Can anyone help me diagnose this injury please?

I've been running happily, consistently and injury free for several weeks now. I did 7.4 miles on Sunday, a little longer than my normal run but I ran at a slow pace and just felt a little tired afterwards, nothing at all unusual.

I rested Monday and then Tuesday evening went for a slow/easy 3 miler after work. However, just 1/2 mile into the run, out of the blue, sharp pain in my left calf brought me to an instant stop. I tried to walk it off but couldn't so walked home and called it a day. There was no pain when sitting/resting, there's no sore point I can find after much prodding and no bruising, no lump, but it continued to be painful to walk on in bare feet, particularly when the left leg is in it's rearmost position and you roll onto your toes before bringing the left leg forward.

This morning it's still sore and I have to walk with a limp to avoid the pain described above. It's better with shoes on but still there.

What on earth is that? I don't think its cramp, not after 1/2 mile and there's no knot. Also I wouldn't expect cramp to last into the next day? Could it be a calf strain? Compartment syndrome?

Any thoughts would be very much welcomed.



    Sounds like a fairly usual calf strain to me.  RICE for a few days then start training gently and see how it is.

    I take it you're fairly new to running.   In distance running expect that you will pick up injuries now and then, it's an unfortunate part of our sport.
  • As Shades says, probably just a strain.

    Do you wear calf compression sleeves? Personally I swear by them, and would recommend them for avoiding too much muscle vibration.

  • Hi Andy

    Just to second the comments above. It's a calf strain. You will likely need 3 weeks rest at least and if you start running and feel any pain stop immediately.

    In my early running days I was side-lined for 4  weeks with such an injury, invested in knee length compression socks soon after and never had the problem again

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