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  • Great run Cal and Hazlenut, hello JT!

    Went for it and did 7 gentle miles on soft grass (about half round the boundry of our local cricket pitch and the other half round the local rec, a larger expanse of green, housing 4 football pitches). Felt GREAT to be out running badly, but still running.

    A bit sore today, but not too awful. Knee aching rather than painful.  If I've turned the corner I will be so happy, the last 2 weeks with no running have been hard.

    I'm going to try and train solely on grass for the next couple of months, it seems way more tiring but so much more cushioned.  Hopefully I can heal.

    I have pulled my back doing lunges, which I thought might help my knee.  It never ends!

    I had to dodge numerous dogs yesterday Cal, the downside to running round parks I guess. It was nice to put a litre of water down though rather than carry it.  Hope the massage was good. 

    I like the idea of sleeves for the cold winter months Hazlenut, I'm a bit more conscious of joints and the cold this year.  Must buy some tights soon too for this winter. The question there is shorts over the top or all on show!

    Have a great week.  Going to try 5 grass miles on Friday then, after seeing how that goes a longish one Sunday.  Going to get sick of the sight of football pitches soon but still overall happy.
  • That's good news! To be honest, always found lunges hurt my knees. Probably better to do step-ups.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
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    Hope you continue to fix yourself quicker than you're breaking yourself Linton.
    Not sure I can pass off the extra pounds as muscle Hazel. I can gauge my weight by belly button depth. It's currently like a back way in to Narnia.
    Directly from reading the mileage here I went for a long run. 16miles in 2hrs10. Not fast but pace was consistent throughout. Had bits of Radiohead, Kate Bush and Talking Heads albums going through my mind to keep tempo. Went out to a stretch of bridleway I've never run before. Tiring but pleasant.
  • I like your weight check method JT.  Haven't been on a scales for a while myself.  As long as my trousers still fit I'm happy.  Don't break yourself upping the mileage too much.  Must have been nice to explore a new route.

    Careful LTT, not too much mileage if your are still dealing with your niggle.  Soft ground is a good idea for the general jolting, don't twist anything on any bumps though.  Lol to the tights with and without shorts, maybe our male regulars can help you on that debate! 

    Re. lunges or any other exercises - I guess the important thing is to get the technique right - slow and controlled rather than fast and jerky as well - otherwise you risk damaging yourself further.

    Midday 10 miler yesterday with 2 sets of 5 x long strides (approx 150m).   Found the intial miles a bit of a chore but got them done, the remainder with the strides and cool down went better as I had to concentrate more and not just do left foot - right foot.  Cycled to and from my run and was overtaken trundling back up the hill by an elderly guy - must have been 75+ but I didn't dare to ask after exchanging greetings!  Kudos to him for not using an E-bike, he has probably been cycling for more than 60 years without.  Back to annoyingly warm weather again.  Go away summer!  

    Short recovery run later and hill-race tomorrow.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Fantastic run Will,that's more like a tough mudder,sounds as you had a great day.

    enrvuk - think I'd like to go running through central London,so much to see,maybe too much of distraction though.

    Great running Hazelnut,some great long runs.That old guy must be fit if he's been riding all his life up and down those hills.

    JT, I'd say that 16 miler is still shifting it somewhat.Like how you check your weight,haven't weighed myself for years,like Hazelnut,if my trousers fit I'm happy.

    Cal,that's great solid four weeks of running.Which half are you doing ?Hope your groin is ok.

    Linton,good idea to just run on grass for the next month,just don't push it too much though,as you still don't know what's caused this injury.I don't wear shorts over my tights,I don't particularly like wearing them but come in handy when really cold.My girls always have a good laugh at me when I start wearing them.

    Been a busy week so I've only ran 15 miles so far.Ten was from yesterday's double session.5 easy miles in the morning and then hill sprints in the evening with my club.Want to try and finish the week on 50 miles and then I can start my taper.

  • Just a couple of leg-twirlers to report this end - 4 miles each. I'm off to Bristol at the weekend for the Half. Lovely course and good people there.

    Current belly button depth: 3.4 metres.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Some good running from you lot. I've actually lost some weight over the summer - below 10 stone for the past few weeks. My yoga pants are a bit baggy.
    Good luck in Brizzle, Will.
    I'm doing Richmond (Runfest - there are many Richmond halves but I've done this one for the past 5 years as it's a nice one - first three miles in Kew Gardens and then it goes down the Thames, back a bit, through Ham House's grounds and finishes in Old Deer Park. Excellent bling and shirts at this one too).
    Groin was better after the massage but didn't like yoga yesterday. It was fine for my run this morning but then I decided to pick litter off our drive and it didn't much like doing that either, so I cancelled today's yoga as I don't want to upset it before tomorrow's parkrun and Sunday's race.
    Run (6 easy miles) was rather pleasant as I got myself out in time to see the sunrise and avoid all the little kids on bikes. I came up behind a very fragrant lady and recognised the scent as Mitsouko, one of the perfumes I wore a lot in my youth (which I still have a bottle of) so I asked her and she said it was. Been a while since I dabbed on some perfume - I'm always in sportswear these days.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Good luck Will,should have the perfect running conditions this weekend.

