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    Good end to the track season yesterday at MK - Eastern Masters league final for Bedford & County

    Worked to the bone again..

    1500 - Front ran it and managed to come out with a seasons best of 4.13.6, think splits were 65,2.15, 3.06 at the bell.

    800 - won it but the guy out in front dropped out after 400. Wasn't quick as quite close after the 1500, 2.10, think it was 65 at the bell.

    3000 - bit later, went off at the front trying to keep to 75's, team mate and super V55 Andy Leach tracking me all the way round, fresh from his Euro masters win in Italy! (wearing a fresh pair of Nike 5%). Still managed to pull away a bit last 2 laps and won in 9.15.

    Had to do a 400m relay leg too, not got the split yet

    Shame we lost to MK by 1/2 a point! bugger. Good fun and piss take between the teams at the end, as it should be.

  • Think this is first lap of 1500m 
  • Congrats on the triple win Simon! Great photo as well, the bloke from Nene Valley looks in a world of pain if that's only the first lap! Interesting that the guy behind you is in vaporflys for a 1500.

    Good parkrunning PMJ, sub 20 is definitely coming!

    12m yesterday at 7.48 average, really comfy which bodes well. Nothing over 5m left to do this week before I fly out on Friday. My club ran their best ever midlands relays on Saturday coming 16th so have qualified for the nationals. I've put my name in if they are short but not sure how quick I'll be a week after Berlin!
  • Sorry about the illness SG, posts have dried up a bit in your absence!

    Nice work at the track SC, bossing the old man races.

    Think I am finally over the worst of my injury, managed to run 3 days in succession over a long weekend in France. Calf problems but I can manage that. Time to build some mileage up ready for the XC season.

  • Good running with the triple win there, SC, as well as a season's best to boot.
    Ah, thanks for the tip about the A8s. I thought they might be the Saucony analog of the Bostons - but having read some reviews it seems they can be quite unforgiving.

    SW, tidy run there. Time to wrap yourself in cotton wool for the week! Congrats to the club for qualifying. As for the Bostons, I only wear them for sessions and races (including WU and CD), but I do end up frequently doing 10+mi at a time in them. I think they're pretty versatile, but some of my runs just call for more cushioning.

    Getting closer to that sub-20 Pete! 

    Glad to hear you're on the comeback trail Reg. It's funny how, after some injuries, calf niggles and the like seem like small change as they're common and can just come and go. I've no doubt you'll bounce back into shape in no time.

    Another session on Sunday (blasphemy!) but only because my calves were still DOMS-y on Saturday and so I skipped the planned progressive 5km. The alternative on Sunday was 6 x 3min (2min) at circa 10km pace, so I could see how the legs got on. All was good, and cruised the first 5 at low- or just sub-6min/mi pace, followed by a harder effort at ~5:40/mi pace. It's been a long time since 6-pace has felt a bit more comfortable, so looking forward to the races lined up.
    Up in Cambridge for most of this week - got out for an hours run after sitting on the train for 6 hours. It makes a nice change to be able to run on pancake-flat routes!
  • Bet it is MH! Hope the fens isn't too boring for you though. Yes the A8's are very unforgiving, so they are my summer grass session racers, although I might use them for a 5k at a push, but nothing more than that. I couldn't do Sunday runs in my Adios, the DOMS would be too much a day later!

    Reg - Glad you are getting there now. Exchanged a few messenger messages yesterday with SG, seems to be getting a little bit better

    SW - Vapourflys in a 1500? Already been beaten by someone wearing them in a 1500 this season. Still think 5,000m is ok (Phil Sesseman was 4th in the UK champs wearing them), but should be spikes under that really. Fly in the ointment for Sutton Pk - we didn't qualify after only coming 35th at Crystal Palace! We 'might' sneak in if the B teams are taken out and some teams don't bother. We're pretty low quality at the moment.

    Double soaking today - from the house to the station, then doing the reps on the canal towpath, the usual 30 x (35 on 25 off), a lot better with the lack of fair weather cyclists. Childishly excited about my new Bluetooth earbuds arriving today - £39.99 down from£125 so they'd better be good! Had to buy them as got an Iphone 7 and realised about the lack of speaker jack.

  • Good work on a hard day in the office Simon :smiley:

    Reg - that's good news. Fingers crossed for a decent bout of training...
    Nice dozen SW - always reassuring if you can describe a run of that distance as comfortable :smile:

    Nice session on, er, a Sunday Matt!

    Double for me today. Oddly, after lots of hills last week and in torrential rain of biblical proportions, this morning's was actually relatively pacey and the legs felt good for a change. The downside was my train was cancelled and I ended up borderline hypothermic waiting 50 minutes for the next one soaked to the skin! Back to normal tonight though - legs like lead and slow as anything :neutral: 
  • ps - be interested to hear if hose headphones are any good Simon. My Airpods seem to have been killed by the rain this morning....
  • Airpods for running is an expensive risk, even for secondhand other people's earwax ones!

