Groin/Adductor strain for 6 months!

Hi everyone, first post on this site.

I managed to pickup this injury at a 10k in July 19, was in a lot of pain after the race but more my feet/ankles, took a week off then felt sharp pain in my groin area so i went to my GP, she advised me to take 4 weeks off any activity which i did....still there and i took another 2 weeks and it was still hanging around.

I'd already booked my first half marathon Bournemouth in October and i was able to do little training, managed to complete it in 2:20 and my quads were awful but no groin pain for a few days! Then it slowly started to appear again when i wasn't even exercising so i got myself referred for physio to try and get rid of it completely.

Been on physio now for 2 months and its no real different to when i started i have to say, its up and down different days but i still cant shake it, been doing the physio exercises 4-5 times a week and doing a couple of spin classes to stay fit (don't know if these are doing any harm) but my abductor is strengthening, when he told me to start doing leg press i could do 100kg now i can do 130kg.

Its never actually pain now its a constant numbness which is there almost all of the day, i cant lay on my right side when sleeping for too long or it aches more. My physio did tell me i could keep running once a week but i stopped that a month ago as it ached quite a bit more afterwards. The injury is so frustrating and its starting to make my temper short with people as all i want to do is go out and run and do Amsterdam Marathon this October.

Physio exercises ive been doing are leg press
squats with pilates ball between thighs
squeezing pilates ball between legs
resistance band with leg pulling across
leg on bed and pulling myself up from a side position with top half of leg and elbow

Long post i know, any advice would be fantastic, thanks guys


  • Hey,

    I can absolutely relate to your frustration. I’ve had a dull ache in the front of my right quad for almost 11 months that just won’t shift. I feel it whenever I use my weight on the muscles – daily walking, using stairs, etc. I don’t feel any discomfort when resting and the muscles are relaxed. It’s not a sharp pain but it’s a nagging, constant dull achy tight stiff feeling across the front of the thigh only, from above the knee and up 3/4 of the thigh. It feels deep in the leg. I can feel it whenever I tense the muscle too.

    Following endless internet research, I’ve tried acupuncture, stretching, foam rolling, deep tissue massage, and 7 weeks of quad strengthening exercises at home 4-5 days per week (single leg squats/lunges/resistance band leg pulls/wall sits) and absolutely no improvement. KT tape provides some relief but that just masks the issue.

    Did your physio identity what is root issue is? I've seen 2 physios and neither can identify mine.
  • Hi Hayley, sorry for late reply i havent logged in when checking forums and wasn't expecting any reply lol.

    Its still with me unfortunately, I have a appointment on Wednesday, last time he said it was adductor and advised me to do some very short runs but no change.

    I think the dull ache in terms of groin/adductor is quite common but not for this long! I've tried running short/walking lots/spin classes/eliptical/nothing at all/physio exercises/swimming. I think i might ask to be referred for an MRI to see if theres any damage maybe.

    Have you had any scans?
  • Hi Daniel, thanks for replying! Similarly I’ve seen multiple health professions and they each advise something different. I feel like they’ve just guessed and suggested any generic strengthening exercises. <div>
    </div><div>I tried to get a scan through my doctor to see if it’s a stress fracture but they wouldn’t let me and assured me a scan would be pointless. Although I’m intrigued to see if an MRI will show anything for you. </div><div>
    </div><div>Just as your injury began, do you think you was overdoing it and was your diet poor or in a calorie deficit? I’m curious as that’s the situation when mine happened and I think our issues are similar. </div><div>
    </div><div>Still have my issue despite recently joining the gym to intensify my strength exercises but no improvement frustratingly. :( I’ve booked a deep tissue massage as my next guess is that it could be scar tissue from overuse when my body was weak. Maybe that’s why strength exercises aren’t shifting it? Have you tried any massage for yours?

    Also can I ask your age if you don’t mind? I’m 26 (considered young??!) and my body won’t heal itself annoyingly! </div>
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