Snowdonia marathon 2020

T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
Following the long tradition of a non-starter starting something - the new thread for this marathon.

But will we be there?

Will people unsuccessful in the ballot have priority on a waiting list for places that become available?

Who knows?

Abingdon marathon last weekend was my last road race for the sake of my knees which seem to have no cushioning left in them.  But I will attempt to enter SNOD every year because I don't count it fully as a road race - there are offroad bits ...


  • Hi T Rex - sorry to hear you couldn't make it this year.  I missed the usual gathering of old hands at Y Pantri on Friday evening, but as SS was busy honing his final hours of training it was not to be helped! Were you meant to be running the Beacons 50 in August?  If so, you dodged a nasty weather bullet TR - I haven't known such appalling conditions in summer: mountain rescue told the organisers to pull the 100 mile event and to re-route the 50 due to extreme wind over the tops.  Anyway, all good training for the CCC and SNOD...

    Here's to hoping we al get places in the ballot for 2020...
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Hi Run Jono.  I was meant to be but race organisers changed, including rules, after I entered and a GPS system became a mandatory kit item which I disgreed with and they wouldn't let me run. They gave me a full refund, though.

    I heard the weather was bad.  It was bad in 2018 above 1500' as well - some of the worst conditions I've ever been out in up on Waun Rhyd.
  • jasond2jasond2 ✭✭✭
    Where’s the list?  :smiley:
    Hope we get a better turnout of Snodders in 2020. I hear bar sales were halved this year 😂😂

  • jasond2jasond2 ✭✭✭
    On the subject of getting an entry, like I posted towards the end of the 2019 thread, I don’t see a problem 👍 Just train and book accommodation like you’re in - then pick up a transfer in Aug/Sept
  • jasond2jasond2 ✭✭✭
    Ok, I’ve just booked the bunkhouse at The Heights again. Bunk in 8 bed mixed dorm (same as this year). Very basic, but warm and comfortable mattress. £50 for 2 nights.
    Word to the wise: says nearly 70% of places in Llanberis are already booked for the marathon weekend 😱
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭
    Accommodation booked with some friends. A converted chapel in Llanberis somewhere. I'll either be running or volunteering.
    Missed so many faces this year, some of whom were there! 

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Accommodation booked - holiday cottage in Menai Bridge.  Llanberis prices outrageous and gone up 10% or so since Friday!! There is a spare bedroom that will sleep a further two (single beds) which might interest somebody?

    I've got 12 coasters so I should be counted as a loyal customer and get a place in the race...

    Mrs T Rex and I are going to be in Llanberis as well for a week in July (Snowdonis Trail ultra) and a week in September (Seriously Brutal duathlon).

    So plenty of custom for Pantri in 2020!
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭
    See you up there TR.
    Entered in Trail mara, will enter International in March, when entries should open, which should be the following weekend. 
    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • jasond2jasond2 ✭✭✭
    Ballot opens December 1st and ends  December 7th 👍
  • Well ducked TR - I was blown over like an over-balanced tortoise in a wind tunnel four times at Beacons 50... Like you I had technology issues but finally managed to get the route on a Garmin eTrex used by the pharoahs without it truncating like some sort of sharp-bladed initiation ceremony- it was my final training run for the CCC, so it was good training mentally as well as physically.  

    I have heard tell on a rumour mill that the ballot might not hold too many fears for SNOD (very) regulars, but don't quote me on that as it has come to me about 7th hand...
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    So i’m halfway through a couch to 10k with no adverse effects on achillies so far :smiley:
    have entered the ballot....
  • Just completed the ballot application and just had an email back confirming a guaranteed place. Looks like if you have run it 10 times or more you are in :)
  • Ballot entered. Entered 10 times, run 8. Once too injured, and once got given corporate hospitality at RWC final in 2015. 
    No guaranteed entry for me. Fingers crossed.  . 
    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Entered ballot for my 9th SNOD plod around the mountain. Am already tapering in anticipation. Good luck everyone.
  • I seem to have bypassed the ballot. Glad the threshold wasn't 11! :) 
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    edited December 2019
    Mr panad and I on the same number as you Chimney and Pete... fingers crossed!
  • Seems quite quiet on here! I’ve also entered the ballot, and will wait to see what happens!
  • Merry Christmas!
  • To one and all.
    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
     Happy Christmas to Snodders old and new.  I've done something a bit silly.  I was having various family crises at the beginning of December and I have forgotten to enter??!  I will now be relying on a transferred place which can be done in the window 1 March - 30 Sep.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    I've done 13 SNODs but that won't carry any weight now.
  • They'll always be places going later. 

    Look forward to seeing you on the start line. 

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭
    Just got my Not this time email.
    How's everyone else done?
    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    50:50 success here.. i got a place, mr panad didn’t.

    celebrated the end of the year with a lap of llyn padarn.  Next week brings me to the end of the 3 month couch-to-10k.  Felt a massive achievement getting around the lake yesterday (with my longest period of running since last jan 50mins continuous running :smiley: )  next week will see me reaching (hopefully) 10k, then i guess i need to think about ‘what next’?  All in all it's going/gone well.  Repeatedly surprising myself by managing each run, and very pleased with how my achillies has held up.  Cycling and yoga are most definitely helping as well.

    hopefully some of you have had some success as well today..
  • I got in. Time to taper. 🤫
    I’m sure places will become available later.
    Happy New Year from snowy, freezing Minesota..
  • I’m in, but not sure if I’ll make it, so might have a place to transfer later in the year
  • I think about 2 out of 3 runners I know who entered got in. Apparently about 5000 entered the ballot and I understand runners who had taken part in at least 10 were guaranteed an entry. Places bound to come up later on in the year, although I'll be interested to know how many have a ballot place complete the entry process.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    I got a place, done it 3 times before. Actually I met you Pete Thomas a while back, not sure if you remember? It was during maybe 2018 or 2017 whenever I last did it
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭
    Mc Hilly, Keep me in mind if you do ;-) 
    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Got in. This will be my first marathon... why go the easy route for a flat one first? Really chuffed to be able to run my first in an area I truly love - though I'm usually either hiking or cycling up Snowdon rather than running round it.
    Currently looking at marathon training plans lol...
    Also toying with joining a local trail running group who run on the local hills. Somehow this seems to be a good idea to me...
    Reading the above it sounds like I need to book accommodation sharpish!
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