A stupid question if you don't like road running - where do you run in winter?!

I don't like road running - poor knees.
Running off track is exceptionally muddy where I live and I end up with mud stacks for shoes. Any tips on where to go?


  • I went through a phase (injury) of doing loops of the biggest sports fields/recreation grounds I could find near me. Dull, but served a purpose.
  • Track and field is a good option and usually well lit. Alternatively, you can use a threadmill.
  •  :) thanks. Yep treadmills seem the logical option but for some reason cause knee pain. Local tracks are a good idea and sports fields- although local ones are like a big at the moment.
  • On the StairMaster, in the gym, since the effort involved largely replicates that enjoyed/endured when running outdoors (without stress upon the joints).  While I do still run outdoors between November and March, I largely treat the winter months as 'off season', using them to replace muscle (and strength) that may have been lost when running over the summer. 

    At times, it's good to ease up on cardio and focus upon strength/resistance training.  
  • I don't know what trainers you're using, but winter is a great time for cross country, you just need to get the right footwear. I have INOV8 X-TALON 212 trail running shoes. Wet rock, mud.. It's just not a problem.
  • Wow, just seen these additional responses thank you!

    Vultan, I'm looking for a decent shoe and foot wear is an issue. The fact my feet are elegantly shaped like flippers (yet have skinny ankles and heels) makes it's challenging to fins a decent shoe. Knee pain is my main issue alongside foot pain (some would say I am not born to run!) I've got some hokkas but they're too flat ... they were built to over come over pronation but for me they're not supportive enough. Problem I have had before with trail runners is they are quite inflexible, I guess because waterproof. I seem to suit a a softer material.. Previously also tried Mizurno they were ok but again the soles didn't provide enough support "bounce".

    Miserable git (great name by the way) I guess running up the stairs would do the same thing?? My issue is cardoi helps with stress, mentally you can't beat running.

    I've tried other sports and nothing is like running. Also, I tried cycling which I hate and totally messed up my knee bizarrely.
  • Like someone else responded here. Focus on strength and resistance training when the conditions where you live aren't ideal enough for you to get a good run in.

    Since you have "poor knees" why not focus on strength training exercises that help improve how well your knees perform while running. A couple great exercises to help strengthen your knees are knee extensions and heel and calf raises.

    In the meantime you can try running on a treadmill if you don't like road running. Hope this helps.
  • Run off road if possible on grass or trails. I do the majority of my training in the forest throughout the year. 
  • I don't run on the road as my fluffy running chum is not trusted with cars, so I do the same runs I do in summer, just with a head torch and he has a light up collar.
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