving or maintaining fitness (so I’m told).
    HS sorry to hear about your abscess, it’s sounds very painful. You’re lucky the antibiotics worked so quickly and your dentist is going to remove the tooth on Friday. By coincidence my youngest son started with an abscess last Thursday, it’s where he’s had root canal surgery in the past, and unfortunately the antibiotics don’t seem to be working. Painkillers aren’t helping either. He’s seeing the dentist again in a couple of days to discuss options. 
    Well done for managing 7.5 miles early this morning in this heat. 
    Well done Damien, both for tackling 10k in this heat, and for an impressive parkrun time. Hope the ankle is better soon.
    Sorry Tracy, I’ve no knowledge of that HM. Best of luck though with your training and the actual race.
    Since complaining in my last post about the lack of sun we’ve been sweltering in the heat for the last few days. It’s been quite difficult to sleep at night, even with the windows wide open. I believe the weather’s due to break today, with thunderstorms and heavy rain forecast. I wouldn’t mind a drop or two of rain this evening because I’ve a 10k at the coast. As I’ve mentioned before I’m hopeless in the heat so I hope the temperature drops a bit by 7pm.
  • Afternoon all,

    Aquarius, thanks it was very painful, but thankfully only for one day and night. I hardly slept Thursday night. I hope the dentist is able to sort out your sons pain. My dentist pierced the abscess, so I was wondering whether your sons dentist did the same.
    It was very tough running yesterday morning, but I think that I am becoming acclimatised now.
    There's no sign of the weather breaking here in the south, but it is forecast to get cooler. Good luck with your 10k this evening.

    I went to my spin class this morning, the first for about 3 weeks, as I've been concentrating on my running. It was a tough session, but made a break from running. 
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all, so sorry for abesence but I've been trying desperately to get the orchard strimmed before the rain came but haven't managed it as it's pouring down today - boo! Way too hot for me on Sunday; it was 30 degrees at 9am when we started and people recorded 37 degrees on their Garmins in the afternoon (it has it's own unique micro-climate there!). After 10 miles I was really over-heating so had a brainwave and got an ice block, which was keeping my recovery drink cool, from my car and stuck it down my vest which helped bring my core temperature down. After a couple more laps I baled out at 17.5 miles 'cos it just wasn't worth pushing myself to the point of feeing grotty and really glad I did. Mike was relieved as he wasn't happy about me doing it anyway :-) Will read back later. xxx
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    Red it sounds like you made a wise decision bailing out of that marathon, well done for sticking it out for as long as you did. Any race that requires you to resort to an ice pack to keep your core temperature down should have been called off. I hope none of the other competitors suffered any ill effects.

    HS thanks for the good wishes for my 10k. My son is seeing his dentist tomorrow, he hasn’t had the abscess lanced yet as far as I know.

    My 10k was in danger of being cancelled last night due to the forecasted thunderstorms, however despite the thunder and lightening the rain held off until the start of the race and fortunately was was welcomingly refreshing rather than torrential. (However I found out later that it had been torrential back at home, so much so that a quantity of soil was washed from our neighbours garden into our drive). This is one of my favourite out and back 10ks, taking place mainly on a gravel track through sand dunes, with a bit of pavement/road running and a single file section along a cliff top. I averaged 10.02mm so was fairly happy with that as the first mile was congested until the field spread out a bit, and the single file section slowed everyone down. This race sets the handicaps for our winter Grand Prix series of 5k races which start in October.

  • Afternoon all,

    Red, that was a very wise decision to pull out of the marathon when you did. I believe it would have been dangerous for you to have continued. I imagine that there must have been a high percentage of dnf's.

    Aquarius, I hope the dentist will be able to sort out your sons abscess tomorrow.
    That was a stroke of luck that the rain held off yesterday until the start of your race. Light rain is, as you said, very refreshing. I've done some of my best races in the rain. That was a good average pace, as it sounded like a tough course.

    I did a shorter than usual forest run this morning, as it included 4 x  round a hilly circuit. I've been gradually inserting more "efforts" into my training runs, which is helping my average pace.
    It actually rained for a short while this afternoon, but was only light.
  • Evening all,

    An 8 mile forest run this morning.
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