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  • And 7 miles today with 3 miles at MP (which is now sub-4 pace, not that I'm sure I can maintain that for four hours, but we'll see, I guess. Nothing ventured nothing gained).
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Good to see you back in the saddle JD. Always nice to have a race planned. 

    Cal sounds like you're in good shape. Feeling prepped, are you aiming at 4h?

    Weight update, turns out I only put on 1.5kg, scales were out. Still, needs to come off. 

    Finding running tough at the mo and need to get my bum in gear for St. Neots. Just 30 mins  easy run with a fast finish to report. I think I am a little run down, which isn't helping.
  • As close as possible, yes. I'm taking a risk here - it could bit me on the arse horribly towards the end but we'll see. I did a similar thing at Manchester last year when I went with the 4:15 pacer. I managed to stick with him longer than I thought and in the end I was only 3 minutes behind him with an 11 minute PB.
  • Hi everyone! Just thought I'd check in and say hi!

    After a full 2 weeks off since injury  I went for a tentative 4.5 miler at the weekend, I literally felt like I'd been shot in the hip after 2 miles.

    last night I went for a very gentle 3 miler and the bad pain didn't arrive until I got home.  So hoping I'm healing, albeit  slowly. I can't imagine I'll be entering any races or doing any distance running for a long while though...

    Hope the Ham string improves Cal. Great 10 miler.  Nice Park run too! another one on the list!

    Nice trail run JD, the winter edition of that trail half marathon I did in the summer is at the end of November, wish I could do it, can hope I guess!

    That Royal parks half looked great envruk! I must do a london event one day..Glad you hadn't put on as much as you thought!

    Just got to keep positive and chip away at it. Still keeping a spring marathon dream alive!

    Have a great week and happy running.
  • Linton - Royal Parks has is like London - ballot or charity. Hard to get in through the ballot but at least the charity places aren't as expensive (I think I had to raise around £300 for mine, a few years ago).
    Of the other big London races, The Big Half and Ealing don't have a ballot. Big Half is basically half of the London Marathon course run in reverse (Tower of London through Docklands, back over Tower Bridge and through Bermondsey to Greenwich). The course isn't all that exciting, Tower Bridge/finish aside, but the elites do it and you might get a glimpse of them bombing past if you're in the right wave. First time I ran it, I saw Sir Mo, but I missed him the second time as I was in a faster wave and was in the tunnel when he was on the return leg.
    Ealing is a lovely one to do - a huge community event around leafy lanes. A little undulating but I've had PBs there in the past.

    Rest day for me. I hate the rest days but I guess I need them.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Hope your hamstring is ok Cal,last thing you need to worry about before Sunday.I've just signed up to the news letter regarding the ballot for the Royal Parks.

    enrvuk,just read up about St Neots HM,good potential of PB with the last three miles downhill.

    You've had some rotten luck with injuries lately Linton,hope everything clears up for you soon.

    5.54 interval run yesterday on a nice quiet country road.2 minutes @ 5k/p x 5.

    6 miles this morning with Polly,a glorious sunny autumnal day,the colours of the hills are stunning this time of year.

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    Cal, very exciting times. I'd love to run a 4h marathon one day, so good you are thinking in those terms. As you say, if you go with the 4h, you could set a nice PR even if you don't quite make it.

    Good to hear from LTT, fingers crossed you are properly on the mend and your dream for spring is still alive!

    Yes, JD, there are a lot from my club running St. Neot's. Seems a serious race and I will be there the back, but that's okay. So far the training hasn't gone well enough to imagine beating Bournemouth. Two nice runs from you. 

    I managed a tempo run this evening, after a day of storytelling training with my team and a couple of alcohol free beers. I've really struggled post-Bournemouth, so getting this run in after a hard day was really welcome. I felt back on track a bit. 

    Hoping Hazel is okay.
  • JD, it grumbles sometimes - I've run marathons with it before. My left glute has been knotty and sore too - I've been massaging it and using my Theragun but I think, really, it just doesn't like all the sitting, since I've been taking it easy during my taper. Probably should have gone for a few walks but the weather hasn't been condusive (except this morning, although it poured during the night and there was even some thunder).

    Linton, have you had a diagnosis?

