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    Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, All my data has now been uploaded to Strava and fetch except my sub 8 minute mile run on 23rd July. Typical, one that I particularly wanted, but it seems that somehow I hadn't saved it, or perhaps accidentally deleted it.

    Thank's for the info on notepad. I found it useful in the past, especially when drafting a long email. I would send it as an attachment.

    Well done for running in the rain. I ran with the Monday Group in the forest this morning and it was only light rain. We ran 6.8 miles at a very easy pace.

    Aquarius, yes all seems ok now with Garmin Connect. I'm glad that I didn't do any manual entries.

    Hello Columba, I wasn't on Fetchpoint for long as I found it rather boring, and never really got the hang of it.

    Good to  hear that you are still doing the not- a- parkrun. I've done them all, 18 I think. It's really helped me to increase my pace.
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    Evening everyone,

    Runningfox: Sorry to hear your eyesight and other issues are limiting how often you can get out for a run. I can well understand that it must be a slow and frustrating business posting your pictures, writing up and editing your blog, but I’m sure all the people who follow your blog are grateful to you for doing so. The end result is always such an interesting and well presented update on your activities. It sounds like your recent trip out to Hubberholme was perhaps a bit more crowded than you could have wished? I try not to go anywhere at weekends now, everywhere seems to be so busy since the lockdown was relaxed. At least your trip out had it’s rewards in that your partner found the elusive Butterfly Orchid. Lovely photo. I agree that squirrels can be a bit of a nuisance, stealing nuts and seeds from bird feeders, but you’ve got to admire their ingenuity and agility. I watched one a few months ago taking a feeder off a tree (it had been fastened on with wire) then using its forepaws and teeth to take the top off the feeder, then knocking it over to make the nuts inside spill out. After all that effort I felt he deserved them. 

    HS: Oh no, is there no way you can recover your 5k data? What a shame when it was such a good time. Did you plan to do a mixed bag run this morning, or was a spur of the moment thing? Sarah F certainly puts in the miles doesn’t she? I hope her good form continues when racing eventually starts again. Btw not-a-parkrun has only been going for 5 weeks. You run (or walk) as many 5k distances as you like in a week, from Monday to Sunday, and upload your times to the not-a-parkrun results page for your “home” parkrun. Your best time of the week is recorded at the end of the week in your home parkrun results page. Sorry to hear you got a bit wet on this morning’s run, but at least you didn’t get as wet as WtnMel! I’m allergic to prawns so have never tried any other shellfish, but I don’t think I’d be interested in them anyway. The extent of my fishy meals are white fish (such as cod/halibut etc), salmon, mackerel and tuna. I’m not very adventurous. 

    WtnMel: Have you dried out yet? How kind of Margaret to be waiting for your return, ready with a nice big towel. I wonder if Garmin paid the ransom money, or whether their tech people were able to recover the data without needing to pay.  Do you think big companies like that have systems in place that can defeat the attempts of these hackers, will they have the data backed up somewhere? As I mentioned above lobster and the like are not my thing either, but each to their own. I know Steve would have loved the lobster, but chicken and chips would do me. French or otherwise. 

    Columba: nice to hear from you again. I’m not a big fan of varifocals, although I did use bifocals when at work. I think the reason I managed with the bifocals was because the lens was quite evenly split between long and close distance, whereas the varifocals were mainly long distance with a silly little bit at the bottom for reading, which meant I was always tilting my head back when I needed to read anything.
    Re not-a-parkrun, I’ve only been doing it for the last three weeks, and there’s usually just one or two others at my home parkrun who do it. This week it was only me, but I don’t mind that, it’s still something to aim for. So far I’ve just been using my hill repeats sessions (about 4 miles) and missing off the warm up part at the beginning to get down to the 5k distance needed. I think I’ll have to vary my runs and include some other routes/sessions to see if I can get a better time.

