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  • Cheers for the vibes all. It'll get there I'm sure. I need to re-learn to listen to my body better and give it what it needs (in the process of changing my diet which I'm hoping will help).

    TR - you've had a very good year. Well done at Gosport.

    OO - nice tempo.

    Plan for this week is to try 4m double commutes, with an 8m long run tomorrow (wfh day) and a single 4m Saturday morning. All easy. I'll then see if I can build from there slowly.

  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Glorious morning on leave, so 20m lsr done and dusted.  Following y'days 12m including another [email protected] 6.25 that brings up 80 miles over 8 days.  Best mileage for quite sometime.  27 days to the marathon so another 2 decent weeks and then taper time. Me too TR with the groin and abductors, started tightening up after 15 miles today. 
  • Do you have your support pants though OuchOuch?  ;)

    I think a vest is definitely quicker TR.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    Excellent progress TR. With some more specific speed work we'll hopefully both be under 80 next spring. 

    However, I'm going to run my times clean! No bouncy trainers for me. Ron Hill wouldn't speak to me again :) besides, I do enjoy passing those in the brightly coloured shoes. Hehe. 

    As I've said before, it's only because I'm jealous I cant fit in them with my hobbit feet. 

    OO - nice work. So much easier this hobby when we have the time. 

    TT - hope the dietary adjustments go well. Didn't you already make some changes? 

    Good to see we still have some marathons to look forward to before the year is out.
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    TT - all the best for the week then.

    OO - i feel your soreness, im quite sore today but i guess its due to less running recently and very little intensity.

    LMH - only if its a carbon vest, i guess.

    SJ - sub 80 at Fleet or Worthing would be good, fat chance in Wothings gales though. As you some hard work will bring us on, ill have done some LT work by then. Im starting P and D early on 2nd Dec, so ill do the first 3 weeks twice.
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    Lovely blue sky day here today too but only had time for a pleasant 5 miler.
    OO.. nice work getting the long run in on a nice school day.  Good to see the mileage cranking up too.

    In the spirit of the thread of old.. a washing machine enquiry!  The drum in my Bosch model has started squeaking a bit during the cycle, bizarrely 95% when turning anti clockwise.  I cant find anything in the drum or seal that could be catching so anyone (TR?) who has been inside one have any ideas?  It's about 12 years old.  
  • LMH - I improvised.  :#
    SJ and the weather. I agree and think faster HM times are the way to go for quicker marathons. 
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    Wardi - bizarre, sounds like something is rubbing. Have a google, might be simple, slipping belt maybe?
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    OO - agreed, chasing sub 80 will drive me under 255.
  • TR - I'd have thought a sub 80 half could lead to something pretty quick in the marathon but of course they are different beasts.

    4km shuffle for me today with the other half as she starts couch to 5k. She's aiming for a half marathon in April. The aim is for me to complete the marathon in the same time as she does the half. needless to say I think she'll beat me! Proper run to come tomorrow.
  • Did have a bit of a giggle at the guy at parkrun on Saturday in his next%.  Our off-road, muddy, uneven woodland parkrun.  
  • TT - hope everything is moving forward. 
    FWIW ive ran two races in the 4% and failed to PB at either..
    I am looking at reducing meat and dairy intake but am struggling to establish fact rather than advertising and zealot BS. Anyone watched the gamechangers?
     47 for me last week - consolidate this week and start some quality when I get back from Bilbao.
  • sj - good memory. Yes, I'd played around with a lowered carb intake for a bit, and that was positive. I had to balance it out by going back to my normal diet and comparing, and that was probably part of what triggered this fibro flare up. I'm now looking to go full keto as there's a decent amount of evidence out there suggesting that it helps with inflammatory diseases. I'm a few days in, and managing quite well so far. I'm already starting to feel more alert, but have the inevitable adjustment to lower carb to come.