    That seems a really nice course,Cal.I don't know it but it sounds picturesque.My wife was only saying last week I don't wear aftershave now,I said it's not worth it always showering after a run or gym session.Good luck as well.

    20 miles this morning,16 miles @ MP,not sure if that was a good idea but it's done now.Legs felt good at MP,soon as I slowed down for my final 4 miles my legs tightened up.But good run overall.
  • Two runs to report.  A 5 miler and a luck-pushing 11.75 miler early this morning, both predominantly on grass.  Knee seems to be on the mend I hope, hips are killing me! Presumably due to the sudden change of surface making me run totally differently to bouncing down the pavement.

    I've seen hundreds of dogs of dozens of breeds since running parks only;  Labradors want to run with me, spaniels want to bounce, happily, Westies and Jack russels wanting to go toe to toe.  Plus many I can't identify.  It is boring doing loops, but I'm just so glad I can.

    Great running as always Hazlenut, I agree old active people are really inspirational.  At the Folkstone 10 there was a guy getting round who was 82, and looked it. I gave him a big cheer, but doubt he needed it. Life goals.  Good luck with hill race, going to be warm.

    Great running JT, do love a bridlepath. I'm sure you'll knock the timber off quickly with the long runs.

    Have a great time in Bristol Will. Funnily enough I was there the other week for a mates 40th (whose moved there) and to go to their Downs festival in Clifton.  A lot of signage for the half marathon was up.  I tried to get my mates to sign up to that for a semi-healthy lads weekend, but no takers!  Agree with you about Bristol, great city and good people. Looks to be quite undulating? Enjoy.

    Have a great run at Kew Gardens Cal, I remember going there as a kid and being facinated by the big carp!  I'm with you about fragrance/sportswear.  Funny how my life has changed.  I look forward to my weekend dawn long run more than almost anything now.  

    I'm with you about an overseas event enrvuk. Prague is me and the other half's favourite City, and their half marathon looks epic! Her birthday is the same week. I wonder if I can combine........

    Have a happy weekend.

  • Well done Linton - I'd do some strength work on those hips if I were you. I'm always getting hip and groin grumbles - comes of having lazy glutes that have been sat on for far too many years.
    I'm primarily a cat person but I like dogs too, as long as they're not trying to trip me up or barking. I'm pretty good on dog breeds (my dad used to take me to Crufts as a kid, back when it was in London) but if I see a nice one I don't recognise I often ask the owner. More often than not, it'll be some kind of poodle cross - I seem to like those, apparently!

    JD, my legs always do better when I run faster. I think I'm just biomechanically more efficient at speed so it may be the same for you. My achilles barely registers at parkrun unless there's a hill (like at Lloyd last week).

    I did South Norwood parkrun today, which isn't too far away. It's a super park and you wouldn't know it was in London but for the Crystal Palace mast sticking up over the trees. It's mostly flat, and mostly on stony trail but there's also a stretch on humpy grass and a little grassy hill at the end of each lap (it's a two-lapper).
    I met another parkrunner on the tram going there so we had a nice talk and he managed to get the sub-23 he was hoping for (he's a V60) while I went under 25 again, with a time of 24:53. I was 4th lady and 1st VW50 so I'm pretty happy with that.
    I also met the guy I met at Lloyd last week but he didn't stick around at the end so I only saw him for a minute or two. At least he made it to his local parkrun in the end (even if he forgot his barcode).
    Looking good for Richmond tomorrow.
  • Good luck for tomorrow Cal and Will!

    Like the idea of leg twirlers.

    16 @ mp is a toughie JD. If you got through that well you are in a good place for your mara I think.

    Nice chatty post from you LTT, glad the knee is basically ok.

    Another good parkrun and 1st F50 Cal, well done.

    Hill race went great yesterday. 10.2k in 57:13 with 500m ascent (and 2 k of fast descent).  Managed my highest placing in my age category (F45) yet with 2., just 10 seconds behind 1st. She was a few metres ahead most of the way, if I had known it was her then I would fought her for it harder. Didn't have much left to fight with though.  Good conditions, if anything a bit warm initially but got cold waiting for my teammates and then the bus down (too dark to run).  A whole carload from my Tuesday group went, so plenty of pre and post race chat.