    Hazelnut, you need to check in! Hope everything is OK with you.

    enrvuk - glad you're getting out there a bit. This bit I hate most about the marathon is the recovery bit. It really knocks the stuffing out of you.

    4 miles this morning, and it was sunny for once, but a bit chilly. Very wet underfoot, too. This run takes me through my target of 1500 miles for the year - I'll likely end up around 1700 if I don't get my customary post-marathon shingles or injury (I will try to take it easier for longer this time, though I'm always impatient to get back running again).
  • Did a 10k run on the treadmill on Wednesday night. First time in doing a 10k and managed it in just under an hour (by seconds) so was really pleased.

    Another session on the treadmill tonight, probably only 4-5 miles but may try to do more. Training for my first half-marathon in a little over 5 months time so just trying to get the distance under my belt really!
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    You're so right Cal, I've found it so hard to get back into it. Luckily I ran again last night and seem to have my groove again. Last night's run had some leaky shoe moments, especially as it was dark. This morning I avoided the much less prevalent puddles. 

    Impressive annual mileage. My original goal was 1000 km for the year, I've now upped it to 1000 miles, but that's going to be a close one. A 7.5k easy run this morning. Quite slow, but it was only 12 hours after my last run.

    Malteser, well done on your 10k treadmill run, that's a good time. What half are you running?
  • <blockquote class="Quote">
    <div class="QuoteAuthor"><a href="/profile/enrvuk">enrvuk</a> said:</div><div class="QuoteText">Malteser, well done on your 10k treadmill run, that's a good time. What half are you running?</div>
    Thanks enrvuk! I'll be running the Reading half in April (it's my local, one town over) but I've never run further than 5km before. Not got the endurance or the legs (yet!) so just trying to piece together what gems of advice I can find on this forum to train (hopefully up to a marathon one day!) and give advice back in return.

    Run tonight was disappointing somewhat. 5km in 28:30 and 4 miles in 37:43. Both at race pace (I seem unable to discipline myself for LSR's, I think mainly due to only knowing 5km max really). My pace and endurance naturally drops after 5km as well, so a lot of things I want to improve but no set plan as to how hahaha.
  • Hi Cal, I haven't had a diagnosis yet.  Is it worth going to the docs or should I go to a sports therapist first?
    life has been so relentless with work, and trying to sell my house plus other stuff.
    I do need to get it looked at, but keep hoping it will mend naturally!

    5 miles last night (furthest I've been since injury) same old, three miles then pain, glad to get home. Iced, no pain today. just starts when I run 30 minutes. Pretty much cancels out distance running!! I was going to do a 3 and 5 miler a week, and see what happens. Furious at myself for doing Folkstone badly injured, but it's done now.
    Got caught in a biblical rain and thunder storm. surprised my Aftershocks didnt pack up, that I was wearing.

    Hi Malteser! there are some great half marathon training plans online. I hadn't done one before this year but have now done 4. People are very helpful here! 

    I was on for 1000 miles this year envruk too, not now though. Good running mate, I too am suffering wet feet at the moment. All my trainers are "knit" which I found keeps your feet cool, but is as waterproof as a tea bag!

    Good running JD, nice hill run. I watched a programme about training Labrador pups for guide dogs yesterday.  It was heart warming! Off to Forrest of Dean Monday to stay in a log cabin in the woods, so hope to get some very short, low key trail/ hills in.

    Yeah hope Hazel's Ok? conspicuous by absence for sure.

    Discovered a guy on my floor at work spends his weekend LARPing. (live action roleplay). Essentially you spend your weekend in woodland, dressed as a wizard etc.  Maybe I'd be better at this than distance running...
  • Hi Linton! Yeah I've had a look at some of the plans on here and am trying to use it as a baseline/guideline for my training. Granted I've got maybe twice as long as some of them to train up but I'm probably looking at around 2:30 for a half (once I take my 5k/10k pace and then add on time for the second half of the half!)

