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    OK great.

    Clent is worth going to as it's the worcs multi-terrain champs. Plus they hand out all the medals from previous champs which you will otherwise never see.

    Granted there is a lot more effort and cost involved. I paid for my hotel in June so I've been a little presumptuous! You don't pay until you get notified on 22/08 and then have maybe 7 days.

    I would assume that when they offer gfa places they do so on same basis of ballot places in that they know a certain number won't take them ultimately so offer more than 3k I would think.

    4M at recovery yesterday followed by spin. 10 x 90s today at 5k effort.

  • I was going to do Clent as a threshold run DT, but if the 10k is anything to go on that may be enough to top my age group.

    I did another 5 miles without watch yesterday in the heat. No hill sprints though as my arse was feeling them from the day before. I am travelling back today and may have the late afternoon free for a longish run, fingers crossed.
  • As BBB mentioned the 1500m Saturday - there is a picture of the motley crew up at the end of the SG thread :)
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    Muddy - hope you're fully recovered now. York gets verty good reviews, I think you'll go well there.

    DT - Sounds like your training is going well, hopefully you'll get decent conditions on Saturday for the parkrun thrash.

    Simon - good to see BBB looking resplendent in his HP vest at the Nationals! Congrats on your win too.

    Generally ticking over, with a couple of efforts/sessions. Last week was the final race of the summer league series, a pretty dull 6 mile course on old mineral lines with about 3 corners, I ran it at a sort-of-tempo effort but it felt quite hard work. Due to the rule change and men being classed as vets from 35 upwards in this league and coupled with our abundance of fast blokes in this age category I'm nowhere near scoring for either the senior men or the vets, who both claimed the team titles.

    A fairly good session of 4*1200m on an undulating route yesterday.

    Looking ahead to the autumn I'm trying to get some speed back in my legs for the autumn road relays (DT - are you down for these?) in late September, followed by Worksop half at the end of October. Bob has floated the idea of a local 10k in early October which I might have a go at. I've got a couple more fell races, including one this weekend, to include in the schedule but I'm not planning on racing these flat out.    

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    Tommy, yes had our club e-mail this morning re midland relays. I've confirmed availability. I won't be available should we qualify, which I note is unusually on a sunday this year.

    Easy 8 over lunchtime. Nice in fairly Autumnal conditions.

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Good stuff, DT. A lot of our top blokes are available so I'll be in one of our 'other' teams; our new men's captain has come up with a decent sounding plan where the A team will be the fast lads aiming to qualify for the Nationals whereas the rest of us will be split into two other teams. He's going to try and make these teams as evenly matched as possible so we'll race each other as well as the other B/C/D teams.

    The Nationals are on the same day as the local 10K Bob is looking at. Very unlikely that either of us will be required for that if we qualify.   

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    isnt the nationals a 12 stage though  there your six and next best 6 will be required. Im planning to be at the Burnham half that day. 
  • Evening all. Hectic few days with the Masters at the weekend, a miserable early evening at the football on the Saturday when we got back, a meal with friends and much needed drinks after Sunday's 800, lots going on at work, and then another track 1500/200 racing double last night. Probably back to it with another 800/Mile double tomorrow as well, before getting back on with some training for a couple of weeks...phew.

    DT - Think the spring relays are 12 stage, but just 6 stage in the autumn. Not sure exactly why, but presumably to do with availability - perhaps track racers see the road relays as good preparation in the spring, whereas they're winding down by the autumn...just a guess. Autumnal for my recovery jog at lunchtime as well, but far from 'nice' in an utter downpour that neither the drains nor playing field could cope with!

    Tommy - Sure we'll be in touch elsewhere anyway beforehand, but hope the weekend's fell race goes well. The Summer League hard tempo, and 4 x 1200 session should both do you a bit of good.

    A bit more detail on the weekend and last night's efforts over on SG's thread if you're interested after distantly chasing Simon (ta for the pic!) round the oval in the 1500 on Saturday,  but to summarise:

    Sat - 1500m - Windy, fast first 400 chasing the trimmed field, solo time trial from there for a disappointing 4:57.94.
    Sun - 800m - Still very breezy, still last, but happier with my performance in another virtual time trial and in the conditions - 2:19.94. 5 seconds off a medal, still some way but 9 seconds closer than in 2015 in my previous age group.

