Overdone it?



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    sounds good, mcf.

    I managed 32 which isn't too bad considering I flew back from states Monday/Tuesday.

    I've got 3 weeks to get into gear before my target half. Need to lose some weight in that time as well.

    Anyone at the Midland rd relays on 21st?

  • I'll be there, DT. Think I'm going to be on leg 3 which suits me well having been on the anchor leg for the last 3 relays we've done.

    Managed a 19:13 parkrun on Saturday, was going ok until the third mile when I hit the headwind and I sort of gave up a bit.

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    I've no idea what team or leg I will be on.

    I find it is much easier to give up a bit in a parkrun than push harder at that moment.

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    I'm still not sure of my leg but been told i'm in the Masters team which removes any real pressure. I'd rather be somewhere in the middle as don't really want to kick things off or end the race.
  • Me!  Don't know what leg though.  
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    Is Lou?

    Starting to get back into things post-holiday with each run coming a bit easier. 9m last night and a 6m tempo later today, which will give me a good idea of where fitness lies currently.

  • I went to the midweek mile and 5k road races in Derby last night, initially was hoping to better my mile time from earlier this year by sticking as close to Bob as I could. However, being absolutely shattered when I arrived wasn't a good start and I felt pretty sluggish whilst warming up. Thought I'd give it a go regardless and see what happens...the start line is pretty narrow and spread across two cycle lanes separated by some rough grass, I somehow ended up starting on the grass which wasn't ideal. In my haste to get off the grass (later clocked at sub 4 pace) I ended up cutting in front of England athlete Gemma Steel and then proceeded to lead the race for the first couple of hundred metres. Whoops! I was then passed by a group of about 8 (including Bob) during the inevitable slow down in the second quarter, struggled through the third quarter before rallying in the last quarter to hold off my club mate. Finished in 5:30 which is about 8 seconds off my best on this course, will have another go next month and not start so stupidly!
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    That sounds painful, Tommy!!

    Tempo session straight after work. Will probably be more mp as I've not done a tempo in some 6 weeks so just easing back in.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Tempo went ok given it was 21c and first in a while.

    14 today, quite warm at 2pm when i got out.

    Im leg 1 for out vets team at relays. Never even seen the relays start so will be interesting to run that leg. 
  • Sounds like you're back into it after your holiday, DT. When's your half marathon?

    Enjoy leg 1. It's always looked a bit furious when I've watched it with plenty of jostling for position and sharp elbows. We're still hoping to get full 3 teams out but still time for people to drop out.

    Planning on getting to track tonight but will attempt to keep a lid on things a bit with one eye on the weekend.

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    7m tempo over lunch, just sat at mid 6.30s which came out just above targetted 160bpm. It was a bit warm though as sun came out. 

    Talking of which, Saturday looks warmer. 

    Target half is 2 weeks sunday. Not quite sure where I'll be fitness wise. I had a good block from mid june to end of July but tjen August and early sept were a right off. 
  • > @"Skinny Fetish Fan" said:
    > Ran 16 miles last Sunday as a LSR as part of what I thought had been a gradual build up - ran 13.5 miles two weeks earleir and have been running 25 - 30 miles a week for a few weeks now with some fast 5 miles and 8 mile and 10 mile runs.
    > Felt a bit more stiff than expected at top of calves right into back of knee (never been stiff there before!) but also sore right heel and left shin a bit sore too (not really painful just aware of it sometimes when walking).
    > Took Tuesday off instead of doing scheduled easy 5 mile and rescheduled for tonight - all stiffness now gone but heel and shin still same - should I cancel, go for easy 2 mile (like a warm up and down but without the fast bit), is easy 5 mile okay?
    > I know this is really up to me but just wonder if anyone has experienced similar and what right approach is?
    > I'm trainig for the Morecambe Cross Bay Challenge on 12th August and then the Cumbrain HM on 7th October and training has been going really well so don't want to stop if I can help it.
    > Any advice would be really appreciated.

    Take a couple of days off, but not too many. You're clearly not used to this volume. DOMS is kicking in. Get back to training, but with 80-90% of that volume and you'll be fine. The stiffness will go away within 3-4 days.
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    It's ok, Arthur, this was about 6 years ago. Skinny adapted well. 

    I'll not make relays tomorrow. Went to dr wednesday about a skin blemish. She felt it was cancerous. Saw consultant today who said it hadnt got that far but it was well on its way. Anyway, i hadnt anticipated it but she performed a cryotherapy  procedure to remove it at the appointment. I've been advised to give it 48-72 hours to scab as otherwise sweat raises risk of infection and infection raises risk of scarring. 