    Just been out for a run with the OH this morning. Only a very slow 3k as she can't run fast nor far (yet! - we're working on it!). Was actually quite a nice recovery run, as my ankles and calves are suffering a bit after the 10k this week so was there more as moral support for her. Going to take a look at more running trainers in a few hours, and then onto training next week.
  • Oops sorry got a bit distracted on holiday. Meant to keep up to date but need to read back. For now all the best to Cal for York tomorrow!
  • Evening everyone! First post from a relative newbie here :) So, I started couch to 5k in March, couldn't run 100m back then, since did my first 10k in August and today, ran my first half today (Endurance Life Dunwich Half Marathon). I've been training on road for the last 6 months as I loved the ease and speed. Today was pure trail and oh my days I HATED it. I struggled with the slippery mud, the brambles, the stinging nettles, the tight narrow paths lined with tree roots etc etc etc. I run a 59min 10k so was hoping for 2hr 15 to 2hr 30 half today but gave up mentally at 12k and just about scraped a 2hr 51. I cringe at my performance today and had no idea how much harder trail would be. So, for now, I'm giving up on any more trails and sticking to mastering the 10k first. Anyone else found the switch to trail a nightmare or am I just being a douche bag?
  • Linton - sports physio. Most GPs will just say rest. 

    Very quickly as I'm at my friend's house, but I smashed it! I was taking a big risk going at sub-4 pace but I somehow kept it going and go to the finish in 3:57:08 (even my gun time was just under 4!) Arse hurts a lot now - damn hamstring tendon, but never mind that. Really, really chuffed.

    Finn, trail is a different beast. I got well and truly schooled when I did a trail half this year (it was actually 13.6 miles) - bearing in mind my HM PB is just under 1:53, this took me just over 2.5 hours. So, so many stiles to climb! I think you have to take trails as a separate thing and not worry about time. It's a very different type of running.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Massive congratulations Cal,you really did smash sub 4!When did you realise that you were going to do it?Your training paid off in the end,well done.

    Finn,like Cal said your time goes out of the window when doing trail races.The more you trail run the stronger you will get and that will help you in your road races as well.

    Linton,enjoy your stay in the Forest of Dean,some nice trail runs to enjoy.I watched that film a few weeks ago,wouldn't trust my Polly to be a guide dog!

    Welcome Malteser.

  • Just off for a long drive but we'll done Cal! That is am amazing milestone in running, well done! All those high mileage weeks paying off. 
  • JD, got to 20 and then every mile I didn't slow down I was thinking I'd really have to have a catastrophe not to do it. I think the last two miles were a little slower but by that point it didn't matter, I could have run 10 minute miles and still done it.
    It still amazes me - I only ran a sub-2 half at the end of 2016, the same year I did my first (slightly disastrous) marathon. Back then I couldn't conceive of doing that twice in succession.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Persistence pays, Cal.  Terrific racing!
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Belated thanks to Linton ^ for comment about sports injuries.  Walking's good but it's not running....
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    Brilliant run Cal. A great achievement on the day, but thanks to all the dedicated hard work you've put in over many months. That is a very comfortable sub 4 as well. You're going to need another goal! Look forward to the full report.

    LTT, I played LARP at Uni once, kinda fun, but kinda geeky, even for a geek! Enjoy your break.

    Malteser, I couldn't do LSR either until I used heart rate zones to guide me. This really helped me stay at a slower pace for longer runs. 

    Just a long intervals run for me around Tunbridge Wells, which is surprisingly hilly, but nice to run. Rested yesterday due to being a bit under the weather, but hope to do a 12 mile with some speed bits later.
  • Wow - well done Cal!  Well deserved after all the hard work / mileage you have put in and your consistent running.   Recover well.
    You asked quite a few posts back if I would be tempted by something like UTMB.  I do like my trails and hills but I think that is a bit too big for me (and considering the qualification and I think ballot on top).  

    Welcome to rm2099, MalteseMalteser and FinHill  

    Hope the physio and specialist can get you back to running soon swittle.

    Good news on the extra kilos enrvuk.  Good running from you.
    Nice trail running JD.  Good for you to have a new focus post Chester mara.  Must be fun to get out running with the dog.  

    Good to see you LTT, please be gentle with yourself.  Enjoy your holiday!  

    Did some running whilst on holiday though not as much as I wanted to.  OH wanted to do other things and I couldn't always fit in a run and I also had a cold for a few days.  Back home on Saturday and a decent 11 miler yesterday. Now trying to feel enthusiastic about a Sunday's half I signed up for months ago as my autumn A race.  Struggles with training and holidays got in the way a bit so I am not expecting much.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Well that was hard work, definitely not quite right at the mo. My immune system has taken a dive since increasing my running. Nice run, all the same. Went all over Regents Park as the night drew in. Plenty of runners, some football, swan feeders and of course the smell of weed. Strangely the speedy bits (400m - zone 3), seemed easier than the steady bits (1200m - zone 2). Managed 19.5k in a very slow time, but at least I did it. 
  • Thank you for the warm welcome, JD and Hazel!

