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    enrvuk,nice running,bet your younger colleagues tried to push the pace.You always have weeks when you feel you've gone backwards,wouldn't worry about it though.

    Good that your knee is improving Linton.I've never taken gels racing HM as well,never felt the need,but I have porridge before a HM race. Always have my watch on min/miles and distance.

    Sorry to hear about your crap run Hazelnut,don't beat yourself up about it though.You've been running and racing fantastically,maybe take a couple of days off and reset yourself.

    Great run Cal,despite feeling tired.There's a guy at my club who races with three watches! - need to ask why.

    Just under 12 miles this afternoon,including 9 miles @ MP. Tough run,very warm and muggy,plus feeling knackered as I'm working six nights.My four legged running mate will be out of action for a while,as she was spayed today - she's feeling very sorry for herself - understandably.

  • I guess they are checking they're on schedule, mostly. I use it both to check each split and also check my pace (particularly on training runs so I am not going too fast) but that's hard on the new watch as it's not good at estimating current pace - hence the dual watch set-up.

    Anyway.... in other news, me, the person who never gets lucky in ballots, ever, found out that I have a place in Tokyo Marathon. After a lot of panicked thoughts "oh god what have I done? How much is this going to cost me? Logistics, argh!" I realised this is pretty flippin' fantastic.
    One of my rollercoaster friends is interested in coming so if that pans out we can make a holiday of it.
    After that, I was so amped up I needed to run and what should have been a slow recovery became 8 miles at the fast end of easy pace. Saw two nice cats - made kissy sounds at the first one and she mewed back (I assume it was a she - the mew was girlish), and the other was chilling in the middle of Tooting Common, watching the birds.
    Left knee is a bit clunky so will have to step up the foam rolling.

  • Great news regarding Tokyo Cal!  That will be a trip of a life time (probably costly but still).   Current pace can be all over the place though I didn't know it could vary so much depending on the watch.  For races I tend to watch my average pace as much as current time, especially for longer races. For a goal time I work out what average needs to be in advance and try to run to that.  It helps to stop me going off too fast.  It does take a time for the average pace to settle down though.   Nice miles and pacing btw.  My cat no. 1 could do some of that chilling stuff outside instead of attacking the sofa!

    Good news on the knee LTT - give it time.

    I tried a bit of a reset yesterday - turned off my pace display screens on the watch (just set to distance, clock and moving time), laced up the trail shoes and trotted off to a local wood with 3 different marked running loops to hide from the pretty strong winds.  Ran as I felt like for around 8 and a bit miles, just taking note of the km splits which I hadn't turned off but not getting fussed by them.  The woods are pretty undulating and the paths stony underfoot so pace tends to vary wildly anyway.   One loop includes a nasty flight of pretty high steps - could do with practicing those more often.
  • back at college last night after summer break and ran the 9 miles homes instead of the train. Saved me £3.10 and helped me digest all the new information given to me
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    Ran for the first time today since 29th June this year, but only did short distances for over 12 months as I got completely exhausted after running the Amsterdam Marathon in October 2017. Today was a nice 3 miles so that I could finish feeling great. Will do some more short runs and then start looking at a proper training plan again. Ready to take on the road!! 
  • Welcome, Thera and smuff (you seem to be an old member, Thera - guess you've been away?)

    Hazelnut, yeah, you only live once, right? Taste the rainbow, etc. Glad you had a good run today.
  • Hello to smuff and Thera.

    I tried to do a bus out and run back combo this evening as I fancied an easyish run based on the fact that I would be followed by a nice tailwind.  Got to the stop in plenty of time but the bus ignored my wavings and kept going - grrrr!

