Berlin Marathon 2019



  • Final 'big' run in today - 30km in 2:32. Lots of hills and feeling bloody sore now, but happy with that and feeling very good for sub-4, if not 3:45.
  • That's a great effort Aussie. Running under 5:05 per km on your own in a training run for that distance should mean you can go even better on the day. Assuming you felt ok at the end then you are looking at something closer to 3:30. At the very least, 3:45 should be comfortable. Well done! 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Aussie-How does it feel when you run long at that pace,easy or tough effort?
    I am aiming for 3:10 and my long runs are at 5:15ish/km.
    Had a half marathon today as my last real effort,finished in 1:24:03 ,a 2:40 PB.
  • Final long run today. 20 miles @ 8:46. Fairly comfortable but couldnt inject as much pace over the last 5 miles as I had hoped. Legs were probably still tired from Friday's 13 w 10 @mp (8:10). Following Hansons so still got 2 more weeks of 55/54 miles and four more key runs. Has worked for my last two marathons so going with the same format.

    Very encouraging pb Ian - great confidence boost at this stage.
  • Well done to everyone doing their last long runs and half marathons this weekend. I did my last 20 miler which felt surprisingly comfy despite how exhausted I’ve been feeling this week. Definitely glad to be tapering now! 

    I’m aiming for around 3:45 too but my long runs are no way near as speedy as yours Aussie so I’m sure you’ll smash it. Just make sure you take it easy now so you’re recovered for the big day :)
  • Cheers all!

    @Ian5, it felt tough, but it felt sustainable for a couple more kms. Well hydrated (was wearing a 2 litre waterpack) and well gelled - I've learnt that I probably need to up my intake of gels over the run. I was doing them every half hour for the first two hours, but I think I might up that to every 20 minutes after an hour and a half.

    That's also an exceptional half marathon time, well done!

    @bobdidmadrid considering that Friday run, that's a seriously good effort. 

    Good advice @Momo21. My issue with Athens last year was that I essentially did nothing in the last few weeks after my biggest run and viewed tapering almost as 3 weeks off, so not going to make that mistake again and need to find the balance point!

  • Good news Reece!

    Ian - ran it at marathon pace. Although weather was perfect, so sort of wished I had raced it! Sensible to rest the knee. Congrats on the PB. 

    Great long run Aussie.

    Good long run Bob, that [email protected] would definitely still have been in your legs.

    Nice long run too Momo.

    Chippenham Half went well for me, averaged 6:16/mi for the MP section, bang on target, and in total it was 21.9 miles at 6:30/mi, which is my fastest ever long run (outside an actual marathon!) Taper time now, although while the miles reduce this week, still have a final big BAC session on Wednesday, and then the Worcester 10K on Sunday. Won’t be quite as fresh as ideal for the 10K, but Berlin is the priority.

  • Well done everyone looks like training is going well!

    Did 35k in 3hours in Sunday... really pleased as there is a 10k section which is gradually uphill all the way. Still think 3h 30m is possible and getting exited now.

    Bristol half this weekend anyone?
  • Bit of a shame that Eliud won't be running it this year due to INEOS 1:59!
  • Yes. Personally I think it would be a greater achievement if he broke 2:01 in Berlin rather than 2:00 in a 'staged' event. Still that's one position higher up we'll all finish!

    Resolved my BA flight issues - flying on Thursday now so an extra day in Berlin.
  • Been anxiously checking the weather forecasts - most seem to say 20ish degrees on the day, which is a little higher than I was hoping for. That's fine though - isn't it?
  • maccazz... I just ran the Bristol Half on Sunday and finished just after 11am.... it was full sun (no clouds) and appx 18-22c and it felt hot in parts where there was no shade.

    Likely we will all need sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and plenty of water but should be OK... but I would prefer 13-15c and light rain!
  • Thanks James! 13-15C and light rain would be perfect, but I don't think we're going to be that lucky :)
  • That forecast has changed in the last few days. I checked about 3 or 4 days ago and it said highs of 16. Hopefully it's more towards that end of things!
  • Glad to hear I’m not the only one obsessively checking the weather forecast! I would definitely prefer cooler with some lovely clouds.