    So a weekend off it is. Bit frustrating as ive just got going again post hols. 
  • Glad to hear your ok dt.
    i did the relays yesterday; spotted Bob powering up the finishing straight. Had a brief look for the BR tent, but i now know that dt wasn't there anyway.
    I was on leg one, slightly overcooked the start and suffered a bit towards the end. Thinking to myself during the last mile 'this is all downhill and it still feels rotten.' Time was 1s slower than last year. 1:30 slower than 2014. Minimal running recently, so i can't really complain 
  • Our a team qualified for the nationals. Thing is, most them are doing Chester marathon that day, do i guess the club will open the places up to everyone else. 😮😧😱
  • Blimey sounds potentially nasty, DT. Good that you got it looked at and dealt with swiftly. I did have a look out for you at SP yesterday, this explains why I didn't see you. 

    I enjoyed the relays, being in our B team the pressure was off a bit although wanted to put in a decent effort and there was intra-club rivalry as, on paper, our B and C teams were evenly matched. Some confusion at the handover point with the official seemingly not seeing my incoming runner cross the line meant for a bit of a stop-start beginning. This resulted in me starting way  too quick and I burnt a few too many matches in the first couple of miles and found the last mile tough going. As per Lou's description, there was a lot of downhill in the third mile and it felt like hard work. Finished in a very similar time to my previous best on this route from a couple of years ago. 

    Our A team has qualified for the Nationals, I think most of the fast lads are available fortunately. 
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    yes it was a stressful couple of days. Ive ordered some reimann p20 cream now which comes highly recommended.  

    I was a bit disappointed not getting a run. i think I'd have faired quite well as i seem to run well in hot weather. Looking at results from our 2 teams I'd have been in or around 4th or 5th if im where i think my fitness is. We came 41st i think so wont make nationals. 

    i managed to get todays 12m in which was a bonus. Back to normal now with a bigger week this week pending a taper next week. My biggest concern at minute is my weight. i cant shift holiday weight so im stuck at 11,7. Im hoping in the 2 weeks to target i can drop 3lb to get me close to the right level. 
  • Decent track session last night with Bob. Pyramid session of 1 min, 1:30, 2, 3, 5, 3, 2, 1:30, 1 with a jogged float recovery for 90 seconds. Pace for the effort's came out around 5:55-6:00m/m with the exception of the 5 minute effort which was around 6:10 and the final 1 minute effort which was 5:15.

    Starting to feel a bit fitter now, still got 5 weeks to go until the half so still a bit of time.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I don't look on connect often, however I had a quick glance and saw Bob's relay. Looking at times from my club and others I know, it looks like the warm weather slowed things down a little.

    Some decent efforts, Tommy. Which half is it?

    I did 6 x 1m at hmp yesterday with the plan being to start in a reserved manner and then push on second half. Came in 6.22, 6.20 and 6.16. I then went too hard on the first 800m of rep 4 in 6.13 and with only 1 minute recoveries I struggled to get straight so last two were 6.19 and 6.26.

    Easy 7 tonight.

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    DT - it's Worksop half. I've done it a couple of times before but not since 2015 when I came agonisingly close to going under 1:30 for the first time but missed out by 6 seconds. It's generally regarded as quite a quick course despite its undulating nature.

    Didn't manage to get out for a long run over the weekend so had to do it last night in the biblical rain which wasn't ideal. Added a few miles on before a club run. Due to the rain, I didn't want to be hanging around so it came out quicker than usual but felt comfortable enough.

    Can't make the track session this evening which is a shame, might try my own session tomorrow lunch time.  

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I've managed to miss the rain lately which is quite pleasing.

    Taper session yesterday of 10 x 2 mins starting at hmp then progressing to 10kp. Felt ok but I don't feel I am where I was in Feb/March time.

  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭
    All quite on here these days :( still running here, not much quality plodding around 35/40mls per week. Failed miserably at Cumbrae 10 in September :( Same old problem mentally fighting from 2 miles. But back out and trying to stay positive but to be honest very hard. Need to try and get some sort of sessions in to try and replicate race conditions.
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    Hi Kevin, yes everyone seems to have disappeared!!

    I've been plugging away though struggling to regain fitness (and racing weight) since spending most of August on holiday.

    I did the Burnham half yesterday. Unfortunately it was a windy day generally which was made worse being in a coastal town. I persevered as long as I could at 6.30 pace hoping to turn a  corner and find a long straight rd with a tail wind. Unfortunately only the first 3m seemed to do that. The final straw came at about 8m when I lost complete sight of any other runner in front or behind.

