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  • Well, that was unexpected - I won the vets award!
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Cal-I was genuinely about to say you may be surprised and win.It's not all about being the fastest,you join in with the club and in terms of improving yourself have had a brilliant year,hope you have a good night.
    8 after work brings up 36 for the week,not bad considering my first run was Thursday.
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    Ian - that's good that you've found a Boston training route.   A couple of hilly half marathon races would really help you too.

    Cal - congratulations, a very well deserved win  :)   That sub 4 must have nailed it :) 

    8 miles this morning, still have that awful cold north wind but we're promised a milder spell from tomorrow. 

    Started going through my wardrobe yesterday and getting rid of any clothes that are too big for me, I'm only doing a couple of items a day.   Don't want to put the weight/inches back on again, however I have plenty of lycra which is very forgiving ;) 

    Did my measurements yesterday and more inch loss, I've even lost half an inch off each calf :o
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Well done Cal!  That's a great and well deserved win.  The consistent training you've put in over the year has paid off.

    Shades, great progress again there.  I remember you saying a few weeks ago that you're not in long distance running training at the moment as I think you mentioned you're currently curtailing runs to 8-10 max, to help with all the gym work you're doing?  When do you plan to start going for longer training runs?

    Well, more moaning from me as I've got toothache and a swollen cheek on one side.  Maybe this is partly why I was feeling rough before Saturday.  Basically on Friday I was having some nuts and bit down on one.  It must have gone between two teeth as it hurt my gum there.  I've been having mouth wash regularly but there must be some infection somewhere :(  As it happens I do have a checkup booked for Thursday, but I may see if I can bring that forward.  Not good as I hate the dentist.  I've still got a cold as well.

    I do have the second part of my heathcheck this morning, so I'll see what comes from that.

    Feeling a bit frustrated and miserable at the moment - just don't feel like running currently.
    Big G - ouch, that must be sore.  Rinsing with salty water might be better than mouthwash, unless you have one of the expensive mouthwashes recommended for post dental surgery.

    Hope the health check goes well, I'm sure it will.   

    I'm planning a whole winter of no long runs, which is a blissful thought.   At the moment the plan is to increase weekly mileage in February, but still no long runs, will have to do a couple of doubles to do this.   Then in March I will do a couple of long runs or maybe just one as I'm intending to do one of the Infinity races in March and maybe a 20 mile race too.  
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    Big G-Sounds rough,hope you get seen quickly,as even Thursday with a toothache is a long time away.
    Shades-Great news on the gym results,sounds like it's working really well for you.
    Decided to have a rest day today as I can run most days so dont want to overdo it.
  • <p>Would really appreciate some advice please.</p><p>I only started running at the beginning of this year, in my late 40s. It began with a local 5km parkrun and I soon added a midweek run, which reached 10km in early April and then hit 20km by the end of that month. I realise now that was unwise, but it was an innocent / naive mistake and thankfully I’ve remained injury free.</p><p>I’m now typically running three times a week and try to cover a mix of runs incl. hills / intervals / tempo / longer. I’m comfortable with runs up to half marathon distance (- did two in October, one in November already, and one booked in early December). I’m not fast - PB is 1:58 - but splits were fairly constant.</p><p>I’m delighted to have a place for the London Marathon next year. I certainly don’t underestimate the step up from 21km to 42km, and want to make sure that I prepare properly. What I don’t know is how to select the most appropriate training plan.</p><p>I’ve looked at the Runner’s World plans and a couple of others. All seem to start with fairly short ‘long’ runs, which seems a backwards step given that I’m doing greater distances already. I recognise and accept the need for ongoing regular shorter runs as part of a plan, but don’t know whether I should essentially press ‘reset’ or rather build from where I’ve reached already?</p><p><span>Welcome any advice. Many thanks in anticipation.</span></p>
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Health check results were generally good, but one thing to follow up on.  Cholesterol was all fine (he said the "good" cholesterol was very good), BP was fine, and risk of diabetes and heart problems are very low (under 2% chance in the next 10 years).  All other blood-related tests were good.  But there was blood in urine so need to get that retested next week.  He said not to worry at this point as it's very common (a quick Google has confirmed this) and it could be numerous things so hopefully find out more soon, and fingers crossed it's nothing to worry about.  He did ask me if I'd ran this morning as that could apparently be the cause, but I've not ran since Saturday.  Other than that he was really pleased and he told me to carry on doing what I'm doing.  He asked me how much I drink and I could honestly say "I've not drank for coming up to two years" and he promptly ticked the tea-total box, which was nice.  I did joke that I was relieved that there was no question about coffee consumption, and he laughed.  He did say that coffee can increase certain values, but mine were fine, probably helped by the running.