    Went home to get rid of some things I wouldn't need and set off on a local loop instead. Was a decent outing despite the windy bits, though I did enjoy the tailwind sections the most.
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    Hope the York marathon goes well Cal. Don't know when it is. Familiar with the general route though (also know a good shortcut). Might go along and support.
    12.1miles today in bit under 1hr36. Warm and sunny out. Tired and heavy but persisted. There's a lot of resurfacing of old byways out to villages to make them bike friendly. Some workmen let me through though the route's supposed be shut. I think they're letting everyone through as it's so out of the way nobody gives a toss. They're excavating the old tip as well. Some sheep had escaped their field but I alarmed them back under the fence. Lots of young mums pushing prams on deserted country roads. There was a big raptor in the sky with a helicopter passing high above it.
    I'm usually in and out of the dentist in 10mins. My teeth don't look great but they're resilient. My dentist seems to believe his patients are in service to their teeth and not the other way around. He doesn't really like us eating or drinking anything. Ideally he'd fit everyone with a feeding tube from the nostril to the stomach.
  • 20th October, JT. I've another half to get through first! Anyway, it would be nice to support, provided it isn't chucking it down like last year. I've yet to do a wet marathon (there was a little drizzle at Liverpool this year but nothing I'd actually term rain) and don't relish the chaffing.
    Good sheep wrangling and raptor spotting. We get a lot of helicopters here - yesterday one (presumably police, at that time of the morning) was overhead for ages - I felt like Ray Liotta at the end of Goodfellas.

    6 recovery today. Actually stuck to my slow pace today - I was way too excited to do that yesterday. Bit misty and chilly. Long tights now...long sleeves soon.
  • Did my first, (and probably last), pre-work run today.  Out at 5:30 to be home at 6:30 and leave for work at 7.
    I feel I picked up a good +10 Dynamic points, trundling along the streets in the dark at that time, but getting through work was hard this afternoon, caffeine abuse and minimal productivity, not sure I'd do it again, kudos to those who can! maybe it takes a while to adjust.

    I'm with you Cal on the weather, 6c when I left for work, so maybe 4 or 5 while running in a vest. Took a few quick miles  to warm up.

    My hip is really quite bad now, and I've got a huge blister through running on wet grass.  I'm going to admit defeat and take a full week off, which I hate doing, with the hope of doing the Folkstone half marathon next weekend. I wish  I knew what was wrong with it.

    Amazing news about Tokyo Cal! sounds a brilliant opportunity. 

    Rapid long run JT, my good effort with the sheep redirection.

    Good run Hazlenut, glad you got a run in anyway. Bus drivers always seem a miserable bunch here.

    Hello There and Smuff!

    Have a nice weekend.

  • See if you can get a ball into it, Linton. Could be TFL, like I had, but could also be hip bursitis. Try and see a sports physio or see your doc and ask for a referral if it doesn't clear up with rest.
  • Cal congratulations on the ballot win. Extremely exciting news. I’m already looking forward to the run report! 

    Hazel I hope you have someone to talk to. Things sound quite tough for you at the moment.  It can be like that for anyone and sometimes it isn’t as easy as getting a grip.  Talking it through might help. Good running nonetheless, even if it was wind assisted. I often feel the benefit of a little wind assistance on the most still days ;-)

    Thanks JT and nice miles. I also like the sound or at least the speed of your dentist. 

    Linton sorry about your injury. I can feel the frustration from here. Hopefully a week of rest will see it right. You may want to build up the distances again gradually. 

    Good thrifty running Smuff and welcome back to running Thera. Exciting times. 

    Couple of quite different 8.5k runs from me. One was 32 mins in hr zone 3 with warm up etc. The other was a mixed interval that after warm up started with 90 seconds at zone 5, 2 mins recovery and then 5 mins at zone 4 and so on. I found that very tough. The park was busy with people walking to work, some 1:1 training, groups of runners and just people relaxing. 

    Also managed a 5k around Brussels Park on Sunday. Nice to run by the royal palace, but not the most energetic run after a chocolate and beer tasting tour the day before. 

    Now I’m in Turkey planning a slow recovery run on the dreadmill tomorrow and then up at 6am on Sunday to try and do my longest run before the Bournemouth half. It’s 14 miles with a fast Finish. Daytime temps are 30c so has to be a very early start. 
  • There will be a few run reports before that, notably Yorkshire which is only a month away now.
    Glad you are enjoying Belgium!
    A visit to Westmill parkrun today (to complete my compass challenge - I've already done South Manchester/Southwark/South Norwood, Northala Fields and East Grinstead).
    A lovely location and perfect weather but a tough course - all grass/trail with a few climbs and a very tricky camber to negotiate (you basically run across a steep hill). I estimated 27 minutes for this one so was delighted to be sub-26 - 25:58. 2nd lady too, although the 1st lady was also over 50 so didn't bag the age group.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Welcome smuff and Thera

    Cal,great news about Tokyo, would be great to make a holiday out of it,better start saving up!Well done on another parkrun result.

