Minimally invasive Bunion surgery

Just wondering if anyone has had the minimally invasive bunion surgery which involves lengthening the flexor tendon as opposed to breaking the bone?
I had a typical osteotomy in 2000 for my left bunion which was unsuccessful (after 6 weeks in a cast and alot of pain this was extremely frustrating!) so I am not keen to repeat this... I dont have pain in the bunion however it is starting to bang into the second toe and causing pain in the midfoot.


  • If you're keen to avoid surgery (on the assumption you've not already tried them), invest in a set of silicon toe correctors to help gradually restore anatomical alignment of bones, while also performing big toe adduction exercises, to encourage its movement towards the body's mid-line.  Essentially, lateral movement (abduction) of your big toe upsets the natural windlass mechanism of the foot, resulting in abnormal stretching of the plantar fascia as you toe-off, creating discomfort throughout the mid-foot (arch).  
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