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    Wardi - agreed, gloves and long sleeves are out.

    Had a quick skim of the new p and d chapter for old duffers, it has some advice on marathoning as an old duffer, but says........they are yet to meet a masters athlete who doesnt have improvements that coud be made to their running.......if you alter your training to deliver the right training stimulus for your racing goals, and improve lifestyle, sleep and diet then you can keep improving from your current level regardless of age........hang on a minute, they clearly dont know what they are talking about, it goes on to say older runners should keep alcohol intake to a minimum as it affects sleep, recovery and hydration........might have to find a different plan.......
  • My word - common sense in a running training book?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    Possibly, i guess it depends upon their definition of minimum vs my definition. It appears to be more about sleeping than running anyway, and im crap at that too.
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    Wardi: yes, a wonderful run for Jenny. She's been long overdue a good marathon and is also a really lovely person, so absolutely thrilled for her. 
  • My sleep is pretty rubbish without alcohol.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    I noted that Jenny Spink run, she was the only lady to keep up with their 2.32 pacer, he dropped out at 36k and she pushed on to 2.31.

    LMH - not sure you can use one to justify the other. I guess P and D would say that we could make a better effort with both.

    It looks to me that an 18wk plan would start Mon 2nd Dec for Manc, 16th for Brighton and 23rd for vlm. With a few weeks of building distances required before then.
    Im looking at the 85m+ plan, but wont do the doubles so the mileage will be lower.

    8m easy today, still feel a bit of Abo fatigue so no cracking on for Gosport yet, which means Gosport might not be the day i had hoped, but that was always the risk after Abo and Abo was the priority.
  • Not sure I'm following you there TR. Sleeping badly isn't something I choose - I have good sleep hygiene and would love to sleep better. I only drink on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening (unless on holiday or whatever) and usually just a glass of wine then and it makes no difference to the length or quality of my sleep.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • LMH - I think I may have mentioned this but the CBD tabs I take have made my pretty good sleep even better. 
    Joe - I read your Frankfurt race review, great as always and how Katie got around with a 8 minute PB is astounding.  Equally so, was the photo of your race kit - all pretty standard apart from a black fleecy thong? 
    Good luck to CD on Sunday. 
    Looks like the Cornwall marathon just got a bit tougher as the gale passing through here tomorrow is going to hang around for a bit on Sunday with 70 mph winds dropping to 40 at the off. Crikey.  
  • Unfortunately they have had no noticeable affect on mine OuchOuch. At least the winds are dropping not rising!
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    MY P&D book is a dog eared first edition so I might put the new version on my Xmas list.
    I loved that race video of Jenny Spink approaching the Frankfurt finish with a huge smile on her face, priceless.
    I tend to sleep soundly as a rule with the odd exception.  A couple of glasses of wine the night before a marathon or half has a calming effect on me which clears any jitters and helps me nod off more easily.
    OO.. cripes that sounds a bit wild!  I'm up in Newcastle this weekend and the forecast is for 6-8mph winds! 
    TR.. similar here, I like to run through habit and enjoyment but after 4.5 miles earlier my legs are still not quite over the marathon.
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    LMH - you made a statement, i twisted into a justification. Enjoy your hols, leave yr trainers at home,  it would do you good after a tough year.

    OO - sounds tough, hope its not as bad as forecast.

    Wardi - it isnt 2 weeks post mara yet, so i still have 2 more weeks to freshen up.
  • No way will I be leaving my trainers at home TR - I love running in the heat and it's one of the few times that I can persuade Mark to do some running with me too. If it's only two weeks until Gosport no need to push things, you'll have the benefits from Abingdon through by then so yo should just need to recover really.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    CD - best of luck tomorrow in NY. I'm sure you will smash it and keep that streak going in the majors. 

    OO - hope the wind dies down and you get out of it what you want. Good luck to you too. 

    Jools - something to build on as you say. 

    Joe - cripes, super well done to Katie for gritting her teeth and getting to the finish line. Recover well. 

    TR - sleep is one area I can definitely improve on too. I average 6 hours mainly due to my work hours and my commute. Need a job closer to home really. Schedules about the same in the 3rd edition?

    Wardi - good work on the gains whilst away. I'm sure that will all fall off you after a couple of weeks back. 

    Menn - hope you settle into the orthos well a they help with your issues.

    Zero running at this end since York. Have quite enjoyed the break tbh and despite feeling the urge several times I've occupied my time pretty well just being around the family more. Eating dinner at the same time etc. Mini SJ has been prepping for a college interview which is this morning so have been helping out there too. 

