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  • Leslie - my most local parkruns aren't fast courses and I never seem to be in the mindset for them. Your reps sound fun - like trying to run against a wave machine!

    Taking it easy today, maybe a couple of mile jog to loosen up before a session with my PT where we'll work mainly on mobility so not too taxing; so hopefully do something half decent tomorrow though not expecting a big PB; just a half-decent parkrun for once.

    At some point I really need to work on 5K/10K and get those times down; especially the 10 where my PB and the time I run a 10k in a half marathon are almost the same.

    G-Dawg - happy birthday for Sunday, will definitely have a drink on your behalf.
    DT - really solid 7 there, don't know how you can keep that pace when it's busy out
    OO - 20 miler 2 weeks out should be fine I'd have thought?
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Nicko, I have the same issue with 5k and 10k in that there barely appears anything between those paces. Probably like of grit and toughness.

    It won't be something i'll do again. There were parts of quasi country roads that are 60mph and rat runs at rush hour. One car's wing mirror was inches from me. Then the hesitation at junctions etc, it was little fun.

    4m very light recovery lunchtime done.

  • Quick check in, safely arrived in Berlin and navigated the expo. Even managed to win a pair of Hokas and spend no money!

    Number 71405 if anyone is tracking, will definitely have a beer for you G-Dawg on Sunday!
  • Have a great race, Stevie. They give away free bottles of Erdinger alcohol free lager at the finish. Your challenge is to beat 4. Congrats on the shoe win, I bet that was a surprise, a real sHoka!

    Smashi it, mate!!
  • Catch-up time - still got a couple more pages to go!
    DT19 - 4 weeks on Sunday from 6th Sep equals 6th Oct, so not long to go now! Nice progressive and tempo runs. Good progress on the next week's tempo run :) So glad you were able to get the carcinoma treated so swiftly. Hope all is well now.
    Nicko - very speedy 1k intervals - no wonder you hit 198bpm! Followed by a progressive run - not ideal prep for a shot at a sub 20 parkrun on a tough course! Bet you were glad to do an easy run the day after :) Unlucky with the HM - sounds like a bit of a hot day. Nice photo though! Solid track work.
    Leslie - that shift pattern must play havoc with any training schedule. Great effort in the Clady 10k. Nice evasive action with the German Shepherd - maybe you could get one to chase you at your next race :) Great tempo club run and solid mile reps. More good work at the next 2 club sessions as well and 400m reps to boot.
    SBD - nice fast finish to your MLR. Ditto for the 16 miler with MP effort for the last 5 miles - nice pace! Tidy intervals too. MLR noted. Great work at parkrun to bag a PB and big miles for the week. More great intervals. Looking good! Cracking HM! Nothing like sticking to a plan, eh ;)
    OO - hope the hip was okay in time for GNR. Nice pacing at parkrun. Good negative split at GNR for a nice sub 85. How long does a 3km swim take you? I did 45 mins yesterday and counted about 90 lengths. Yay!!! Congratulations on the gold medal.
    Jools - good timing with the cut-back/mini-taper week. Keep thinking about doing some strides here too, but never seem to get around to it. Well done on the sub 90 to bag your qualifying time. Congrats on bagging the mile world record too :) Good work at the road relays.
    PMJ - yes, the weather is cooling down. Mostly in 2 layers here now being slightly earlier in the day :) Any plans to visit your parents? I'm sure you could go sub 20 at King's Lynn parkrun, even though it's a bit of a longer course now (i.e. roughly the correct distance!) Interesting to see Heslington at number 7 as Miss GD the younger is off to York Uni this weekend :) You're getting very close now.
    GD - oh no, really bad luck with the shin splints. Respect for knuckling down to some cross-training. Go easy with the come-back now. Great to hear you got the London Classics medal - good work!
    VTr - glad to hear HADD training is paying dividends. You should be near the end of your final full week now?
    Stevie -  Stonking tempo runs, you could be peaking just at the right time for Berlin.
    Lorenzo - good to hear from you - for a moment I thought you had bagged a 17:30 parkrun (and at Mole Valley too!)
    Poacher - great to hear from you too. That is some photo. Is it even possible to run up there?

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Gul and congrats on 90 lengths- how did the hat feel?
    Go Stevie, we are all right behind you 👍
    Steady Keswick parkrun for me tomorrow followed by a 10k race Sunday. Comes off the back of a heavy week so not expecting much, but a low priority race for me.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Enjoy the parkrun at Keswick OO.