    Speaking of which, when Garmin came back online this morning and I uploaded my hill repeats from yesterday I was pleased to see the times were slightly better than recent attempts (although not as good as ones done back in April). But any improvement, however slight, is encouraging.
    Our eldest son and his daughter are moving in with us tomorrow as he is between houses, having recently sold his. Unfortunately as he is still furloughed he is finding it difficult to get a new mortgage, so he may be with us for some time. His daughter was supposed to be going to a childminder today, but as the childminder has just returned from Spain she cannot take any children as she will have to isolate for the next two weeks. 
    Zoom Pilates again tomorrow, then perhaps a walk in the afternoon if we are not too busy helping son and granddaughter move in.
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    Good morning all,

    Aquarius, it wasn't the 5k run that hasn't appeared on strava and fetch, but Thursdays sub 8 minute mile challenge. I have now checked the history on my Garmin and I had definitely saved it. It's strange that the other runs have been uploaded, but not that one. Yesterdays morning run is a regular Monday Group session. We do vary the distances according to what sort of sessions we have done over the weekend.

    Our club was ahead of the game regarding non parkruns, and started them as soon as the parkruns were prohibited. Sarah and I have been posting our times on the official non parkruns web, over the past few weeks. Mine on the Brockenhurst web and Sarah on the Southampton web.

    On the subject of prawns, I mentioned them to my sister and she advised me that she was allergic to them, as they bring her out in a rash.

    You are going to have your hands full with your eldest son and his daughter moving in temporarily with you. 

    Hope it's another good Zoom Pilates session this morning, and that you are still experiencing the benefits. Hope you do manage to get out for a walk this afternoon.

    Today is a rest day, but I have done the usual walk back from the supermarket with 4 heavy shopping bags. It still feels strange wearing a face covering (my running buff) in the store. I noticed that all the other shoppers were wearing face coverings, but not all of the staff. I've done the front plank and press ups, and may do some gardening this afternoon, if I'm in the mood.
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    Afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius - I noticed the GC website was back as when I went to manually load yesterday's run, Strava told me I was uploading a duplicate! The Fetcheveryone website was running a bit slower yesterday as it caught up with 4 days worth of people's runs, walks and cycle rides. Did you decide whether to have a look at Strava by the way? I'm occasionally adventurous with fishy meals thanks to Margaret's prompting - when we were in Fuerteventura we visited a tapas bar and I had some 'octopus tips' (ends of baby octopus legs) which were surprisingly tasty. Yes, I dried out after that wet run - Margaret said she'd been looking out of the window at the rain and wondering when the 'drowned rat' of a partner would be returning and thought he might appreciate a big towel to wrap around himself on his return! I don't know if we'll ever hear if Garmin had to pay the ransom or whether they had adequate backups and recovered their data (they might not want people to know either way). It brings home the same thing could happen to you and I unless we have taken precautions. I use Norton to take regular backups and have it for my anti-virus protection too. Nice to see your recent hill repeats were an improvement on other recent attempts. I see you have your son moving in with you too - though not just for two weeks like with us and Ed.

    Columba - nice to 'see' you. I never got obsessed by Fetchpoint but it was fun for a while until I got bored having to go outside the 1ml circle around my house each time to squish bugs. And I was fed up with the smug people who cycle taking all the top places on the leader-board. I leave our wi-fi on all the time - no idea how much power it consumes. Years ago I tried varifocals but couldn't get on with them after a few days of persevering so went back to what I'd had previously (reading glasses plus glasses for the computer). I have only ever done a couple of parkruns so haven't bothered with the not-a-parkrun. However, I used to run with my club on a Thursday morning and we used to call it the pub2pub run as we started near one pub and ended at another nearby that did 'two for one' hot drinks. Soon after lockdown started, my friend Sue created a 'notpub2pub' club on Strava so we could easily keep in touch and see what each other has been doing.

    HS - if you plug your Garmin into your laptop then look in Windows Explorer you should see the 'GARMIN' folder and within that is an 'ACTIVITY' folder. I you look in there you should see 'FIT' files and one of them should be for that sub-8 minute mile run. You could manually load that run in Strava (click on '+' sign (top right); click on 'Upload Activity'; Click on 'File' (left-hand side); click on 'Choose Files' and navigate to the FIT file you want and it should be uploaded for you). Hope you've been able to find Notepad by now. I learnt long ago that prawns don't agree with me. Well done for doing more strength training (aka. shopping and carrying heavy bags).