    Have a good Sunday!
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Linton, a good sign that you're on the mend, no major reaction after doing a long run.Plenty of dogs if I'm running on the canal,never had a problem with any of them,always well behaved.

    Cal,strange isn't it,felt easier running @ MP than the last slow few miles.Another good parkrun from you,great AG placing.I take my girls to Crufts,always gundog day,they love going,does cost me a small fortune though.Hope you have a good race tomorrow.

    Fantastic result Hazelnut,tough race by the sounds of it.Bet your quads will be sore after 2k of descent.Did you get a prize for coming second F45?

    8 miles recovery run this morning,not much to report,canal was very busy with boaters and cyclists,which always is after the kids go back to school,usually people of retirement age taking advantage of the cheaper prices.
  • Fantastic, Hazelnut, you're going really well at the moment.
    Thanks JD - we'll see what happens eh?
  • So it wasn't my fastest half. Conditions weren't bad (a bit warmer than I'd like towards the end, but there was plenty of shade and a bit of a breeze off the Thames) and I managed to stick to my pace for 11 miles. But then I started to feel as though I couldn't get enough air in my lungs. I'm not asthmatic but there were a lot of dusty gravel paths and I think the combination of that and all the marathon miles in my legs took a toll and I slowed down.
    Some of that was mental - by the end I felt like I couldn't be arsed. Came in at 1:55:06.

    Still, I'm OK with it. It's still my third fastest half, and my fastest time over this course (this is the fifth year I've run it). Kingston Half in three weeks should give me a better chance of a PB since it ought to be a little cooler and the surfaces are better.
    A little annoyed that they wouldn't let me have the man's finisher T-shirt, which is blue, and I had to take the woman's, which is white, which I dislike as it goes grey after a few washes. :/

  • Well done Cal that's awesome! Very well done.
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    Well done Cal a 3rd fastest HM and a course PB is a great result, good practice for Kingston. Shame about the T shirt. 

    I won a voucher for a large supermarket chain here JD. Don't know how much is on it though, hopefully something at all!

    Just short of 7 miles recovery yesterday evening and 10 miles with gentle progression this evening.  Shorter week due to racing on Friday.  Big week coming up trainingwise so rest day tomorrow. Still warm here but as the sun goes down earlier it also cools down earlier.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Good HM Cal. 8miles something today. Not warm up north. Ran some streets I've never run before past and around the football stadium. My breathing hasn't been great for a few months. I get some mild asthma but most of the time it's completely absent. Lately though I've felt some strain. It's all making running a bit of chore so trying to find any changes of scenery to freshen things up. There was a banana skin on the pavement that I successfully avoided.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Great result Cal,should set you up nicely for Kingston.Maybe get in touch with the organisers about the t shirt,they must have loads left over.

    Just over 8 miles this morning,which included 4 mile repeats @ 10kp.Very cool and drizzly,kept seeing reports of the warm weather down London - not up here!

  • Thanks JD...and nah, can't be bothered really. Not like I don't have more race shirts than I can wear in a week anyway!
    JT, you wouldn't have liked Vienna Marathon - some of the water stations had bananas. Wet banana skins everywhere!
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    At least one person must have run the Vienna marathon with a drawn on pencil mustache and in a trenchcoat. And if they haven't I will.
    8.35miles today in just under 1hr03. A bit quicker than yesterday. Again around Bootham Crescent "stadium" (the heady height of National League North) exploring any joining paths between streets and nooks and crannies. Not the most picturesque of areas but nevertheless. Sunny out. My Garmin seems to have a problem with one particular track - today and yesterday same thing with my pace falling away noticeably for the section.
  • You should! They don't really go in for costumes over there - I saw one guy dressed as Mozart and that was about it (he may have been doing the half, though).
    Garmins are funny like that - there's one stretch of Tooting Common where it always thinks I'm going slower than I am but it corrects once I get past that bit.
  • 10 miles this morning - dark when I started, sunny when I finished. Managed to avoid most of the school children.
    Just realised I have a dental check-up this afternoon. :(
  • Do you take on any fuel during half marathons Cal? I never do but often flake out really hard towards the end.

    Great morning 10 miler!

    My right hip is now awful, an aborted run last night.  More random injury/pain!  So frustrating!
    Going to try again tonight.