    It was obvious then I wasn't turning it around and conceded defeat to plod home in 16th place in 1.27.33. My slow down cost me 1 place when someone eventually came into sight in the last 800m and passed me in the last 100m.

  • muddyfunstermuddyfunster ✭✭✭
    edited October 2019
    I'm just about here. Had some heartbreak :'( then all the stress and sleeplessness of that brought a return of the UTI which was grim and involved much more blood than ever before. Mad fever again.

    Then my Achilles had a tweak the week before the Hull Marathon (that I was never going to do seriously) so it was a complete week off in the vain hope I would be cured enough to jog round. I scraped through to halfway in around 1.24 on a very hot day but would never have made it with the achilles very very sore.

    Since then copious antibiotics and complete rest  to reset my body. Now back running cautiously and had last couple of days with no reaction from the Achilles. Most pleased with yesterday's hilly trail 5m at a steady pace not causing any reaction.

    I still have an entry for the Yorkshire Marathon and the sods don't allow you to defer or transfer, so probably going to run that as a half marathon.

    So it's all been a bit shit, but things are looking better. A bloke's got to have his mission ... so long term targets - The Brass Monkey and Manchester Marathon, and some fancy wireless earbuds to play sad songs into my brain for a bit.

    DT - Unlucky on Burnham - seemed lovely conditions yesterday but yeah coastal routes always an issue.

    Kevin - do some shorter races, and I still get the feeling you are pulverising yourself with the training mileage so you've got nothing in the races. Your answer seems to be to do more harder training to acclimatise to racing so you're getting into a vicious circle there. If you follow me on Strava, I'll take a look at what you're doing.
  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭

    DT well done for toughing it out in windy conditions, what is your hm p/b. Weight will come back done once you get back into training

    Muddy hope you are on the mend mentally and physically. I have entered Manchester marathon too :D I have a 10k first week in November.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a rough old period, Muddy. So are you going to drop out in York half way in? What are the logistics for getting back to the start area?

    It was annoying sunday morning as I stepped out the front door at home at 8am and thought these are perfect conditions. Then as I drove down the m5 and approached Bristol the car started shaking in the win. The race hq were the rugby club and it was blowing  gale. Not had much luck with halfs, 2 of the 3 I've run this year have been very windy.

    Kevin, pb is 83.35 and sb is 83.44.

    You certainly need to conquer your issues before Manchester!!

  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭

    DT looks like you have been in shape going by your sb, hopefully a period of training will see some lbs dropping too and the right conditions could see you hitting a good time.

    9mls last night with some tempo miles, hoping to do this on Mondays to get that feeling of running at a faster pace. 4mls easy later.

  • Muddy - Some decent wireless earbuds online, bought some 'EnacFire' ones for £40 down from £125. Sad to hear about your rough patch, bollocks to playing sad songs, you need some feel good about yourself music!

    Ultra Nate - Free, Echobelly - 'I can't imagine the World without me'...that sort of stuff. Don't let 'em drag you down!

  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭
    7mls last night in the rain, out tonight for some hill reps.
  • Hi everyone

    I haven't really been running since I went to my barefoot running guy, bought the trainers he told me to try as a starter effort and after about 400 yards it felt like my ankle was completely buggered. Then I did just jack it in for about 4 months. Did a parkrun last weekend and ran for 40 mins the other night in Poland but as far as a serious pursuit is concerned I'm done.

    Anyway I pop in every now and again still to see how whoever is left is getting on and the main things I've learnt from this visit is that DT has had a nasty pre cancerous skin thing removed and Muddy's love life has gone down the shitter.

    Oh and Kevin still can't run a race without stopping. Sounds like you have some ideas though Kevin and you're still able to run so you're in a better place than me so I'm not giving you any advice other than just enjoy it.

    DT that must have both been a shock and a relief - won't matter for next few months running in the dark but presumably you're going to be even sweatier now after your lunch time runs in a hat smeared with protective cream.

    And Muddy - I am sorry to hear non running things are not so good. If you aren't able to follow Simon's advice I think you should at least be publishing your full Sad Songs play list so we can give some critical appraisal and make some other suggestions.

    I vaguely remember a Friends episode where Chandler got dumped and was in the initial moping round house in his joggers whilst Joey was desperate for him to get to the next phase of going out and getting smashed and hitting a strip club so maybe there is a good nght out not too far around the corner.

    Hi Lou, Tommy and McFlooze and I should also thank Arthur for popping in 872 pages later with some top advice.

    Cheers, Skinny.

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