    Hope you're feeling better Hazelnut.What a miserable bus driver to ignore you.

    Nice run JT,fast one again.I come across plenty of sheep in trouble usually when walking the dogs,caught up in bramble or their heads stuck in fencing,you have to help them or the crows will peck their eyes out.

    Linton,hope your hip clears up after a rest.Would love to get my run out of the way when working my day shifts but I'm out the house before 05:30 and would mean getting up really early.

    Some great runs envruk,especially the one in zone 4 & 5.Must be a London thing with the 1:1 training! Have a great holiday .

    10 miles this evening,including 5.5 miles repeats @ 10kp.Chester mara number came through the post this morning,sent a tingle through my stomach when I opened it,must be nerves kicking in already!

  • Ooh exciting, JD. Loved Chester - I hope you have a great run there.

    20 mile run today and unfortunately the lovel crisp sunshine has been replaced by muggy gloom. Fortunately, the forecast thunderstorms did not materialise. This is my highest ever week (60 miles) so my legs were pretty tired and it was a slower 20 than the previous one, and also featured my first alfresco pee in a bush because my wayward bladder decided it had more to give despite four pees in the half hour before I left for my run.
    I did pass the Tooting Bec track early on in the run and noticed a bunch of zombies shuffling around it and realised it was the fabled 24 hour track race. Rather cool. It would have been nice to stop and cheer but I still had 18 miles to get through, so I didn't.
  • Hey there MLRERS! 
    Well, life at the mo seems to be really rather hectic so I haven't posted much. Literally not the time to do so! Anyway, I might be an irregular contributor for a while, but still love to hear about you runs when I drop in.
    Great Japan news Cal. I lived in Tokyo for 3 years - a superb place!
    This end, Bristol Half was very warm and so had to drop my pace. Serious stuff as I saw one runner getting CPR and half a dozen others collapsed after the 10 mile mark. 2:02 was fine for me in those conditions. Am running as much as possible, with 8 weeks until my Brecon Marathon. Enjoy your running and catch up soon.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Good to hear from you, Will! It was sticky today, deffo. Good luck with Brecon!
  • Will very envious of you living in Tokyo for three years, that must have been an amazing experience. Well done on the half, 2:02 is not to be sniffed at in hot weather. 

    Cal, great Parkrun and long run too. Lots of running fun ahead. Congrats on completing the compass challenge. 

    Nice running JD and exciting news about Chester. Hoping my Bournemouth number will be there when I get home. 

    I had a dreadmill recovery run on Saturday. It was way too hot outside, but the gym wasn’t cool either. 5k ish. Today I dragged myself out of bed at 6:15am and ran 22.9k from Calis to Fethiye and back along the seafront. It was nice going out before sunrise and seeing people fishing, cafe owners relaxing before the day, the odd runner all the boats moored up in the tourist off season. As I turned around I had to put on my sunglasses and later apply sun cream. A stray dog followed me for a few hundred meters until it found a more interesting pal. It was my longest run to date and quite a special one. Pace was around 6:15/k with a faster finish. Officially in the taper now. 
  • Some great running going on. 

    Well done to Will for your half in tough conditions.  Hope that runner was ok. 

    Enjoy your holidays enrvuk.

    Great mileage Cal.

    Not long to go then JD.  Put that number somewhere safe!

    Not good news from you LTT.  Early morning runs are hard until you get used to them I guess (I struggle also).  Definitely take a few days off and no testing if things are better until they have passed.