    Wardi - as well as the belt as TR suggested, check pump/hose/filter to make sure they're not blocked up with grease/dirt/fluff (or tissues in the case of one of ours who seems to have forgotten how to empty his bloody pockets!). We had a latex glove (wife is a veterinary nurse) which wrapped around a fan a while back that caused squeaking.

    CD - I wore a pair of flyknits at one parkrun last year because I didn't have anything more appropriate on me at the time, but I'd draw the line at a £200+ pair of shoes on a muddy parkrun!

    Menn - I didn't see The Gamechangers, but as per my comment to sj, above, I've been doing some dietary research. What I've found is that the food pyramid, as originally designed, was drastically different to what is used today. Apparently what happened is that the big food players got involved, and the original 3-4 servings of starchy wholegrain breads and cereals was changed to 6-11 servings, and included heavily processed carb sources (white bread, baked goods, etc) that were originally in the 'use sparingly' category along with sweets. The recommended 5-9 portions of fruit and veg was changed to 2-3 (subsequently increased to 'up to 5'), and so on. 
    Additionally, since the food pyramid was introduced obesity rates and inflammatory diseases have gone up exponentially. I've just started reading Charlie Spedding's book 'Stop Feeding us Lies' which addresses this. It's available on Amazon Kindle.
  • TT - Its worth a watch - on netflix-it at least makes you think. Funded by people who also heavily fund pea based protein products......
  • What do you want to achieve with the dietary changes Mennania?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    TR/TT.. thanks for the washing machine tips.  I've had the back off, cleaned the waste pipe filter, the belt is running true but the squeak remains!  It's not critical as it still works so I might have to summon a local white goods expert to solve it.  TT/Menn.. best of luck with the diet experiments.
    Just over 10m today, 3m 'warm up' then 7m with the club.  1 degree tonight which only served to remind me that my legs & lungs don't function very well in the cold.  Don't you just know it will be about 14 degrees on Xmas day.  :/
  • I'd like it if it was Wardi!
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • 5.5 miles yesterday. even before the run taper tantrums had begun. feeling a bit of pain in my left knee out of nowhere and my right hamstring is feeling a bit tight. its been an almost completely pain free training set so I'm sure something had to go mildly wrong.

    it sure is cold but running is a useful way of warming up. probably says something about how cold the house is more than anything. Anyone done a marathon in cold conditions? Like most races I would guess the important thing is to stay warm until the start and after that you'll be fine?
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    RJR - Paris this April, 1C at the start.  Old jumper for the start but still cold. Ran in a ski hat and 2 mismatched ski socks on my arms for the first 5 miles - did the trick but looked a joke. Hope the niggles clear-up. 
    'Dank' and gusty here but looking to do 2*5m runs later, an easier and then a faster one. 
  • I’ve been meaning to post for a couple of weeks now to say well done plus the odd commiserations for the Autumn marathon and other racing efforts, and indeed injuries too. I love reading for both – it reminds me of what’s possible, plus I’m not the only one for whom a race doesn’t always work out!

    My last races for the year were a 37:36 10km pb (woohoo as I am terrible at pacing 10k races) and then the following Sunday, an ambivalent 1:26 half on the muddy grand union canal path. It was 2 ½ mins slower than a September half, but I came 5th overall. I also left the 4% ‘magic shoes’ at home for that one as I didn’t trust their lack of grip, and I wondered if that also played a factor?! Will Nike put out a trail version?

    I started this week my training plan for London, set by a coach this time round instead of a RW plan, which I am really excited about. He has me doing lots of LSD (long, steady, distance) running over anything much harder than tempo for the rest of the year, e.g. 2-3 runs a week at close to target marathon effort for 40-50 mins, and up to 2 hrs on Sunday about 45 sec slower than target pace. We’ve planned a couple of races in Jan-Feb, plus what I can expect in the 10-week block of hard training in the build up to London.

