Catching a cold in the winter!

I know, I know – you don’t catch a cold by being cold – viruses cause a cold! But I’m trying to figure out why I keep catching a cold! Please help!

I’m mid 30’s, healthy, I eat very well, take supplements, get enough sleep etc but I think I am causing myself to catch a cold, here is what I do….
I set off for a run at 6am (I’m in London) – it is a bit cold this time of year at 6am! But, I only run to the gym, which is about 15 mins away. I then have a really high intensity workout, cardio – light weights – circuits for about an hour, and I end up sweating lots.

I then change my T Shirt, as it is so wet, then run home – again about taking 15 mins. I wear a jumper and a coat, and a hat.

A friend of mine says this is what is causing me to catch a cold because after my high intensity workout in the gym, my body will be naturally trying to cool my body down, and when I go back outside, with a wet body, my body goes into shock and lowers my immune system or something… Hence why athletes after a marathon cover themselves in foil etc.

Anyway, how does that sound as a theory? Or does my routine have nothing to do with why I am catching a cold and I need to look elsewhere for causes?!



  • Here are different things I've read online, but I cannot find any conclusive evidence:

    Damp skin is an unfortunate conductor of heat loss and will lower body temperature.

    The cold temperatures forces the body to increase its thermoregulation, which means that it tries to maintain your body temperature at a high level to ensure that muscles and organs can keep working optimally. This task poses a huge challenge for the human organism and will quite often lead to a weakened immune system. Especially through the winter, you’d want your players to have a strong immune defence because the cold and dry air is the ideal environment for flu viruses and might as well cause other respiratory diseases.

    Wrap yourself in a Mylar blanket or anything else you can find to keep your body temperature from dropping rapidly.

    Walking around in your race gear means risking getting ill once the sweat has dried and the race's adrenaline has subsided.
    Gyms are virus factories and although you may do what you can by wiping down the machines and weights unfortunately others don't.   Children also carry lots of cold viruses so avoid them if you can.   Any teacher will tell you that it's a hazard of their job getting lots of colds.

    If you have been exposed to viruses they do seem more likely to move in if you allow yourself to get very chilled but I can't see your morning routine doing that as your run home is only 15 minutes.   

    Also wash your hands more often and don't touch your face while you're in the gym sweating away.  Wash your hands as soon as you get home.
  • Got to admit I have been good so far, touch wood it stays like that
    I'm a pain for catching a cold. I mean Like I'm always getting one. I've found many articles which help me but I've just seen this one ( and wondered if the advice they are giving is good advice?
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