    I also heard Ryanair are now striking on 27th as well as BA. I hope everyone’s flights are still okay. Never been so glad to be flying with EasyJet! 
  • Managed to switch my BA flight to Thursday. Will be anxious until I actually land in Berlin though.

    Forecast will likely change several times in the next week or so.

    Will do 10 miles GA on Thursday then switch the watch to km and try and get used to it before the day. Getting excited now!
  • BBC is still showing highs of 22c.... why are we English so obsessed with the weather! Hopefully it will come down a bit.

    I am flying into Berlin on Thursday with Easyjet and aiming to go direct to the Expo to get my pack and miss the Saturday crowds.

    bobdidmadrid.... I always clock myself in KM, a mile is just too long... don't know how you do it!
  • Have read lots of reviews for the Generali Breakfast Run and decided I'm definitely doing it. Looks like heaps of fun, very casual, and a beautiful start and finish.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    I was thinking about the breakfast run,but I get in late friday so satirday I need to get my number etc,thinking while everyone is doing the run the expo will be at its quietest.
    Nice week in crete coming to an end,not too much running done but hopefully enough in the bank.
  • Weather forecast has changed and says a bit cooler now - fingers crossed it keeps dropping!

    Glad to hear your flight is sorted Bob.

    And we’re doing the breakfast run too as my fiancé is keen to see the Olympic stadium.
  • Thanks Momo, they've now announced that the strike is cancelled! Cost me an extra night in the hotel!

    Do you know if the breakfast run is open to non-marathon runners?
  • Hey Bob - breakfast run is open to everyone apparently! My wife and mate's wife who aren't running the marathon will be joining.
  • As least you'll have an extra day to settle in before the race Bob!

    The forecast has come down a bit today, 18º by midday, not quite as bad as the 20º+ forecast a few days ago. Looking a touch breezy though, 12mph with 22mph gusts! Plenty of time for it to change yet though, so fingers crossed...

    I think I'm going to just join the breakfast run at the end - I really want to go in to the stadium, but I just want to be able to run my own final shakeout at my own pace.

    Hope everyone's taper is going well. I did my final session yesterday, all easy running now other than a final 5K at marathon pace next Wednesday. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Regarding the Saturday, I think I am going to go and do the parkrun, for a spot of parkrun tourism.  Over on the parkrun tourist facebook group I think a fairly large number of Brits will be there to tick a German one off :)  

    Looking forward to it although I have a few aches and pains.  Maybe that's just a small case of maranoia, and hopefully I'll be fine for the race :) 

    Did anyone else get an email about a data breach?  I got one saying that my partner's details (I have her as my ICE contact) were inadvertently made available to other people.  It was a long email and they were very apologetic, but obviously not ideal.
  • Yes I got the data breach email. It sounds like it was an accidental thing that potentially revealed data to other runners, not a targeted breach. Although weirdly, yesterday I got a phone call from a Berlin number claiming to be calling from Commerzbank. May have been a weird coincidence, but I hung up!
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Yeah, my other half isn’t happy. She has a job where she occasionally receives calls from German vets/zoos. She received one call from Germany yesterday, but it was suspicious so she hung up. May have been coincidence, but not sure. 
  • I haven't received an email, checked my spam as well.

    Got my final session tonight of an 8m tempo, taper is working though as legs are feeling good on easy runs. Looking forward to getting out there now. Think ive planned my route for my family as well, straight down to the halfway point and then get the S/U bahn back to the Brandenburg gate to see the finish. Will do a test run on Saturday but that should work!
  • Ps Did anyone see the Tracksmith Berlin vests? They look so good! Unfortunately they were sold out though by the time I discovered them
  • Yes Steve, the Tracksmith Berlin kit was really nice. I did contact them to ask if they were putting any on sale in Berlin at the expo or a pop-up but unfortunately they arent. Your viewing plan sounds good. Will suggest it to my daughter as a possibility. 
    I think they only sent the email to those that submitted their emergency contact details within a certain time window as not everybody was affected.
  • I actually thought the Berlin Tracksmith kit was a bit disappointing - it's a little plain. I was hoping for black, red and yellow to match the German flag, as that's also my club colours :D Quality kit though, I'll be racing in a pair of their split shorts - super comfortable, and have great pockets in the back for gels.
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