    Impressive readback Gul!  Hope you're managing to get some running in.

    You've had a great build up Stevie - hope you do the training justice on Sunday. 

    Good luck with the parkrun nicko - you must be due a quick one.

    The 7 miler sounds less than fun DT but still a reasonable pace.  My training history has been a bit potted.  I've always run since University days but never too far or too often, may be a max of 20 miles per week.  Back in 2009, I decided to run Brighton Marathon in April 2010 to get a GFA qualifying time for London 2011.  I decided to use the P&D 55 to 70 mile schedule and just about coped.  So between December 2009 and March 2011 I ran a reasonable volume (essentially three back to back marathons) and set most of my current PBs and was aiming for 2:55 at London. However, I managed to inflame the ankle ligaments four weeks before London and the race fell apart after 5 miles and I damaged the ligaments some more!  I struggled with minor injuries from March 2011 until October 2017 when I started training for Brighton in April 2018.  So, the current mileage and consistency is all new territory!  I'm also due a good run at London as well - so hopefully 2020!

    12 miles progressive run late afternoon, with the last 10K as:

    2K at 4:30 m/km, HR 148
    2K at 4:20 m/km, HR 153
    2K at 4:10 m/km, HR 159
    2K at 4:00 m/km, HR 165
    2K at 3:50 m/km, HR 171

    Marathon HR is c. 165, so quite encouraging. 

  • GDawg, encouraging results on your front. BTW, dry needling has done wonders for me, especially in the calf.

    Good luck tomorrow Nicko and OO (tomorrow and Sunday!)

    DT, sounds a little like a game of Frogger.

    Nice shoe score Stevie. Good luck in the race.

    Gul, good to hear from you. Yes, final full week now.

    SBD, keep at it. Consistent consistency is where it’s at. Nice stats today.

    So did my final full length SubLT run today. Decided to try the Nikes again (figured another run to get used to them and get another data point would be worth it). Not much sleep last night (< 5 hr; must work on this!) and felt pretty tired so not expecting much. Between a 1 m warm up and a 2.5 mile cooldown, the following 10 subLT miles happened (6:36, 6:33, 6:35, 6:42, 6:38, 6:34, 6:42, 6:35, 6:26, and 6:09). For me, this was an exceptional run. Very encouraging for the marathon.

    BTW, I laced the shoes a bit tighter today. I tend to tie my shoes very loosely. But these Nike shoes have a weird heel and I felt like my foot slipped around a bit on my last test. Pretty locked in today though. And I kind of fell into a natural cadence that felt comfortable and was brisk. So after 4 runs, I finally felt natural running in these and really appreciated how soft and comfortable they are. I think I’ll race the marathon in them. Still not sure how much speed they may give over my other shoes (maybe 8-12 seconds per mile; or maybe none; as a scientist it’s hard for me to conclude much after a couple of runs…could just be natural fitness gains that were on the way regardless). But I think they could save some pounding later in the race and for that alone could be worth trying. 

    20M on tap for Sunday, then taper.

  • And more catching-up...
    Stevie - enjoy the Italian dinner :) Good luck for tomorrow. Winnning a pair of Hokas sounds like you don't need any! 
    SBD - good 1200m reps. I can vaguely remember what interval sessions are like ;) No wonder you fellt a bit sluggish following that. Very tidy progressive run - you are on top form.
    Leslie - I've no idea what hill reps are though! Nice work. And good discipline with the lunges and bridges. Conditions sounds like they were abyssmal on club night.
    nicko - good 5k - at least you can improve on the time in the rest of the series. Never really though about intervals on a dreadmill; did you program in the increasing pace of the mile reps? Enjoy parkrun.
    VTr - you're not selling the shoes ;) Wow, excellent final sub LT run. Enjoy your last long run before the taper.
    Jools - oh no! Hope the ankle is okay.
    DT - so easy to push the pace too far - overall a good set though. Well done fitting in your tempo run.
    GD - sounds like a sensible plan from the fizz. All the best for Sunday!
    OO - have a great weekend with parkrun and the 10k.