    I've been given a dentist appointment for this afternoon.  Since waking up the swelling has gone down a bit so I'm hoping it's nothing too serious there.  I really am not good with the dentist - I'm pretty sure they've got a note against my name which probably translates to "WIMP!".  But need to get it looked at.
    Ian - sounds like a less hectic week so you can enjoy your running.

    Big G - good that you've got an emergency appointment with the dentist, it's got to be done so the sooner the better.

    That's great results from your check up.  Blood in urine might just be an infection, you said you weren't feeling great. 

    Bobchamp - find a plan that fits in with the other aspects of your life, work/family,/other interests etc.   If necessary amend it to suit you.

    You can start  a plan from the level/distance that you're at now.  For many plans the key is to run at the right pace for you and the plan, not the pace you'd like to achieve, that will come.

    In theory you'd finish the training plan too early but never underestimate the time you might need if you get an injury or illness.   Even a head cold can take a week or 10 days out of your plan.   You can also use the extra time to do a few races and/or repeat some of the long runs.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    I had dentist appointment and it was okay.  Before I even had chance to sit down he asked "is it near the wisdom tooth?", to which I relied "yep!".  He did an X-Ray and there is some infection, so he's given me some antibiotics but he did say that if it keeps happening, he'll have to take the wisdom tooth out...gulp!  I think I'll lay off the nuts in the future as I'm sure that's what caused it this time!  Obviously I'm supposed to be going back to the GP next week for another test, so not sure how these antibiotics will impact that test.  I did call the GP and explain and they said stick to the initial plan by going in next Monday, but of course I don't want a "false negative" with the next test.  They've written it all in my notes, so one step at a time I suppose.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Good news from OH's work is they have changed their mind and she can have Barca week off so she is coming there for here first,bit more glamorous than Manchester.
    Big G - glad the dentist appointment wasn't too bad.  Maybe the antibiotics will save your GP from having to prescribe them too.

    I have to have a wisdom tooth removed at some time.  It's not bothering me but the dentist said, 'would you like me to take it out'?   Like!, 😲 of course not so I've put it off.

    Ian - that's great news that your OH can now make her debut at Barcelona and you can make a special weekend of it.   Nothing wrong with Manchester, but it's no contest.

    6 miles today, dry, and very cold but that nasty wind has gone.   Going to warm up over the next few days, I do hate running in the cold.   Legs a bit sore/tired from gym yesterday.   Pilates and upper body session in the gym today. :)
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, don't blame you for refusing that offer from the dentist!  I'll be putting it off as well.

    Ian, great news about Barcelona.  That will be brilliant first marathon for OH.

    Toothache is a bit better today and swelling is more or less back to normal.  Cold is much better too so was considering a run today, but I thought it would aggravate the toothache so gave it a miss.
    Big G - good to hear you're on the mend.

    Pilates instructor still ill so we were grouped with the other class.   No foam rolling today thankfully, but lots of lovely hamstring and hip stretches.  Then gym.

    Am looking forward to my gym review in the morning, except for the no caffeine and no food beforehand.   Will be getting my gym programme changed, and maybe calories too depending on the results of the body analysis.   
  • Welcome, Bob. I don't use a plan myself although I have a rough idea of what I'm going to do each week. As you can already run 13 miles I'd start at 10 or 12 and increase it a couple of miles each week, but every fourth week or so, have a lower mileage week to recover.
    I don't know how often you run - I usually do five runs a week with one medium/long run Tuesday or Wednesday, one faster one (you don't really need to be doing speedwork for your first marathon, though - your main focus should be getting a good mileage base as, you rightly point out, it's a big step up from a half to a full), one easy run, usually around 6 miles, parkrun on Saturday and then the long run on Sunday. I'd suggest four runs a week if you can make time for that, and do some core/glute/hamstring training if you can.

    Big G, glad your dentist wasn't too bad. I'm lucky that I had very gappy teeth as a kid so when my wisdoms came through, they didn't cause any problems. I used to be able to get my tongue between my front two teeth but they closed up when I got my wisdoms. Hope the blood pee is nothing serious - runners can get that just from all the pounding.

    Ian, great news for you and OH!

