The Thousand mile club - 2020

Well I'll start it off this year, the 2020 edition. 

Good luck all!!


  • 9.27 miles this morning before having to head to work. A beautiful morning, temps in the low 20s and very quiet as most still in bed.

    YTD 9.27
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    I'm in again. Just about to set off to  Barnsley parkrun. 

    Happy New year. 
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    I'm in! Amazing run this morning, 7.12 miles. Ran on the roads as so few cars. Really felt the benefits of the December training.

    YTD 7.12 miles
  • I'm in, nothing to report yet but club new year run tonight.
  • Double parkrun - Canons Park to complete Londone, and then hilly Gladstone (since it was nearby). Not very fast at either of them, but never mind.

    YTD: 6
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    OK then! Why not?
    As anticipated, Bournemouth parkrun was crowded today; 967 runners, plus dogs and buggies! That's double the normal number; drawing in many from other areas, including those who were doing 'doubles'. Time? (whisper/mumble) 28:44. Not been that slow since my AF...but it is still my best for 2020! Hope to improve steadily as I focus more on shorter runs (?)
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    I'm in for 2020.Lovely day for a run,a few other runners were making the most it as well .
    8.1 miles with Polly,doesn't really tire her out and she managed to trip me up.
  • Hi all, back for another year, sorry l didn't post for the last couple of months, work took over, but l did keep track of you all (not a stalker, l promise) some really brilliant running and achievements, l really enjoyed reading the posts whether good or bad!
    No mileage as yet.
  • Welcome back David.

    3.83 miles this morning

    YTD 13.1 miles

  • Nice New Years Day club run last night, one hopefully new member and one visiting runner.

    6 miles YTD

  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    Happy New Year to all! I'm in again, but not just yet, as I managed to trip down the bottom of the stairs yesterday and sprain my ankle - these 'rest days' are dangerous! I'm really rather frustrated, particularly as my Tokyo Marathon training was going very well - grrr. I am working at home today and hoping that frequent icing/elevating helps - it is a little less swollen today but has stiffened up overnight, so it's more painful to walk...

    MrM2, that is a very busy parkrun indeed! 
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2020
    10.2 so far including Barnsley parkrun. First time there for me. Beautiful Locke park, brimming with bygone civic pride. I've been once, many years ago for the Yorkshire miners demonstration and gala. Arthur scargill and Dennis Skinner lead the speeches, in a galaxy far far away. 

    Just checked the history of the park. Bequeathed to the community by a railway pioneer. How times change. Come on Northern rail restore my confidence..... 
  • Hope you have a speedy recovery Gipfel.

    28 degrees this morning, bit higher than normal but pleasant. 15.3 miles.

    YTD 28.4 miles

  • Donnie - my one surviving aunt lives near there - my dad took me to Locke Park a few times. I remember liking the fountain (I have no recollection of the hills that parkrunners mention, but then I was a small kid and not trying to run around it). I really need to pay her a visit before long as she must be 90 now.

    Felt ill yesterday - absolutely shattered and ropey as hell, but I did nothing and today I felt well enough to get out for 8 miles. Not the MLR I had planned for yesterday but, as I've parkrun tomorrow and a 10K on Sunday, I didn't want to push it. Went OK though.

    YTD: 14 (god it almost hurts to begin again!)
  • Morning all,

    A gentle 5 miles this morning, I must do a new training plan to get my fitness back on track, I didn't stop, but didn't do that much in November & December.

    I have a lot planned for this year, including Half's, Marathons and Ultras so we shall see,

    What about Goals for everyone else?

    Cal - Isn't it great to start again :D 

    YTD = 5
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Totally agree David it is great to start again. 

    11 miles with eight 500 metres at 45 seconds below 5km pace in the middle, remarkably I was still running at the end.

    The combination of the internet, my credit card and a running buddy on text on NYD means I have four HM, a marathon, two sprint tris and a sportive to look forward to!!🤣 Aim is to be on the start line of all of them.

    YTD 18.12 miles running
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Good to see familiar faces...and others.
    TT...Welcome, looks like a serious session, and a serious plan for 2020!
    JD1... Glad that Polly is running well, but not sure about the trip-hazard!
    David C...Good to have you around again. Hope that work doesn't take over too much.
    Gipfel...Hope you have a speedy recovery.
    Dubai...Making the most of your cooler conditions; 15.3' says you mean business!

    Lovely conditions when I went out this morning. A six mile mix with a good hill session in the middle. (Feeling virtuous already) Trying to find the right level of activity that wont aggravate a complaining ITB!
    YTD: 10'.
  • David, got:

    January - Dubai marathon
    February - possibly last man standing event in the desert
    April - 2 oceans ultra (56k) in Cape Town
    June- Comrades Pietermartzburg to Durban, down run this year (90.2k)

    Also hoping to fit in some trail running in Nepal and will be in England in August so might run my first park run. 
  • Happy New Year everyone,

    Just spotted Dubai Runner started this years thread - thank you.

    Good luck with the personal goals and hope those with niggles recover quickly.

