Sacral Stress Fracture Recovery

Hi, I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Just wondering if anyone might be able to give me a bit of advice after an injury I've had recently.

Back in January I had real pain in my right glute following a run, and in my lower back and leg. This was diagnosed as a stress fracture in my sacral joint (I would not recommend!). 9 weeks of rest followed and my clinician said I was able to start running again last week. So far I've done 3 short runs (the longest being 3 lots of 60 seconds walk, 60 seconds run). 

All has felt fine when running, but I keep "feeling" things in my body when walking around, such as tightness in my right glute (which I had when I injured myself initially). 

Has anyone else had this injury? How did it feel when you came back to running?

My physio clinic is closed at present, understandably. Does anyone have a rehab schedule they'd be able to recommend (I was told initially I should be able to run for about 30 minutes consecutively in about 5 weeks from now).

Thank you. I hope everyone is keeping safe. 


  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Hi Steve, cannot help you on the information about the injury, but many physio clinics are doing webcam consultations (not a physio!) Might be worth trying to find one??
  • Hi Steve, I know what you're going through- agony! I have had the same problem for over 6 months. Stopped running completely for 3 months and started exercising specifically for this injury. I found some good exercises on YouTube - just type in sacroiliac joint injury and quite a few pop up. These exercises have helped - I can now run 4km very slowly without pain during or after the run.
    Yoga is good, too. I'm pretty impatient and hate short runs, but it really is the only way. I made the mistake of doing a 13km run when I wasn't ready for it and that really set me back. I also find that my new Balimo office chair helps -check it out online. Good luck. I hope you are back in form soon.
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