Got my Housemate to start Parkrun! - Awkward question...

Hi all!

My persistence finally paid off and I managed to convince my housemate Sophie to start doing Parkrun and she has loved doing it for the past few months! Whilst I'm glad she's a keen Parkrunner now I do have a slightly awkward question about her running attire.

She normally runs in a vest top and leggings however the leggings are very see-through, especially when running up one of the hills at Parkrun, and her knickers become very visible under the leggings. At Parkrun yesterday I could very clearly see her thong and bum cheeks.

Should I say something to her about it? I don't want to intrude and have an awkward conversation and over-step my mark haha? She has quite a slim figure but does have quite a big bum so I guess the leggings do stretch.

Any help appreciated!



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