    I should almost certainly do the same as I feel crap about my running at the moment.  I was fine until about 10 days ago,  training and racing well, then something pressed a switch and I can't get my head around anything anymore.  Any attempts at speedwork grind to a halt at ever shortening distances and every run seems a complete drudge and I want to turn around and go home.    Some sort of overtraining I guess.  Physically I feel ok though and no more tired than I would expect.    I feel like I have thrown away the whole summer for an HM I won't now be doing.  If I do take a week or so off immediately then I will subsequently be on holiday with little opportunity to run then a week after that it would be my half.  At least I will only lose the race fee - no accomodation or travel.   Sorry for being so down.
  • Hazelnut, don't write off the half just yet. I think you just need a break from the speed work. I usually run by feel - I have an idea of the mileage I want to do when the week starts but I don't follow a set plan. If I feel sluggish I'll do an easy run and if I feel good I'll turn it into a tempo or interval run. I get niggles but I rarely feel as though I don't want to run.
    I'd suggest just going out and running for enjoyment - leave the Garmin behind if you like, or at least, don't look at it. Incidentally, I've been on holidays before key races and the days off always seem to do me some good - I've had a few PBs after holidays. Hang in there.

    enrvuk - Years ago when I lived in Didcot, I went for a run and a dog joined me and stayed with me for ages. Not sure if he liked the company or what! But I guess they do that sometimes - there've been instances of dogs joining in races (and doing rather well!)
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Nice 20 miler Cal,good weekly mileage as well.Congrats on your first alfresco pee!

    Well done on your HM Will.Hope your preparations for Brecon are going well.

    Nice run envruk,sounds like a lovely run.Definitely don't need sun cream and sunglasses here.

    Hazelnut,have to agree with Cal,knock the harder runs on the head,stick with easy runs and ditch the watch.Plus I'd still do the HM,you've done the hard work and put the miles in.See how you feel after your holiday.Hope you're feeling better soon.

    4.44 hilly miles on Sunday afternoon.I ditched Monday's run after work because of the torrential rain,also stopped going to any circuit training until after Chester,so I did a kettle bell workout at home instead.

  • I've ditched yoga and pilates for the same reason, JD - with the mileages I've been hitting, it's too much. If it was a gentle, stretchy sort of yoga, it wouldn't be so bad, but Bikram and Vinyasa are tough and the pilates class is a mix of core/glute work and HIIT (including burpees).
    Was also very tempted to take an extra rest day today as felt a bit crappy when I woke up and it was bucketing down outside. I decided to wait a bit and got out there just before 10 for a gentle 6 miler. Heavens opened again once I got home so seems I timed it right.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Huge miles Cal. Just don't burn yourself out. Last year I was doing that kind of weekly mileage and I think it made me lose some of the pleasure of running. Good pissing though. It's just a lull Hazelnut and it'll come and go. Kon'nichiwa Will and everyone else.
    5k treadmill run in 21min40 after gym session Monday. Tend to do them as incrementals, mainly cause I need a while to get going. Tuesday 11.1miles about 1hr24 in the rain. Much happier in the cold. Again trying to go to new roads or paths to keep motivated, particularly as I'm not going as far afield. This does involve running some fairly nondescript streets. I did see a really shitty looking flat roof 60's estate pub that I didn't know was there. Sort of got lost in so far as I didn't know where I was but figured eventually I would. Somehow got myself turned around and running in completely the opposite direction of where I thought I was headed. My sense of direction is shocking.
  • Thanks for your comments.   I like to record all of my runs so the watch is a must but do try to ignore it as much as possible.  This week I haven't looked at the HM plan, will go out when I feel like and do what I feel like and probably shove in an additional rest day or two.    Will see how I feel after that.

    Sounds as if the UK will need an ark soon.  Then it could maybe just gently float away on 31.10.  (no - let's not get onto that subject!)

    Good caution regarding the extra training Cal and JD. 

    I should try out one of your explorer runs JT - maybe try to run all of the footpaths and streets in my village to start off with - something like that.  My sense of direction is also bad though.  Maybe I should take some emergency equipment with me!  Early / late post btw. 

    Did my standard Tuesday evening group run yesterday - this time without doing an extra miles on top in order to fit my mileage to my HM plan.  Made an effort to have a chat with almost everyone - I tend to talk to the same people though it is often dependent on who runs at your pace.  First time out in the day-glo vest this autumn - need to dust off the head-torch for next week.   Might go out at lunch for a short run but only if I feel I can fit it in without stressing about the time.
  • I like to check out random streets as well, Hazelnut - keeps me from getting bored with the same old runs. Glad you are getting out there - sounds like what you need.