    Shades, it is cold - it's like winter suddenly dropped on us. I did Yorkshire only four weeks ago in shorts and a vest (with arm warmers, but still...) - today I was out in a thermal base layer, long tights, gloves and a fleecy headband to keep my ears warm.
    Speaking of which, I really didn't want to go out today and nearly didn't, but talked myself into it and then enjoyed it enough that I ended up doing 10 miles. Hammy's still grumpy but a bit better than Sunday. The knee problem is still there too - it was an issue in yoga yesterday and I had to modify a lot, but I can run on it so, whatever!
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Got a bargain on her flights,£64 return inc seats both ways,seat next to me was still empty so booked that.Amended hotel for only £60 for 2 night so all in all a good deal.
    Bitterly cold here this morning but due to warm a bit so running soon,hoping the weather is nicer this weekend for my long run.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Didn't warm up too much,but hat and gloves made it fine,10 miles done and dusted,decided to insert 5 faster miles to try and get the legs going again.Not sire if anyone has seen this about the sub 2,just shows the minute details they went into that they even dug up some of the road to change the camber.
  • Wow, that's taking it to extremes! No wonder they chose that over Battersea - Battersea Park has some heavy camber in places.
  • Woke up feeling quite alert so was able to get out at just after 6 and as legs seemed to have some snap I made it another progression run, starting at 10:24 and working up to MP. It was a little bit of a fail as mile 6 was a few seconds slower than mile 5, although it felt harder (I was breathing harder anyway) - it was slightly more uphill but that shouldn't have made a difference really. When I looked at my Garmin data, I saw my stride was slightly shorter but my cadence for that mile was 190. Cripes, no wonder it felt hard!
    I then compared it to my similar paced miles during Yorkshire. My stride was around a metre for most miles (got a little shorter towards the end due to fatigue) and cadence was around 180 for most of it. I deffo wasn't breathing as hard. I guess those Vaporflys really are worth the money!
    Did two cool-down miles (just over 10 min/mi pace, which felt easy after the earlier miles).
  • Hi,
    I was wondering if anyone had a discount code for
    Many thanks.  
    Cal - sounds like your knee is a bit better after your run today.

    Ian - that's a great article on the 1:59, good reading.

    You got a good deal on the Barcelona trip, I guess your OH had already entered Manchester, can she defer that entry, or transfer? 

    P W - sorry, no I don't.   Have you tried Googling for a discount code?

    No running today, my rest day.   Good circuits class and my review went well, but we ran out of time for finishing my new programme.   New programme is going to include some strength work and more free weights.

    Anyway the stats after 11 weeks

    Weight loss 3.2kg
    of which fat loss is 3.1kg
    Fat % dropped from 30.5% to 26.8%.   We've agreed that I can aim to get my fat % down to 20%, which would just sneak me into the athletic range. :)

    So my diet remains the same as my BMR is constant and I'm losing fat on my current daily calorie allowance.  Focus now on ramping up the weights to work on gaining some muscle and increasing strength.  Instructor a little concerned that I don't take a complete rest day (unless I have a race that week), but I explained to him that have masses of recovery time each day and don't feel I need a complete day off.
  • Hi, yeah loads of discount codes if you Google but none seem valid. 
    P W - they should have some good deals with Black Friday coming up.

    They're usually one of the most competitively priced retailers anyway.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-No she hadn't entered yet as there was no price rise so we were waiting to enter so no worries there.
    8.5 after work tonight felt back to normal,usual easy effort and pace came out good so happy it looks like I'm recovered now.
    Ian - that was a smart move then re Manchester entry.

    Good that you feel you've got your legs back now and fully recovered.

    7 miles today.  Very wet and very windy but I didn't mind as it was nice and mild, got absolutely soaked though.  
  • Excellent progress, Shades! I did some upper body stuff in the gym yesterday - fairly light compared to what I used to lift but I'm a little sore today. Got to get my body used to it again.

    Horrible out there again today - dark grey and that damp kind of cold that eats into you. But I did 8 miles and it wasn't a bad run at all.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, seeing those figures like that really shows the improvement.  Great stuff.

    I haven't ran since Saturday - just haven't felt that I could/should, but late this afternoon I just fancied a short run so went out for a 4-miler.  Cold has gone I think and tooth/swelling is more or less okay, so a run felt okay.

    Been busy on club-related stuff today.  It's our club's handicap race on Saturday, which I'm organising, so was going through working out the handicaps for that.  Hopefully it'll go well, and the weather is kind.  There's 40-odd for the race itself, and then 60-odd for the meal afterwards.
    Cal - I expect you'll make rapid progress at the gym with your history.

    Really dark here yesterday too, had to put the light on at about 2 pm, grey time of year.

    Big G  - glad you're feeling better.
    That's a good turnout for the handicap and meal tomorrow.

    9 miles today, very wet, got soaked right through and a lot of surface water.   I ran out on the main road and back on the quieter country lanes, it was nice to get away from the traffic.   At about 6 miles I had just got my feet to an acceptable temperature although they were still wet and there was a flood on the road which I had to run through, so cold wet feet again.   Of course, as soon as I got home it stopped raining :/
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Very wet here today,been drizzling all day so the roads had lots of puddles,which of course I stood in.
    10 nice miles though,feel really good now so need to be careful not to overdo it,but the effort and pace is the best combination I've eve had the last few days.
    Seen start fitness have the ISO 2's for £59.90 so may treat myself to a new pair.
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