Quad wasting.

Ok. So firstly I must admit that, other than a few token leg presses on a low weight I haven't really done any gym leg-work for about 12 months (mainly due to the knees feeling it) so that might be part of it. But I was ill over the Christmas period with a really bad 'flu like cold and virus' so I couldn't run (or do any other exercise) for 6 weeks.

Anyway, I've noticed that my quads seem really small all of a sudden. I was actually quite shocked. Has anyone else had any muscle wasting in such a short period of time? Surely this shouldn't happen after just 6 weeks of inactivity?

*Tries not to google search*


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    Hi loonytuner, I damaged my knee last year and was on crutches. In two weeks I lost 15-20% of my muscle mass so yes in six weeks you can lose an awful lot. I saw my physio and within three weeks was back running but it took a lot of work in the gym to build the muscle back up. 
  • Thanks for the response. Well it's good to know initially that this isn't abnormal. Though of course I'll be heading to the doctors soon too.

    I know the much used phrase 'use it or lose it', but I didn't really know how quickly it can happen. Hopefully I can get back to the gym soon for some knee friendly leg muscle building (if possible).
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