    As a consequence only 133 mile last month but that's fine. Might do some jogging next week just to get back into the habit. Have decided to target Mcr again and will most likely defer London. 
  • 6 brisk miles this morning. weekend in Blackpool so nice to be running along the seafront.

    I was looking at Manchester as the spring marathon. seems to be getting bigger and better all the time?
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    Enjoy yourself then  LMH

    SJ - im a poor sleeper too. Schedules are very similar, as Menn predicted theres hill sprints with the strides in GA runs. The summary is that as an older athlete you can slow (and even reverse) the slowing with age if you do the right things esp including VO2 work, as they say most older runners get sucked into to running slowly too much (charlie take note - but im in there too).

    Copped an absolute battering in the gales and rain today.
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    SJ - id target Manc too in yr shoes. I fancy it one year. Looks like im going to defer Brighton and do vlm, crab said i can drive the train following my Abo performance.
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    What an honour TR, a windbreak for Crab and Ode!
    SJ.. Manchester does seem to have a growing reputation so it does make sense for you being closer to home.

    A pleasant run around Rising Sun Parkrun in Newcastle this morning.  Just to confirm sunny intervals and light winds so it looks like the south copped the worst of the wind & rain.
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    Thankfully the wind speed has dropped to 20 mph but lots of water on the course.  First time I've run a marathon as a training run and not chasing the best time I can do on the day, feels odd but carbo loading away, gels and red bull ready. Must avoid boozing  at Brother in Laws birthday bash tonight. 
    Manchester is a great marathon, glad it's getting more successful. 
    TR - Thats interesting about slower running and codgers,  might ramp up the pace a tad tomorrow think I will aim for 3.20.

  • I dont seem to have a better quality but seem to need less sleep now Ive limited alcohol, if that makes sense.I do however get up at night to use the loo more.  

    TR - Hills are a sensible addition particularly for us older types, I've always felt speed sessions are critical to me for running faster maras -Im very much a tempo boy at heart though.

    5 miles for me today. Will get to 40 next week and then might try a bit of quality to see how the body reacts.
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    Wardi - windbreak or parasol carrier i guess.

    OO - ha ha, dont think they meant tomorrow.

    Menn - i run on a longish hill most days so can put a few sprints in. Im sure the mix of LT, VO2 and mp tempos will do me good in the long term. Good news so far at yr end.
  • Have a good one OO. I think it's muscle strengthening runs that P&D are referring to: so hill sprints are ideal. 5K & 5M post Snowdon got me to 162M for the month. 10K yesterday & just shy of 5M today including a windswept Exeter parkrun. Was supposed to have XC this afternoon but it was cancelled due to high winds
  • Race well today CD.

    Enjoy OuchOuch but don’t overdo it with that hernia.

    I’d like to book a seat please TR.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    Jools - weather was wild yday, so i can see why xc might be cancelled with trees heavy with leaves.

    LMH - all aboard.

    2 weeks after Brighton and Yeovil i was back up to 20m by now, i kept it to 15 today which still seemed a bit far by the end.
  • Decided to DNS this morning when read 5 miles of the course was under water, sod that. So did a 20m in 2.45, much better for my plans to keep my sub 3 streak going in 6 weeks and can train again on Tuesday. Feel a bit guilty though. Looking forward to tracking CD later.
  • 10 miles in bank today off 2 x 200mg - none of the issues which benched me are getting through. Get into the 40s next week.
  • X Post with OO - No point going all in when there's little hope of a meaningful return.
  • 22 miles today with the last 10 miles at TMP average. Despite that the whole run came in at over 8 min miles. Had real stomach problems and two emergency toilet trips. For a while I couldn't run without upsetting it and then I couldn't actually stand up. But once I sorted that out all was good. Very much a first for me but then I don't run 22 miles too often. Blame the Blackpool diet.
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    OO - good call, i saw some photos and it looked like youd need waders !

    Menn - good news, fingers crossed.

    Cheerful Dave is going a bit quicker than he said. The tracker is pretty comprehensive.
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    Top bombing Dave, that was a good follow, i was willing you along in the last few miles.
  • Good news Mennania.

    Sounds sensible OuchOuch.

    No point in pushing the miles at the minute TR.

    Sorry to hear about your stomach issues rj. Not funny when that happens.

    Looking forward to hearing about CDs race.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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