    Tue - 1500m - Graded open meeting and could have done with being in the heat before. A handful of youngsters roared off, died after 700m, and I then comfortably led the rest of the heat, crossing the line 4 seconds ahead of the rest of the field on another breezy evening in 4:53.74. Should really be under 4:50, but it's tough when you've nobody to race.
    Tue - 200m - 40 mins later I had a crack at my first 200m race since 2015, and crossed the line 2 seconds ahead of the rest of the field in my heat in 28.88 which felt half decent on tired legs, and works out close to 77% age grading. Tempted to focus a bit more on sprinting to see what I can do as middle-distance prep next year, and work my way up to 800/1500, rather than starting only in the 5k to 5m area and working my way down. 

    All of that's got my RunBritain ranking down to 3.3 now - it's only been lower during and immediately after my best season in 2015. Hope to nudge it a touch lower again tomorrow night.

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    Yep, autumn are 6 stage for the men, 4 for the women. There is some rumouring that the regional spring relays will go to 6 stage (or a number less than 12) for the men and only the nationals being 12 legs. The reasoning being that the top 6-8 clubs are so much better and have much greater depth than the rest of the field that after the first few legs it's effectively a race between those clubs. This has become more apparent with all the long legs now being up first at the spring relays rather than spread out as it used to be.  

    Bob - nicely done. Looking good for your autumn peak which we spoke about previously. Decent 200m time, watch your clavicle if you start racing 200m races regularly.... 

  • Sterling efforts Bob to be matching yourself from 4 years ago and in crappy conditions. I was on a plane Saturday afternoon and it was rocking all over the place ! I do alactic strides fairly frequently ? Does that count as sprinting ?

    I did the up and down Worcs MT Champs (8km) last night. Made the mistake of running in my specs in the rain which got all steamed up and I couldn't see a thing for the first couple of miles. Before the race I thought I'd keep it as a workout around threshold effort but barely scraped marathon effort in the end and walked some of the steeper bits. It was, all in all, a fairly dismal effort and now my foot is quite sore from all the stony bits. At the awards presentation afterwards I picked up the v40-49 County 10k Silver (from back in July) and had a couple of shandies to celebrate  :)
  • Ok, replying to myself here.

    Another workout day for me at Walsall parkrun on Saturday. I was aiming to test out new shoes around half marathon effort, take in a social cooldown and breakfast with DT, then go to the nearby IKEA.

    I had a good warm up and felt comfy for the first mile but it was a bit alarming to see it come in sub 5.30. I cooled things down for the next couple of miles and finished without straining in 17.01.

    The course is a fast 3 lapper with a net downhill of a few feet. It's likely short as I don't think 17.01 represents my current 10k pace let alone half marathon pace on tired legs ! Still I'd like to go back there and have a blast on fresh legs one day before we hit six months of dampness.
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    Nice no-straining parkrun time, muddy!  In Wigan, we've already entered 9 months of dampness.  I think it must have rained on St Swithins day.
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    Good to see you, Muddy.

    18.40 certainly flattered me there. The locals swear blind it's accurate. I cant see how. Id probably go again mind as it was a friendly affair with a field stacked top end. I was 18th of about 400 so not a huge event and with sub 19 id expect to be top 10 in that size event.

    Im away in Florida now for 2 weeks where it's 30c plus horrifically humid. I will be huge by the time i go home. Ive discovered caramel m and ms today. Peanut are my go to treat at home so these are an exciting fine.

    Asked a bloke for directions yesterday. He said at end 'hey, so where are you guys from, France?' Bizarre!
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    Is that Madbee pushing the pram at Whinlatter?
    Yes!  Belated reply... 
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    Nicely done, muddy, seems like a decent outing.

    How's things, Pete?

    I had a bit of a tempo round parkrun on Saturday morning in a bid to keep vaguely fresh legs for the fell race on Sunday. The fell race went pretty well, took it fairly steady on the initial big steep climb over the first couple of miles, nearly fell over a couple of times on the gradual climb from 2-3 miles, then put in a big effort to ctach my club my up to the trig point just after 4 miles. Had a good race with him, where we overtook a load of people, on the very boggy descent up to 6 miles before he pulled away going up a hill. Managed to get things together for the final mile including a very steep descent to finish. An enjoyable race all in all and one which takes me to the top of our club champs leader board, however, I'm unable to do the next two races and so that will inevitably change!