    10.36 mile parkrun sandwich on NYD and 8.87 miles yesterday makes my 

    YTD = 19.23 miles
  • Squerryes Winery parkrun today, plus two miles running to Streatham to the lady who was giving me the lift there. So muddy as to be unrunnable in places (I was going around the corners sidewise like my old Marina when I forgot to put air in the tires). Slowest parkrun to date, but still 6th lady. (Small field, though).

    YTD: 19
  • Had a mixed feeling day too.
    tripped and fell heavily on my chest (rib cage hurting) on the way to parkrun 2 miles away
    paced for 30:30 - managed 30:17 but was 4 minutes slower over the 2 miles back because had got cold after parkrun with an additional 5km with people I promised to train for VLM and chest wasn't helping.
    10.19 mile parkrun sandwich.
    YTD = 29.42 miles 
  • Sounds like TT and Dubai you have your work cut out this year, Dubai 90k is a pretty long way, but l have no doubt you will be okay with the volume of running you do.
    Harmander, hope you are okay, maybe take it a bit easier for a few days.
    MrM2, sorry to read about your wife, life can seem very unfair at times, however great to read about the countless achievements you have had over the last few months, a real inspiration.
    Cal, wow you have been a busy girl, what a great total last year and l am sure you will be matching it again this year.

  • Nice work everyone, lots of great things to look forward to for everyone, be great to read all the reports. 
    I've managed to get an entry to Man v Horse this race.
    And Llanelli half...hate this race (but doing it for work charity so feel obliged)
    15 miles YTD 
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Harmander I do hope you are okay?

    Looks like 2020 is going to be a good year for running, may all our niggles be non serious.

    7.19 miles this morning before spin class, dark, cold and a wonderful sunrise, fabulous running weather.

    YTD: 25.32 miles
  • Ouch, Harmander - hope you aren't too sore from that. Take it easy eh?
    How exciting, Hobie! I think some people in my club are doing it. Wrong timing for me, though (unless someone loans me a horse).
    Cold and grey here, TT.

    10K today (with a mile warm-up). Wasn't expecting much after the mudfest yesterday - when I did my warm-up my legs felt very tired. But I went for it and set out too fast (almost 5K pace) then tried to hang on. I did slow (lots of lactic) but came out of it with a one and a half minute PB in 50:12. Very happy, as 10K was the only PB I didn't get last year.

    YTD: 26
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Well done on the PB Cal, and a minute and a half inside means you're in good form.

    Sorry about the fall Harmander, at least you didn't end up in A&E! (well hope not)

    For me started off the year with a nice 7Mish Trail run in muddy Essex on New Years Day, then  Essex Seniors XC Championship 10K yesterday. 

    Started the 10K in last place, running(?) with my mate Ron, thought "They'll all come back soon" as I watched the 200 or so run off. They didn't. Passed 2 runners in the whole race, still, as it was a 2 lapper and at least I didn't get lapped!

    And today, a nice 8M through my local Country Park, just lovely to be out and running, albeit very slowly.

    YTD             21.4M

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Dubai,that's a serious racing schedule,looking forward to the reports.

    Hi David,nice to see you on here again.Hopefully you can get more running in.

    Gipfel hope you make a quick recovery.

    Harmander that sounds painful,hope you're ok.

    MrM2,Polly can be a trip hazard,especially when she picks up a 6ft stick.

    02.01 - 5.1

    04.01 - 3.1

    05.01 - 6

    YTD - 22.3

  • Thanks everyone,
    I went for my usual LVSR (Long Very Slow Run), it was cold at first but as time wore on I was feeling more comfortable in breathing deeper and managed 13.76 miles in 2:40:51. Once it got cold again while waiting for a new group of walkers/potential runners to show up I was suffering. but I keep my promises and we walked 2.6km in 27 minutes - I was getting really uncomfortable and the hot relaxing bath put me right.
    YTD  43.18 miles

    I am expecting Dubai Runner and Cal to overtake me this year as I am cutting my marathons to only 12.
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    So many off to a good start this year!
    Harmander...Sorry about your fall; hope you recover well.
    Cal...that parkrun sounds like one you wont want to repeat! Great result in the 10k! You will have sub-50 as your next target? (Don't take your eye off Tokyo preparations)
    DavidC...Thanks. Yes, we are living two experiences at the moment; not sure how I'm going to handle it. One day at a time, and prayer seems to be the way forward.
    senidM...trail, XC and Country Park...reminds me that I ought to get off the road a bit more, but everywhere is so muddy!
    JD1...never mind the 6ft's the 10m 'retracting' leads that bug me! I ran straight past a group, with a dog, yesterday, and then (too late) realised it was my neighbours! Apologised on the next lap, explaining that I was keeping my eye on the dog; 'Most people are safe, but you can never trust a dog'. I think we are still friends?

    Yesterday's parkrun was still crowded with best part of 700 runners, but my time was a minute better than NYDay. (If I can keep up the improvement rate I could be looking at a world record by April?!) Today's Seafront 8' was very enjoyable. Brings me to 33' this week
    YTD: 21'.

  • Great you're back out there senidM 

    Great running from everyone, no running the last 2 days - was working nights and don't sleep particularly well during the day even after all these years.

    6.01 miles today

    YTD 34.41

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