  • Training is going okay here. Just in base training mode at the moment. I'm still alternating the running and swimming sessions. Last 3 weeks have looked like this:-
    {- (pool closed), 8M easy, swim, 11M steady, swim, - (work), - (work)}
    {- (work),  - (work), 3M easy + swim, 10M easy, 6M easy, 11M easy, rest}
    {12M easy, swim, 13M easy, swim, 12M easy, ? (today!), ?}
    No idea how effective this kind of training is but maybe will manage a parkrun soon - could be interesting after nothing faster than MP for quite a long while!
  • 19:24 at Cardiff this morning. Not great and no PB but at least broke that 20minute parkrun barrier. Very fast very flat course and we'll organised for a parkrun. Avoided the rain too so that's a bonus.
  • 14 LSR miles on the trails this morning. Buzzing to have got some decent miles in. Only my 6th run this month and first of double digits.

    Calf was "there" but all very manageable. It felt better at the end actually. 

    Precautionary icing right now and more rehab later to keep it loose.

    Time to read back...
  • Well done, G-Dawg.  The precautionary icing sounds sensible if your first double digit run this month was 14 miles!

    Well done at Cardiff, Nicko.  It's a great course, and one of the oldest parkruns.  I used to pop over very occasionally when it was one of the few which existed, and in the days before barcodes.  I'm sure with a bit more easing back for a parkrun you'd smash 19 minutes there.

    11.5 miles for me with 2 x 4km.  I had marathon pace in mind because I didn't want to do anything too tough on the weak ankle and 17.19/17.20 was about right (although I know I'm not in 3.03 shape at the moment!).  Grim conditions (heavy showers and strong gusts of wind), but it got it done.  Now working...
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I was supposed to take it easy at Keswick parkrun today ahead of my 10k race tomorrow. However in a small slow field I found myself in 3rd place after a mile and briefly took the lead at 2 miles. Then one of the passed athletes came back past me and held on until end. So 18:57 for 2nd place.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
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    Good luck to Stevie at Berlin tomorrow.

    A good time and place for an easy run OO - good luck for the 10K.

    Good to see the ankle is holding up Jools.  Conditions sounded very grim.

    Well done on breaking the 20 minutes nicko.  You can only get faster.

    A good couple of weeks training Gul - plenty of medium-long runs in the mix.

    That's a confidence-building subLT run VT.  Good to see you think the shoes are delivering the magic.  For the subLT run - is this run at a capped HR and is this effectively marathon effort HR?  Any thoughts on the target time in three weeks?

    Found myself in Wallingford today on parental support duty so ran the 7 recovery miles on the Thames Path early morning.  A bit windy and some rain but not too bad.  All very pleasant and legs feeling recovered.  Just need to knock off the 22 miles tomorrow in what could be interesting conditions. 

  • Stevie going rather well...
  • Just seen his result, fantastic time; congrats Stevie
  • Brilliant running ftom the boy, wicked skills!! 
    Congratulations,  Stevie.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Not read back yet so just a quick post to congratulate Stevie. Great result. 
  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭
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    GUL good bit of training you are getting in and mostly longer runs too . The new shift is better in that there are more weekends off and the blocks are shorter between rests but its still 12 hrs (and the nights to  days swap is grim) and that's the main issue and leaves very little time for anything else on shift apart from a short run and checking my daughters homework ! Tiredness is still a major issue and to an extent shiftwork is limiting how far I can get .No hills near you ? well will gladly give you some as I am surrounded by the damn things !!!!!!
    Nicko your on your way now and will be sub 19 in no time !
    Jools impressive long reps in seasonal conditions 
    0054 showboating today  is going to hurt tomorrow lol still second is worth having 
    Stevie sounds like you did good will wait for the report ...
    VTR impressive lt run with a strong finish ,looking good for the mara .

    9 x 400m along my usual stretch of road. was supposed to be 8 but seems I got a bonus one ,quite warm out but nice conditions and 6.5 mile in total First one a tad slow but it usually is  :
    1:34, 1:30, 1:31, 1:29, 1:29, 1:30. 1:31, 1:30, 1:29

    44 mile for the week.

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Well done Stevie - brilliant result - looking forward to the report!

    22.5 miles for me this morning in 2:50.  Conditions not too bad, windy but only a few light showers.  Legs feeling a bit weary, I don't think I've quite got over last Sunday's HM yet, so it was a bit of a mental struggle to get through the miles.  Picked up the pace a little for the last 5 miles, so 6:51 m/m, but this was hard work!

    83 miles for the week and with Abingdon in 3 weeks time it's officially taper time!    A few beers are in order ..