    Decent session with Bob and some others from club last night; 2*4mins, followed by 6*1min and then finally 6*30secs. The 4 min efforts came out at a bit quicker than 5k pace, the 1 minute efforts at about 1500m pace and the 30 second efforts at quicker than 800m pace. Definitely helped having Bob to chase on the 1 min efforts and we were fairly evenly matched on the 30 second efforts, so evenly matched that we were both begging for mercy after the penultimate effort and then both collapsed in a heap on the floor at the end.    

  • Well done Tommy on your Nearly Fell race. And on your very intense moment tangling with Bob !

    I have a 5k pb to report ! I ran 16.54 for 1st v45 in my race last night. Inaugural race, yet full to the brim of the top local club runners. Marathon training has recommenced for me so there was no freshness in my legs for this one - 17 miles in the couple of days before so a 3.5m warm up on the night was essential.

    It was a heavily congested start which was frustrating as I can't sprint off quickly in a crowd. My speed comes from my stride length so in congestion it's all baby steps and avoiding being tripped. So the course was essentially four laps of a local park with the first lap a little smaller. That structure broke it up nicely, providing intermediate goals during the race. I got some space to run after 800m or so and moved through the field until I found myself chasing the same guy as at Saturday's parkrun. I got a little bit closer to him this time, but he went away in the last 400m or so. I had forgotten how hard that sort of 5k effort can be and had absolutely leaden legs for the run in to the finish funnel. The race numbers were allocated in order of predicted finish time, and my number, 28, put me back a bit at the start. I finished 17th so pleased to get myself quite far up the pecking order.

  • PeteHewPeteHew ✭✭✭
    That's an amazing time, muddy.  Well done!

    Tommy, I could do with some of your enthusiasm for hills! Thanks for asking but I'm still dogged by DOGS. Most runs still feeling like a struggle rather than a pleasure, especially the uphill bits. On a positive note, unless the wheels fall off completely in next week or so, I'm on track for easily my highest monthly kilometrage since January.
  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭

    All quiet on here :(

    Managed to average 38miles over the past 4 weeks, taking a wee cutback week this week. Still having the odd struggle with the long runs mentally but have grinded them out. Managed to put in a couple of sessions per week Mon tempo & Thurs short reps. Have a 10miler next week and would like to try and hang onto 7.30m/m pace. Monday night route was uphill for some miles then back down, managed to average 7.37m/m for the 6miles.

  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭
    Well done on your PB, Muddy!  Especially with a congested start (although maybe some cautious opening speed helped a bit?).  

    Sounds like some good training, Kevin.  What is your goal?  

    Well done on getting some good kilometres in, Pete.  

    Some good running fast in circles and along straight lines for Bob and excellent running up hill and down dale for Tommy.

    And good eating from DT - by the way, peanut butter m and ms are the best, you need to track those down.  Yum.  

    Interested parties will be glad to hear that Lou's shins are now merely scabby, rather than scabby, red and weeping so on the mend.  He is still spending more time lifting heavy things than running. 

    We've been away and with the kids being off school and an(other) injury not much running has happened.  I ended up pulling a calf after a speed session resulting in a couple of weeks out and first ever DNF in a race at the Stratford Summer 6. So frustrating this year, can't seem to string any decent training together without some form of setback.   I feel like every time I come on here it's just negative which is rubbish.  

    Anyway, I have my GFA entry for London next year which will hopefully give me the Autumn to rebuild some base and kick off XC season.  I entered Kenilworth half this weekend which I think I will still do but more as a plod in company and cheer my ladies on.  

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Excellent stuff with your 5K PB, muddy! Certainly some more to come off that when not in the middle of marathon training.

    Pete, glad to hear you're getting some decent km's in. I used to avoid hills but realise they're good for leg strength etc so have tried to embrace them.

    Good mileage, Kevin. Might be worth having a go at a parkrun or low key race to see where you're at?

    Sounds a bit frustrating m CF but hopefully some base training and a bit of XC action will put you in a decent place for London next year. Are you doing the relays at Sutton Park in September?