    Crappy feeling is definitely a virus although it hasn't turned into a full-blown cold. Just a run-down feeling and scratchy throat. I am taking today off and hopefully it'll bugger off. If I'm going to get sick, I'd rather it was now than later.
  • Hi all hope you're having  a happy week!

    Day 5 of no running, my Folkstone half marathon race number has been stuck to the fridge for the last couple weeks, staring at me, I'm going to give it a go and see what happens.

    My awful blisters I got through training on just wet grass are healing up well!
    Knee; seems to be getting much better.
    Hip; unknown, it normally kicks in about 3 miles into a run, and I don't want to run in case my blisters come back, ruining Sunday. 

     At least if I have to drop out of this half I'm in civilisation rather than being in the outback for the last two.  Once again it will be a finishing lines over finishing times though, sigh.  All practice/experience I guess.

    It will be weird starting a half marathon with a full week off running. Hope it's OK.
    I've been spoilt, the last 9 races have all been reasonably pleasant weather.  Sunday is forecast as 22mph onshore wind (it's along the promenade) and heavy, persistent rain. 

    I'm sorry to hear you're having the odd bad run Hazlenut, normally you're a beacon of running positivity!  maybe you just need a little break? the time of year doesn't help, I always lose my joie de vivre when the dark, wet evenings roll in.  I'm sure you'll be smashing it again soon

    Good running and fast again JT! I must be a running anomaly in that I'd still rather run in hot sun than in the cold. you run a good bit quicker than me though!!

    Hi Will! glad it went well, impressive time.  worrying about those runners, hope they were OK.

    Epic running/distance/mileage Cal! my marathon plan is now also on the fridge, featuring a 20 mile race beginning of March and marathon beginning of April.  Who knows if it'll happen, but I'm going to give it a damn good go!

    Have a nice week. hope you can avoid the rain!
  • Whoa! They've just upped Sunday's predictions to 45mph. I've been down there to look at the waves when it's been like that and you can pretty much lean on the wind. Going to be a er, new experience!
  • Get well soon Cal.  Hope the virus does go away quickly and doesn't develop into something nasty.

    Ouch to the wind forecast LTT.  That on top of your other issues.  I would probably consider a DNS.  Please do be careful if you do run and be prepared to DNF if anything hurts a lot.  A HM is quite a long way.  If you haven't run for a week pre race then your legs are likely to feel rusty. You seem to have plans already for the Spring and you don't want to put yourself out for a longer period of time.  Part of marathon training is about getting in consistent mileage before the actual plan starts.

    JT-style exploratory run yesterday lunchtime taking in as many roads and paths I could find in the upper part of my village.  Covered around 5.5 miles without ever being more than a mile from home.  I found a couple of nice footpaths I didn't know existed.  I did cheat and take a map with me though.  Took nearly an hour to do as I was stopping and starting to plan my next moves so as not to have to backtrack and cover the same bits of the route again.  There were also some pretty steep hills to negotiate.  Passed some nice houses - some more modern, some several hundred years old, a shetland pony having a piss and nearly ended up on a couple of front lawns a couple of times (dead ends - was hoping for unmarked paths).   Enjoyed that. 
  • Thanks Hazelnut... I've had this sort of thing a fair bit. Feels like I'm getting a cold but doesn't really develop and passes in a few days. I felt sufficiently well enough to do a recovery-pace 10 miles this morning. I was hoping to do 50 miles this week but that won't happen now. Don't suppose it matters much at this point...the hay is in the barn.

    Horses produce an epic amount of piss, even the small ones! Glad you enjoyed your run.

    Linton...good luck mate!
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Hope you're feeling better Cal, something you could do without.

    Nice running JT,are all of your runs fast?

    That's going to be a pig of a wind Linton,good character building though!Good advice from Hazelnut,maybe just use it as a training run and take it very easy, you have bigger plans for Spring.

    That's a nice easy run for you Hazelnut, always good to explore.I do all my exploring when walking the dogs,then put it into a run.

    8 easy miles Tuesday evening,a couple at MP. I was looking at my work schedule for next week,thinking that I was finishing my nights Friday morning but no I finish them Saturday morning,so that only gives me 24 hours recovery before Chester,really pissed off with myself.I'll just have to make the best of it and see what happens.

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