    We noticed last night that when we had our living room window open during the day our wisteria had crept in through the gap - I've been out this morning to cut back the wayward stalks trying to invade the house (shades of Day Of The Triffids :) ).
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    WtnMel,  I've never tried octopus or squid, but am told that they are very tasty. I never turn my wifi off either. 
    Thanks for the tips re trying to locate and upload "the rogue file." I'm attempting to upload the Windows 10 version 2004 again at the moment, so will probably have to wait until tomorrow. It's status is "Getting things ready." It's reached 84% so is likely to be at least another hour before it's completed. If it gets "stuck" at 75% like last time, I will pause it for another couple of weeks. 
    I've found notebook, thank you, and pinned it to the start. 
    Lucky I checked before sending as the predictive text said "I never turn my wife off either!"🥴
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    HS: apologies, I meant your 8 min mile run, I think I've got 5ks on the brain with all this talk about the not-a-parkrun runs. :)   I see you've had another shopping cross training day today, as well as front plank and press ups. Did you manage to get any gardening done too? One of the reasons I like my MacBook is that uploads only take a few minutes generally, whereas I know Steve finds Windows takes ages to work through them. I don't know why the two systems should be so different, I expect our resident IT expert (aka WtnMel) will be able to enlighten us. Yuk to squid and octopus I'm afraid.
    ( I had to laugh at your never turning your wife off either :D )
    WtnMel: I've tried logging on to Strava today and ended up creating a new account, so I don't think I must have had one previously. I have a vague recollection that I did try to register with them some time ago, but it looked like it meant taking out a subscription, so I think I changed my mind and cancelled out of it. That Wisteria sounds a bit scary, I hope you have bars across your windows now, you never can tell with these plants. 
    A good Pilates session this morning, a lot of quite intense core work. The postures themselves seem quite easy at first glance, but while doing them we are exhorted to "pull the ribs down; pull the belly button to backbone; build the pelvic box - pull in sides, front and back and pull up the pelvic floor; tilt the pelvis so your back is pressing against the floor; all the while breathing in through the nose and out of the mouth". It's a lot to remember, and doing heel slides while taking the arms back over the head and keeping your back flat on the floor is quite challenging, but I do find my core is a lot stronger. 
    A very windy walk this afternoon, one of those days when you feel if you leaned forward you would still be kept upright by the force of the wind. I told Steve it would be character forming, but it was obviously tiring too as he fell asleep when we got home :D

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    Morning everyone,

    HS - I wouldn't have tried octopus if it hadn't have been for Margaret ordering it and offering me some .. she pulls my leg about trying new things saying "You've never tried it - so you won't like it" Good luck tracking down the rogue FIT file once your Windows update has completed - and glad to hear you found Notepad okay. Ha-ha .. good old predictive text for making the simplest things amusing. BTW, I found you on Strava and have sent a follow request - hope that's okay?

    Aquarius - I wonder if the Macbook updates come through in dribs and drabs whereas Microsoft saves them up and does them as a package? I could have a Google and find out I suppose .. (short delay ensues) .. nope, looks like the updates are downloaded in the background just like Windows so I'm guessing in that case, the Macbook software is much more stable and needs less updates. Re Strava, some of my clubmates subscribe to "Summit" which gives you extra "premium" features but I'm quite happy with what you get for free. If you're on Strava now maybe you'd like to link up so we follow each other on there? If so, here's the link to my account - - The wisteria is very slow-moving so I can usually fight it off when it makes an attacking move 😃 That pilates sounds so much more involved than I ever imagined with all those instructions - but it sounds like they are doing the trick. Poor old Steve, being made to go out and do a 'character forming' walk - I hope you pulled his leg about needing a power-nap afterwards? 😄

    Very happy with my efforts from earlier this morning. Really didn't want to get up but eventually dragged myself out of bed after 10-15mins. Then surprised myself by managing a tempo run of 4mls at 10:20mm pace (with mile splits of 10.54 10.12 10.12 10.01). Even Garmin Connect was impressed and marked the training effect as "3.4 Impacting". Feeling the run in my legs now though so don't imagine I'll be doing a lot else today.