    Two days no running for me, not injury but just too busy, my wife is laid up in bed with all sorts so I am being super-daddy. Puncture this morning just added another job to do.

    I somehow need to get into the habit of going to bed early so I can get up at about 6 to do a run before the day takes over, otherwise I am not going to get it done.

  • That's why I do doubles as commutes - only way to fit them in most of the time! Agree re the Airpods, but once you've gone totally wireless it's hard to go back to having trailing wires out of your ears :smile:  They seem to be working again today, so it may have just been a moisture thing (the second hand wax keeping out the rian must have worn off!).

    Getting your bike out to go to work and finding a flat tyre is one of the worst start to a day you can have :smile:

    Right, need to find some motivation from somewhere to head out in yet more rain, with leaden legs, to pound the dull as dishwater streets of Aylesbury in minute!
  • Bus - Really like them. Was getting warm on the 4 mile loop to work so took my skull cap off and they still stayed in OK. Do need to be sure before I peg it along the towpath though, that theyre not going to go in the canal. They are ENACFIRE ones if you fancy looking them up, iconic day not having a dangling cable!

    Reg - If you find the secret of going to bed early, let me know! I'm still not asleep before 11.30 every night.

  • Thanks - I'll take a look.

    Progression run at lunchtime, with the first two miles very slow, building up to 6:09 pace, with a mile warm down. And guess what? It was raining!  Not too bad as I thought I wouldn't even manage to get sub 7 the way my legs felt! My knee is quite sore now, oddly.
  • What's the sound quality like Simon? They look good.
  • Simon Coombes 2Simon Coombes 2 ✭✭✭
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    Sound quality pretty good - hard to compare as I previously had £10 Sony earbuds in my old Iphone SE, suddenly moving up to an Iphone 7 with fancy earbuds. So obviously I don't have to have the volume up to the max to hear anything now!

    They are quite big - the man playing tennis in the advert must have the Grand Canyon inside there. I look like Frankenstein with the bolts in my ears rather than my neck :)

    The rain is a pain already. Only just finished summer and it's getting on my tits!

  • Hmm. Mebbe as a back up - I have small ears :smile:

    It's sunny now - having got a soaking for the 5th run in a row this morning  :#

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    Stevie W – very best of luck for Berlin.  By the sounds of it you’re in absolutely stupendous form, and you are well placed to capitalise on it.

    SG – wow, sounds awful!  How did that come about?  Your FB post inspired me to come back and read what went on.

    SC – excellent trio of races, hope your father in law appreciated your efforts.  Mine just thinks I’m mental.  Bad luck on the relays.  I say bad luck, but as you’ll see in a minute, we have a worse tale of woe…

    PMJ – nice parkrunning. I travelled to Rickmansworth this summer, thought it was a very decent course, but still had to put up with more lapping than I expected on a 2 lapper.

    Bus – aren’t you always in the lakes anyway?

    Joe – fantastic holiday marathoning,

    Reg – fingers crossed the injury will clear soon.

    I seem to be back in full flight.  Training times are somewhere near my best.  Did a track 10000 at the Ladywell 10,000 at the beginning of September with a view to cracking 32 minutes, but it wasn’t quite to be.  Felt a bit lethargic on the warm up, and took that feeling into the race.  Was able to hang onto the pacer to 5K in 15:59, but I was already hanging on at that point and faded to 32:12.  Still my second fastest over the distance, but I do feel I have more in the tank at the minute.

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    This weekend it was the Southern Road Relays at Crystal Palace.  I was massively looking forward to this, and I had managed to get a full three senior men’s teams out, which was amazing given that 6 years ago we were scratching around for a single team.  Not only that, but our A team was looking like our strongest ever.  Qualification for the nationals (top 25) was the minimum expectation, and hopefully top 20.  Previous best ever for the club was 25th last year.

    Route changed again slightly after last year, now entering the stadium and leaving it at different points, cutting out about 200 metres.

    Up first was a fellow V40, Seb.  He had a very decent run, bringing us home in 44th, running 18:20.  44th at that point is no problem, because Leg 1 is stacked, and I had reckoned with us being outside the top 50 at this point.

    Next up is our star man, Rob, currently in training to represent England at Toronto marathon.  He’s taken all my club records from me this year, but I’ll forgive him if he runs well.  He takes more than 20 places, with a 16:59, and we’re already in a qualification spot.

    Third leg is Matt, a very good if occasional runner for us.  He has a stormer for us with 17:36, and we are into the top 20.

    I wasn’t sure whether to put new Dutch member Sibrand into the A team, as he is something of an unknown quantity, but he has looked comfortable in training, and he justifies my faith with an 18:24, so we’re 18th.