    Ankle was still playing up a bit this morning, has been the last couple of days. Seems like something to do with my medials and/or my Soleus so decided to take the 4m run on the treadmill a bit easy...or so I thought. First mile was okay and the ankle/calf niggle combination seemed to wear off so I thought I'd go a bit faster. Threw caution to the wind and did 3m in about 28 minutes (so still off PB pace, but that was owing to the slightly slower start) but dug down, pushed hard (I'm really not getting the point of 'easy' runs am I?) and managed to do 4m in 36:03, so that was a new PB for me - happy days.

    enrvuk - 19.5k is nothing to be scoffed at! That's still a long distance to run, regardless of how fast or slow you did it! All practice and training for the next one I guess.

    Cal - great to hear that you managed it in sub-4 hours, that's quite an achievement! Get some well-earned rest for a couple of days and celebrate a little
  • enrvuk - yes I battle with my immune system. Got a bit of a sore throat now, although it hasn't shown any signs of turning into a full-blown cold. I'm going to rest for a few days. I don't want to end up with shingles again.

    Welcome Malteser - careful of those lower legs. I think it's fine to test yourself but don't do all your runs like that! I do most of my runs at an easy pace and practise race pace from time to time, but I'll save my hard efforts for parkrun and races.

    Decided to buy my race photos - after all it was a significant milestone.
  • Great photo Cal! And smiling! Seen a few Clapham chasers shirts at races in kent. Great result!

    Enjoying being in the forest! Managed 3 miles last night and 5.5 today. Running on soft, bouncy leaf mulch and having a hot tub here seems to help. I swear driving lots for work is also messing me up.
    If I'm healing I'll be overjoyed.

    Just a quick one, but great running all, have a great week all.
  • Lovely photo Cal - the guys around you don't seem to be enjoying themselves anywhere near as much!  Are those the magic shoes?  I got my sticky fingers on some in a shop before my holiday - 30% reduction but I wasn't really tempted (yet). Can't remember which version exactly though.

    Maybe a cutback week would help you envruk?  Or if you have increased your mileage then less intensity for a couple of weeks?  Almost 20k is a good distance anyway.

    Malteser, I keep wanting eat some!  Could you change your avatar to a stalk of brocoli or something similar?  Well done on your 4 miles. 

    Seems you are enjoying your holiday LTT - can imagine the driving won't help your niggles.  Enjoy the forest.

    Standard group trot yesterday evening at a gentle pace to keep the group more or less together in the dark and sometimes fog.  Our founder came out on his bike as he probably needs a meniscus OP :/
  • Sounds like just the ticket, Linton.
    Thanks, Hazelnut. I make a point of smiling lots during marathons (not just at the photographers) - it works for Kipchoge so it has to be worth a try, right? :D I passed a lot of runners in the later stages who had retreated into the pain cave and I have been there (I was there a lot in Vienna) but I don't want to go back, it's not a good place to be. So I smile at people, high five the kids (the ones in reach, anyway), thank the marshalls and try to encourage the people I pass.
    And yes, those are the Vaporflys. I was worried my feet might get sore towards the end but they were fine, actually. I saw a lot of people in the bright pink or green Next% - not sure if they're worth the extra £30 but that didn't seem to put people off buying them.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Great photo Cal, definitely one worth buying. I share your attitude to the races, I do the high fives even if I may not look like I’m smiling much. I’m more like the bald guy in your shot. 

    LTT good to read you’re enjoying the holiday and feeling better. Mulch has never been so popular. 

    Hazel, thanks for the suggestion. I’m over the worst now so ramping back up again, but I definitely ramped down for the first week. Probably not enough. 

    Managed a 52 mins run with 32 mins of tempo this morning. Still a little bunged up, but I can live with that. Forgot to mention in the previous run I was near deafened by a helicopter taking off from Winfield house, (where Trump stays). No idea who was on board, but I think they use it as a quick route to Stansted or Heathrow. 
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