    Tomorrow we're (gasp!) going 'out out' (a la Micky Flanagan). Margaret has arranged for us to visit Hidcote (NT) and we're meeting up with Phil & Sarah and the grand-daughters.

    Two other bits of news ..

    The refunds for the cancelled Dales High Way walk have been paid to Jane who organised it for the rest of the group and she's distributing the money in the next day or so. She was a bit vague about who had paid what so I found the amounts for her and also calculated the percentage of each persons' deposit that needs to be repaid. It worked out to 74.20% - if she'd worked on the 75% figure she had guessed at, she'd have ended up out of pocket.

    And we were supposed to be going to Center Parcs this coming weekend but they've written to Margaret offering a refund of her deposit or a credit note so she's asked them for her money back.
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    Just a quicky, WtnMel, I'm sorry but I think I received your following request, but declined as I didn't recognize the name. I should have known it was you because of the red lobster. If you send it again I will accept and follow you. 
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    Morning all

    WtnMel: Great pace for this morning’s run. Good job you decided to get up instead of turning over and going back to sleep. It is hard motivating yourself to get up early when you don’t really feel like it. I believe the Apple OS is more stable than Windows, also less prone to virus problems (supposedly). When I created my account on Strava yesterday I sent you a follow request (I think), at least I sent it to someone with a red lobster. I see Strava has uploaded my Garmin data now, although all activities are showing as runs. I started to edit some of them to show they were walks, but then thought why bother, it doesn’t really matter. Speaking of Garmin I forgot to say that when we went for our walk yesterday neither Steve nor I got our satellites until we were clear of trees. We both have Garmin devices, although different models. Today I also got up early and went for a 6 mile (tree lined) run, but I’m afraid you’ll just have to take my word for that as Garmin only found the satellites after 3.5 miles, and I decided it wasn’t really worth starting it at that point of the run. I know it was a fairly slow run, and it was 6 miles, but that’s all I know. I’m pretty sure that trees shouldn't make it difficult to lock on to satellites, but I’m struggling to understand why this always happens when my walks or runs are on routes where there are trees. Admittedly the trees tend to be tall, and often meet overhead, but they shouldn’t interrupt the satellite signal. I hope you all enjoy your day out at Hidcote, it should make quite a pleasant outing. I believe you have to book your slot in advance and numbers are limited to minimise any risk of infection. Pity about Center Parcs, I love going there too, but I think it will be quite some time before I feel it’s safe enough to return to one of their villages. 

    Morning HS - are you running today?
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, don't worry, I often don't know what day it is! I'm afraid I didn't do any gardening in the afternoon. I was keeping an eye on the Windows download. It eventually got to the stage of advising it was ready to upload, and asking when I wanted to do it. I opted for this afternoon, so in about 30 minutes, it will shut  down and  restart, and all being well, will eventually be updated🤞

    Good that your pilates session went well, but sounds rather hard core. Yesterdays windy walk certainly sounded character building, except it seemed to have tired Steve out.

    I did run this morning and ran 6.3 miles. It was a road run, but included some laps on grass in the rec. on the way out and on the return. There are the same people there every time I've run there. They sit on the benches whilst their dogs run around. 

    WtnMel, as I said in my previous post, I didn't realise that the following request was from you, as I didn't recognise the name. I should have realised though because of the red lobster. If you send the request again, I will accept and follow you too.

    Well done for this mornings run, after dragging yourself out of bed.
    Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow at Hidcote with the family.
    Good that you have got the refunds for the cancelled walk. A good decision by Margaret to ask for her money back for the cancelled Center Parks weekend.

    Must close now as the download will start in about 10 minutes. I hope it doesn't take all afternoon!
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Just popping back quickly ..

    HS - I've sent another follow request to you on Strava.

    Aquarius - I responded to your follow request and have sent one to you. Margaret has pre-booked our tickets for our trip to Hidcote - now we just have to make sure we get there during our 30 minute 'arrival window'. Sorry to hear you're still having problems picking up the satellite signals.

  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    WtnMel, I've accepted and requested follow you.