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Stevie that was immense your pace was faster than my 10k today so I’ll keep quiet 😉 Mighty impressed 
  • Solid consistent reps there Leslie, nice work.

    Another big mileage week there SBD, enjoy he taper, looking very strong for Abo.

    Late long run due to overnight London visit featuring many Jagermeisters, but 16 flat miles bagged at 7:37 average for a 55mile week.

  • Well done Stevie!

    15.5 miles for me early doors 8n the rain before a 3 hour rehearsal and then some work. #livingthedream ;)
  • nick - solid parkrun - always nice to get a sub 20.
    GD - nice MLR - take care of that calf!
    Jools - good intervals and MLR.
    OO - very tidy parkrun. I'm sure your 10k time was more than respectable.
    SBD - not surprised a 22 miler felt hard at the end of an 83 mile week after your HM!
    Leslie - yes, send those hills over this way please. Consistent reps - nice work.
    Stevie - congratulations! Haven't seen your time yet, but judging by the comments it was very impressive. Look forward to the report.
    12 steady miles this morning.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    SBD looks like you are well set for Abingdon, hope you can taper well and stay injury free.
    Good steady miles Gul. My 10k was on an unfamiliar course will few people I could guage myself against. I ran just over 39 mins but got faster each mile and passed a lot of runners to finish 11th and first V50. I felt pretty good but was a bit disappointed with the time. Feeling fresh today so will head out for the long run I missed yesterday.
    I assume Stevie is still penning an epic race review 😉
  • VTrunnerVTrunner ✭✭✭
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    Gul, I like what you have done. Lots of great MLR stuff plus the xtraining in the pool. What a great mix. Will keep injuries at bay by relieving some of the repetitive motion we all gorge on.

    Nicko, solid parkrun and strong late night LR.

    Gdawg, nice 14 miler. Seems as if you are on the way back. You can feel it but know it won’t go boom now, right?

    Good MP stuff Jools (especially under weather duress) and MLR/LR.

    OO, not a bad 5K for having only decided well into race to up the ante! Maybe not surprising the 10K was a little less speedy with the 5K still in the legs (plus LR now after those days; you are an animal!). Congrats on some good racing sessions. A big weekend.

    SBD, Good effort on tired legs today. Nice brisk miles at the end. Nice entry into the taper (cheers). Also, yes, the subLTs are done at MP HR. But my history suggests that I will end up running about 20 seconds/mile slower than what I hit on these subLTs. In this case, I would be over the moon if I could maintain at 7 m/m or better. I hit near these times a few years ago on subLTs and thought I might be on for a 3:05, but just didn’t happen on the day and ended up with 3:09 (which I got the previous year on same course in not nearly as good of shape). I think it will come down to how I feel on the day (and hopefully it will be good!). Either way, I didn’t miss any key sessions this time around and should have the fitness (and speed) on hand to vie for a PB (so anything under 3:09 would count  as a win for me). BTW, what is your target time?

    Leslie, solid week of miles and very consistent bit of quarters there (love that a bonus lap was waiting when you uploaded the dataJ).

    21.5M for me Sunday. Really nice weather (clothes pretty much dry during this one, which is a first for the year). Didn’t push (8:23 ave with somewhat brisk miles for final 1/3) but full of energy and felt like I could have kept going (probably the result of two nights of sleep totaling 15 hrs…oh yeah!). So a good strong final week totaling 65 miles, including two subLTs and a LR. Taper begins today (yeah). I’ll kick it off with a day of no running.

    Just looked back and since June I have managed 9 LRs of 20 or more (4 @ 20; 4 @21 and 1 @ 22) and 4 at 17 M. Normally I take a few of the LRs and load in 8-10 miles at MP. But not this year (only got MP work in the subLTs). Hopefully that won’t bite me.  Sitting on 2011 miles for the year.

  • Bang on, VT. really want to run tonight but I know rest is best. Will do core work instead and attempt an easy 10 miler tomorrow. Nice sleeping and running skills!!

    Meanwhile, we await the quill work from our young maestro in Berlin...
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
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    You are going great VT with some solid miles in he bank. I managed another 20 tonight but slow. One more on Sunday and I’ll start the cutback got York on the 20th. This is my only focus now.
  • OO - well done on 1st V50 - always good to finish strongly.
    VTr - a good campaign with plenty of long runs. Enjoy the rest day and the start of the taper.
    Swim this morning. 70 lengths bang on 35 minutes.
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