    Bought a cheese sandwich and got a commemorative 50p change that celebrates Roger Bannister's 4minute mile.  Going to keep that.  Watched Kamworer's half marathon record while eating cake.
  • *that should have read "Great morning 10 miler, Cal"
    My run last night lasted 2.5 miles.
  • No, I don't. I used to take a gel or two but that was when I did them fasted. Now I've figured out I can tolerate some oats a few hours before, I don't bother.
    Where is the hip pain? Is it towards the front, just below the iliac crest?
  • Hi All, been a little while. LTT, you are so eager! Does sound like your injuries have been relatively minor, but easing back in occasionally wouldn't go a miss :-) 

    Pretty good half Cal, 1:55 when you 'couldn't be arsed at the end'! I've also had an experience which felt almost asthmatic when running, but that was in June. Bloody ridiculous about the t-shirt. Some of the women at my club have been talking about how unflattering a lot of tech t-shirts are. 

    Hazel, brilliant running. That is great and a podium/prizewinner status. Pretty close to first as well. You may have to join the elite forum if you keep this up.

    JT, bootham crescent is the scene of my team's most famous cup exit. Shame to see York in the lower leagues.

    JD swap the weather with you! Had a pretty warm few days over the last week, not my thing or Cal's!

    Fingers crossed the leg twirl was the perfect prep for the half Will. 

    Had a patchy week, couple of runs while staying at Luton Hall Spa for work. One with two younger colleagues and another after a few very decent whiskies on the firm. Then the weekend was in Brussels and I managed to get one run in around Bruxelles Park by the royal palace. Too much drinking isn't helping, but out at pubs last night and tonight (won a quiz tonight) and stuck to Alc Free beer! Oh one 10 miler with speed play. Overall feels like I've gone backwards a little this week, so the next few days are important before heading to Turkey on holiday.
  • Hope the dentist check up won't be too costly Cal.

    If your speed fell away on some bits JT, did you get Usain Bolt tendencies on the next bits?  Nice exploring again.

    Could have done with your cool weather JD.  Mile repeats @10k pace sound a bit ouchy.

    Kamworer won a 10 miler here in the Spring LTT.  I wasn't running myself but spectated, couldn't get a decent photo of him - much too fast!  I don't normally take on fuel in HMs either, you could try taking a gel but you need to try this in training first (ideally doing some HM paced running so you know if your stomach will take it).

    Long way off of the more elite threads for me enrvuk (though I do lurk on some of them for motivation).  I have run a few course PBs on the hill races this year but have also been lucky that I have moved up an age category (5 year cut offs in that case) and the current one is much weaker than the one I was in. 

    Interesting regarding the asthmatic feelings: I have had breathing issues this year on a number of runs myself.  From recovery pace up to LT work where I have been breathing far too hard for the effort I was doing up to almost having a panic attack.  Must be something in the air (other than the heat on regular occasions).  Nice running from you.

    Crap run for me yesterday evening.  Had to wait until almost 7pm to go out due to yet another warm-hot day.  Plan was to do a warm up then 40 mins @ LT pace and a cool down.  After yet another crap day at work I couldn't get my head around it, had the above mentioned breathing issues and canned it after 4k @LT pace (should have been around 9).  Called myself a piece of shit a few times and wanted to sit in the middle of the path and bawl my eyes out but there were too many dog walkers around.  Need to get a grip on myself I guess.
  • It was the quickest dentist appointment ever! Didn't need anything, not even a clean. After last year's £1000 bill after the popcorn accident, it's a relief.

    Hazelnut, sounds like the run was too much after a stressful day at work. An easy-paced run would have been more the ticket. Cut yourself some slack.

    Much cooler here this morning and I had a great run despite feeling tired when I woke up. I'd planned to do either 12 miles easy or a run with some MP miles. Ended up doing 12 miles with 8 at (or under) MP. Five of those miles were under 4 hour pace, which I hadn't intended, but I got into a rhythm. My FR45 is absolutely crap at estimating current pace so I'll be using a two-watch set-up at York. I tried it out at Richmond, with the 25 pacing me and the 45 to record the run (I got the new one as the 25 kept losing runs...however it still works well for pacing). Bit weird running with two watches but it seems to work.
  • Hello!
    Had to google iliac crest, yes it's kind of on the side, I did manage about 5.5 miles last night though!, it felt a bit better.  My knee seems to be improving further.

    I am a bit too keen enrvuk, and should back off the training a bit when I'm injured,  I'm too impatient. That sounds a decent work trip, drink wise at least! Have a great holiday.

    Awesome run Cal especially after a weekend half marathon!  Like the 2 watch idea. When athletes run and look at their watch mid-race is it reading minute miles/km? And or splits? Always wondered that.

    I'm sorry you had a bad run Hazlenut, I' m sure the next one will be back to being great!  I'm with you that work hugely affects running.


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