    Windows 10 updates completed. 15 tips but not of much interest to me. 
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Oh-oh, looks like Garmin may be having problems again. I just went on to Strava to find this afternoon's walk, and this morning's run (manually input on Garmin) aren't showing, so I clicked on the Connect to Garmin button to check I was still connected and I got a message saying Garmin's site is temporarily unavailable. A bit strange because I've got Garmin open in another window. :/
    ( WtnMel I've accepted your request ) 
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, Garmin Connect is still saying that it is happy to report that Garmin Connect recovery is underway. My morning run connected with strava and fetch with no problems.

    I ran 6.32 miles this morning in the forest with Sarah F and Mike. The session was 7 hill reps, maintaining the pace at the top and running 75 metres hard along the gravel track. Recovering by jogging back to the bottom. We jogged to the start of the session, and jogged back after we had finished the session. Very hot, even early in the morning.

    WtnMel, I gave your run on Strava a kudos, and made a comment.
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon everyone,

    It looks like you have all jumped ship!

    No running today, but the usual Friday shopping, followed by various stretches etc. Tomorrow, Sarah and I will make another attempt to run sub 26 minute 5k's. I think that it will be a bit cooler than today.
  • AgentGingerAgentGinger ✭✭✭
    Hello everyone. How mature does one need to be to join this thread? Can an immature 42 year old join or do I need to wait a bit? 
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    HS: Sorry, been a bit busy lately and have kept meaning to post but somehow never found the time. Despite what Garmin is saying about the recovery being underway I still can’t upload anything to Strava. When I try to connect with Gamin (while on Strava) I  either get a time out message or a message saying Garmin’s site is temporarily unavailable, very frustrating.
    How did your 5k run with Sarah go this morning? Did either of you get a new PB? Your hill session on Thursday sounds exhausting, but no doubt well worth it.

    I did my Intervals session this morning (5x300m) but Garmin played up as usual, no satellites for my half mile warm up, then lost reception half way through so it missed one of the intervals. I wanted to use the time to post a time on the not-a-parkrun page, so ended up having to estimate my time for the warm up (estimated the pace about the same as my cooldown) and took an average from the other intervals for the interval it missed. Probably not totally accurate, but better than nothing and as I’m usually the only one to post a time at my parkrun I don’t suppose it really matters if the time was slightly out.

    Welcome Agent Ginger, there’s not many of us on this thread, but feel free to join in. What distances do you run?
  • AgentGingerAgentGinger ✭✭✭
    Hiya, I only started running again regularly this year, after 5-6 years of fairly sporadic running since having kids. I’m running 4-5 times a week, obviously not racing at the moment with all events cancelled, but hoping to set a reasonable 5k time (or at least see if I can get close to my PB from 2016, and then go from there 
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    Agent Ginger:  Welcome to the Forum, it needs new members with fresh ideas to keep things trogging along.  Not necessarily all about running!  Stay with us.

    Aquarius:  I'm still managing my blog.  It's something to do in my dotage - the blog keeps me running (or jog/walking), and running keeps me blogging.  It's better than being a couch potato but it's frustrating not being able to compete with you all.  My partner says "Just think of all you've done" but we can't live off memories, it's only what you do now that matters.  And I'm not doing much!

    Damien Nagle:  Anagram of Leading name!  My partner has almost worn out a pair of Hoka Speedgoats and absolutely loves them.  But she tried them on in the shop first and had a jog round in them.  Which is what you should do.  Hoka's are extremely well cushioned but I prefer the opposite with practically no cushioning at all.   Inov-8's are my No.1 choice now but I still have a very old pair of Adiracers with no cushioning at all I wore for several marathons, including London.  They're a bit blood stained!

    Columba:   Nice to see your name again, it reminds me of life on Iona and my trips there since.  I sometimes regret leaving Fetch as most of my running achievements were humped together there.  Now they're all scattered around in various notebooks.  Glad to hear you're still running 'not-a-Parkrun' regularly, even though others are beating your times.  It's the taking part that matters.

    Hillstrider:  Have you and Sarah improved your 2020 5K times yet.  Strangely, apart from one or two Parkruns, I've only run one 5K race in my life, a BMAF Championship round the streets of Chorley when I was 75.  I thought I ran well to win my category, until I found I'd nearly got beaten by the 1st M80 who was only10 seconds behind!