    I’m on Leg 5.  Been feeling coldy all week, so I know I’ll be a bit off, but still confident I can keep us in the mix.  During the first lap I go past Belgrave to put us into 17th, and hold that almost until the end, until a Newham and Essex Beagle zooms past and pips me on the line.  Balls!  Never mind, it’s 18:05, and we’re surely heading to a top 20.

    Last up is Jack, one of our strongest.  He gets back past Newham, and brings the team to the finish in 17th, and only seconds behind 16th.  By far our best ever performance and an invitation to the nationals!  B team were 48th, so pretty strong too, and our C team did well as well.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    First sign something is wrong is when a couple of teammates message noticing that we are showing in the results as an incomplete team.  OK, a chip problem maybe, I think, it’s annoying but sure it can be sorted out.  I e-mail SEAA pointing out that we’re incomplete and most of our leg times are wrong. 

    Their reply is that we were disqualified.  Rob, on leg 2, was not on our entry list, and the referee had disqualified us mid-race.  This sends a chill down my spine, because I had done the entries.  But surely I wouldn’t have forgotten to include our fastest runner?  SEAA give me a link to the entry portal, and sure enough he’s missing.  I mean, I remember putting him on the list, but the system was a complete nightmare and kept re-setting and maybe by the time I’d eventually filled it out, I was just so glad to finish that I’d not checked properly.

    Totally gutted and embarrassed.  I’ve let everyone down.  We ran so well, everyone was fit, this was surely our year.  Still can’t quite believe it.

  • These things happen Dachs - IT is shite and still no substitute for a pen and entry form!!!! Don't beat yourself up and I bet the rest of the team are't (well maybe a bit, but....)

    Glad to hear you are running well too....

    (and I wish I WAS in the Lakes all the time - might as well be , given how wet it has been here anyway!)
  • Oops, that's annoying Dachs. I did see a few of the legs on my Strava feed and thought you'd be doing well with those. Sibrand is a member of TVT as well, he raced in our club championships at Dorney. I turned up thinking I would just cruise to the club trophy. Turns out not only is he a good runner but he's is an excellent swimmer and was first out of the water 7 minutes faster than me! I did manage to win because his cycling isn't great but if he sorts that out he could be very good.
  • Dachs - Nightmare eh. But as I have heard the screams of anguish from upstairs as the missus tries to complete the Bedford women's entries, I know exactly how shite that system is. Not that anything to do with SEAA is great or straightforward.

    Well run though, I'm going ok at the moment and would have been looking for something around 8.20.

    Track last night, session was 4 x (1,000,800,400) 2 mins between sets and 80 between reps. One of those sessions where the 800 is a complete pig. Times were (3.09, 2.27,65), (3.08,2.26,66), 3.07,2.27......dreaded dodgy guts intervened and a 4 minute break, so I then stuck the last 400 at the end of the last rep (3.10,2.26,65,67). Actually quite warm and sweaty and bloody knackering.

    The kid wants to do Wendover parkrun again, so up early..any locals want to join us? (if there re any locals :) )

  • Quick check in, safely arrived in Berlin and navigated the expo. Even managed to win a pair of Hokas and spend no money!

    Number 71405 if anyone is tracking
  • Stevie - will be tracking for sure. Good luck mate, trust in the training!
  • And it's good luck from me too SW :smiley:

    Tempted to do Wendover pr Simon, but more tempted by having a lie-in :smiley:

  • Do it you lazy sod Bus!!!! ;)

    I'll track you Templehof?  What an amazing building to house the expo.

  • I'll maybe less lazy n a warm summer's day :smiley:
  • Quiet on here today?  

    Given the weather forecast, and an f-off yesterday, I decided to do my long run today. The aim was to try to hit 50 for the week, without having to run tomorrow, which needed just shy of 19M - should have worked out about 2hr 50 min for a hilly off-road job at current steady pace. It wasn't a target just for the 50  - I wanted to try and do around 3 hours at whatever pace as a last long run in case I do the Langdale Horseshoe in 2 weeks (still some doubt because of the knee).  In the end, and despite feeling knackered from the off, it wasn't far off. 19M done, very slowly in just over 3 hours. Very slow pace, but given I managed to squeeze 2600ft of muddy Chiltern hills in and every bloody field seemed to have been ploughed within an inch of its life, I'll take it! I was also wearing a running vest filled with stuff, just to get used to carrying it.  I can have a nice easy Sunday tomorrow now :smile:
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Any news on how SG is ?

    Nice one Bus, thats a good long run bagged.

    I did 23m yday, thats my last long long run done for Abo. I had a break from the long runs last weekend and did Solent 1/2, in 1.22 which is pretty solid untapered and would be a minute or so quicker again at somewhere like Gosport.
  • Thanks TR/ I bet you#re glad the long, long runs are over now for Abo :smile:  That half is a pretty nice confidence booster too.
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