    I've been on holiday in Cornwall for a few days so have enjoyed some runs along the SW Coast Path around the Lizard peninsula which have been great. On my way down on Saturday, I decided to take in Churchfields parkrun near Worcester. I've got a vague plan of trying to do the toughest uk parkruns so this was a good opportunity to tick this one off. It's a mental course, going round and round in circles and in and out of different fields (and round an actual maze) and up and down 6 hills. I ended up finishing 3rd in 22:00, although I did get the course to be over 100m long as did most people. Compared to Mount Edgcumbe (another of the toughest), I was a bit slower on this course but this may be down to it being quite a bit longer than 5K.   

  • That sounds like fun, Tommy. Might have to give it a try. Yes, I am doing the relays. 

    I enjoyed Kenilworth half yesterday. They've changed the route for its 20th anniversary. Billed as flatter and faster than the traditional undulating route, it's two laps passing through the castle grounds and around the town centre going out to some country lanes. It wasn't flatter- total ascent was actually higher but I still liked it. There were quite a few sections where the leaders passed the other way so great for cheering on. 

    I'd run a total of about 50 miles in the preceding month due to a dodgy calf, hadn't run anything of half distance since Leam half in early July so was never going to be very fast but a good chance to start getting some more miles in. Was unsure how to pace but decided I'd probably be ok with about 8 minute miles. Which I was! Came in in an undramatic 1.44:30.  My calf is feeling it today but hopefully will be ok with some stretching. 

    Goal of next few weeks is getting back to a regular running routine once kids are back to school. 

    Hope everyone else had good weekends? 
  • Sounds like a hard but fair effort McF. Hard to say I had a good weekend - clutch went on the car and I was stuck on the motorway for 4 hours waiting for recovery on Friday night.

    Ended up hiring a car for a week to meet work obligations and this also enabled be to get down to Maidenhead for the half there in the England vest  which I did around marathon effort - I wasn't really feeling it after the first mile and trailed round for 1.23.4x .

    I am still in recovery from 5 days laid low with a fever caused by an infection. The same infection that was bothering me way back in June and has plagued me through the summer, actually.It seems this infection was the sole cause of me peeing blood on a couple of occasions, after a series of quite ..erm.. difficult tests showed no other problems. Hopefully it has been finally  cleared up after 7 days of a different antibiotic (crosses fingers).

  • Crikey - was that some kind of water infection?  Sounds horrible.  1.23 when suffering doesn't sound too shabby to me, I imagine it's frustrating when wearing a country vest though. Our men's captain just had similar in a NI vest.   
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
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    Muddy, well done on the 5k pb. Glad the health issues weren't signs of anything more serious.

    Were you able to enjoy the occassion of the England vest at least? 

    Mcf, well done on Kenilworth. I saw a few people who were expecting something flat and were left disappointed. 

    I found hazelnut m and Ms but found them a bit sickly. 

    Churchfields is a pretty brutal course, Tommy, especcially in winter. I should be at relays in a few weeks though not sure I'll be in good shape.

    Got home this morning having been on the penultimate uk flight to leave orlando before it closed in anticipation of hurricane Dorian. 

    Managed to run 6 of 13 days, just a 4m loop which i did progressively faster each time peaking on sunday with a 6.57 average, which in 35c was a tempo run.

    Hoping to get out shortly for a run in cooler conditions though I've now been up 26 hours. 

  • Welcome home, DT! Lucky you on the flights.  We are dog sitting for one of my daughters friends families and they are stuck there.  So going to miss the first week of school.  
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Yes it was pretty edgy as Orlando initially announced the airport was closing 2am Monday but then the stormed slowed so they pushed it out 24 hours which allowed our flight to happen. 

    We were debating how it would work if we got cancelled and concensus was we would probably be there until end of week which eouldnt be ideal with kids starting new schools this week. 

    Easy 10m run earlier. I've now been awake pushing 30 hours so the run was more to stop me falling asleep as i want to get back to normal timings asap. 

  • Well done on getting the runs in DT and making it out just in time.

    McF - yeah a UTI :(
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    10m on Tuesday then a rest day yesterday as was shattered. Feel much better today after an early night last night.

    Just a few easy runs planned this week before I get back to it next week.

  • I'm pretty chuffed to have got a reasonable weeks training in this week to total 35 miles.  Lots of easy running and I also ran a 6 miler with 3 miles at LT pace.  Let's try and get the consistency back in to get a base back.  My calf is dodgy but feels ok after a mile or two so I wonder if it's just super-tight.  Will have to get the foam roller out.  
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