    WtnMel:  Good on you, being out in the rain.  You wont find me setting off in the rain anymore though in times gone by I've run in blizzards. I remember doing an 18 mile run up Great Whernside (1,768ft) when farmers were all gathering sheep to bring to lower pastures in a raging snowstorm.  I got some strange looks tootling upwards in lightweight gear and rain jacket.  It was a regular run when marathon training, I knew every tussock.

    Carry on the good work everyone, I need all the inspiration I can get!.
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon everyone,

    Welcome to the forum Agent Ginger, we are all ages on here, Ruuningfox in his eighties is the oldest, and I am second at 74.You will fit in well here and I hope you will stay. We talk about all sorts of things, not just about running.

    I note that you are hoping to get near to and than improve on your 2016 5k pb time. Our running club has been holding virtual 5k challenges since the official parkruns were closed down due to the Corona virus. This has resulted in a general improvement in running times, and many have been getting PB's. Unfortunately my PB was back in 1992. Hopefully doing something similar will help you to return to your previous level and above.

    Aquarius, no need to apologise, we all have times when we are too busy to post on here. I'm sorry to hear that your activities are still not being synced with Strava. It should be happening automatically. All my runs have been synced with Strava and fetch, except for that sub 8 minute mile challenge on 23rd July. Sarah's has been synced though.

    My forest 5k with Sarah this morning didn't go so well for me, but fantastic for her. I think she recovered quicker from Thursdays hill session than me. I was"flying"  up the hills on Thursday, and doing the 75 metre sprints on the trail at the tops at 7.28 minute miling pace. I must have put too much effort in. I was full of confidence this morning and consequently ran the first mile much too quickly, and "blew up!" Sarah got an amazing PB of 26.06, and my time was a pathetic 28.35, my slowest for weeks. My excuse is that at my age it takes much longer to recover from hard work outs. On the plus side, in a couple of weeks time I should be getting the benefits from the Thursday sessions. 

    I still can't understand why your garmin is causing so many problems with time taking to sync with the satellites, and then losing the signal from time to time. It might be worth logging on to the garmin web and using their help facility.

    Runningfox, I know how you feel where having been very competitive in the past, you see others now running quicker than you. I feel that when runners I am, or have been mentoring are now running quicker than me. That of course, is how it should be, we all slow down as we age. My friends say that I have nothing to prove as I've been there, done that, and got the t shirt, the same as you .

    Sarah did improve her 2020 5k time today in 26.06, but I was slower than for several weeks. My post to Aquarius has the details. My 5k PB was way back in 1992, in 18.08. Many years before parkruns, and 5k races were few and and far between. I only ran 3 before parkruns were started and have now run 50 official parkruns, and about 22 virtual ones since the close down.

    You are an inspiration to us all, so please keep running!!
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    HS - I sent that follow request again and see we're now following each other on Strava .. thanks for the kudos and comment on my training. I see that Windows update eventually finished installing - similarly, I didn't see anything of much use. The most useful tip I've found out lately (not from MS) is holding down the Windows key and hitting the '.' key which brings up a list of emojis (hundreds of them). Well done re the forest run with added hill reps. Shame about 'blowing up' on today's 5k challenge due to setting off to fast. 

    Aquarius - re linking Garmin Connect and Strava .. I think you have to do that from GC? Go to 'Profile' (top-right); account settings; account information - and click to turn on "Data shared from Garmin Connect to the Strava App"). Yes, it was me you sent the request so similar to HS, I can see we're now following each other on Strava. I can't remember what model Garmin you have but when I'm playing golf or walking, I change my activity type to 'Other' so Strava doesn't think I've been running. Sorry to hear about your continuing problems locating satellites. I don't know if putting your Garmin on the windowsill before you head out to pick up the satellite signals might be worth trying? (presume your house isn't surrounded by trees too?). I've not noticed (or heard of) any further Garmin Connect problems - so hope your problem was just a 'blip' of some sort. You can manually add stuff to Strava too (let me know if you need help doing that). Well done re your intervals session.

    RF - I do remember a lunchtime run years ago when we got caught in a hailstorm which was quite painful on the legs (I was going to say old legs but they were young at the time). I'm happy to run in rain or drizzle - just wasn't expecting the stair-rods of rain I experienced for a minute or two.