    I’m home in NZ in Feb and he’s suggested I run the world-famous Lydiard Waiatarua long run route. (You know, because I’m going there to train and not spend 2 weeks boozing with family and old friends.) But I might actually do it, I have little excuse as it starts right next to where I will stay!

    @TR coach also says I can go under 1:20 next year but that’s on the way to a sub 2:50. Don’t be too conservative with your target?

    @TT sorry to hear about your gut troubles, I empathise. Yes the old food pyramid is total b*llocks, designed by lobby groups and food manufacturers who have the blood on their hands for obesity-related deaths. I will check out that book.

    @Menn I’d heard of that doco, mostly about meat’s alleged effect on *cough* male blood flow! Lets face it, if there’s one thing to claim that would get more blokes to go vegan...

  • Nice read through as usual - TT - Hope you feel better soon.

    Love the cold weather, was so lucky in Berlin 2015, calm, sunny and cold. Its virtually like my body 'clicks in' when the air gets cold, just loves it! Good rule of thumb is, freezing on the start line = perfect temperature the remainder of the race, you just have to suffer the first 10 mins or so!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Menn - 47 is getting somewhere.

    Wardi - christmas day running temps are irrelevant for me.

    TGO - nice one on the coach, as said re Stevie and menn, its a great move as it will make you do the right things, rather than what you like to do. Agreed, ill be aiming sub 80 for the spring too, if possible. As SJ said getting faster at 1/2 will lead to faster maras.
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    TR.. I know some folk are too busy to run on Xmas day, it's just that the one time we would perhaps appreciate something frosty/snowy it never is!  It was like spring on Xmas day last year. 
    My coldest marathon (having checked the London history) was my very first in 1994 - 6.5 degrees to start and 7.5 at the finish.  I've run 4 out of the 6 hottest ones however!
    Shiver me timbers OO that's a chilly start for a marathon!
    9m today, nice day again up here, weekend looks a bit wet though. :/
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    I have the time Christmas day, but its a pre planned zero for family time.
  • OO - That is super chilly. You probably looked no more ridiculous than I did wearing a water/windproof jacket for 16 miles at Abingdon this year.

    10 Mile marathon paced run today and nowhere near as comfortable as I would like. Both knees are feeling a little sore post run. HR was at about 80% but it felt tougher. Few little climbs didn't help and the cold air doesn't seem to do my breathing much good anyway.

    Anyway, since a half-marathon paced effort on Sunday felt great fingers crossed it's a one off. I've started to wear in a new pair of trainers (same make as the old ones) and I wonder if the little niggles are as a result of that. They'll be over 50 miles in come race day so I felt that was about right?
  • LMH - From the limited research Ive done it seems that less meat is a healthier way forward and that the body deals with plant based food easier than meat processing. Im hoping to just be healthier and hopefully fitter as a result. On that note Im in Bilbao at the moment and there isnt a cat in hells chance Im passing up on the local food and wine so meat and alcohol reduction is firmly on hold at the moment!

    Sc - yeh, I saw that - If  it was true that would be a real Game Changer!!
  • RJR - so 13 miles at MP last Sunday, another 10 today, I'm not surprised you're feeling a niggle or two, every little twinge seems far worse at this point!  Only just over a week out there's a far bigger chance of doing too much than too little, so rest up and trust that you're actually in pretty good shape for a cracking run on the 30th.
  • I think you're right CD. I've been following a Serpentine training plan which has a 12 mile MP run a week before, so I thought I'd shave some off that and bring it forward. I had a very slow running taper last time so i've tried to have a few sharper runs this time but I feel about ready to calm it down now.
  • Enjoy the break Mennania. I agree that less meat is probably a good thing as long as it's not replaced with processed veggie/vegan substitutes. Anita Bean's books are good.

    rjr - I'm with CD, that seems like a lot of work this close to the race to me.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • it was 8 miles at HMP rather than 13 at marathon pace on Sunday if that helps! 
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