    Agent Ginger - welcome along .. we could do with some more posters on here. You appear to be old enough - personally, I'm an immature 68 year old.

    As I mentioned in my previous post we visited Hidcote (NT) on Thursday. We'd had to pre-book tickets and had a two hour slot to wander around the gardens (a one-way system in use and some parts roped off) and it was nice to get out. There were slightly more people there than I was comfortable with and most people were well-behaved about social distancing but as ever, there were some numpties, wandering around as if everything is back to normal.

    I played 9 holes of golf with my friend Alan on Friday and (drum roll ..) 🥁 I managed to beat him by 6 strokes. He did have a nightmare on one hole where he took 12 strokes to my 7 (he got in the rough, took 5 strokes to get out including bouncing off a tree at one point), but we worked out I'd have won even if he'd dropped a ball further back and played from there.

    You may remember me mentioning my club having a virtual John O'Groats to Lands End challenge with a baton that was being hidden for others to find - I didn't manage to take part (the baton moved too quickly for me to go and find) but apparently it finished yesterday and the members who had taken part had a socially-distanced get-together in Pittville Park to see the baton 'home' on it's last leg to (a virtual) Lands End.

    The next club challenge is a virtual 5k handicap race during August - four 5k runs (one per week) with the best three results to count. You submit a recent 5k time and run against that time - the organiser will check the results against the estimated time and the first five beating their time will find they are 'handicapped' a bit have to run quicker the next time. This has worked well in the past and rewards constant improvement - I've submitted a time of 32 mins (10:40mm pace based on my recent training). This challenge allows us slower runners a chance to take part against the fast 'uns in the club. You are asked to find a loop you can run - this stops anyone devising a downhill 5k route that would skew the results. I've devised a 2.5k loop that only has about 10 metres difference in elevation - and very importantly, only has one road-crossing (and that's a cul-de-sac) So all being well, I can run the loop without any delays. To make things fair, I'll turn around and do the same loop in reverse to equal up the slight uphill/downhill element.

    I couldn't face getting up at 5:30am this morning so shall try again tomorrow and go for a run then. In the meantime I've been x-training in the garden, pruning back the fig tree which has become very large. I wasn't aware the sap from fig trees can be irritating until my arms started itching afterwards. I've washed and soaped my arms so hopefully that will stop any further itching or irritation.

  • Hello All.
    The strava thing was a pain in the bottom but it looks sorted now.
    Regarding the shoes, I am looking around for a new pair but I do have 2 pairs on the go at present.
    The last few weeks I have been doing the 10ks around Fleetwood prom and the times have been from 51mins to 54mins.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    Damien - fingers crossed we've seen the back of the Garmin problems. I'll be needing to think about some new shoes myself in 2 or 3 months time when I'll have done around 500mls in them. Unless of course my knees start complaining before then - always a sure sign the cushioning is breaking down. Good times re those 10k prom runs you've been doing.

    I managed to get up at 5:30am this morning despite a disturbed night's sleep. Possibly needn't have bothered though as it was a c**p run, much slower than I've been managing lately (10:55mm pace rather than something closer to 10:35mm which has been the norm recently). I 'may' be able to run again on Wed but it depends on (a) how knackered I am after seeing my son Glenn on Tue and doing more gardening (b) where Margaret and I decide to go on Wed and if I can fit in a run as well. Having been out to Hidcote last week, we were saying we should organise something for Wed of this coming week (as I'm busy doing things on all the other days).
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, well done for beating Alan in your golf match.

    That sounds interesting, a handicap 5k challenge during the month of August. This should give everyone a chance of winning. Our club's 5k' league table is based on the highest percentage improvement in times, not the fastest times.

    Gardening is certainly good cross training, working all the muscles.

    I saw your run on strava this morning, where you said that your run was slower than usual due to a disturbed nights sleep.

    Sounds like you have a busy week ahead.

    Damien, it seems that Garmin have sorted out the problems, but they still have the notice that Garmin recovery is underway.

    I ran an interesting 7 miles this morning on roads and grass. I did several 1k laps in the rec. and was tempted to do another as I saw a couple of runners ahead of me, and wanted to see if I could overtake them. Common sense kicked in, however, as I was only half way through my run and still recovering from yesterdays 5k.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    WtnMel - the top photo is my Garmin account information page. The second photo is from Strava (data permissions) when I click on “Connect with Garmin”
    I can see your activities, but none of mine after 28/7. 
    Any ideas?
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Aquarius, the following may help:- Latest status       Missing data  Freezing 

    Good luck!
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good  afternoon everyone,

    I ran 15 k in the forest this morning with Sarah F and Jane. We maintained a good pace, despite chatting all the way.

    WtnMel, you can also get all the emojis by pressing the key next to the alt gr which is 3 parallel lines in a square. It is also a spell checker. This works on chrome, but doesn't bring up the emojis on edge. 
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Just checked again and the 3 parallel lines key is now bringing up the emojis on edge. 
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon all,

    HS: Many thanks for those links, however I’m not having any problems downloading my activities to Garmin Connect, the problem is those activities are not transferring to Strava. They did until 28th July, but nothing after that is showing on Strava. It must have been round about the 28th when I unticked the box on Strava that gave authority for Garmin to transfer data to Strava. This was only meant to be a temporary measure as I had an incomplete activity on Garmin that I didn’t want to go on Strava (I’d been on a brief walk to see if I could get the satellites) so I deleted the walk from Garmin then went back into Strava to re-tick the box allowing data to be transferred from Garmin  Connect. I expected everything would be back to normal after that. Since then though nothing has transferred over, so I’ve been trying to check in Strava that the box is still ticked, but that is when I get that message that “the Web Server is returning an unknown error”

    Sorry you were disappointed with your 5k time on Saturday, personally I’d be delighted with 28.35 but I know you would normally run faster than that. It does sound as if Thursday’s tough hill session was the culprit, hopefully you will bounce back with a good time this Saturday. Well done to Sarah, that was an excellent time, and well done to you for resisting the temptation to race those two runners ahead on you during Sunday’s run around the rec. I see you ran another 15k this morning at a good pace with Sarah F and Jane. I wish I had half your energy!

    Runningfox: I hope you never stop blogging, I enjoy reading about your exploits too much. You may not be entering races these days, but the photos on your blog, particularly in your latest posting, show you are still running well. I’m sure it must be frustrating to be unable to run as fast or as often as you’d like, but running (or even jog/walking) out in the Dales must always give pleasure, and taking things a bit easier these days means you have more time to look about you and enjoy all the beauties of nature. You have an enviable record of achievements - it might be considered greedy to bag any more wins. ;)
    (And as HS says, you are our inspiration!)

    WtnMel: Hurrah for your golf win, and by 6 strokes too! I expect Alan will have to up his game for your next match. :)
    I didn’t know that fig sap was an irritant either, I hope your arms have recovered now. Your club’s new virtual 5k handicap race challenge sounds interesting, I hope you will keep us updated with the weekly results. Sorry to hear your run yesterday was disappointing, but your  disturbed night’s sleep probably didn’t help. You seem to have another busy week coming up, I hope it all goes well and you do manage to find time to fit in another run.
    As you will probably be able to tell from my photo of the account information screen in Garmin Connect I don’t have anything I can tick for Data shared from Garmin Connect to the Strava App. As regards the satellite problem I already put my watch outside for 5 or 10 minutes before leaving the house (which has trees in front, houses at the back) but it doesn't seem to help. Oddly when I set off through the estate on our walks I usually get the satellites within a minute or two.  

    This morning was hill repeats again, but although I got out just after 6am it was busier than I’ve seen it for ages. Lots of dog walkers, runners, cyclists, and busy roads. I think a lot more people must be returning to work today. I don’t envy them.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Good (very late!) evening all,

    I haven't had a chance to pop on here for a day or two. Will be heading to see my son tomorrow so possibly will be able to do a 'proper' visit on Wed? Anyway, just to say I've had a brief scan through the latest posts ..

    Aquarius - if and when I have a bit of time I'll also try looking online to se if there are any 'known' issues with linking your Garmin and Strava accounts.
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